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Help on The Meaning of More’s Utopia by George M. Logan

Help on The Meaning of More’s Utopia by George M. Logan.

My question is specifically about the reading I attached, absolutely nothing else!!!!!I attached The Meaning of More’s Utopia by George M. Logan, i need ALL the following things from ONLY PAGES 32-741. Give a brief summary of the overall reading, only pages 32-74 (1 page)2. Give a brief summary of the basic argument that george m logan raises (half page) 3. Give the major points the argument raises (1 page, could be bullet points) Prioritize what’s important in the article!!4. Give an opinion of the major points that are raised. Give both positive and negative criticism (quarter to half a page)
Help on The Meaning of More’s Utopia by George M. Logan

Xerox Corporation has implemented new knowledge management (KM) system to maintain a centralized system across the organization. By sharing knowledge through a knowledge base, Eureka and Docushare, employees can share knowledge and retrieve it according to their needs. Thus, this information can be updated in real time so that it can be accessed straight away throughout the organization. Still this is tested on 25,000 employees and they are planning to implement for all the 90,000 employees. This report performs a knowledge audit on knowledge gaps and needs in the organization using tool like Gap analysis and SWOT analysis. Purpose of this report is creating a knowledge report through knowledge auditing on the external factors affecting an organization. It focuses on internal culture and organizational structure and knowledge workers and leadership importance. Moreover, it sheds light on the knowledge audit tools like gap analysis and SWOT analysis and measure knowledge gap and needs. Current Knowledge Position of Xerox coporation Current knowledge position of Xerox Corporation is that, they have implemented two knowledge management systems, Eureka and DocShare. Eureka is used by service representatives to share knowledge in a portal so that others can use it for resolving issues. For instance, employees faced problems when they came across undocumented problems of the products during their calls with the customers. Resolving it would take a long time and once the resolution as given to the customer that knowledge in not documented as there is no means to share it. Due to tools like Eureka, when employees face that same issue, would search the knowledge base for a solution in the search engine. Because of KM, there is a significant cost reduction and encourages employees to use the KM. Purpose of the organization Xerox Corporation is a private sector organization. The main goal of the private sector organizations is to keep their stakeholders happy by making profits and also by maintaining the position constantly ahead of other competing companies in the global market. The goal is to grab the opportunities as they come by and make profits from them. The funding for private sectors is usually done by their stakeholders, these funding is used to improve the efficiency and the growth of an organization. However, one of the important aspects of the companies like Xerox is to attain a balance on both short term and long term profits. For private sectors, chief executive officers (CEO) would be in charge for building visions to the company. The CEO would be an experienced person in all fields and would be a key person for the success of the company (Debowski 2006). . The main purpose of Xerox Corporation is to become a significant part of the world’s leading technologies and services in business process and document management. Their main aim is to offer customers the freedom to focus on what matters them most: their actual business. They do their best to strengthen and improve their leadership in document, technology and services. Like all other enterprises, they thrive to succeed through satisfied customers, deliver quality and excellence in their products and services, make sure they get premium returns on assets and use technology to improve market leadership. They operate their organization in ways through which economies grow, stakeholders benefit and customers satisfied. They believe that these three factors which are also known as triple bottom line are best thing for business success The knowledge environment in which the organization exists – external context It is a known fact that companies will develop many new changes when it is let out to external and new environment. This external environment has introduced new factors like globalization and technological changes which introduces new threats as well as good prospects in the global market (Debowski 2006). Companies like Xerox has gained a lot of opportunities through globalization as it brought a lot of access throughout the world, however it also causes damage and threats as globalization would introduce other companies to their home market which would create a rivalry and competition. Globalization will introduce options and choices to customers, for instance customer would have an option to check various prices on the same type of products and services provided by different organizations. Customer can go through the reviews of the services and products on net or magazines before selecting it. And it wouldn’t matter if the supplier is in other part of the world, as he could be contacted by a telephone to check with the prices (Debowski 2006). Therefore globalization is both curse and a boon. It is a threat because it will bring many companies to the market which means clients are exposed to various services and products. So there is a good likelihood that customer may not stick to one brand or to one service only. Due to globalization we cannot trust the reliability of a customer. Since clients have wide range of choices, companies will struggle to be more inventive and creative to compete with the competitor’s services and prices (Debowski 2006). Due to this threats and pressure from the global market, a company would face another external factor, stakeholder’s pressure. There will be constant involvement of stakeholders with their demands to improve profits in order to raise the bar of their market shares. Moreover, technology and government also became major factors too. Since the company is expected to meet their client and stakeholder’s demands it has to go through technological change in order to compete with the other organizations. Xerox Corporation has seen the growing need of knowledge management (KM) in 1995 and implemented KM to increase its customer service and financial performance (Debowski 2006). The organizational structure including the internal knowledge culture According to Fink (2004 p.141) knowledge culture ‘is the most important value for the implementation of knowledge management because one important aspect of knowledge management is having culture that fosters collaboration and sharing’. Knowledge culture was implemented by Dan Holtshouse, director of corporate strategy, who had a hunch that knowledge management would be an extension of their document management. The company has developed tools like Eureka and Docushare which helped in sharing their intellectual capital. Eureka is used to allow Xerox’s services to develop and reuse intellectual capital among its service reps all over the world. Usually these reps make one million service calls every month and sometimes they might come across the problems among their clients that had not seen in the documentation. To find a resolution for such issues would take time and even if they do solve there was no option of sharing it to others. So a new knowledge base was developed where the reps can share their resolution to the new problems which will help other employees to solve their client problems quickly. Docushare, which is somewhat similar to Eureka, has a knowledge base which shares the documents among the scientists working on the same project. This culture in internal organization has developed a communication which can be linked to all over the company. This communication develops directness, integrity and a culture of sharing. Knowledge culture will bring work staff together by sharing knowledge (Debowski 2006). In order to create and develop knowledge culture, organizational structure is very important. It describes how the powers and responsibilities are dispersed in an organization and also how knowledge should distributed so that the employees could easily adapt it (Debowski 2006). Knowledge workers Knowledge worker is someone who works with his head rather than his hands in order to produce an effective result. Usually they resolve a problematic issue or situation with their own personal knowledge. To reshape their present knowledge, knowledge workers work on new information, by proper research, they will learn new skills and use them to solve problematic situations, develop new ideas or services and products. They usually work with their brain power rather than physical power and they use various techniques to resolve issues and select the simple and easiest method for the employees and they also have the right to choose which method to be implemented an issue (Debowski 2006). As we discussed before the service technicians in Xerox usually makes 1 million calls per month to maintain their products. In these calls, employees sometimes face problems that they had not seen before. So these issues are resolved by the knowledge workers. These problems could create a lengthy downtime for clients due to this Xerox could lose money and clients. So knowledge workers use their heads to resolve such problems, they will make sure that such problems are not repeated again (Debowski 2006). Knowledge worker may have various forms of organizational knowledge (Debowski 2006) Know what: Knowledge gained from various sources, systems and business process that found in an organization (Hislop 2009) Know who: Knowledge of the identity of various groups, organization units and people who act as knowledge source (Hislop 2009) Knowledge how: The application of knowledge runs complex tasks like researching, developing and testing (Hislop 2009) Know why: The capability to analyze and find an appropriate solution (Hislop 2009) Know where: The ability to find and analyze correct resources for the problems (Hislop 2009) Knowledge leaders Knowledge leaders are very important for an organization as they are the basic foundation for knowledge management in a company. These leaders set goals, support their staff and provide vision to change theoretical knowledge into practical i.e. in reality. The roles and tasks of the knowledge leader will be decided upon the company’s condition. An effective leadership can bring a huge impact on easy learning methods among employees and knowledge management activities in companies. It is assumed that a good leadership would help contributing towards the success of the organization (Debowski 2006). Knowledge leaders are required throughout the organization and it is not something that can be seen only in one person. A company needs many people who can offer various types of leadership qualities which could help in the performance of the organization. For that reason a knowledge leader should have basic attributes like Strategic visionary: The goals of knowledge management should be explained by the knowledge leaders so that the staff could recognize their roles in attaining those goals (Debowski 2006). Motivator: Knowledge leaders should encourage others in contributing their skills to achieve the goals and also persuade others to take leadership roles (Hislop 2009). Communicator: Should be a good communicator by developing formal and informal links across the organization. Must implement channels of communication like individual written formats, web site updates and meetings (Hislop 2009) Coach, mentor and model: Knowledge leader can gather resources that can help the people to achieve knowledge. So by acting as coach and mentor, people can achieve skills form knowledge leader (Hislop 2009). Technology Technology has always played a major role in an organization. It will bring a huge difference in the company in performance wise and also growth wise. In Xerox Corporation, we can see that the director of corporate strategy has seen knowledge management system as tool to improve the performance of the organization and also to provide a good customer satisfaction. The implementation of the new system has become a strong pillar of the organization (Laguna
This report is a in-depth look at Blizzard Entertainment the company, to find out why Blizzard entertainment is so successful in the gaming industry. We will look at the reasons on how it could come out with best selling games over and over again and how they manage to sell 2.4 million copies of one game within the first 24 hours. Furthermore, we will understand how Blizzard entertainment runs such a big company to such efficiency using the business model SWOT and PEST in the analysis of its success. A look at the current developments and what future developments it might have or where it can go from here will be discussed as well. I. A Brief History of Blizzard Entertainment Well, Blizzard Entertainment was not always as we had known it, originally founded in 1991 February as Silicon


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Introduction In Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

help me with my homework Introduction In Hotel Industry Tourism Essay. Nowadays, due to technology in the hospitality industry improvement has been seen in all departments of the hotel service. In hospitality industry due to the latest trend of ‘KONEKT V4’ application we would reach through the customer in one click. The one more application is ‘Dash Board’ application in which the customer can tell the name and number and to make their table reserved. And also by using Google, Iphone, Ipad system customer sitting at home can search any hotels, restaurant and resorts in which they can make their booking in advance. Due to increase in hotel industry managers lower their prices to stimulate sales when demand is low and rise during peak demands. In future hotel industry will focus on emotional and psychological needs. Medium sized hotels will merge with five star or seven star grading hotels. Another trends will be fusion cuisine where there is a mixture of eastern food with westerns ones to impress the public with new experiences. All managers have the responsibilities to understand human resources. They are also responsible to implement strategies, plans and motivate people to meet objectives of the organization. They are responsible to analysis data and make decision that benefits the company. The economic environment is very unpredictable and implementing change processes for each organization to make progress. Globalization and technology are the two main factors that drove the change in today’s organizations. . In today’s world to succeed in businesses become stronger, more flexible and customer-oriented. Staff turnover is a serious for manager in the hotel especially if u have to give the consistent service. The goal of our hotel is on exceptional customer service that will exceed customer expectations. The nature of the service, strategies for improvement, and understand the customer’s perception of having that is very popular among researchers over the past two decades (for examples, leonard and sasser, 1982; lockwood, 1996; johns and lee-ross, 1998). Increases the other hand, the growing economic importance of the service sector in many countries has been in quality initiatives including guided centrally based European Foundation for Quality Management. Many hospitality, tourism organization have taken this challenge focuses on customer orientation employee performance in the interface, the recognition of the centrality of meeting service (Breen and Liddy, 1998). By this definition, customer / employee interviews have the potential for conflicts. In a service context that feeling cannot be met exactly, but it provides a cautionary note for Service Manager, because the customer’s perception of product quality connection often depends on the interaction between customers and employees. The hotel has a very long history, but not as we know it today, back in the 6th Century began to develop BC, when the first inn in and around the city of London. The first match for travelers, offering them a simple roof to stay. This condition of the hotel was long before the industrial revolution in England, the new ideas and developments made ​​in the field to keep the inn. The invention of the steam engine to travel even more important. Who had more and more people are traveling not only for business but also for the sake of recreation. This will lead to the actual development of the hotel industry, as we know it today. Hotel today not only provide the basic needs of customers, such as food and shelter much more personalized services such as hotels, etc. are now a “home away from home. “There is evidence of the hotels and restaurants, since biblical times, when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem collected during the census. As shown in the Bible, Mary and Joseph had accommodation as it is.” There is no room in the inn “Since the beginning of time, people have traveled for business, religion, immigration, health, education, and recreation. As Texas Tech University, the mention of “hospitality” from the Latin root word meaning “host” or “hospice.” The University is also noted that the first hotel except private homes open to the public. Most, unfortunately, had a bad reputation. Under the influence of the Roman Empire and breakfast and hotels to satisfy the pleasure traveler began in an attempt to encourage visitors. The pressure was recorded in America in 1607 and paved the way for the first time many other things in the hospitality industry. The hotel is the first of the public (City Hotel), owned by New York opened in 1792. (Buffalo Statler. 1908.) Change in the hospitality industry, which has made it more practical and functional in the world! Types of services and facilities that are offered by the major industry and has emerged from the past decade. All this is possible thanks to the spread of technology, eco-friendly services, prices, market department, regional preferences, etc. in the field of technology and hospitality to strengthen in the years to come. The use of technology is present in each department of the hotel, the services offered by the update. Keeping the entire latest trend in the memory of the hospitality industry, KONEKT V4 application that you would definitely want to explore. This is the application that will help you reach your customers in one click. The main attraction is the “dashboard” application. Is an unconventional marketing tracker is sensitive facts giving minute to give you the latest campaigns and activities conducted by you. The time, name and number of customers who liked your Facebook page, make your table reservation, you asked for any questions or comments about your application also can track comments on the same page! CRM systems can increase the advertising campaigns for events, and you can send newsletters to customers core and build your brand. This system helps in all the digital platform and database that can help in getting the more and more customer to generate the revenue this type of system are comfortable to integrate with the old database which can help in single database. It works perfectly with the iPhone and iPad systems. Constructed so as to make you lose any opinion or report, even when you’re away! Travelers increasingly will turn to their mobile devices not only research accommodation and travel options, but to book and communicate directly with the hotel options. Booking mobile channel has been multiplied by four between 2008 and 2010 according to Forrester Research. Revenue management has changed since the days it was first introduced by the airline industry in 1970 to be a complex science today. Managers always lowering prices to stimulate sales when demand is low and prices have risen during periods of peak demand. Hotels are now able to update prices for all future arrival dates to meet the market demands every day, through the application of advanced market information. Travel Click has reported passenger demand and visualize group bookings a year in advance. In addition, the Smith Travel Research reports that will soon provide information by looking at future bookings, rather than historical figures that. (By Robert A. Rauch, CHA) .A capsule hotel is a type of hotel, developed in Japan, which is a large number of very small “rooms” (capsules) cheap and easy accommodation for guests who do not require offers the services of more conventional hotel services offered. A condo hotel, also known as the hotel-condo or a Condotel, is a building used as a hotel and two condominium. Condo hotels are usually high-rise buildings developed and operated as luxury hotels in major cities and resorts in general. These residential units which allow someone to have a holiday full service. Ice hotel is also a great example of today’s hospitality innovation. An ice hotel is generally made up of snow, sculpted blocks of ice, and, in some cases, some steel from these type hotels are generally sponsored by a single owner and feature a luxuries facilities to the traveler who are interested in unique novelties and unusual Environment and thus are in the class of destination hotels. A lobby is often filled with ice sculptures, and food and beverages specially chosen for the circumstances. A Turbaza is, generally the Soviet era, the Russian form of cheap, spartan, holiday, a visit or a base camp tour. Turbazas are generally rented to groups or companies who rent the entire facility for holiday accommodation Oops for their members or employees. They are gene rally rustic located in rural areas that offer outdoor recreation. Eat, sleep, and often is housed in a large open space and common. Gueridon a form of service in restaurants food service to their customers is provided. This type of service includes the preparation of food (mainly salads, main dishes such as beef stroganoff, or desserts) in direct view of the customer, with a “round table”. A table usually consists of a trolley equipped for cooking, preparing and serving food. There is a gas stove, cutting board, cutlery drawer, cold room region and for general working capital. The hotel industry is in the midst of a transformation that affects virtually all aspects of the industry and its stakeholders. Essences the transformation of the hotel industry is changing its approach to concentrate more focused on the customer and brand incentive. Product and support services are developed around the perceived needs and desires of the customer for customer satisfaction. In the future, the focus will be customer focused to a level that transcends medical examinations. It will focus on the emotional and psychological needs and wants more precisely defined target audience. Hotels then use this knowledge to market a wide range of products and services through strong brands to a loyal customer for life. Some ramifications of changes will be made as reserves, trading activities and high taste information will be more automated. There will be a greater personal guest of technology accurate and fast service. Medium sized hotels will be taken by brand chain like the Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Ramada, etc. while location will be the priority to choose a hotel by future traveler, brand names will be the next preference. Another aspect of future trends would be fusion of cuisines. The French started this trend with the ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’ mixing eastern food products with western ones. Fusions restaurant will grow as the new adventurous public will search for new gastronomic experiences. (Sudhir Andrews, 2009) In the hotel managers are responsible for all management of human resources, or as appropriate, all managers have the responsibility to understand their human resources. When providing services to our clients, our primary resource is our people, our workers, our employees. Successful hospitality managers must be able to work with people. We need to develop guidance of people in our management approach. As a manager with responsibilities for human resources, your concern is that people of their needs, wants, and desires fit the needs and desires of the hotel company. We define managers as the implementation of strategies, plans and programs to attract, motivate, develop, reward and retain the best people to meet the objectives of the organization. Mike Hurst also emphasizes the role of management changes over management in the past and in conduit. The hospitality is based on the gift of friendship friendly people who care; it has become imperative in a service management concentrate on the benefits to the people and his style. The managers of today have earned a place of respect for their contribution to organizational value. The contemporary role of managers with the human resources responsibilities is a critical one to any hospitality organization. Most of the people spends more than one-third of their waking hours at their jobs, and as a manager you will make the decision that affects and influence the lives, dreams, goals and ambitions of these individual and their families. Manager in the hospitality industry participate in strategic planning sessions, understand financial documents relating to the work and the bottom line. Many managers in the host organization is part of the management team. The manager’s role is more important than ever before in the hospitality industry. It is up to us to keep management informed of what their needs and desires of people to be productive, and to be faithful. (Mary L. Tanke, 2000) The globalization of labor and continuing advances in technology are changing the way the labor market. Knowledge workers are known for their special properties. These are people who analyze, synthesize and evaluate information to solve different problems. Knowledge workers actually use their intelligence, ideas, products, services and processes to implement. You’re most important asset of an organization is its ability to collect and analyze data and make decisions that benefit company. (Jyothi, 2010) Technology has had a positive effect on the internal processes of an organization, but also changed the way the work of the HR staff. Some managers in the hospitality industry will see the application of technologies to operational issues as a problem. It is true that technological systems used in the bar, front office, restaurants, etc. much more advanced and complex than those currently available only for a short time, continue to grow, these systems quickly. The approval of the computer and other technologies from all levels of an organization is a major challenge in view of the sponsoring organizations. For example, if the systems are updated and new technologies have made ​​the workers’ struggle to adapt. (Hayes, 2009) The economic environment is very unpredictable and implementing change processes for each organization to make progress. Globalization and technology are the two main factors that drove the change in today’s organizations. Globalization has opened new doors for business opportunities. It has led to many interventions, but also for how reform, reorganization, merger, downsizing, etc., in order to succeed, companies need to make these changes that have taken place with staff to manage the challenges occur. Change Management Sun is working smoothly for the vital organization. (Bohlander G. a., 2009) Due to the shortage of workers in the industry and the defection of customers of the quality of service that is affected. If the workload increases the performance of the employee moves. By too much work pressure, reduces the employee’s performance and, in turn, affects the quality of service. It is very important to overcome the various challenges faced by the organization to success. Company is now a day to develop the human resource functions, because the meaning of HRM has been seen in the highly competitive market that exists today. To succeed, businesses become stronger, more flexible and customer-oriented. Hr after for these changing market trends is adjusted. (Karan, 2009). Turnover of staff is vital to the hotel, especially if you have a high quality hotel as us. The goal of our hotel on outstanding customer service to exceed the expectations of customers, and therefore we are investing heavily in our people. High rate of staff turnover has an immediate impact in the hospitality industry, particularly in the areas of customer service, and we cannot afford to lose an employee. The rate of staff turnover in the hotel industry in general higher than in other sectors. (Jason C. Cho, 14 June 2011) The hotel industry has a high turnover, which decreases productivity and costs companies time and resources. A number of factors affect the fluctuation in the hotel and one of the reasons is ineffective in recruiting. Identify many hotels and difficult to recruit the right people. Hotel staff need advanced knowledge of beverages, which are difficult to measure for recruiters during the interview. However, recruiters develop recruitment strategies that will identify the best opportunities and recruit the best workers. Do you understand what a candidate looking at the recruitment stage can help the hotel staff turnover. (Rose Johnson, 2008) To overcome this turnover to keep in mind a bit. ‘What help reduce turnover? Understanding why employees leave. Each organization should carry out a confidential interview face to face with the human resource managers (except the head). Benchmark your company against industry and current location. Set advanced development policies clear and transparent and fair. If an employee believes that they are not promoting their role and career development has no control, after a while you will start to look externally for new mail. Develop effective policies in the workplace and maintain a positive culture. In future there will be not much problems for managers and service due to the use of present technology. The main job of service manager is to understand the problems between customer and employee about services they give. There will be more and more modern equipment used in hotels which will decrease the training on kitchen manager and restaurant managers. Due to increase in hotel industry managers lower their prices to stimulate sales when demand is low and rise during peak demands. They are also responsible to implement strategies, plans and motivate people to meet objectives of the organization. They are responsible to analysis data and make decision that benefits the company. The hotel industry has a high turnover, which decreases productivity and costs companies time and resources. Introduction In Hotel Industry Tourism Essay

Anthropology homework help

Anthropology homework help. This is a paper that focuses on the conducting a literature review matrix for a problem. The paper also contains various steps to follow in writing the review.,Conducting a literature review matrix for a problem,Assignment 1: Literature Review Matrix, This Assignment expands upon the work you have been conducting for this week’s Discussion. For this Assignment (which you will start this week, and submit by the end of Week 7), you will conduct a search for literature on your selected practice problem. A Literature Review Matrix template will be used to identify gaps in the literature.,To prepare:, ·         Firstly, consider the practice problem you addressed in this week’s Discussion. (You may select a new issue if necessary, but it is not recommended.), ·         Secondly, review the guidelines in the Literature Review Matrix, included in the Learning Resources. Formulate a research question around your issue as indicated in Part I. Then complete Part II of the Matrix, identifying the resources you will use, search terms and criteria, and ,Boolean search strings,., ·         Thirdly, using Library, locate 10 articles related to your research question. At least one article must be a systematic review. All of the articles should be primary sources. NOTE: If appropriate, you may use the four articles you reviewed for this week’s Discussion., By Day 7 of Week 7, ·         Fourthly, complete Part I and Part II of the Literature Review Matrix template., Assignment 2: Literature Review Matrix,Continue to work on this Assignment, assigned in Week 6 and due by Day 7 of this week. To prepare:, Firstly, review Part III of the Literature Review Matrix., Secondly, consider the appropriate use of the theoretical frameworks in each article., Thirdly, review the information on empiricism presented in Chapter 1 of Theoretical Basis for Nursing and Chapter 6 in The Practice of Nursing Research: Appraisal, Synthesis, and Generation of Evidence as you consider your response to Part IV.,By Day 7 of this Week, Complete Part III of the Literature Review Matrix., In your analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing literature, note the appropriate use of the theoretical frameworks., Complete Part IV addressing the influence of empiricism on quantitative methodology.Anthropology homework help

Ashford Green Computing vs Production Cost & Environmental Pollution Essay

Ashford Green Computing vs Production Cost & Environmental Pollution Essay.

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The Ethics of DutyDeontological ethics concerns itself primarily with duty. We hear a lot about duty today, from duty to family to duty to country. Most of us feel a sense of duty when we see human destruction in the natural world, from condos on wetlands to plastic in the oceans. What is an environmental issue (an issue having to do with human impact, large or small, on the natural world) about which you feel a sense of duty? Find a recent (last 3 years) academic article (i.e., not from a popular magazine or website) that addresses your chosen issue in a way that interests you. Your article probably will be peer-reviewed; our library shows you whether or not a given article has been vetted by experts in the field.You will need to experiment with narrowing your topic, because “pollution” could be a 3,487-page paper. This article could be an explanation of the issue, a recommendation regarding a solution for the issue, or even an argument against others’ understanding of the issue. Up to you. As you read and reread the article, take notes. What are the article’s main points? What key terms, concepts, or arguments does the article’s author use to make those points? How can you use some of the article’s main points to underline and develop your own sense of duty about the issue? Perhaps most important: Why should you, or anyone, have this sense of duty about this issue, that is, what’s at stake and why are we obliged to do anything about it?This paper should do the following.Open with a paragraph that contains a brief overview of the issue, a brief indication of how the article relates to that issue, and a thesis sentence that connects your sense of duty to the issue and the article. Please provide the full title, author, and publication in your first mention of the article. (Example: In his article “X” from Mother Jones, Jim Smith argues that….)Contain at least three body paragraphs that explore the main points and key terms, concepts, and arguments you’ve chosen from the article. Use selected bits of information from the article (cite them, please) to support your own ideas about the article, the issue, and your sense of duty. This is not a book report. You’re not simply restating the article.Close with a paragraph that echoes the opening paragraph but also adds new value via the idea of duty. You might consider looking to the future, creating a call to action for others, or warning of what could happen if things do not change. This paper is three to four pages, APA format.
Ashford Green Computing vs Production Cost & Environmental Pollution Essay