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Henry IV buy essay help Linear Algebra

A discussion of the traits of courage and justice in two important characters in this Shakespearean play.

This paper examines courage and justice as seen in Shakespeare’s play Henry IV Part I. An analysis of the story reveals Shakespeare’s views of the virtues of kings through his comparison of the characters of King Henry IV and his son Prince Hal. Examples from the text are provided to compare and contrast these character traits in the two characters.
“Henry IV Part 1 is one of the greatest history plays by Shakespeare because it doesn’t focus on the intricacies of politics but tries to highlight the essential virtues of a king in the making. It is important to study this play as a prelude to its subsequent parts because here we encounter all the important characters and playwright offers us a rare insight into the characters of both the King Henry IV and his son.
While it is easy to read the play like any other history plays with battles and political treachery dominating the entire plot, but I personally believe that this play was written to comment on what should be the essential traits present in the future king of England. Shakespeare also invites his readers to compare the character of son with that of his father’s who was known as a usurper because he snatched power from Richard II.”

MMHA 6700: Healthcare Operations Management

Discussion: The Impact of Information Technology on Operations
The mobile technology revolution has impacted nearly every industry, and revolutionized communication and connection. Mobile technology has made an appearance in many health care organizations. From mobile health apps to learning via video, electronic health records, and “big data” analysis, mobile health technology is poised to have a continuous impact on health care for some time to come. Some facilities use tablets to access patient information on the spot, tools for patient monitoring have increased, and improved data gathering can result in better outcomes.

To prepare for this Discussion:
Read the articles provided this week and reflect on the use of information technology in your health care organization or an organization with which you are familiar. Also, consider the recent trend in the implementation of mobile technology in health care organizations. Conduct an online search to find information about mobile IT implementation in other industries.
Write an assessment of the logistical, financial, and any other considerations of implementing eMobile/eHealth information technology in your organization. If mobile technology is in use in your organization, give a brief description of the technology in use, and assess the impact this has had on operations.