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Hi Writer I hope you are doing well At university platform we have discussion forum to peers share summary

Hi Writer
I hope you are doing well

At university platform we have discussion forum to peers share summary arguments about the organisation management please see the student summery below. First of all , before you start to reply to his summary post first thank the student for his topic and if you are interesting reading. then you can answer his questions with Provide support for posts using theory, applied examples and wider reading in line with the Harvard Referencing Guidance. The word count between 200 – 300 words. Please see email below from our Student summary essay with question in the last you have to reply as I explain in the top. if you have any questions not understand please let me know the student summery post below:
Each location on the planet has its own unique set of fundamental components. The four main components of organisational theory are humans, culture, innovation, and environmental factors. Every business relies on its employees to keep things running smoothly. Collaboration and mentoring efforts have grown in popularity as a way to boost workplace engagement (Courtney, R., 2020).

The impact of digital technology on businesses has never been greater. Businesses may benefit from digital technology by streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and saving money (Bharadwaj, A., El Sawy, O.A., Pavlou, P.A. and Venkatraman, N.V., 2013).

Arguably, short-term digital investments can help an organisation thrive and gain a competitive advantage in the long run. Making a short-term investment to acquire financial security is a sound business practice, especially if the company is performing well. Digital technology can improve employee and consumer experiences, as well as communications, teamwork, and data management (Oldham, G.R. and Da Silva, N., 2015).

Therefore, adopting digital technology could mean the difference between an organisation thriving and falling behind competitors in the future. If we do not embrace digital technology, the business will fall behind. This can result in lower sales, worse profitability, and a difficult-to-reverse negative trend.

My firm, whose employees were recently affected by the pandemic, increasingly relies on technology to manage their workforce, with the goal of tracking employee pleasure and well-being. Examine the critical abilities that employees will require to participate digitally as firms transition to a more remote workforce.

An organisation must stay current with digital technology. Embracing digital technologies can improve corporate performance. There will be risks when changing a company’s strategy, but the benefits can outweigh the downsides for long-term shareholder value maximisation and growth (Clegg, S., 2019).

What exactly is a cultural shift, and how can you implement one?

please reply and answer the questions for the student summary above.


Speech outline: Trump: Wall or no Wall

Speech outline: Trump: Wall or no Wall.

Thesis: Trump should not build the wall because‚Ķ. Please make an outline like the attached document example. Be sure to go in the following order: Intro, where the wall will be, infrastructure, and the improper use of the national emergency fund conclusion. This is a group speech and you will only be covering my part. Its 5 min in length per person so please fill accordingly to about 5 min of talking. When writing the outline be sure to answer the following questions in the speech: Where is Trump placing the wall? Which areas will it be at? How is the wall affecting those living near it? Infrastructure: How long does steel last for? How deep in the ground is the wall? Could you use a ladder? National Emergency Fund: Was it justified to use or not? What other presidents used the National Emergency Fund and why? Does using it set a bad precedent? you dont need to answer all the questions but in general the speech outline should cover the answers to those questions in a college format. This is a persuasive speech. DO NOT make it obvious what side i am fighting for (pro no wall). Please review attached documents. 

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Lencionis model

Hi Writer I hope you are doing well At university platform we have discussion forum to peers share summary Lencionis model.

Create a PowerPoint presentation containing five slides that are on the dysfunctions accountability and inattention to results from Lencionis model in The five dysfunctions of a team: A leadership fable. Then use the information in those slides to expand into a three page paper on the same two dysfunctions of accountability and inattention to results. All sources must be peer reviewed. You can use this directly for any Lencionis citations: Lencioni, P. (2002). The five dysfunctions of a team: A leadership fable. San Francisco, Cal: Jossey-Bass.

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