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Hi, this is the second part of the assignment : l attached the new assignment and the one you

Hi, this is the second part of the assignment : l attached the new assignment and the one you completed The purpose of this assignment is to conduct research related to how a specific company utilizes information related to consumer behavior, product mix or service processes, and pricing to create marketing plans that will meet business needs including their specified marketing objectives. Review: Review the following topic resources. Topic 3: “Consumer Purchasing Decisions” Topic 4: “What Is a Product?” “What Is a Service,” and “Service Delivery” Topic 5: “Pricing and Breakeven Analysis” Part 1: Continuing in the role of a marketing professional who has been tasked with completing a marketing plan for a client, refer back to the research you completed in the Topic 2 Part 1: Research as a starting point for the assignment. Conduct additional research related to consumer behavior, the company’s specific product or service, and the company pricing strategy, and use it to complete the “Marketing Plan Analysis and Presentation: Part 2 – Research Template.” Part 2: Create a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your marketing plan analysis based upon the research you have conducted. Slides should address each of the key areas listed below and should include speaker notes that explain how the company could have used what it learned about consumer behavior, product or service, and pricing to help it develop a marketing plan in order to meet the company marketing objectives and business needs. Include a slide at the end of the presentation to cite your research sources. Company Background: Company name, vision, and mission. Company marketing objectives. Consumer Behavior: Describe the customer segments and target markets. Describe characteristics of the target markets that will affect product/service and pricing decisions. Describe how the company differentiates its product and positions its brand. Describe a consumer buying behavior model for this company and brand. Product or Service: Describe the product mix. Describe the product lines. Describe the service processes. Discuss physical evidence of service, service scape, and ambiance. Discuss the roles of company employees in service delivery. Price: Define the company’s pricing objectives and discuss whether the objectives are profit- or sales-oriented. Provide example of current company pricing strategies. Describe pricing tactics (discounts, etc.) that are used to drive short-term demand. General Requirements: Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style. Submit the “Marketing Plan Analysis and Presentation: Part 2 – Research Template” and PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes.
Emirates Airline Company HRM Process Report (Assessment). HRM involves molding and coordinating the human person in an organization towards achieving the strategic business objectives of the organization. HRM has a process that includes recruitment, interview and selection, orientation and training techniques, performance appraisal, and employees’ compensation (“Processes in Human Resource Management”). This essay will analyze the Emirates Airline under the above processes of HRM. The HRM at the Fly Emirates is under the Emirates Group Human Resource department. This Group deals with the affairs of all employees in the organization. The Group has been balancing the interests of the company and the employees through effective relations. Recruitment is a process where an organization identifies that it needs to employ an individual who is up to the task using relevant application forms. Recruitment can be either internal or external. In internal recruitment, a company considers its employees for the vacancy while external recruitment involves considering the public in the recruitment process. Currently, the Fly Emirates requires Cabin Crews; the applications for these posts are still open. Cabin Crews are entitled to a tax-free salary, free accommodation and open for career development. Some of the requirements for consideration include 21 years and above; arms reach of a minimum length of 212cms, high school education, medically fit and positive attitude towards dealing with people from diverse backgrounds (“Human Resources”). The management expects the Cabin Crews to offer excellent customer service to travelers throughout the flight. They can handle emergencies and ensure that the passengers are comfortable. Also, they serve meals, sell items, assist passengers in boarding planes, and demonstrate safety procedures to the passengers. The recruitment team at the Emirates Group targets absorbing qualified and committed professionals through an agency or in-house recruitment process. It guides managers in using the assessment tools and decision-making during the recruitment process. This assists in aligning the Group HR policies and practices into the recruits from the entire globe. The recruitment team at the Fly Emirates offers solutions that support the growth of the company thereby facilitating achievement of objectives. The next job at the Emirates Airline is Employee Assistant Specialist. The job requires the holder to provide advisory and counseling services to the staff at Emirates Group and their family members. In supporting any eventuality, the management expects the jobholder to be on call 24/7 except on weekends and public holidays, but he/she must coordinate with other Employee Assistance Professional Counselors. The job holder also provides bereavement support to family members in case of the demise of their colleague (“Human Resources”). On the qualifications and experience, the person should be a graduate preferably from social work, counseling, psychology, or nursing field. Moreover, the jobholder should be a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) as it meets the international levels of offering employee support and continued interest in development in the social work or mental line. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and fluency in both written and spoken English is necessary. On remunerations, the salary is tax-free and is accompanied by free airline travels. There is also the H.R. Specialist Business Support – International who is required to monitor HR Recruitment Services across the Emirates network. The recruitment process at the Emirates Airline follows a well-designed procedure, where job seekers apply online. The Emirates Group website displays lists of active job vacancies and an application form. When one completes this form, the forms go to the line managers and the recruitment team; they go through the applications to get the best candidate. In the selection process, an applicant can receive a notification showing that he/she has been shortlisted. At this point, he/she travels to Dubai for a physical interview. Then, there is the post-selection process where successful applicants receive emails and phone calls advising them on the next course of action. At the same time, unsuccessful applicants receive letters that inform them of the outcomes. Lastly, the Human Resources Employee Services (HRES) contacts the candidate and guides him/her on how to handle the employment contract and other relevant documents. At this point, the recruitment process at the Emirates Group ends. The above recruitment process shows how the team conducts its interviews to choose the best candidate that matches the job requirements. Therefore, the selection is a process of deciding the best candidate among the many applicants. The selection process assists firms to absorb competent and top quality employees thereby realizing continuous growth (“Human Resources”). An excellent selection process involves conducting a reference check at the end; this reminds the panel of the skills and qualities that a candidate ought to possess. The selection panel helps in developing various selection criteria, preparing interview questions, and providing inputs on the final selection. These panels, therefore, help in choosing extremely competent candidates who can deliver on the goals of an organization. Markedly, interviews create an interactive environment that assists the employer in assessing the applicant about the job and even know more about the applicant. This process also offers the applicant the opportunity to understand the jobs in details. Therefore, interviews are key tools that require inclusion in other assessment and selection processes. On the orientation and training techniques, the employees at the Emirates Airline receive the finest training courses that are recognized internationally as degrees. These courses are organized in two dimensions, online learning and classroom based. Other diploma courses use a combination of the dimensions. All employees must attend courses after a given period to enhance their skills and knowledge of what the company expects of them. First aid training remains a mandatory course for all the employees so that they can handle emergency cases. Training is a process that imparts skills and knowledge into jobholders to assist a firm meet or surpass its objectives. Emirates Airline has an aviation college where the employees are exposed to learning on the job. Training can alter the behaviors of employees on the job to focus on service delivery. Since the Emirates Group recognizes the importance of self-development and knowledge base, it has instituted high caliber training programs that all employees can access (“Human Resources”). There is also a network of Learning Resource Centres (LRC), which provides serene environments for studying, as they are always far from the busy workplaces. The orientation of the Emirates group encourages learning among its stakeholders. The leadership arrangement from the C.E.O. to the lowest level employees reveals an organization that is out to provide excellent services. The other job at Emirates Airlines is the National Cadet Pilot. Some of the requirements under this job include a good command of spoken English, age bracket between 17 and 29 years, a valid UAE passport and a family book, and medical fitness (“Human Resources”). The pilots are entitled to benefits such as salary that commences from the time of training to pass out time, which is after three to four years. Their training receives full funding from the Emirates Airline; they are also accorded comprehensive medical insurance and construction loans that attract no interests. During their recruitment time, one goes through psychomotor and psychometric tests, a TOEFL test, personal interview, and initial and comprehensive medical examination. The training process of a Cadet Pilot is divided into three phases. The first phase is the foundation program, which occurs at the Emirates Training College in Dubai. Secondly, there is the flight-training program that occurs in Spain for 18 months. Upon completion, one is given a course completion certificate. This phase also encompasses close to 223 hours of experience with a flight. The last phase involves readiness to fly large jets, and it takes place in Dubai. After the training, the Airline and Agency conduct continuous training to keep the pilots updated on new features that affect the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Performance appraisal and managing performances are critical management responsibilities and a vital part of the organization’s strategic management process. Performance management promotes the organizational and employee behavior and performance required to improve bottom-line results (Stone 73). Performance appraisal is a key part of an organization’s performance management system. The companies do not link their business strategic objectives with the individual employee performance criteria. The objective of the HR at the Emirates Airline is to get the top performer to receive higher rewards, and lesser performers receive lower rewards is essential for encouraging performance oriented behavior and organization culture (Nankervis and Compton 91). Nevertheless, appraisal of employee performance remains a critical and ongoing management activity. At the Emirates Airline, employees are evaluated on the level of their understanding and job delivery at random periods. The HR systems analyze the outputs of all employees and compare them with normal targets. Notably, employees who meet or surpass their goals are recognized during the end of the financial year. They can be promoted to high positions or be given incentives in terms of additional salaries. There is also the HR Remuneration and Planning department that develop compensation, policies, and benefits that employees can get. It helps the company in attracting and maintaining highly qualified personnel thereby enabling Emirates Airline to remain competitive in the dynamic market. This policy is Employment compensation; it refers to the pre-tax wages paid to employees for work completed during an accounting period (“Employee Remuneration” par. 4). The HR ensures that it presents an effective total labor cost to the Emirates Airline employer and pays from the gross revenue. At the Emirates Airline, employees become entitled to this compensation concerning the work they do in a relevant accounting period. The Emirates Airline pays its employees in advance or simultaneously since it contrasts with other inputs of production valued at the point when they compensate the employees. For statistical reasons, the Emirates Airline comes into an informal or formal agreement with its employees on the enterprise done by an individual employee and then agrees voluntarily that the employee works and pay cash in return. For social reasons, HR ensures that the Emirates Airline considers employees compensation as a component of the value or the factor income. The HR argues that the net output value is equivalent to the factor income it generates; therefore, it can lead to either inclusion or exclusion of other types of remunerations that the Emirates Airline employees receive. Works Cited Employee Remuneration. Management Study Guide – Free Training Guide for Students and Entrepreneurs., n.d. Web. Human Resources. The Emirates Group Career Centre. The Emirates Group, n.d. Web. Nankervis, Alan R., and Robert-Leigh Compton. “Performance management: Theory in practice?.” Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources 44.1 (2006): 83-101. Print. Processes in Human Resource Management. Management Study Guide – Free Training Guide for Students and Entrepreneurs., n.d. Web. Stone, Raymond J. Human Resource Management. 7th ed. Brisbane: John Wiley, 2011. Print. Emirates Airline Company HRM Process Report (Assessment)
Analyzing Supply Chain Using Tools.

John and Michael know that to be successful they need to properly staff their company and order the right amount of materials, and to do so, a new forecast method is needed. While they have used a simple forecast up to this point, they no longer believe that method will work for them and the company. They are now coming to you for help in selecting the right forecasting method and to develop an initial forecast.Individual portion:The first step in this project requires each member to research and select a relatively new company for which he or she will use as a benchmark. After researching your selected company, come up with a recommendation, for them, on which type of forecasting method they should use and why. Based on the recommendation, you must create a spreadsheet with a 12-month forecast highlighting the key factors used in its development. Your spreadsheet may also contain assumptions that support your argument.For the Individual Portion of the Group Project, you must submit a spreadsheet consisting of 1,200-1,500 words in which you recommend a specific method of forecasting for your selected company. For full-credit, you must address the following in your spreadsheet:Research and select a relatively new company.Explain the various methods of forecasting to develop an aggregate forecast.Explain which type of forecasting method the company should use and why.Create a spreadsheet with a 12-month forecast highlighting the key factors used in its development.Explain why you chose the method that you did.Provide some assumptions that support your argument.
Analyzing Supply Chain Using Tools

Introduction Beamer Memorial Conservation Area covers 50 hectares of Niagara Escarpment and mature wood lot in Grimsby, Ontario. The land is owned and operated by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and is available to the public for recreational use including winter activities; hiking the Lookout trails and part of the Bruce trail; and birding (NPCA, 2018). It is internationally recognised by BirdLife International as an “Important Bird Area” and is the site of the annual spring hawk migration (IBA, 2018). As part of the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve, it is one of the most extensive escarpment forests in the Niagara Region and is well known for its breathtaking views of Lake Ontario, the escarpment ridges and 40 mile creek including an upper and lower waterfall. Field Survey Information A 20 hectare portion was chosen for this Environmental Inventory (Figure 1). Date Time Weather Saturday 6th October 2pm 18°C, light rain, humid, no wind Monday 8th October 6pm 12°C, humid, slight breeze Sunday 14th October 1pm 14°C, overcast, dry, slight breeze Monday 15th October 6pm 6°C, overcast, dry, windy Thursday 19th October 6pm 5°C, overcast, dry, slight breeze Biotic Components Community 1 This area is located in the lower quadrant below the escarpment. The entrance to the Bruce Trail starts where the town and residential streets end at the northernmost point and leads into a full canopy dominated by mature Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) and Black Walnut (Juglans nigra). The ground cover nearest the escarpment face consists of new young trees, various ferns, fallen red, orange and brown leafs, a few fallen trees some with fungi growing on the remaining bark and fallen rocks with crustose lichens. Protruding roots run across the natural trail from west to east towards 40 mile creek. No wildlife was noted in this area. Community 2 This area runs up the side of the escarpment via manmade wooden stairs (Figure 2). Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) is growing out of the escarpment cliff face and crustose lichen was seen on a large number of the rocks. Decaying trees and leafs covered the lower ground whilst wildflowers Azure Aster (Symphyotrichum oolentangiense), Golden Rod (Solidago canadensis) and various wild grasses grew up the side of the stairs between the wood and the rocks. No wildlife was noted in this area. Community 3 This area is a flat surface that runs along the top of the escarpment. Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) is growing out of the side of the rocks along the length of the steep cliff edge. Some rocks are moss covered whilst others have some short grasses or plantain (Plantago major) growing between them. The trail is of natural surface with roots growing across it towards the cliff edge. Similar to Quadrant 1, there is a full canopy dominated by mature Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum), Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) and Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra). One small area stood out as the canopy opened up to a view of the sky and the ground was covered with what could possibly be invasive Periwinkle (Vinca minor) (Figure 3). I would like to further investigate the identification of this species. Two (2) chipmunks (Tamias) played in the fallen leafs and some birds chirped but I could not see them. I observed a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) in flight at the north side of the escarpment on the first occasion and on the third visit, I observed a kettle of turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) catching thermal updrafts high above the escarpment edge. Each time I visited this quadrant, I met between two (2)-six (6) humans (Homo sapiens) and three (3) domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris). Community 4 This area is partly wooded along the trail to an open birding area which is surrounded mostly by mature Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum), Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) and Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra). Many Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina) border a manicured common grassy area surrounding the hawk watchtower. Three (3) Crab apple (Malus) trees are present on the south side of this area. Two (2) Red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus), four (4) American robins (Turdus migratorius) and seven (7) sparrows (Passer) were observed on the first visit. A gravel trail through an area of wildflowers, wild grasses and Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra) leads to an old abandoned quarry on the northern most edge of the escarpment. The border of the old quarry is lined with Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis), Canadian Hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis) and White Birch (Betula papyrifera) with wildflowers and grasses growing up between the fractured rocks. In the centre of the old quarry is an isolated patch of Common Cattail (Typha latifolia). On the second visit the sound of frogs and song birds echoed throughout the old quarry however I was not able to see the wildlife that I could so clearly hear. No other wildlife was noted in this quadrant on the other occasions. Abiotic Components This area of the Niagara Escarpment was created 250 million years ago when the seas of the Michigan Basin dried up (Bruce Trail, 2018). Since then compaction of sediments and erosion of the various rock layers including; Queenston Shale; mixed beds of sandstone, shale, limestone and dolostone; and Lockport-Amabel Dolostone have formed the current geological features (GC.CA, 2018). The upper and lower waterfalls create a path through the rocks in the form of the 40 mile creek which runs through the east side of the survey site and eventually feeds into Lake Ontario. The upper areas of the escarpment gently slope towards the vertical cliff face. The lower areas of the escarpment gently slope towards the creek allowing for a well-drained soil base throughout both areas. Shallow dry soils were noted with up to 100cm of soil over mainly dolostone bedrock (GC.CA, 2018). Decaying leafs and branches together with freshly fallen leafs were laid on top of the soil. Many small fossils were observed in the fallen rocks as well as on the escarpment rock face. The creek was made up of majority large boulders with smaller boulders nestled in between. Water flow varied throughout the length of the creek with some pooled water observed on flattened rocks. Remnants of a circa 1900 quarry is present at the north side of quadrant 4. Man-made drainage surrounds the birding area and drainage pipes run down along the side of the wooden stairs connecting the upper and lower areas of the escarpment. The topography of the area creates a microclimate with the 20m high cliffs of the escarpment situated at the narrowest distance to Lake Ontario. The occasion northerly winds allows for strong updrafts to occur (IBA, 2018). The average temperature recorded over the five (5) survey visits is consistent with the historical daily average temperature of 11°C recorded from 1981-2010 (GC.CA, 2018). Aspect of the Biotic/Abiotic Inventory Connections Situated at the end of Grimsby town, an increasingly high populated area and only a short distance away from the Queen Elizabeth highway, this section of the escarpment is well used by humans for recreational purposes. This is a significant area for water discharge of the 40 mile creek as well as a very important corridor of a variety of old growth and interior forest as observed including Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum), Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) and Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra), shrubs and ferns which provide undisturbed habitats and food supplies for the wildlife living there. The special microclimate allows for certain species to exist and continue to thrive including the average 14,000 raptors recorded as passing over this area each spring between 1981 and 2000 (IBA, 2018). The Bruce Trail Conservancy, The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, Bird Studies Canada and Nature Canada all have vested interest in working towards stewardship of this land. Cultural Components Beamer Memorial was once the site of a sawmill powered by water from the 40 mile creek (NPCA, 2018). Presently, it is famous for its breathtaking views where the northern most edge of the escarpment has been made accessible by gravel trails leading towards two (2) wheelchair accessible viewing platforms. Two (2) wooden memorial benches are situated at other open areas of the eastern edge to view the escarpment ridges and take rest from climbing the steep wooden stairs. The hawk watchtower is situated in the middle of a manicured lawn area, it is a tall steel observation tower with a wooden floor accommodating approximately 10 people. Two (2) wooden benches and two (2) wooden tables are situated near the tower. A gravel trail circles the manicured area of the tower and a washroom is situated close to the trailhead. Large boulders are placed at each trailhead entrance to prevent vehicle entry and a metal swing gate is situated at the parking lot entrance. The Bruce Trail has been left natural with roots and rocks protruding from it which runs along the top length of the escarpment cliff edge down to the bottom section towards the 40 mile creek. Wooden stairs connect the upper and lower sections. A fire pit was observed next to the old abandoned quarry but I believe this to have been made by the public as it appeared “unprofessionally” constructed. Three (3) information boards are located at the trailheads providing details on the geology and ecology of the area. Pictures and facts about certain bird species are provided for visitors to identify possibly sightings. Summary Beamer Memorial Conservation Area has a sense of wonder historically, geologically, ecologically and socially, it has so much to offer in many different ways. Its recognition as a Biosphere Reserve and Important Bird Area brings visitors from around the world to enjoy. This also means it is currently well protected by a number of different authorities each having their own priority for conservation efforts. This survey shows biodiversity within the area and currently little threat from human activity but it is important for the authorities involved in protecting it to continue to maintain its ecological health for all to benefit. Figure 1. Sketch Map Figure 2. Wooden stairs connecting upper and lower escarpment. Figure 3. Open area with Periwinkle (Vinca minor). Works Cited Bruce Trail Conservancy. (2011). Bruce Trail Guide to Exploring the Forests of the Niagara Escarpment. Bruce Trail Conservancy. (2015). Escarpment Geology: Another part of our Living Landscape by Beth Gilhespy. Bruce Trail Conservancy. (2011). Walk the Bruce Trail. Government of Canada. (2018). Canadian Climate Normals 1981-2010 Station Data. Temperature and Precipitation Graph for 1981 to 2010 Canadian Climate Normals, Niagara Falls NPCSH.

Weeping in the Playtime of Others: America’s Incarcerated Children – Chapter summary

Weeping in the Playtime of Others: America’s Incarcerated Children – Chapter summary.

Write a three page paper over Chapter 6 Weeping (Part 4, p. 163-214)All writings must contain two components as follows: (1) a 2-page summary, and (2) a 1-page reflection/critique. In the summary section, students shall summarize corresponding section(s) in an orderly fashion. It is key to show correct understanding of the authors’ arguments. In the reflection/critique section, students should reflect upon what they read, express their own independent evaluation, and logically criticize the content (including posing questions) if necessary.All writings must observe the following rules: Writings shall be completed and submitted as a word document; in 12-point font, Times New Roman format, double-spaced.
Weeping in the Playtime of Others: America’s Incarcerated Children – Chapter summary

Broward Community College The Broward Health Agency Capstone Practicum

best assignment help Broward Community College The Broward Health Agency Capstone Practicum.

Journal your experiences and in addition, include the following areas:1. Evaluation of selected goals and objectives for Capstone Practicum.2. Evaluate how the agency Broward Health integrates best current evidence with clinical expertise and delivery of optimal health care.3. Agency assessment on its use of information and technology to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and support decision making.Primary references must be frompeer-reviewed NURSING journals less than 5 y/o. National professional, governmental, or educational websites (.org, .gov, and .edu) and the course textbook may be used as supplemental references.Here’s the course textbook!Huber, D. (2018). Leadership and nursing care management (6th ed). St. Louis, MO: Saunders ElsevierThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.
Broward Community College The Broward Health Agency Capstone Practicum

History of Hockey in Canada Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Hockey History of Hockey in Canada Importance of Hockey for Canada Conclusion Annotated Bibliography Footnotes Introduction Sports have been one of the main aspects through which some countries have gained their recognition. Some countries are found to be good in certain sports activity with respect to others and this is usually used to give them identity worldwide. For example in athletics and especially long races, Kenya has been seen to dominate. This is still observed in hockey as Canada has always performed better than other countries. Hockey is commonly regarded as the national game in Canada, and the importance of this sport is rather high. On the one hand, this defines the national identity of the Canadians and forms a healthy habit for those who admire this kind of sport. Actually, hockey is a serious reason for national pride in Canada, and there are some instances in history, when the hockey background defined the national status of Canada in international negotiations. The aim of the paper is to describe the significance of this sport for Canada from the perspective of national identity, as well as its effects on international relations. 1 Hockey Hockey is an example of a game which is both indoor and outdoor and whose popularity is high all over the world. This game is usually played by two teams who usually try to score each other. The game can be played by people of both genders. Most commonly, the game is played by teams consisting of one gender although the two genders can be incorporated together in one team. The game can be played on various play grounds such as ice and natural grass among other. The field on which the game is played or the location such as beach usually gives rise to the various types of hockey. The playing of this game usually takes into account the physical challenge such as disabilities and giving such people a chance to participate in it. History of Hockey in Canada The hockey game was found to originate in some countries in Asia as well as northern Africa. In these countries the game was played using the locally available materials to the residents such as sticks. In Canada the game is believed to have been brought in by the European colonies. It is believed that they are the one who took field hockey to Canada. In the 19th century some residents of Canada were found to play a game on the ice. This game has evolved and is recognized as ice hockey in the modern days. This thus shows that this game originated in some parts of Canada. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Toward the end of the 18th century, the game had attracted some followers who even included the queen. Due to the affection to the game, a trophy was bought. By then the infrastructure in Canada was not well established. The improvement of the infrastructure acted as a great weapon for the spread of hockey to other parts of Canada especially the west. As time passed by it was observed that most of the people were attracted to ice hockey instead of field hockey. In the awake of the 19th century, the number of players in a hockey match from one team had reduced from nine to seven and there were some modification on the rule and regulations governing the game. The game had improved with the use of nets being present. This helped to avoid conflicts on whether there had been some scoring in some cases. It also allowed efficient time management by during the game by regulating the rolling of the ball after scoring. Actually, the aspect of the root source of hockey in Canada gives rise to lots of discussions and arguments as there is no definite answer where hockey was played first in Canada. The clubs appeared in different times in different cities, and each notable hockey city, such as Montreal, Halifax, or Kingston claims to be the first. This thus brings difficulty in understanding the exact origin of hockey in Canada. To ensure good governance and development of the game in Canada on the already established clubs such as Montreal, an overseeing body equipped with the rules and regulations was established. The association which was known as Amateur Hockey Association of Canada initially covered a smaller area of Canada but with time it expanded and was able to cover the other parts. This helped in maintaining uniformity in the games played by the different clubs. We will write a custom Essay on History of Hockey in Canada specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More To increase motivation to the players and ensure the continuous development of the game, some leagues were introduced. These leagues gave the players a chance to gauge their fitness in the game so that they would make the necessary improvements. This was also attributed to the continuous changes provided to the rules governing the game. In Canada, the game was divided into two groups; professional and amateurs. In the recent times there has been improvement in the hockey with great attention coming from minor teams. This has attracted more young people into the game. The presence of different financing organizations has enabled the continuous advancement in management as well as field performance in Canada. Currently, the central organization is Hockey Canada, that was formed in 1968, which was created in order to amateur, university and professional leagues. 2 Due to the establishment of the game at early stages of development of the children, they grow up being well equipped with the necessary skills required. This usually places Canada at a better position to compete with other countries. There are some institutions that usually train the children when they are as young as 12 years. In such cases there are challenges that usually face the development of hockey field. At that age the children and the parents are usually attached to each other too much. This thus brings the inconvenience incase the children is to be taken to a different place for the training. These problems have been there since the establishment of these academies. To overcome it there have been continuous education on the parents. Importance of Hockey for Canada The significance of this game for Canadians was clearly shown by astronaut Marc Garneau, who took his hockey puck and stick with him. This revealed the fact that hockey is valued all over the country, and few Canadians stay ignorant when their favorite teams are involved into ice duels. Although the game is mainly played during winter, it can be played throughout the year with some games taken in-door. The game provides recreation to all the people irrespective of their age. To avoid the occurrence of injuries, proper clothing is used by the players. Recreation is good for both mental and physiological relaxation. Thus this form of relaxation usually has more good returns than one could actually quantize. It is observed that people who do not always spend all their time working but usually allocate some to some form of recreation are usually healthier. On the other side playing hockey is a form of physical exercise which is still very important in human health. Not sure if you can write a paper on History of Hockey in Canada by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hockey is found to play a significant role on the social life of people. When there are hockey games to be played, there are so many spectators who avail themselves. When these people come together, they usually chat with each other on issues concerning the game as well as other spheres of life. This usually improves interaction between them. The people usually get a chance to make various friends who are usually useful in various sectors of life in future. In the case of international games, the interaction between the various states players and other stakeholders are crucial in improving international relations. The various players learn about the others and their interaction are gain more knowledge on different economic and social aspects. Several facts are given by Holman (2009)3. Hence, it is stated that the six central NHL teams generate up to $ 200 million annually in taxes for the government. NHL teams have improved the reputations of their home towns. These taxes are used to develop other sectors of the country. This leads to the development of other departments which are either directly affiliated to the game or not. When the events of hosting such tournament are in a country, the country usually benefit from improved tourism as well as business activities between the residents and the visitors. The growth and development of hockey in Canada has created a lot of job opportunities. These include the large number of players, coaches as well as the support team. The resources received by these people usually assist others either directly or indirectly. This enables the citizens to meet their needs. The excess money is usually invested and is usually very useful in the economic development of the country. Up to eleven thousand people are employed in the sphere of hockey. This has led to the incorporation of hockey in school education. Children are studying the history of hockey in schools, and most schools have skating rinks for physical education lessons. Hockey is a lifestyle for Canadians, as it is everywhere 24/7. As Jenish (1998, p. 312)4 stated: Hockey has influenced the lives of Canadians. Love it or hate it, you cannot escape it. At sunrise, the morning paper and radio broadcasts provide all Canadian homes with information and statistics on the game played the night before. Television allows fans to watch games, sometimes with a better view of the action than if they had been there themselves. Drivers should be on the lookout for the many young people playing hockey in the street. Even our language has borrowed expressions from hockey, for example, when someone is retiring they are said to be hanging up their skates. The effect of hockey on international relations is associated with reputations of international NHL teams. Nevertheless, the most notable international event in hockey world is the summit series in 1972. These events exceeded the sports frames, as politics was also involved into the contests. The cold war circumstances could not allow this event to be held in precisely sport frames. Therefore, the contests were regarded as the necessity to protect the reputation of the States. Hence, inconveniences, messes, and even conflicts were involved into the course of the series: arrest of Soviet team’s equipment, mess in training schedule of the Canadian team, suspects in overseeing and overhearing the hotel rooms, etc. Nevertheless, both sides showed perfect techniques and strategies, and, in spite of the loss of the Soviet team in the series, the reputation of the Soviet Union increased essentially. Hence, as Gruneau and Whitson (1993, p. 45)5 emphasized: “Canadians went from scoffing at their [Soviet] antiquated equipment and strange training methods and practices, to admiration for their talent and conditioning.” The contest in general was rather tense; nevertheless, players did their best from both sides. Actually, this was the contest which was followed by the entire world. It was a unique series. It was unique by the subject: the results of the contest that lasts for 480 minutes, or 28 800 seconds of pure gaming time had been defined by the 34 seconds till the final siren of the eighth and the last match of the series. This was the hockey of the highest level. Every duel of Canadian and Soviet teams collected nearly 100 million watchers in Soviet Union, and up to 25 million in Canada and the USA, let alone several millions of fans all over Europe. 6 A lot has been already written about that series, and a lot has never been, and, probably, will never be written or stated. Anyway, this series was of great significance for Canada and for the USSR, and, regardless of the victory in the series, Canadians felt that there was a worthy contestant for them in the game that was considered purely Canadian. The clubs should be funded to ensure continuous development competition encouraged through trophies as it usually leads to continuous development. In order to ensure the continuous growth and development of hockey in Canada, there should be good cooperation between the stakeholders. The children should be taught the game from early age to ensure that they have good experience when they grow up. Conclusion Finally, it should be stated that the actual importance of this game is defined by Canadians themselves. They adore hockey and that is why they attribute so much value to it. Kids are growing in the atmosphere of love to hockey, and do not mention how they start loving it themselves. The evolution of the hockey in Canada has been good and the game yield good results to the country currently and still shows good prospects for the future. The good infrastructure and the presence of good management by the hockey organization have contributed significantly to the continuous evolvement and development of the game since the 18th century. Annotated Bibliography Gruneau, Richard S., and David, Whitson. Hockey night in Canada: sport, identities, and cultural politics. Toronto: Garamond Press, 1993. Hockey night is the research and memories dedicated to the hockey history and hockey destiny of Canada. Considering the fact that identity is the key value of hockey for all of Canadians, the author of the book aims at describing the attitude towards hockey, as well as its significance for Canada and its citizens. Holman, Andrew C. Canada’s game: Hockey and identity. Montreal al: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2009. Hockey is the number one thing that is associated with Canada. That is why Andrew Holman is aimed at defining the key reasons of Canadian identity, and explains why it is associated with hockey. It is impossible to imagine that Canada will stop playing hockey, therefore, the book is written in order to give the idea of its importance. Jenish, D’Arcy, and Michael Benedict. Canada on ice: 50 years of great hockey. Toronto: Viking, 1998. History of hockey in Canada is the additional reason for pride. It was invented in Canada, the first game was played in Canada, and Canada is regarded as the country of Hockey geniuses. Consequently, it will be a shame for the entire country if Canada loses its top ranking in the world. Macintosh, Donald, Thomas Bedecki, and C. E. S. Franks. Sport and politics in Canada: federal government involvement since 1961. Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1987. Cold War was a period of total interference of politics and security services into every sphere of life. Hockey was not an exception, especially when it became the ring for defining the top ranking between USSR and Canada. Donald Macintosh describes the history of federal control over hockey since 1961. Macintosh, Donald, and David Whitson. The game planners: transforming Canada’s sport system. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1990. Sport system needs to be evolving in order to challenge the circumstances. Therefore, evolution of hockey system in Canada is of particular importance, as it has been developing since the creation of Amateur league in 1914, and lasts till nowadays. Pagnucco, Frank. Heroes: Stars of hockey’s golden era. Scarborough, Ont.: Prentice-Hall Canada, 1985. Golden era of hockey is the reason for nostalgic memories for most Canadians, and not only Canadians. In fact, this was the epoch of extensive hockey development, as the team had a worthy contestant. Footnotes 1 Pagnucco, Frank. Heroes: stars of hockey’s golden era. Scarborough, Ont.: Prentice-Hall Canada, 1985. 2 Macintosh, Donald, Thomas Bedecki, and C. E. S. Franks. Sport and politics in Canada: federal government involvement since 1961. Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1987. 3 Holman, Andrew C. Canada’s game: hockey and identity. Montreal al: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2009. 4 Jenish, D, and Michael Benedict. Canada on ice: 50 years of great hockey. Toronto: Viking, 1998. 5 Gruneau, Richard S., and David Whitson. Hockey night in Canada: sport, identities, and cultural politics. Toronto: Garamond Press, 1993. 6 Macintosh, Donald, and David Whitson. The game planners: transforming Canada’s sport system. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1990.

Business Impact of the Leadership Ideas by Drucker Discussion

Business Impact of the Leadership Ideas by Drucker Discussion.

Q1. The leader of the Penn State organization in reference to this scandal is the name most seen throughout every facet of the investigation, Jerry Sandusky. Jerry Sandusky was the originator and orchestrator of this entire illegal operation. This includes him starting the non profit which facilitated these heinous acts, as well as the numerous other sexual assaults spanning multiple decades. He was a man who possessed a respected opinion due to the position he held. When viewed from a perspective of the Mitchell, et. al. (1997) stakeholder theory, he could be defined as a definitive or instrumental stakeholders within this entire scandal. This meaning, the scandal would not have grown to the capacity it did without him at the forefront of the operation. He also had the most to lose had this come to light, also due to the position he held. Drucker (1954) spoke on the importance of leadership when he stated leadership cannot be replaced nor created. These same sentiments hold true in reference to Jerry Sandusky’s role within all of these happenings. The followers are those who worked to help achieve whatever the leader was trying to accomplish. Men such as Head Coach Joe Paterno, the university’s athletic director Tim Curley and the university’s president, Graham B. Spanier, fit this description due to the fact that they were not instrumental, but still carried out acts to reach an end goal. According to Northouse (2019) one of the characteristics of a follower is someone who is committed to being an integral part of completion to the organization’s end goal. Aiding these type of actions can come in many different forms. Penn State graduate assistant Mike McQueary is also a contributor due to being complicit while witnessing a heinous act of sexual assault committed by Jerry Sandusky. Q3. I briefly touched on the actions of the followers in the aforementioned question in reference to this entire scandal. When framed in the attribution theory, the followers exhibited mainly an external attribution. As stated previously Jerry Sandusky was the clear leader and organizer of this operation, but through complicit acts and supporting behaviors the other men who went down within this organization acted in light of external factors. These factors include different situational occurrences such as staying silent while witnessing an assault, as well as acting due to the influence from others within the Penn State organization. There is also a self-serving aspect within this whole situation. The Caine Mutiny video ties in well with this aspect of the attribution theory. Keefer is voicing his doubts about the captain being mentally unfit to lead, but Maryk refuses to fully agree with his sentiments even though they seem valid. Keefer then refuses to report these observations because he does not want all of the fault on his shoulders and rightfully so. This same parallel is apparent in the Penn State organization, as everyone was very aware of the wrongdoing Jerry Sandusky was partaking in, but refused to take the full brunt of the blame for being accomplices. All of these men were powerful people within the organization, thus the magnitude of the consequences were multiplied. Many moral issues never garner the same type of detrimental impact this particular case brought about (Jones 1991). However, the actions of a few men led to the vilification of their own lives, Penn State Football and Penn State University as a whole.ReferencesDrucker, P. F. (1954). The practice of management. New York: Harper & Row.Jones, T. M. (1991). Ethical Decision Making by Individuals in Organizations: An Issue-Contingent Model. The Academy of Management Review, 16(2), 366. doi: 10.2307/258867Mitchell, R. K., Agle, B. R., & Wood, D. J. (1997). Toward a Theory of Stakeholder Identification and Salience: Defining the Principle of Who and What Really Counts. Academy of Management Review, 22(4), 853–886.…Northouse, P. G. (2019). Leadership: theory and practice. Eighth Edition. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications.Read the discussion answer then give response with Drucker’s ideas..apply the material with detail.apply the material with detail.apply the material with detail.apply the material with detail.apply the material with detail.250 words min
Business Impact of the Leadership Ideas by Drucker Discussion

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