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Heros Of Time Essay, Research Paper

Heros of Time

After reading an heroic poem entitled Beowulf, a connexion between the chief character, Beowulf, and another great adult male in history, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , unfolds. Beowulf and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. keep a particular topographic point in the Black Marias of many. Crowds back uping Beowulf acknowledge that there is no greater warrior to govern over work forces. Peoples talking about King agree that life in the United States would be drastically different if he was non a portion of history. Their achievements are widely known and their bequest will ne’er be forgotten. Both work forces are renown, serviceable to the needy, and powerful, but their method of suppressing evil and manner of go throughing from this universe differs.

Beowulf, every bit good as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , is called to a certain undertaking. Though each adult male s conflict is different, their ground for assisting others is non for celebrity or selfish benefits. Beowulf hears of a monster who fills the darks with horror / and rapidly commanded a boat fitted out ( l.93-94 ) . He chooses the strongest work forces and canvass to get the better of Grendel, the devil of darkness that devours work forces. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , in the same mode, refuses to let segregation to farther exist. He set out to win equal protection under the jurisprudence for citizens of all races. Both come to the assistance of the helpless with sincere devotedness to finish the labor. It is this character trait that earns Beowulf and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. historical congratulations.

During the combat with the evil forces, Beowulf and King fight entirely utilizing no arms. Although there is support from others, the licking of the enemy is entirely attributed to the work forces. Beowulf proclaims, My Godhead Higlac / Might think less of me if I let my blade / Go where my pess were afraid to, if I hid / Behind some wide linden shield: my manus / Alone shall contend for me, battle for life / Against the monster ( l.248-253 ) . The remainder of Beowulf s ground forces watches the conflict from a safe distance, but offers no aid unless they are called upon. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. besides uses no arms to suppress over racism. King s followings attended his mass meetings and listened to his words, which made King appear more pow

erful than he already was. His many addresss and meetings with political influences allowed him to win triumph over separation of colourss.

Beowulf differs from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because his strength is bodily. Beowulf wholly disconnects a mammoth monster s arm with his bare custodies. He boasts of his strength by stating, I drove / Five great giants into ironss, chased / All of that race from the Earth. I swam / In the inkiness of dark, runing monsters / Out of the ocean, and killing them one / By one ( l.232-237 ) .

King ne’er used physical strength to conflict against his enemy ; alternatively, it came from his spirit and his head. After being round and humiliated, King still refused to utilize force against his tormentors. He knew his words would be far more effectual than ill-mannered actions.

The decease of Martin Luther King came unexpected. In his clip of greatest victory he was assassinated by one who disagreed with his prophesying s. King was non able to cognize how much of an impact he made on America today, nor was he of all time to the full rewarded for his great achievements. Beowulf, on the other manus, is able to bring the benefits of his difficult work. He becomes King and takes portion in many more conflicts before his decease. Beowulf s passing is no surprise, because his ground forces knows that he has grown ailments and weak over the old ages. While one time once more contending a conflict with evil, he is struck down ne’er once more to lift.

Forms of recollection have been set up for both Beowulf and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For Beowulf, a temple was built in his award, which stands strong and tall. The temple is besides Beowulf s resting topographic point, for his ashes are stored inside its walls. On January 20, 1986, Dr. Martin Luther King s birthday was set aside as a national vacation of award and testimonial.

Beowulf and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are considered to be great work forces of their clip. They had a particular ability to make a broad assortment of people. Beowulf and King s religion and trust in their ain egos enabled them to finish the ends set Forth before them. Their services to the populace will ne’er be forgotten and their victory will everlastingly hold a permanent feeling on the lives of all who know them.

Two Interview Reports During the first week, each student is required to

Two Interview Reports

During the first week, each student is required to interview another student in the class about experience in high school and prepare a two-page report. The report is due on August 30, 2016.

During the third week, each student is required to interview someone in his/her neighborhood from a different background. Write a two-page report about this person’s life experience, especially dealing with other cultural groups. This report is due on September 8, 2016.

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