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Herbalife Nutrition in Health and Exercise Chart Worksheet

Herbalife Nutrition in Health and Exercise Chart Worksheet.

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Hi :), I have to make a video by myself on based on information about the the topic Herbalife (Tell if the product actually works based on research or why it doesn’t work, and the lies people tell about the product). So I would really appreciate it if you can do it very clear and easy for me . I would like to have a chart with the reasons why the product works and in another section why does not work and lies that people tell about the product. My professor did not give a specific length requirement for the video. But I would like there to be a good enough amount of information in the chart to answer the topic well and so that I can easily make a video based on the information in it for the average length of a social media video, which I think runs between 3-5 minutes. So I guess between 400-750 words in the chart would be enough? Kindly be sure to include in-text citations and reference page for information included in thd chart in APA format. I also copied the exact the information that my professor gave for the assignment below to give you a better idea of what the assignment is all about.Make a social media video like you see on Facebook or Instagram selling a supplement or diet. In the first video I want you to pick a supplement or diet that is popular on social media and does not do what people claim it does (i.e. essential oils, herbalife products, etc.) In the second video, I want you to make a truth video about the product (this you never see on social media). Tell if the product actually works based on research or why it doesn’t work, and the lies people tell about the productHerbalife (Tell if the product actually works based on research or why it doesn’t work, and the lies people tell about the product).
Herbalife Nutrition in Health and Exercise Chart Worksheet

Go to the website here: and search for at least 3 items (33% each) of your choice (i.e. wireless, buffer overflow, printer, etc.) Use the links to get more information on the vulnerability. Include as a minimum in your report (Word document or .pdf): 1. Device, system, or software 2. CVE-ID 3. Descriiption of vulnerability 4. Your opinion on the severity of the issue 500 word minimum report, single spaced, 12 pt font
Clayton State University Database Practice Computer Science Task.

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1.You want to create a new table in the USER_DTAB tablespace. The table, named CH07GOLD, stores a history of the price of gold. A new row is added to the table approximately every two hours. Write the CREATE TABLE command for the table. Your command should address these points:● The columns are named PRICE, PRICE_DATETIME, and TIME_BETWEEN.● The PRICE can contain fractions of a penny as small as thousandths of a penny. The price is always under 1000 dollars.● The TIME_BETWEEN column stores the number of days (up to 99 days), hours, minutes, and seconds (to the hundredth of a second) between this record and the previous record.● Because the table is always receiving inserted data and is never updated, you want to minimize the storage space saved for updates.● Assume that the average row length is 20 bytes, the table gets an average of 12 inserted records per day, and you want the table to be created with enough storage space for approximately 6 months.2.Your new client has a collection of original music recordings in digital formats that he wants to store in his Oracle 10g database. He plans to give online customers the ability to select songs and assemble a customized CD that is then printed and mailed to them. Your job is to create the table to store the music. The client wants to use software other than Oracle 10g to update the music. Therefore, the music must reside in AUD format in a file that can be viewed by the database. (AUD format is a format used especially for music that can be played on the Internet or printed on a CD and played on a stereo like any music CD.) Create a table named CH07SONG that stores the song’ s unique ID number, artist name, song title, song length (in minutes and seconds), and the song itself. Create another table named CH07SONGLIST that is used to assemble the customer’s song list. This table should have the customer’s name and address, CD name (the customer fills this in online, and it can be up to 40 characters long), and a list of song ID numbers (up to 15 songs). Once again, you find a collection appropriate for the list of songs in the Schema Manager.
Clayton State University Database Practice Computer Science Task

San Jose State University Basic Principles and Extensions Paper.

1.Tom (T) and Jerry (J) have identical incomes I. Their preferences can be described by the utility functions UT = min{x1, x2}, and UJ = x1x2, respectively.(i)Do Tom and Jerry consume an identical amount of good 1 (x1), or different amounts? Explain!(ii)Suppose both of their incomes double. By how much does consumption of good 1 (x1) change for Tom, and by how much forJerry?(iii)Suppose good 1 (x1) becomes more expensive. In which direction does the consumption of good 2 (x2) change for Tom, and in which direction for Jerry?2.Mr. Odde Ball enjoys commodities x and y according to the utility function U(x, y) = (x2+ y2)21(i)Maximize Mr. Ball’s utility if px = $3, py = $4, and he has $50 to spend.(ii)Graph Mr. Ball’s indifference curve and its point of tangency with his budget constraint. What does the graph say about Mr. Ball’s behavior? What is the optimal bundle that maximizes Mr.Ball’s utility?3. Suppose that the only items you consume are bread and wine. If the price of bread were to increase tomorrow, and if simultaneously your income were to increase by just enough so that you were equally as happy tomorrow as today, what would happen to the level of your consumption of bread? Illustrate your answer with indifference curves.4.The CES utility function is given byxδ + yδ U(x, y) = δ(i)Show that the first-order conditions for a constrained utility maximum with this function require individuals to choose goods in the proportion(ii)Show that the result in part (i) implies that individuals will allocate their funds equally between x and y for the case δ = 0.(iii)How does the ratio ppxyyx depend on the value of δ? Explain your results intuitively.(iv)Derive the indirect utility and expenditure functions for this case and check your results by describing the homogeneity properties of the functions you calculated.5.Suppose the utility function for goods x and y is given byU(x, y) = xy + y(i)Calculate the uncompensated (Marshallian) demand functions for x and y, and describe how the demand curves for x and y are shifted by changes in I or the price of the other good.(ii)Calculate the expenditure function for x and y.(iii)Use the expenditure function calculated in part (b) to compute the compensated demand functions for goods x and y. Describe how the compensated demand curves for x and y are shifted by changes in income or by changes in the price of the other good.
San Jose State University Basic Principles and Extensions Paper

ENG 112 Northern Virginia Community College Basic Skills for College Success Paper

ENG 112 Northern Virginia Community College Basic Skills for College Success Paper.

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Choose a Topic Music Genre, Artist, or Album: Write an interview podcast script in which you will teach your audience about a specific music genre, artist, or album. Using the rhetorical devices, persuade your listeners that the genre, artist, album is noteworthy, . (Do not use copyrighted music in your podcast.)Dream Job: Write an interview podcast script in which you will teach your audience about aspects of your dream job. For example, if you want to be a marine biologist, persuade your listeners that marine biology is an excellent career, using the rhetorical devices. College Success Skills: Write an interview podcast script in which you will teach your audience about college success skills. Refer to the skills you learned in the last unit (avoiding procrastination and plagiarism, learning a new writing process to avoid writer’s block, developing time management skills). Using the rhetorical devices, persuade your listeners that these skills will promote future success.Draft a ScriptBeginning: Begin the script with the title and date of the podcast. Introduce the topic and the speakers in an inviting and engaging way. Main Points: State, support, and persuade your audience. Use sources you find on the internet to support your opinions. Include a reference to the source within the sentence. Use signal phrases to introduce a reference to the article. (For more tips on incorporating quotes, see UNC’s webpage on Quotations (Links to an external site.).)Ending: End creatively.Format the Script Format the text of your script like the one you looked at for the podcast “The Haunting Effects of Going Days Without Sleep.” (Links to an external site.) Sources: Add a Works Cited list at the end of your script. Include citations for all sources, including the sound bytes.Sound: Find 2-3 sound bytes for your podcast. Choose sounds that are NOT copyrighted. See this Creative Commons web page of Image, Video and Audio Resources (Links to an external site.) that includes a long list of suggested sound websites. Scroll down the page to the Audio Resources section. Indicate where each sound byte will be in the script. Use parentheses to show the sound location and include a description of the sound, for example (Soundbite of Applause).
ENG 112 Northern Virginia Community College Basic Skills for College Success Paper

Cazenovia College Gilgamesh Irrigation Farming Luxury Goods Essay

essay help online free Cazenovia College Gilgamesh Irrigation Farming Luxury Goods Essay.

Identifications: Please answer four (4) and only four of the following identifications. A good identification should be about four to five sentences in length and tell me who, what, when, where and the historical significance of the identification. Value: 30 Points. 1. Homo Sapiens Sapiens2. Gilgamesh3.Irrigation Farming 4. TB: Zoroastrianism5. Luxury Goods6. Law code of Hammurabi Brief Essays: A good answer should be four to five paragraphs in length and tell me everything that was covered in the lecture concerning the essay topic. Value: 30 Points. 1. Please describe the Neolithic Revolution and the rise of cities in Mesopotamia. A good answer should describe the rise of agriculture, the effects of the rise of agriculture, the rise of cities, the key marks of urbanization and the rise of more powerful governments. 2. Please describe the rise and fall of Old Kingdom Egypt. A good answer should discuss the role of centralization in the rise of Old Kingdom Egypt. In doing so you should discuss the role of the Nile, the role of the Redlands, the position of the Pharaoh, taxation, and the Cult of the Pharaoh as well as the eventual fall of the Old Kingdom. Long Essay: Every student is required to answer the following question. A good answer will be seven to eight paragraphs in length and discuss all of the material that we have covered in lecture. Value: 40 Points. 1. Please describe the rise of Athenian Democracy. A good answer should first describe how democracies arise (what is the role of the aristocracy and what is the role of the ‘middle class’ Hoplite). Your answer should then go on to discuss the role of Kylon, Drakon, Solon, Peisistratos, Cleisthenes, the Thetes and Pericles. Extra Credit (for a possible ten extra-credit points): Tellme everything you can about the Flood stories that we talked about in class.
Cazenovia College Gilgamesh Irrigation Farming Luxury Goods Essay

UOP Wk 1 Health Care Organization and Finance Individual Paper

UOP Wk 1 Health Care Organization and Finance Individual Paper.

Wk 1 – Health Care Organization and Finance Individual AssignmentAssignment ContentHealth care changes rapidly. This assignment is designed to help you understand how health care is organized and financed. In your assignment:Explain the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 on health care organization and finance.Explain how the ACA incorporated social determinants of health into health policy.Summarize the proposed changes to the health care system under the current administration.Cite at least three peer-reviewed sources published within the last five years that support your assignment. Include an APA-formatted reference page.Format your assignment as one of the following:875-word paper
UOP Wk 1 Health Care Organization and Finance Individual Paper

Health Sciences homework help

Health Sciences homework help. Project will be done on LYFT Services.The objective of this project is to develop a research paper and presentation on an area of emerging technology. Approach the project as if you were recommending technology implementation initiatives to your corporation’s technology planning committee. The analysis will have three sections. Each section will require a written paper, as well as an oral presentation by your team. During Week 8, in lieu of a Final Exam, a final presentation will be provided that summarizes all three portions of your project.Provide a business profile of an existing company that you have selected. Identify the main functions that this company provides and analyze internal workflows to identify areas that may be improved through the implementation of new technologies.ÿExamine the internal structure of the company, as well as its customers, vendors, and business partners. Discuss areas where there are problems, bottlenecks, or inefficiencies.Provide at least two alternatives for addressing the problem identified with your chosen company. For each potential technology considered, provide an overview of its operation, availability, cost, implementation issues, and overall benefit to the company. Perform an analysis of the candidate technologies. This analysis should include both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Based upon your analysis, select a suitable solution and justify your selection.Develop an implementation plan for your technical solution. The plan should include a work breakdown structure, a PERT/CPM diagram, and schedule. Discuss the implications for stakeholders’ integration considerations; the impact on the company’s employees; and operational concerns (i.e., increased productivity/efficiency, short-term challenges versus long-term benefits, etc.) for management, technical staff, nontechnical staff, the company’s customers and clients, and other business partners of your selected corporation.Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the weekly Q & A Discussion topic.GuidelinesThe final submission of the written portion of your project should be a compilation of each of the three previous sections?the company profile, the technology selection, and the implementation plan. When combining these sections, it is important to insure that the document is cohesive and flows as if it were originally written as a single document. To tie everything together, your paper should include the following additional sections.Executive summary of the project: a brief overview that describes the project and outlines its major sections. You should describe the problem that you are attempting to solve, or the process you are attempting to enhance. The overall solution(s) should be presented, although specific details need not be included.Table of contentsConclusion: briefly summarize what your paper discussed and any conclusion(s) you reached in the paper.Appendices: technical specifications, photos, Internet links (with descriptions), citations, or any other information that may help clarify or support your paperHealth Sciences homework help

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