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Here In The Real World Essay, Research Paper

The Real World

In today s society the music industry bombards the populace with vocals incorporating assorted capable affair. Each vocal pertains to a different topic and each vocal has legion significances. All though every vocal means something diverse, we generalize and assume every manner of music has to make with certain topics. When we think of blame, we assume the vocal will hold something to make with sex, drugs, packs, and/or force. When we think of state music, we automatically assume the vocal will hold something to make with broken relationships, pick-up trucks, cowpunchers, beer and/or Canis familiariss. Even though this is the instance some of the clip, it is non the instance all of the clip. In state creative person Alan Jackson s vocal, Here in the Real World, the issue of lost and broken love is discussed, but it goes farther into the thought of love and how Hollywood and airing portray the manner relationships should be.

In the first two lines of Jackson s vocal, he states some of the greatest premises of state music hearers everyplace, Cowboys don t call, and heroes wear t die/Good ever wins, once more and once more. ( lines 1-2 ) In today s media, the general thought is cowpunchers are tough and demo no emotion, heroes live on and are ne’er forgotten, and those who do right are ever comfortable. When in the films has the audience of all time seen the good cat decease? Does Batman of all time lose to The Joker or Penguin? Does Marshal Dillon of all time lose to the criminals? No, the good cat ne’er loses and is ne’er circum to the forces of immorality. The images of the large, tall, strong, epic adult male have been ground into the public s head. Young boys turn up believing in order to acquire the miss and be comfortable in life they must resemble something of the likes of Zeus.

The vocal continues on to state Love is a sweet dream that ever comes true/Oh if life were like the films, I d ne’er be bluish. ( lines 3-4 ) Once once more, this speaks of the manner love is stereotyped in life and the media. Love and relationships are supposed to be ne’er stoping bonds between two people. Most of the clip, in films and on telecasting, love makes it through midst and thin and survives all. However, this is non the instance in the existent universe. Love has its ups and downs, does non ever last, and Black Marias get broken. In add-on, most of the clip, the films portray love and sexual relationships to be between two heterosexual grownups. Again, this is non ever

the instance. In existent life, boy + miss is non the lone manner love works.

In the chorus of Jackson s vocal, the world of love is clearly stated. But here in the existent world/ It s non that easy at all But one thing I learned from you/Is how the male child Don T ever acquire the girl/Here in the existent universe. ( lines 5-6, 10-12 ) These lines province life in its truthfulness. So many times, the media makes love seem like a game a individual can ne’er lose. Boy meets girl, boy and girl autumn in love, male child and girl unrecorded merrily of all time after, etc. Through this portraiture of love and relationships, people assume a province of head that all is good and all will turn out as they have planned. This is non the instance. Love is a game, true, but love is a game where there is no rulebook and about everything goes. Yes there are unwritten regulations to love, but there is no set guide to how the game should be played. The media portrays love as one large happy, where the stairss are laid out in an easy how-to usher, where all one has to make is follow the waies and within four to six hebdomads he/she should be merrily coupled with the mate of his/her pick. No. This is non the manner things work, and Jackson does a fantastic occupation of explicating this in his vocal.

Looking further into the game of love, the objectification of having the miss or adult female is brought up. In lines 10 through 12, Jackson states But one thing I ve learned from you/Is how the male child Don T ever acquire the girl/Here in the existent universe. Why is it that in the media, the adult male is ever assumed to prosecute the adult female or do the concluding determination on which adult female he will travel after? Does the adult female have no say in her adult male? Is she merely supposed to take whichever adult male views her as a worthy mate? This is a extremely improbable premise to love and relationships. As Jackson says, the male child doesn T ever acquire the miss. There are times where the male child is non ever worthy of the miss. Possibly she finds him to be a complete incompetent sap, or possibly she merely doesn Ts like his hair. Whatever the ground, male child does non ever acquire his darling award ; miss.

In all, the media does a glorious occupation of demoing the universe the happy, unhindered, joyous manner life could/should be. However, life is non ever a blithe relationship resort area and things do travel incorrect. These points are good clarified in Jackson s vocal, Here in the Real World, and the audience is reacquainted with the things that can and most likely will travel incorrect with love.




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