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High Level Autistic Disorder Research Paper

High Level Autistic Disorder Research Paper. Introduction High-level autistic disorder is an acute developmental disability that starts at birth or within a child’s early years of being. It is also known as Autism. It is the consequence of a neurological disorder that alters the functioning of the brain. This causes impediments or difficulties in many distinct skills from childhood to adulthood. High-level autistic disorder belongs to a group of developmental disabilities recognized as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). A spectrum disorder is a collection of disorders with similar characteristics. In autism, while one individual may have minor symptoms, another one may have substantial ones. The diversity in the nature of the signs and when they will possibly begin appearing also makes autism to be recognized like an ASD (Mesibov, SheaHigh Level Autistic Disorder Research Paper

cyber security-Discussion 3 replies each in 125 words

cyber security-Discussion 3 replies each in 125 words. I need support with this Computer Science question so I can learn better.

Main que:Discuss the importance of user technology security education within organizations. What topics should be included in security education and training?
No need to provide replies to main question .Read below posts and reply accordingly.
ash-An employee plays a vital part in securing organizational data. This is must to know the importance of user technology security a cause for the controls is related to the overall security of the company’s data. Every employee must be aware of how the major impact is information security for the company’s growth and success. In the current situation, the securing organization’s confidential data has become a challenge because any intended or unintended activity in disclosing of company’s data lead to large financial loss and destructively marks the reputation of the organization (Stallings, W., Brown, L., Bauer, M. D., & Bhattacharjee, A. K. (2012)) .
The Security threat can be reduced by educating all the employees in Organizations that they should not take any action to sidestep or evade their company’s security systems by following the company’s privacy policies and procedures. For suppose, any employee encounters difficulties in understanding the privacy policies then he/she should report to their Manager .The following key actions must be included as apart of security education that an employee must follow: (Rittinghouse, J. W., & Ransome, J. F. (2017))1. Physical security is very important to control, an employee should not try to ignore physical controls in any situation.2. It is must that, all the employees should lock or completely shut down their desktops or
devices before they leave workspace or when not using.3. Things subjected to private information should be locked when not in use and when information is no longer required then documents or files containing the info should properly be destroyed by shredding them off.
4. Setting strong password rules and guiding employees on how to set up their passwords.
sahi-User technology security education within organizations is vital since it assists companies to reduce security breaches which occur due to lack of employees’ security awareness. The sooner the employees get the training, the better for an organization. IT policies should also be taught to the staff as well as breaching methods. Protecting an organization means securing essential data, confidentiality, and the integrity of an organization. A recent program portrays the master plan of how and when to protect an organization (Patten, K. P., & Harris, M. A. (2013)).
The training program should comprise of vital topics which help in preventing breaches. The first topic is the usage of unique passwords policy where each person is responsible for the security of data. Secondly, there is configuring of the PC and encryption of data to ensure maximum safety and prevention of hackers and malwares. It is vital to teach the staff to limit file sharing and unnecessary printouts, which often gives way to hackers to penetrate an organization (Rittinghouse, J. W., & Ransome, J. F. (2017)).
Phishing is one of the biggest security aspect facing many organizations as well as individuals, and each person needs to be taught to avoid sharing of personal and confidential information with strangers as there is an increase in identity theft. Confidentiality is an important topic which should be taught to the staff as well as how to avoid lots of emails, especially at the workplace as hackers use the sites to prey on people. An awareness session can assist the employees to learn how to use advanced technology in the right way to ensuring security while at the same time, not affecting the operations of an organization.
Rav-The increases cases of threats and hacking events, security heading and organizing are critical for all customers. Along these lines, affiliations should have security mind as the essential need. While the affiliation together may have gifted administrators, it is basic to have masterminding winds set up since they may at the show be slight against cybercrimes. The weight has accordingly affected relationship to place more on cybersecurity course and orchestrating wanders. The undertakings help to furnish the customers with the right aptitudes and support of the new frameworks that would guarantee resources of the affiliation. Organizing updates the response or reaction of customers against computerized strikes. As it’s been expressed, security engineering impacts mind among the customers properly they to rouse aptitudes to respond to security issues over the affiliation together.
Building customers changing change and remediation methodologies will pull them to flabbergast potential issues and risks that would affect the system establishment of the affiliation. Thusly, the customers will be able to amaze savage activities all through the corporate resources. This deciphers when an affiliation together readies its experts, it makes a guaranteed region accordingly security breaks will be diminished. The building of best collusion prompts delegates, and along these lines, they will no vulnerability change according to astonishing security lead. Most importantly, status should be standard and solid with dynamic frameworks and structures (van Niekerk, J. F., & Thomson, K. L. (2010, September)).
Security supervises and getting ready join unmistakable subjects in thought with strategies and structures of the affiliation. The subjects should join particular hacking structures, social building, cybercrime design, impedance testing, programming vulnerabilities, astound word collusion, work zone security, data security, copyrights, and perilous undertakings, for instance, trouble, Trojans, and malware. Furthermore, it is principal to consider looking instances of ambushes and risks with a particular momentous focus to connect with customers to see better (Sedinic, I., Lovric, Z., & Perusic, T. (2014, May)).
pru-Importance of user technology security education within organizations:
Regularly train the employees on technology security is really a tough and critical challenge for the organization. One thing organization should make sure that employees should not make any expensive mistakes in information security. Hence, this technology security education helps the users to take the initiative and fight against the uncertainties and risks in the organizations. A good security awareness program always helps the users to identify the risks and vulnerabilities. The greater threat for every organizations usually occurs because human vulnerabilities which should be control by using this training programs (Steven & Maria, 2017).
Mot of the large tech organizations spent lots of money on security programs like cyber security, disaster recovery etc. so that employees get awareness about the programs and understand the criticalities of this programs. The main agenda of this training programs includes, employees should know the impacts of threats and vulnerabilities and how organizations face crucial problems because of this security issues. When we are discussing about the user technology security programs, people share different ideas and opinions but exactly this programs helps the organization is another crucial part. This programs helps the business to reduce the impacts of risks and vulnerabilities (Steven &Maria, 2017)
Topics which should be included in the security education and training are as follows (Cindy & Rick, 2008).
Physical Security: Physical security includes the employees are disclosing the badges or not while entering inside the office premises and how important it is to restrict the entry of unauthorized users. How this helps the business to control the crimes should also been included in the program.
Password Security: This is very crucial part and never use the default passwords, as soon as employees log in to the systems make sure to change the passwords immediately and use minimum 8 characters mixed of upper case and lower case.
Phishing: Phishing is a type of attacks which enter inside the systems or business networks with the human interactions by tapping the unwanted mails and messages. Hence, inside the training rooms employees should get trained on emails and messages and how to respond to the unidentical mails from outlook.
Social engineering: Social engineering is a term which is broadly used in the criminal and malicious activities and based on the human vulnerabilities. In this area, need to train the employees about the confidentiality of the information and ask them to not share any business sensitive data to the unauthorized person.
Malware: Malware is much similar to the phishing and criminals try to get the access by sending mails and messages to the employees so that they can manipulate the people and perform unethical activities. Hence, it is absolute necessary to train the employees on this types of attacks

cyber security-Discussion 3 replies each in 125 words

case study of mcdonalds fast food restaurant

order essay cheap McDonalds is worlds leading fast food chain with annual revenues of about $23 million. It has more than 1.6 million employees all over the world with its divisions all over the world in beverages, snack foods, and restaurants. McDonalds’s success is due to superior products, high standards of performance, distinctive competitive strategies and the high integrity of our people. McDonalds is still continuing to expand and introduce new alternative beverages in the market. About 85% of McDonald’s restaurant businesses worldwide are owned and operated by franchisees. All franchisees are independent, full-time operators. Fast food was not a completely new idea in china with a plenty of restaurants selling typical, light and simple Chinese food and beverages. When the first McDonalds franchise in China was opened by Daniel Ng in 1975, many local competitors did not believe that McDonald’s would become successful. They rely on the idea that Hamburgers using beef patties and bread would not be able to flourish in a country dominated by rice, fish, noodles and pork. Since then McDonalds have grown in China that as of June 1999, there were already 235 McDonalds restaurant in China. McDonalds have so much penetrated China that even in the recent conflict when NATO accidentally bomb the Chinese embassy in Belgrade during the War in Kosovo , when it became the primary hit list for boycott of American food and beverages , that the McDonalds restaurant remained busy with local Chinese customers Mac Donald became so popular in china that by 2001 Chinese people owned 60% of the assets of the Mc Donald’s stores, by 2002 McDonald’s opened 130 outlets, totally 560 outlets in 94 cities in 19 provinces and at present(2010) there are 1194 McDonald’s restaurants in China, 200 and more are planned for the next years. Critically analyze how the general environmental forces may have influenced mc Donald’s development in china McDonald’s first opened its operations in China in 1990.In 2006; McDonald’s signed an agreement with the Chinese state oil company, Sinopec in which it granted Sinopec the right to open McDonald’s stores at any of its new and existing gas stations. This in nutshell was Mc Donald’s key expansion strategy in China. (Watson/mighty students 2010) When McDonald’s started its first store in 1990, its ultimate rival KFC was miles ahead of Mac Donald having opened more than 1000 stores in china. At present there are about 2000 KFC stores in china which is about double than mc Donald. McDonald’s has a lot of competition in China, not only from U.S. brands like KFC but also small brand like Mom and Pop. Jobber, (2006) Mac Donald’s development in china was affected by variety of factors which can be elaborated in detail by PEST analysis and evaluating the porters 5 forces strategy. PEST analysis helps evaluate the political, enviormental, social and technological factors that may affect an organisation when it decides to enter its business operations into new markets or new countries. Kotler (1998) stated that PEST analysis is a strategic tool to analyse the present market condition of a business, understanding market growth or decline, potential and direction for operations. According to porter (1985) PEST ensures that company’s performance is aligned positively with the powerful forces of change that are affecting business environment. Jobber, (2006), Main Aspects of PEST Analysis (Google image 2010) Political Political factor plays a major role in any organisations business expansion in new markets. The political condition of the country, region or the market has direct effect on the company’s outcome there. When Mac Donald’s started its operations in china china’s government wanted establish its own fast food market and felt that western companies like McDonald’s could spoil its plans. In 1990, the entry of McDonald’s into china resembled the same bitter experience it had in Russia but later it moved on very smoothly in china, as it has moulded itselff so nicely with Chinese culture that Macdonald’s opened 96 restaurants in China, totaling 430 restaurants altogether in the by first six months of 2001. ( 2010) Economic According to Thompson (2002) economic conditions impinge on how easy or difficult it is to be successful and profitable at any time because they affect both capital availability and cost, and demand. McDonald’s as a global fast food chain had a great impact on the Chinese economy. McDonald’s, according to official statistics have nearly the 32,000 restaurants all over the world in which 75% is operated by franchising, McDonald’s have about 1200 restaurants in Chinese market out of which only 6 is operated by franchising. McDonald’s main aim at present is to develop its franchises in china to establish their business all over the country. (Pearce and Robinson 2005) Social The social environment demonstrates demand and tastes, which changes with fashion and disposable income which can provide both opportunities and threats for particular companies (Thompson, 2002) Many social factors affected mc Donald’s operations in china. for e.g. in April 2007 a Chinese owned newspaper revealed that mc Donald’s have underpaid their employees in Guangzhou, Again four months later in the same year a state backed all china federation of trade unions called mc Donald’s to let its workers unionise and adjust the pay. Many social critics also pointed out that mc Donald’s have not applied the same health and environmental standards in china as it have done in other places. Technological At present time Technology plays a major role in almost every organisation to gain sustainable competitive advantage from its competitors. While establishing its Chinese operations MacDonald’s partnered with popular Chinese online shopping site taobao. Com in Sep 2007 to give online shoppers coupons and other promotional items to promote its brand in china. To gain more competitive edge over its main rival KFC it also started home delivery service from some of its outlets. (Capron and Glazer, 1987) (Johnson and Scholes, 1993; Jan, 2002) Porter’s 5 Forces Porter’s 5 forces analysis deals with the factors outside an industry which influences the nature of the competition within it. The competitive forces model proposed by Porter identified five forces which has a direct impact on an organization’s behaviour in a competitive market. Main Aspects of Porter’s Five Forces Analysis • The rivalry between existing sellers in the market. • The power exerted by the customers in the market. • The impact of the suppliers on the sellers. • The potential threat of new sellers entering the market. • The threat of substitute products becoming available in the market. (Google image 2010) Force 1: The Degree of Rivalry The intensity of rivalry between the competitors helps determine the extent to which the value created by an industry will be dissipated through head-to-head competition. McDonald’s has a lot of competition in China, examples may include Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Mom and Pop food stands etc. Force 2: The Threat of Entry The threat of new entrants is usually based on the market entry barriers. Many new companies tried to enter the Chinese market like burger king, a strong contender of MacDonald’s, but it lagged behind Mac Donald due to its brand awareness and outlet numbers. Force 3: The Threat of Substitutes The threat of substitution depend on the switching costs i.e, the costs in the areas such as retraining, retooling and redesigning which takes place when a customer switches to a different type of product or service. Many restaurant chains like subway, rainforest cafe etc entered the Chinese market and won favour of many Chinese people but due to poor brand awareness they haven’t been able to establish themselves in demanding Chinese market. Jobber, (2006) Force 4: Buyer Power Buyer power is one of the two horizontal forces that influence the appropriation of the value created by an industry. The size and the concentration of customers are the two most important determinants of buyer power. Growing income in urban china has pushed customers to place higher expectations on restaurants various aspects like design of their outlets, the innovativeness of their menus and nutritional quality of their food i.e, the steps well covered by MacDonald’ in china. Force 5: Supplier Power Supplier power is a mirror image of the buyer power. By utilizing its vast capital and technological knowhow MacDonald has developed its own internals supply network in china including farms to sell both domestic products and export markets. ( 2010) Based on the external environmental analysis what are the opportunities and threats facing MacDonald’s operations in china? Globalization is changing the face of the business world at present time. Companies operate in a very difficult environment and face numerous challenges when competing in global markets. Now a days managing global operations requires knowledge about various strategies and intercultural skills and that expand beyond traditional management principles and techniques. SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool used to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats of an organisation. The key to a SWOT analysis is identifying the internal and external factors which are important to achieve the goals of the organization. The internal factors include strengths and weaknesses of the organization and the external factors are the opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis is popular among the managers for its simplicity as a planning tool and its flexibility to adapt in any situation or project. The strengths and weaknesses of a company depend on its internal elements like resources, operational programs, and departments like sales, marketing and distribution. An opportunity is a attractive condition which can be exploited to strengthen a strategic position, such as increasing demand for a new product. A threat is a condition which creates uncertainties which damage an organisation’s performance and market share. (International strategic management 2010) (Marketing teacher. 2010) ( 2010) Strengths McDonalds is world’s greatest fast food chain with more than 31,000 restaurants serving burgers and fries in almost 120 countries but it was still short in terms of number of outlets in china from its closest rival kfc. Good innovation and product development. It continually innovates to retain customers in the business. While developing its business in china it emphasised more on Chinese culture and the Chinese preferences for food other than sticking to the traditional western menu. More consumers’ choice, reasonable value and great service provided to the customers. Loyal staff and strong management team Open door policy to the press Strong internal supply chain- Mac Donald’s has developed its own supply chain network in china including local farmers by forging joint ventures ties with powerful Chinese cooperation’s and developing local farms in china. Rigorous food safety standards MacDonald’s works hard to ensure its high food safety standards are met through rigorous training, food, safety and quality and menu development in each restaurant in china Affordable prices and high quality products McDonalds Annual Report (2008) Weaknesses Difficult to find and retain employees MD has had hostile relationships with workers rights unions and although this has been controlled, the company does find it difficult to find and retain good employees. According to a report by a Chinese owned newspaper in April 2007 mc Donald’s have underpaid their employees in Guangzhou which caused many problems between the workers and the management team with in the organisation. Promote unhealthy food Many social critics pointed out that mc Donald’s have not applied the same health and environmental standards in china as it have done in other places. Opportunities Joint ventures i.e, with powerfull Chinese cooperation. Strengthen its value proposition and offering, to encourage customers who visit coffee shops into McDonalds. Continued focus on corporate social responsibility, reducing the impact on the environment and community linkages. Attractive

Summary: Describe 3 funny episodes from the parts of Don Quixote we have read for the class. Put the funniest

Summary: Describe 3 funny episodes from the parts of Don Quixote we have read for the class. Put the funniest episode last. You don’t need a conclusion paragraph. If you need to have one, keep it very short. Note: These episodes must be from the parts we have read for the class. Min. 400 words General guidelines: Don’t have too many quotes; They disrupt the flow of the paper and keep you from making your own points. Long quotes (from the text or from outside the text) don’t count toward your min. length. Have a very brief concluding paragraph (2 lines). This is a short paper. You don’t need to repeat every point that was mentioned in the paper in the conclusion again. Organize your paper around a specific thesis. Make sure the points in different paragraphs are clearly and logically organized. Address specific key points from the text. Cite page numbers for direct quotes according to MLA guidelines. Upload your word document here.

UCLA The Accounting Equation Application Discussion

UCLA The Accounting Equation Application Discussion.

Congratulations! You have just learned some fundamental business concepts – the Accounting Equation and the classifications of Assets, Liabilities & Equity.Instructions:In your own words describe the accounting equation and how it functions in creating and understanding financial statements.In your own words describe each of the components of the Accounting Equation (Assets, Liabilities & Equity) and discuss their importance to a business owner.Discuss anything that you found particularly interesting, or particularly difficult to understand. This is important as this will help me to help you.After you have replied, please respond to at least two of your classmates postings and further discuss the Accounting Equation and its components with each other. Make sure your responses are meaningful and discuss what your classmates have shared and your thoughts on it. Avoid posting short responses like “I agree”. If there is anything that your classmates are having trouble understanding and you can help, please do! Evaluation:Your introduction will be graded using the attached rubric.
UCLA The Accounting Equation Application Discussion