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Henry Ford Community College Implementing the SAP Project Paper

Henry Ford Community College Implementing the SAP Project Paper.

Congratulations! The SAP you have been developing as a consultant for Advanced Topologies has been accepted. They have extended your consulting contract, and you will now be responsible for implementing this SAP. For this part of your Project, you will prepare an Implementation Plan for the SAP you’ve developed.Based on your design and development work, you have created all necessary training materials. Now you will prepare an implementation plan that shows how you will roll out your program and identify additional considerations for effectively executing the SAP.Begin by creating a “security awareness matrix.” This matrix includes a row for each of the security training materials you have created. For each of these, include the following columns to complete your matrix:The target audience for the training materialThe role of the person to deliver the materialThe delivery method of the material (on-site, e-mail, web-based, etc.)The frequency of the material deliveryAny additional data you feel is necessary to execute the program successfullyIn addition to your matrix, create a 2- to 4-page paper, in APA format, that includes the following:A summary of the communication model chosen (centralized, partially decentralized, decentralized) that includes personnel responsible for delivering each messageA detailed explanation of how the training will be rolled out and how you will ensure that all personnel understand their roles and responsibilitiesA description of techniques used to disseminate the security awareness messages throughout the organization
Henry Ford Community College Implementing the SAP Project Paper

Learn XML for clinical data course. I’m working on a Health & Medical question and need guidance to help me study.
Review all parts to the end of the Advanced XML section
Do the following exercises (Don’t peek at solutions…!!!):………
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Learn XML for clinical data course

Topic: State-Specific Laws Your instructor will assign one of the topics listed below. (General Medical Care for the State of INDIANA) You are required to do research on your state-specific law (INDIANA) about your topic. In your discussion, please make sure you include the following: The specific age by which the adolescent can consent without parental consent The state law or regulation specific to your topic Disclosure of Health Information to Parents/Guardians (requirements) Cite your reference- must be from a reputable source Must use APA 7th edition.
Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) was founded in 1933. It was part of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works which was committed to the production of automobiles. The Toyoda Automatic Loom Works was controlled by Kiichiro Toyoda who is the son of Toyoda’s founder. Kiichiro Toyoda became the founder of Toyota. The A1 and the G1 vehicles were Toyota’s first vehicles that were produced in 1935. In August 28th 1937, Toyota Motor Corporation became self-governing company. Toyota employs about 320,590(31th March 2010) people worldwide. Toyota is the world’s largest vehicle producer by sales and production. Toyota Motor Corporation has different group of companies. They have the Toyota, Lexus, Scion and Hino Motors. Toyota also has companies that are not part of the automotive industry. They are also into Financial Services, Biotechnology, Aerospace, Robotics as well as higher education. The Toyota Motor Corporation headquarters is located in Toyota City, Tokyo, Japan. The current president of Toyota is Akio Toyoda. Toyota has a large number of competitors. They have competitors like Hyundai, ford and General Motors. Toyota’s Competitor’s are trying to take advantage of the resent recall trouble’s Toyota has been facing. In this essay, Toyota’s ethical and Corporate Social Responsibility will be discussed. The company’s activities will also be talked about as well as where it stands when being compared to its competitors. Toyota’s Ethical and CSR obligations Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is how businesses behaves and put their values and behavior according to the expectations and needs of stakeholders. Their stakeholders can be their interest groups, investors, communities, employees, suppliers, customers, and society as a whole. CSR is a company’s commitment to be responsible to its stakeholders. Moreover Ethics are a personal view of what is right to someone, they have their own principles of right or wrong. Toyota takes contribution to improve the living society and the environment very seriously. Toyota considers their stakeholders of significant importance. Toyota wants to create a respectable image all over the world, in addition to effectively working add more value to stakeholders. Toyota improved their CRS POLICY in August 2008, this improved policy had taken relationship with stakeholders more important than before. Toyota is also looking forward to seeing its partners adapting to such policy. Toyota has different major stakeholders and they take their relationships with them with big importance. Toyota’s relationship with its customers, Toyota puts many of its resources to ensure their customers are satisfied and that they continue to trust in the company. Toyota is constantly working to improve on that. Toyota has a “Customer First” policy. They always remember that and ensure their customers get quality products and services. The aim of Toyota′s “customer first” policy is to offer products and services with outstanding performance. They aim for performance environmentally and also in safety as well as quality. To have an exceptionally driving experience in which the customer feels it has the value of the money he spent buying the product. Toyota tries to make their products to its customers very affordable and is always determined to make sure each customer is satisfied. Toyota also guarantees customer satisfaction through good customer relations. They Assess and ask of the opinions of their customers to see what the customers expect from the company. Toyota takes each case into consideration and they respond to each customer differently and personally depending on the customer. They also provide customer consultation sessions, they feel this helps their customers to have more trust and confidence in the company. Toyota also has a Customer Assistance Center. This is to allow them to handle as much cases as possible. The Center also offers a toll-free number. Toyota believes this center helps them to improve their products and services. Another key stakeholder to Toyota is their employees. Toyota believes their employees are so important that they call them the backbone of the company. They want to make their employees manufacture high-class products. They believe this will help with their customer satisfaction. Toyota wants to share the principles and attitude of the company with their employees globally. The “Toyota Way 2001” gathers and organizes the management beliefs and values that Toyota has created since the company was established. They want respect amid their labor workforce and their management, they also want employment stability. Each Toyota employee is taking actions to improve work-related skills. Joint trust and respect between labor and management is an essential code of Toyota’s employee relations. Source: Way 2001 Toyota’s wants to do good to the society as it carries out its business activities, Toyota considers improving corporate assessment will not only be of advantage to its shareholders, but this will as well guide the way to more trust and acceptance of the company in the long term. There are three components of Toyota’s financial strategy. They are Growth, Efficiency, and Stability. Toyota believes that the balanced pursuit of those three priorities over the medium to long term will enable the achievement of steady and sustainable growth as well as increase corporate value. They want to grow by improving their technology and supply as well as getting new investments. They want to increase efficiency by increasing profits and making sure they produce to their given capacity. Lastly, they want to have a safe financial status. Toyota tries to increase there per share earnings as a way to prioritize their Shareholders. They watch closely the time they reveal their shares and other information to the Shareholders. They believe this will help to increase the support of the Shareholders. They believe this will help give the Shareholders more precise and fair information. Toyota believes Shareholders are the backbone of business. Toyota also takes its relationship with its business partners important. Toyota wants to have a honest and fair business activities with its partners. They will comply with the law. Toyota wants to cooperation with its business partners such as their suppliers and dealers as well as contributing to improve environment. Toyota works closely with its suppliers. Toyota wants to build strong relations with their suppliers. They believe suppliers are one of their best assets. Toyota sees this value more because as they expand they will need loyal suppliers giving them good products with affordable prices. They want their suppliers to act according to the Legal Compliance. This can be respecting their workers and taking care of the society. Toyota is widely compared to the Honda. They are both Japanese companies and they are known for producing reliable vehicles. They also have similar prices for their vehicles. For example, the Toyota Camry and the Honda accord both cost $20,000. Apart from making vehicles, Toyota has reportedly invested in aerospace. They put in US$67.2 million in the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation making it a minor shareholder in the company. Toyota also sees higher education as a very important asset. Toyota established the Toyota Technological Institute in 1981. The institution is a university situated in Nagoya, Japan. Only students with industrial work experience were accepted before Toyota opened another branch in Chicago with the help of University of Chicago in 2003. As Toyota knows how its industries can affect the environment by pollution, Toyota regularly checks its industries for noise or air pollutants and tries to reduce to the acceptable level for the community. For example at Toyota’s Kyowa plant where electronics are produced, they noticed the noise level had exceeded the acceptable level and therefore Toyota installed sound-insulating walls. Sound-insulating walls installed Source: Sound-insulating walls installed Toyota tries to recycle and use their renewable waste. They encourage the effective utilization of resources, Toyota’s aim is to improve resource efficiency and reduce waste creation. They try to increase the use of its raw materials to capacity at the manufacturing processes and at the same time promoting domestic reuse and recycling. They also use renewable materials in their cars. This can make their cars easier to be recycled. Toyota achieved their target of eco-efficiency of being 16% green as a company compared to their company in 2004. Toyota also deals with soil and water pollution. They build double walls as part of the measures. They also build underground storage tanks in many of their factories. Toyota also organizes tours for people such as school children to come and learn about taking care of the environment by showing them the methods the company does it. Source: contamination prevention measures Toyota has gone into many legal battles due its recalls in 2010. The company had issues in some of the cars. They recalled more than 8.5million vehicles worldwide. Some of which the cars accelerated unexpectedly. These recalls and legal battles will be damaging and costly to Toyota. It is reported that Toyota will lose $400million a week if it should halt production on its vehicles. Toyota has gone into many legal battles ever since the recalls. The US government fined Toyota $16.375 million as a result. For example, Toyota had to settle a high profile lawsuit over one of their cars that crashed in San Diego and the president had to apologize. The company revealed the settlement to a California Superior Court judge and the case was resolved. However that is just one of many cases Toyota is currently battling over their recalls and sudden car crashes. Moreover, Toyota also has problems, some people say the company has grown too big to manage. The company also has some leadership issues. It was reported that the company recently lost its North American head of the business to Chrysler, another automaker. lost its much-respected head of North America to Chrysler. A former Toyota consultant Joel Kurtzman said, “From my own recent experience with the company, many of the executives I met with felt second guessed by their bosses. Numbers, not people, are in the ascendency and workers have lost respect. When the spirit of Common Purpose is on the wane in an organization, missteps are sure to follow.” This could mean that company will have issues if trust and their work quality and output will reduce. In conclusion, this essay has discussed how Toyota fulfils its ethical and social obligations as a company. Toyota is a huge company overall, they have internal and external problems which they continue to solve. The ways the company treats each of their stakeholders and their relationships with them. The company’s activities have also been mentioned as well as things they do to help the community which are not required by law. Source:

Key Points Of Idealism In ‘The Matrix’

Key Points Of Idealism In ‘The Matrix’. One of the best movie trilogy of the decade is “The Matrix” , made by Larry and Andy Wachowski’s 1999 movie. The plot revolves around a young man by the name of Thomas Anderson who lives a double life; by day he is just another ordinary, anonymous citizen in a modern city, but by night, Thomas takes on the character of Neo, a renamed hacker. As a hacker, Thomas soon discovers that within the Internet lies a whole other network; one that is much more complex. Through this, Neo discovers that the world he had believed to be real was actually false – a mirage, created by somebody. In reality, his idealistic, Utopian world, run by highly intelligent machines, differed immensely from the actual real world. One of the main idea that the film portrays draws on the possibility that humans actually hold a skewed image of our experiences, the objects we represent, and the world in general; what we well thought was real may not actually exist. The film Set is in the future after a nuclear war, the planet has been discovered to have been invaded by robots, thus making it uninhabitable by normal means. In order to control and dominate the human race, these robots have implanted small amounts of a special fluid, known as “bio-port”, in the nervous system of every human being. These bio-ports function as a means of brainwashing and influence the minds of the humans, causing them to believe that nothing in their world has changed. As a result, the humans fail to realize that they have become slaves to the robots. In other words, the world in which the people live in and their everyday experiences are in fact just illusions produced by computer acting directly on their brains (the matrix). People who live in this “world” live in a virtual world, created by the machine. Nevertheless, some individuals, it is unclear how, managed to escape the action of the computer and see the world as it, the real world. They then try to fight the machine with the help of their savior, Neo so they can live in the ideal world, where the machines are not in power. The Matrix illustrates the concept or theory of idealism that Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, wanted to apply international relations/politics. When talking about global politics, Idealist sees international relation as they should be and not how it is (realism). For an idealist, international relation should be harmonious, with a balance of power between different Country and the respect for international law guaranteed by a global organization. Wilson also believed that what was profitable and advantageous for his country would also greatly benefit other foreign nations. Like Wilson, in movie, the main character Neo and a group of the human population want to fight the machine so they can live in an ideal world, different from the one they are currently living. Another concept in the movie that relate to idealism is based on the philosopher Socrates’ idea of the “Allegory of the Cave”. In the book “the republic”, Socrates is speaking about his ideal city, but also talk about how people sometimes believe they are living in the best world possible, when in fact they are not. The allegory of the cave describes a situation in which men have been chained inside a dark cave, facing the same blank wall since birth. The closest representations of images that these men have are projections of shadows from the entry of the cave that they cannot see. These projections, while not accurate representations of the real world, are the only images the men have ever seen since birth. Thus, they are regarded by the men to be true representations of the world. When one of them finally leaves or escapes the cave and sees the real world- Like Neo did in the movie by disconnecting himself from the fake world- he will try to tell the people who stayed in the cave that the world that they are living in is false. To relate it to idealism in international relation, we can pick a country like France or the United Sate who advocate idealism in a sense that they want other nations (or people living in other nation) to also live in the best possible country they can. For example, an idealist would like to see the citizens from North Korea live in a country with freedom and democracy, like Neo wanted to make people living in a dream world to see the real world as it was and then build their ideal world by fighting the machines. The movie also shows that not everybody chooses to see the truth even if presented to them, simply because it can be ugly at times. An example would be when Morpheus (the person that shows Neo the real world) in the beginning gives Neo the opportunity a choice between discovering the truth and staying in the dream world, or see the world as it is and make it better. In relation to politics and international relations, an example of a country like that today would be North Korea or Ex-Communist countries such as Russia, where citizens believed that they were living in ideals worlds. In addition, the United States has also had some presidents that used Idealist policies as their international policy, like George W Bush or Woodrow Wilson. They wanted to be like the United States (democracy, capitalism). The good thing is that the US is a democracy, which means that even if they adopt an idealist position as their foreign policy is would not hurt other countries as bad as a communist country like North Korea, the USSR or a dictatorship Germany by Hitler was in power. Another theme in the movie that related to Wilson’s idea of Idealism is liberty which is by definition The condition of being free from restriction or control . For example, for the founding fathers, liberty was their ideal, so they fought England to become a free nation. In the movie when Neo understand that he is controlled by the machine, he wants to become free. Is an individual considered to be free if he/she operates in world he believes to be true, but in reality is not? Is a human considered to be free if he/she is used like a toy in a virtual world? Those questions come in the mind of the viewers while watching the matrix, and challenge them to consider whether they are actually free or if in fact they would never know if they were in a dream. Since Neo had never experienced true freedom, he made the decision to seek out the truth in the real world, that was his ideal, but he also wanted to save the others that were still dreaming. In creating the character of Neo (who eventually succeeds in crossing the boundaries of his own universe into the real world), the film makers tried to share an understanding that we get caught in different dilemmas, having to be realistic or idealist; Pragmatic or idealist. Conclusion The Movie “The Matrix” illustrates the concept of Idealism, which can be applied in the field of International Relations. Many countries strongly believe that their views are the best and attempt to impose their ideals on other countries. President Woodrow. Wilson’s idealistic vision of international relations focused on seeing things as they should be and as one would hope them to be. On the contrary, a realist would see things only as they are (Machiavelli). Wilson also believed that international relations ought to be harmonious and peaceful, enforced through the obedience of states with rules of international law and order guaranteed by supranational organization, “There must be, not a balance of power, but a community of Powers, not organized rivalries, but an organized common peace “(Speech, January 22, 1917 in the Senate, Wilson). Wilson challenged the traditional European diplomacy that was based on different alliances and behind the door contract. As a firm believer in the concept of international alliance, he believed in the cooperation of states and multilateralism; decision making in terms of external action should be taken in consultation with the international community and / or based on joint action. The movie also demonstrates that we should be cautious of any sort of authority and that we should be wary of any form of obedience that requires some kind of blind submission to authority. Try to recap the MAIN POINTS of your paper at the end here….need a good conclusion…you want to explain how ALL your themes in the movie relate to Wilson’s view of idealism…just make it clear  Key Points Of Idealism In ‘The Matrix’

The Case of Martha Stewart: On Improper Actions Essay

assignment helper Table of Contents Introduction The Struggle Begins: the Sufferings of the Celebrity Into the Details: The Charges That Is Unfair, or On Personal Opinions Conclusion Introduction One of the most intriguing cases, the one of the famous Martha Stewart, offers quite a lot of food for thoughts. With help of the mystery that has been created about the case, the popularity of the celebrity has increased immensely. However, it cannot be denied that Martha suffered greatly, trying to prove her innocence – unfortunately, in vain. Although the guilt of the celebrity has already been proven, it must be admitted that the case, quite complicated and entangled, requires certain clarifications. It seems that there are certain issues that might bring the entire case into conflict and prove that the fault of the convicted was far not that great as the court has emphasized. One of the women known for her TV shows with her recipes for a comfortable life in a cozy house, the superstar of our times is now considered guilty of selling the Erbitux medicine, which resulted in ImClone Systems company suffering certain losses in their trade. Quite a precedent to be discussed in the court, this story could have led to rather sad consequences for the film star. However, as it has turned out, it was not the very issue of selling the medicine in the improper way that turned Martha into the accused – but the improper behavior! This is quite a reason to feel concerned, it seems. On the one hand, there is no doubt that the high standards for the behavior of the world celebrities must be somewhat coordinated, and some standards must be set, yet the accusations themselves seem ridiculous. The Struggle Begins: the Sufferings of the Celebrity Despite all the emotions concerning the social status of the accused and her attempts to plead not guilty, there is no doubt that the woman is to be charged for the negligence of laws. No matter how hard this might result in her career, the case was supposed to be carried on until it had resulted in either conviction or the exoneration. Such are the postulates of the law – it must be kept in mind that all people are equal when it comes to facing the justice, and the social status does not matter in this case. Thus, it is absolutely clear that Martha Stewart, “charged only with lying after the fact about the stock sale” (Turrow 64), should have received the penalty, which she actually did. Therefore, the sentence passed by the jury can be considered well-grounded and completely just. However, certain details must be kept in mind. On the one hand, Martha’s guilt has been proved, which leaves no place for doubts. Yet the way in which the woman was treated makes one doubt if the basis for the conviction was just enough. Logically, Stewart should have been penalized for the unjust behavior and for selling the medicine that she had no right to. Yet at present all the details of the case point at the fact that the attitude towards the accused was shaped because of the way she treated Douglas Faneuil. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Into the Details: The Charges According to the official charge, the woman was accused of selling the shares of the ImClone Systems company, which led to its considerable drop of rates. Therefore, the celebrity was accused of the unfair manipulations and charged. However, that was the official version of what had happened. According to the comments that the public made after the judgment was passed, the decisions of the jury were based on the celebrity’s behavior – the woman treated Douglas Faneuil in rather rude way and behaved in the manner that was considered as an “inappropriate” for a woman. Therefore, it can be considered that the sentence passed was based mainly on the personal impressions of the jury. That Is Unfair, or On Personal Opinions Based on the testimonies of Larry Stewart, the court decision seems rather unfair. Although the official sentence was based completely on the facts and the actual pieces of evidence, the following question can be raised: once the celebrity behaved in a “proper”, “female” way, would the decision of the jury the same? “Are we punishing Martha Stewart for refusing to fulfill expectations?”, Lisa Nuss (4) asks. It is quite doubtful that, once Martha displayed the emotions that one is “supposed” to in the given situation, and behaved in the most composed and modest way, the sentence passed by the court would have been the same. It is necessary to emphasize that the decision of the court seems to be based on personal opinion rather than on the evidence that was displayed. Conclusion Therefore, it must be considered that the case of Martha Stewart is much more complicated than it used to seem. Unless the case had been so emotionally rich and filled with personal likes and antipathies, it would have been able to find out whether Martha had been convicted justly or not. Yet with the controversy of the present situation, it is impossible to claim for sure whether the sentence passed to Martha was well-grounded. Thus, it seems that the appellation could be used in this case. Only reconsidering the details of the case, one can pass the right verdict, with impartial judge and the jury that would not base their convictions on the gossips and the prejudices concerning women’s behavior.

Note:  When responding to the issues/questions for this week, please make sure that at least one of your posts is

Note:  When responding to the issues/questions for this week, please make sure that at least one of your posts is. Note:  When responding to the issues/questions for this week, please make sure that at least one of your posts is supported by a specific quotation from the assigned text readings.  This means that you have to use the actual words of the author(s).  Simply including the text as a reference at the end of your post is not sufficient.  Failure to do so will result in receiving less than the eligible maximum amount of points for this discussion.    How does staffing strategically link to performance?Note:  When responding to the issues/questions for this week, please make sure that at least one of your posts is

ENG 1133 Texas A&M University Government Regulate Social Media Networks Essay

ENG 1133 Texas A&M University Government Regulate Social Media Networks Essay.

Essay Topics: Should College Athletes Be Paid? Should the Government Enact More Stringent Gun Control Laws? Should Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana Be Legalized Nationwide? Should the Government Regulate Social Media Networks? Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Guns in Schools? Essay 3 is a Research-Based Argumentative Paper, and it should be between 1,500-2,000 words. Students must cite at least 6 Academic Sources (three for and three against), take a position, present both sides of the argument, quote from the articles, and do References correctly according to the APA Format. Make sure when that when you quote a source its on the cited page, vice versa.
ENG 1133 Texas A&M University Government Regulate Social Media Networks Essay