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Heroine Essay, Research Paper

For most of us, the word Heroin evokes the thought of something immoralities, something with a life of its ain, a huntsman of souls set on destructing lives. We believe that diacetylmorphine & # 8220 ; hooks & # 8221 ; those who try it, destining them to destroy and even decease, omnipresent in their lives, omnipowerful. After all, it & # 8217 ; s a & # 8220 ; monkey on their dorsums, & # 8221 ; and a malevolent monkey at that. Those who try diacetylmorphines have no pick & # 8211 ; they become addicted, drug addicts for life, or so we believe.

Like anything said frequently adequate, heroin stereotypes become accepted as truisms, which isn & # 8217 ; t ever the instance. Heroin stereotypes serve society in that they warn us of danger, and diacetylmorphine is a really unsafe drug. In malice of this warning, nevertheless, heroin stereotypes fail society when the danger signals becomes transformed. One consequence of this transmutation is that we begin to anthropomorphise diacetylmorphine. A metabolism takes topographic point. Heroin takes on a cryptic life of its ain, depriving people & # 8217 ; s will from them and finding them to a life of dependence, agony, and eventual decease. We begin to believe of diacetylmorphine as some kind of entity.

I was earnestly interested in understanding the attractive force to this drug, an attractive force powerful plenty ( harmonizing to The Household Survey On Drug Abuse and The Statistical Analysis of the United States ) that in 1996 2.4 million people had used diacetylmorphine at some point in their lives and 265,000 people were addicted. Intelligibly, the anthropomorphous confusion and stereotyped inaccuracy deadening the topic of diacetylmorphine did non fulfill my involvement. I was under the feeling, from the stereotypes on diacetylmorphine, that the first feeling was so fantastic, that the single seeking it couldn & # 8217 ; t assist but seek it once more and once more, until the stricken person was wholly addicted.

Due to my confusion sing diacetylmorphine & # 8217 ; s entreaty, I decided that subjective experience was a necessary status for a clearer apprehension of diacetylmorphine & # 8217 ; s temptingness. I know, I know, & # 8220 ; What if the narratives were true, and I would hold become a hopeless drug addict? & # 8221 ; What if, so. What if I yank out a grinder, put it under my pillow, and the tooth faery leaves me a million dollars? Reason and logic are no more our enemy than diacetylmorphine is. After old ages of analyzing doctrine and logic both in and out of school, I have learned to separate the difference between coherent and consistent information, the foundation of cognition, and that of metaphorical exaggeration. In this instance, the job of coherence and consistence manifests itself in the contradictory belief that diacetylmorphine is an inanimate object devoid of life, but at the same clip, and in some cryptic manner, controls people.

Yet a first manus experience of diacetylmorphine would come with a monetary value & # 8211 ; Once I experienced diacetylmorphine, I would be stereotyped myself. An ageless fact about experience is that you have it everlastingly, and no sum of thought or want can undo that fact. The cost of cognition is sometimes high. With this in head, I set out to happen this ill-famed drug. I made the determination beforehand to smoke it, non shoot it ( injection is the preferable method ) . Once I put myself in an environment conducive to such acquisitions, one inquiry was plenty to obtain a dose big plenty for two inexperient people. ( Having the foresight that my inexperienced fumbling might destroy a part, I requested dual my demands. )

In less than 30 proceedingss, I had the diacetylmorphine. The cost: $ 20.00. It looked like a ball of route pitch, black and gluey, with a crisp and unpleasant chemical odor, about the size of a big house fly. This signifier of diacetylmorphine is the California version. It comes from Mexico, and from its visual aspect, it gets its name: & # 8220 ; Mexican Tar Heroin. & # 8221 ; Anyway, I eventually arrived place, and in great expectancy, fabricated a petroleum Sn foil pipe to smoke the diacetylmorphine from. Tar diacetylmorphine thaws when heated, furuncles, and so begins to vaporize into a midst, white fume. The fume is so inhaled. Heating and inhaling diacetylmorphine from a little piece of Sn foil is called & # 8220 ; Chasing the Dragon, & # 8221 ; which exemplifies the metaphorical exaggeration behind this drug.

Well I did merely that, sat down, and waited for the diacetylmorphine monster to attest itself, a monster said to enslave the will of work forces and adult females and finding them to destroy. Immediately I noticed that my eyes would non concentrate. The words on the page jumped around. I gave up seeking to read. The best description sing the intellectual facet of the experience that I can rally is that of a strong, thick, and gluey feeling, greatly decreasing the analytic facet of idea. The physical facet was loosen uping, and my full organic structure felt heavy and heavy. Despite that fact, the physical feeling wasn & # 8217 ; t about the rapture I had expected.

I wanted to understand why people dedicate their lives to a modus operandi of seeking for and utilizing this drug. I couldn & # 8217 ; t understand why before I smoked it, and I felt like I was no closer to understanding why now. After about 15 proceedingss, I decided to smoke a spot more. After all, a dose big plenty to warrant the experience of the drug was necessary.

Once once more, I was rewarded with an increased sense of druggedness: a heavy physical feeling and a general decelerating down of my idea processes. The feeling was once more agreeable. Yet I couldn & # 8217 ; t assist thought that this couldn & # 8217 ; t be what keeps so many people coming back in the face of physical dependence, the dismantlement and devastation of their lives, and in many instances, decease. So I indulged myself yet once more.

This clip what needed to be done was done. I was sinking in and out of consciousness, if consciousness is what one might name it. The backsliding in and out of consciousness is called, conversationally and rather accurately, & # 8220 ; nodding off. & # 8221 ; I wouldn & # 8217 ; t compare the diacetylmorphine induced province of consciousness with our by and large accepted apprehension of the term & # 8220 ; consciousness, & # 8221 ; nevertheless. They are non similar. For case, while nodding off

, I couldn’t think or contemplate in any normal sense. I besides felt nauseating unless I lay, nonmoving, level on my dorsum. So there I was, lying level on my dorsum, unable to believe, non desiring to travel, and nodding in and out of what I will name a between state–that is, between consciousness and unconsciousness. I am at a loss to better explicate it. The experience is decidedly non one of idea and contemplation, as I merely couldn’t believe much at all. Upon contemplation, the best I can set into words my experience is that of losing clip, enduring about five hours. And as Einstein said, no clip, no knowledge–no nil every bit far as our cognitive apprehension of the universe is concerned!

After a piece, I set out for bed and slept good, except for tantrums of itchiness, which I am told is a symptom of diacetylmorphine usage. I drifted off to kip thought, & # 8220 ; How could that experience be attractive to anyone? & # 8221 ; The following forenoon, and one time once more in full ownership of my thought modules, I had at least one reply. Here & # 8217 ; s why.

Heroin virtually destroys the act of higher idea: Worry, fright, want, need & # 8211 ; these ideas are virtually nonexistent. It does this by suppressing the encephalons ability to believe abstractly. Contemplation, of fright, worry, want, need, even joy is the merchandise of abstract idea. For illustration, felicity is the merchandise of our ability to reflect upon our experiences. As worlds, we know we are happy, and we know it by reflecting upon ourselves and our experiences: & # 8220 ; Oh yeah, I & # 8217 ; m holding merriment skiing! I & # 8217 ; m basking myself in the company of my friends, & # 8221 ; and so on. We acknowledge that we feel good, bad, or indifferent, and that recognition is the consequence of our ability to believe abstractly. We are, that is, cognitively cognizant of our provinces of consciousness.

When on diacetylmorphine, believing abstractly is about, if non wholly, impossible. Hence, diacetylmorphine, at certain doses, can be a entire flight into limbo, for the ability to believe abstractly is devastated. Thinking becomes fundamental at best. This is non to state that people who are addicted to heroin can non work in society and can non believe. The individual who I received the diacetylmorphine from has worked his full life.

The act of believing on an abstract degree, nevertheless, is greatly diminished, if non obliterated wholly. What this means is that some people who are addicted to heroin can work in society and finish their undertakings, but I earnestly doubt that anyone could carry through, for case, theoretical natural philosophies, abstract doctrine, or larn concretion while high on diacetylmorphine. This is, of class, a affair of degree depending on the dose and the clip before and after the drug is introduced into the single & # 8217 ; s system. The chief point is that diacetylmorphine, at some point, greatly restricts our ability to believe on an abstract degree, a degree necessary for experiencing emotions such as fright and hurting. In other words, depending on the dose and the clip elapsed after the debut into the system, diacetylmorphine takes the border off or wholly obliterates the strivings of life, .

My true inexperient appraisal is that at some point the strivings and emphasiss of life become such a load that a thoughtless-ness being, every bit far as abstract thought is concerned, is preferred. For where there is an absences or great diminishing of abstract idea, there is besides the absences or great diminishing of psychological emphasis, injury, and hurting.

Again, when on diacetylmorphine, there is no concern, fright, want, or demand, for the encephalon & # 8217 ; s ability to bring forth those ideas has been arrested. The human encephalon becomes much the same as a lower animate being in the sense that it is cognitively incognizant of the psychological facets of concern, fright, and hurting. That is to state, a Canis familiaris, for case, hasn & # 8217 ; t the ability to contemplate such things: When sing the full power of diacetylmorphine, neither have we. This is non to state that diacetylmorphine users are Canis familiariss, for they are non. The point is that our normal ability to believe abstractly is greatly diminished, ensuing in a lessening, if non annihilation, of the user & # 8217 ; s psychological strivings.

This was my epiphany: The ground for utilizing diacetylmorphine International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t because of physical rapture or because heroin controls people, but to get away the idea processes that conveying with them the psychological hurting those procedures produce. Heroin usage is a impermanent flight from the human status & # 8211 ; hopelessness, aimlessness, the hereafter, depression, and even twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours procedures incurred merely by being a life, take a breathing individual.

The attractive force to heroin, as I experienced it, is that there is nil, nil to worry about, fright, want, or demand, for the encephalon & # 8217 ; s ability to convey such ideas into being has been destroyed, or at least greatly lessened ( Yes, it & # 8217 ; s a affair of grade ) . When under a dosage of diacetylmorphine, you do non take to halt contemplation because the really ability to contemplate is on vacation.

For these grounds, so, one time the user is back in the & # 8220 ; existent universe, & # 8221 ; the impulse to return to cognitive nonbeing is preferred. What & # 8217 ; s more, one time the user is physically addicted, that impulse is farther justified by physical demand. I said in the beginning that all experiences have their effects, and the diacetylmorphine experience is no exclusion. By get awaying all hurting, we besides escape that which makes us human & # 8211 ; the will, abstract thought, feelings, emotions, even the human thought of ego.

The consequence of the drug itself is the obliteration of abstract idea ; the attractive force to this drug is the province achieved by the absence of abstract idea, for the absence of abstract idea is besides the absence of will and desire ; the consequence of the absence of will and desire is the absence of psychological hurting.

Ironically, the annihilation of hurting by the obliteration of abstract thought greatly diminishes or destroys the human experience of life. For some, that province of being is preferred. This is what it is to see diacetylmorphine.

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