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Heroism Essay, Research Paper

Beowulf: Heroism

Beowulf s writer is unknown, as are his motivations and inspiration for the creative activity of the verse form. Write some four hundred old ages before the Norman conquests, it is comprised of three 1000, one hundred and 82 lines, dramatically reproducing the timeless battle between good and evil, along with all the fluctuations that accompany such a narrative. By far one of the most admirable qualities presented to the reader is the impression of gallantry, and the importance of award. The quality of character was a major component of the heroic adult male in the universe of which the narrative is set.

In relation the personality, James V. McConnell wrote ; Let us specify personality as the manner in which a individual thinks, behaves and adjusts to his or her environment. Such a definition would include the individuals traits, values, motivations, attitudes, emotional reactions, abilities, self-image and intelligence every bit good as the individuals overt behavior forms. ( McConnell, page 610 ) . He so went on farther to state, A complete theory of personality would non merely depict the single s present manner of accommodation but give some impression of how the individual got that manner and where he or she was traveling.

Throughout the verse form, the writer allows the reader to see, in action, the true workings of heroes. Work force and adult females who cast aside their ain personal demands and desires for the better of others. During this clip society sustained a strong award codification. The actions that an person amassed over their life-time was the rubric by which they were known to the remainder of the land, both good and bad. A batch was asked of swayers refering the protection and enlargement of the imperium, Kings and Queens were known by their conquerings and control of the topics around them. In the prologue we are introduced to a loved and epic King by the name of Shild. How Shild made slaves of soldiers from every land, crowds of prisoners he d beaten into panic lived to be rich and much honored. He ruled lands on all sides: wherever the sea would take them his soldiers sailed, returned with testimonial and obeisance. ( Raffel, line 4 ) . This subdivision of the prologue clearly defines the times, in that it instantly sets up the reader for the degree of aristocracy in the tone of the writer, in the look of self-respect that accompanies King Shild s conquerings. His life was associated with illustriousness and at his decease his testimonial was great.

There are many demands of a hero. A hero was an person who was feared and respected by topics and by enemies. To be a hero one must be bold, brave, valorous and make bolding. The hero mist non fear decease or whoever brings it, alternatively they must swear God in his wisdom and timing, being prepared at all times to confront infinity. The chief character of this narrative is Beowulf. He was the boy of the Geat Edgetho, and eventual swayer of the Geats toward the later of his life. Beowulf faces three major enemies in the narrative.

The first being Grendel, a descendant of Cain and a monster to look at. Beowulf travels across the sea to the to the land of the Danes. Its swayer, king Hrothgar, unable to contend Grendel he granted Beowulf permission to travel and contend the animal. Upon Grendel s licking, another animal rises. Grendel s female parent has risen for retaliation upon her boy s decease. Throughout these two conflicts Beowulf remains the victor.

When Beowulf must contend the 3rd and concluding conflict with a firedrake, he met his lucifer. Beowulf knew this and yet he still continued to contend with the assistance of Wiglaf, one of 12 helpers to the male monarch. When Beowulf showed marks of failure all the others fled into he woods, fearing for their lives but merely Wiglaf remained to assist his male monarch. This is what makes a hero ; self forfeit. Even with full cognition of the great hazard they were both facing, even when he..stared at death.. ( Raffel, line 2587 ) , Beowulf remained, for the good of his people, cognizing that he was their last hope before lest the firedrake destruct them. Not merely does he give his life, so like a true hero, in his death minutes he thanks God for his comfortable life-time and he requests that the gold that he fought and died for be distributed to his people and a tower be erected in his name. for this, this gold, these gems, I thank our Father in Eden, Ruler of the earth- for all of this, that his grace has given me I sold my life for this hoarded wealth, and I sold it good. ( Raffel, line 2794 ) . Death in war was common and well-thought-of.

This verse form presents other illustrations of gallantry, but at the same clip it besides contains the exact opposite, those who fell abruptly ; cowards. After the firedrake has been defeated, the 11 deserting soldiers return to bear informant to the result. Wiglaf s fiery address displays the shame that cowardess brings.

..your Godhead gave you gifts hunted across the universe for the best arms. War came and you ran like cowards should Beowulf hold boasted of your strength? With God s good grace he helped himself won his ain retaliation. The aid that I gave him was nil, but it was all that I could give and now the giving of blades, of aureate rings and rich estates is over, ended for you and everyone who portions your blood. Death would be better than the life you can take, branded with shame! ( Raffel, line2865 )

Beowulf is fundamentally a loyal verse form concerned with male monarch and kingship. Strength and bravery are basic virtuousnesss for both the leader and the followings. The followings committedness is to trueness, where the leaders is to the sustenance and guardianship of the people. The verse form is an archaeological papers as it is a piece of gratifying literature. The penetration into the civilization of the people and land is priceless, and the cognition learned, priceless.

And so Beowulf s followings rode, mourning their darling leader, shouting that no better male monarch had of all time lived, no prince so mild, so unfastened to his people, so meriting of congratulations.

Discussing Intimate Partner Violence

Discussing Intimate Partner Violence.

Write a 2-page essay discussing intimate partner violence, especially focused on violence toward men. Begin by describing the various types of domestic violence toward men. Please provide examples. Then discuss your thoughts about the following questions. Why do you think socioeconomic factors serve as a predictor for the maltreatment of male partners? Please use examples to explain your position. Why does anxious attachment style increase the risk of women becoming violent toward their male partners? Please use examples to explain your position. There are relatively few places for male victims to receive help/treatment for this type of violence; how would you as a human service professional strive to help this population? The examples you include in your essay can be original examples that you create for the essay, or you are welcome to discuss any of the case examples provided in the reading assignments. Your essay should be 2 pages of text, plus a title page and reference page. Your paper should be in proper APA format (if you are unsure of APA formatting, please reference the materials provided in the Week 0 learning activity). Your essay should include at least 3 peer-reviewed references, which should be cited in your essay. You are welcome to use the (Hines et al, 2013) text and any published journal articles. Websites are not considered valid references in academic work. BOOK MUST BE REFERENCED AS ONE OF THE THREE: Hines, D.A., Malley-Morrison, K., & Dutton, L.B. (2013). Family Violence in the United States: Defining, Understanding, and Combatting Abuse (2nd ed). Sage Publishing. ISBN: 9781412989008 **Attaching an article that can be used

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