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Hi – I need a review of literature for the outline below, that is about 13 pages. Please do

Hi – I need a review of literature for the outline below, that is about 13 pages. Please do not use direct quotes, only in-text citations, and only use the resources that have been provided. I have listed the journal articles that would best fit each theme/section. However, feel free to use the articles where they best make sense, as some will likely cross over.
Thank you so much.

1. Introduction .5 pages
2. Stereotypes 2.5 pages
a. Millennials’ experiences with stereotypes
b. Women’s experiences with stereotypes
3. Job Satisfaction 2.5 pages
a. Millennials and their experiences with job satisfaction
b. Women and their experience with job satisfaction
4. Conclusion .5 pages

The muscular system

In this week’s episode of “Anatomy of a Mystery”, Dr. Farrell injured his lower back. Which of the following muscles are we least concerned with in this scenario?
Pectoralis major
Latissimus dorsi

After determining the muscle we are least concerned with, please explain why the others are important in this scenario? What are their functions and what happens when they are injured?

Understanding and Creating

Hi – I need a review of literature for the outline below, that is about 13 pages. Please do Understanding and Creating.

Description Understanding and Creating a Problem of Practice 1. In the attached Instruction document you will see Order Instructions which will have what to include in each contribution. 2. When it comes to responses, say something substantive. Each response should be unique not repetitive. Back your opinions up by relevant facts. 3. Responses should reference the attachments and assignment readings. Use provided APA citing sources to avoid plagiarism to make your argument seem more legitimate – it makes your point stronger. No vaqueness -much detail – no wordiness. 4. Don’t procrastinate. Follow instruction. Make sure each question/point are answered. Attention to detail and quality is priority. 5. Prior to starting, ask any/all question if you’re confused about the instructions. 5. Before finalizing work: review work for clarity and tone. Write in clear, complete sentences. Use proper transition to connect in writing. Check grammar (Grammerly), spelling, and no wordiness – factual – to the point.

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The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz.

 For this exercise, you will watch the video “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz” by National Geographic. And then answer the following questions: 1. What are the positive things that have happened because of Aaron Swartz? 2. What are the negative things that have happened, either because of him or the response to his actions. 3. Do you feel his actions warranted the charges against him? 4. What is your opinion on charging for government documents? 5. Should more restrictions be placed on the Internet and its ability to share information, documents, etc.? 6. Why is a copyright so important when it comes to digital media? 7. What was something you took – away from this documentary?

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Literary analysis of, Euripides:Medea

Literary analysis of, Euripides:Medea.

Literary analysis of, Euripides:Medea

Use the three articles provided by me to a literary analysis of the story Euripides: Medea. use the articles to show how filicide, depression, and coping with being a single and divorce relates to the story.

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We have discussed the importance of using market research to improve or sustain a healthcare business. Many believed that the age of customer relationship management and one-to-one marketing would spell the demise of geodemography for marketing. But the opposite has occurred. Address each of the following in your paper: Define geodemography. List and describe in detail five (5) reasons to use geodemography in market research. Your textbook may be used as a reference. The APA format for your text is as follows: Berkowitz, E. N. (2010). Essentials of health care marketing (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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Pathophysiologic Mechanisms

Pathophysiologic Mechanisms.

 A 42 year old African American female with pain in her hands and knees and a flat red rash on the cheeks of her face presents to your office. She states she has noticed these symptoms over the past 8 years or so and attributed them to her exercise routines and being out in the sun. She always uses sunscreen but the rash still occurs now and then. The medical history is positive for hypertension. The medications she takes for the hypertension changed a few years ago from hydralazine to lisinopril but there has been no difference in the reported symptoms after this change. You order labs and diagnose her with systemic lupus erythematosus. •Differentiate the underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms of chronic systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and transient lupus-like syndrome. •Discuss the history and labs that would help diagnose and differentiate SLE. •Describe how you would differentiate SLE from Fibromyalgia. •Provide information for patient education for this patient. •Cite current research findings, national guidelines, and expert opinions and controversies found in the medical and nursing literature to support your position.

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The third branch of ethical theories – Virtue Ethics.

The third branch of ethical theories – Virtue Ethics..

These assignments have been relatively easy up to now to give you the opportunity to earn points early and help move you along. Your task is to demonstrate a solid understanding of the third branch of ethical theories – Virtue Ethics. You may recall that the first two were, Teleology and Deontology, where Utilitarianism was the most common example of the former and Kantian Ethics of the latter. This is a compare and contrast assignment of all three branches with a focus on Virtue Ethics. How is it different from the others? How is it applied differently or similarly? What does it have in common? Where does it differ? You will have to review Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics and Virtue Ethics in order to complete this assignment successfully. Go ahead and formulate your own observations with an eye on Bloom’s Taxonomy. You will find this video useful, but do not lose sight of the purpose of the assignment.

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5 multiple choice hw questions about History of Capitalism in American Economy [Chapters 3-5]

the book [Chapters 3-5]
Question 11 pts
Chapter 3 looks at some of the main inventions that were created in the period from 1860-1914. Which of the following is NOT one of the inventions explored in this chapter?
Group of answer choices
Nuclear Power
Flag question: Question 2
Question 21 pts
True or False: Electricity was first discovered by Thomas Edison in the United States
Group of answer choices
Flag question: Question 3
Question 31 pts
Which was the first industry to experience a major shift from privately owned companies to publicly owned corporations?
Group of answer choices
Flag question: Question 4
Question 41 pts
J.P. Morgan had a hand in creating all of the following companies EXCEPT
Group of answer choices

Case Study in Regulation

Case Study in Regulation.

The paper should be 825 words long. Directions for the paper: A Case Study in Regulation Background On January 17, 2006, FDA issued a direct final rule/proposed rule to exempt investigational drugs and biologics for phase 1 human clinical trials from the cGMP regulation. As you know, it is a requirement that all clinical and commercial drugs and biologics, such as vaccines, be made per cGMP regulation. At the same time, FDA issued a draft guidance providing recommendations on manufacturing Phase 1 material (to replace the formal, legal cGMP regulation). FDA was proposing to regulate Phase 1 material by means other than cGMP regulation, by relying on the broad applicability of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (which states that drugs not made per cGMPs are adulterated, but does not provide specifics) and by the information submitted in Investigational New Drug (IND) Applications by sponsors. FDA stated that they were taking the action “to streamline and promote the drug development process.” Preparation Read the following documents to prepare yourself for an essay response on this proposed rule: FDA Guidance for Industry: INDs – Approaches to Complying to cGMP during Phase I (read sections I through V) History of GMPs – Power of Storytelling article by Barbara Immel Barbara Immel comments on Direct Final/Proposed Rule Optional: Chipping Away the GMPs (Powerpoint slides as a pdf) by Barbara Immel Essay The events and comments surrounding the FDA proposal to eliminate formal cGMP adherence for Phase I studies led the Agency to withdraw the rule on May 2, 2006 due to the significant adverse comments they received by individuals and groups, such as the Immel Group. This result is important because it is a timely reminder of the complexity involved in changing regulation and also the impact that the public can have on shaping how the FDA regulates this industry. Write a three-page essay (12-pt font, double-spaced) based on your experience in this course and the preparatory readings above that addresses the following prompt: Reflect on the how history has shaped the GMPs and the purpose of Phase I clinical trials. Identify the most compelling points in ensuring that GMPs remain in effect for Phase I trials or, alternatively, outline how Phase I trials could be expedited by limiting applicability of GMPs. (Don’t forget to cite your sources within your paper and in a works cited page.)

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