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Case study of the Nigerian Police Force OYEKUNLE OYEBOLA COMFORT Abstract The aim of this project and implementation is to develop interactive online crime management system which is easily accessible to the public taking a cognizance of the Nigeria Police Force crime management approach. The accessibility of the public is to complain or even report a crime to the police stations is relatively low going by the fear of the harassment by the police department as well as endemic corruption in the system. The project and implementation titled “online crime management system” taking cognizance of the Nigeria Police Force is a web basedapplication which manages and control the information transportation with respect to a particular location. The approach will provide avenue for escalating crimes, making complaints, account disappeared persons, show fugitive details, show missing individuals and possessions, report theft, manage reported crimes among other things. The project procedures precisely looks into the crime recognition and avoidance. The user interfaces have been planned using the DOT Net technologies. The standards of security and data protective mechanism have been given a big choice for proper usage. The application takes care of different modules and their associated reports, which are produced as per the applicable strategies and standards that are put forwarded by the administrative staff. Introduction With the rapid growth in telecommunication industry that gives room for multiple access, there is need for implementation of digitized crime management system for more efficiency. Real time crime management is directly proportional to the class of security optimization which reduces the crime as well as social vices in the society With increasing population, it is very paramount to initiate an efficient crime control/management technique to maximize the security throughput as well as effective information technology utilization in providing necessary security cover for the general public. Online crime management system is employed to maximize effective security implementation. Serious crime grew to nearly epidemic proportions, mainly in Lagos and other urbanized areas categorized by speedy development and change, by stark economic inequality and deprivation, by social disorganization, and by inadequate government service and law enforcement capabilities. The situation sees the urban area more policed with around 25 percent of the population lived. The public distrust of the law enforcement agencies happened to be the major reason for underreporting of crimes. Annual crime rates fluctuated around 200 per 100,000 population in Nigeria until the early l960s and then steadily increased to more than 300 per 100,000 by the mid-1970s. Accessible data from the 1980s specified a continuing increase. Overall conveyed crimes rose from nearly 211,000 in 1981 to between 330,000 and 355,000 during 1984-85. Although serious crime usually constituted the larger category, minor crimes and offenses accounted for most of the increase. Crimes against property generally accounted for more than half the offenses, with thefts, burglary, and breaking and entering covering 80 to 90 percent in most years. Assaults established 70 to 75 percent of all crimes against persons. The British High Commission in Lagos cited more than 3,000 cases of falsifications yearly. In the late 1980s, the crime wave was aggravated by deteriorating economic circumstances and by the ineptitude, incompetence, and dishonesty of police, military, and customs personnel who conspired and collaborated with offenders or actually involved in criminal manner. Most of the crimes committed usually occur due to delay in conveying incidence report to the relevant information owner. The design of a system based on web application provides fast link to the records maintained and must interpret the significant reviews about the security condition in other to reduce the crime. It is predictable to centralize the organization of information in Crime for the main objectives of fast and efficient sharing of critical information across all Police Stations in the country. Initially, the system will be implemented across Cities and Towns and later on, be interlinked so that a Police detective can access information across all records in the state thus helping speedy and successful completion to cases. The System would also be used to generate information for pro-active and preventive measures for fighting crime. The project has been planned to be having the view of distributed design, with centralized storage of the database. The application for the storage of the data has been planned with the usage of the constructs of SQL server. The objective of the project and implementation was to develop a site in which any citizen can report crimes. The Crime Management and Reporting System make the crime reporting easier providing effective documentation as well managing the crime history. This project and implementation will be useful for the Nigeria Police Department and other law enforcement agencies and parastatals. The home page provides the login capability for both the registered users and administrators. Only the Administrators in-charge of different Police Stations will be able to login to their home pages. The citizen could only report crimes and missing person. The public response to official misconduct was to take matters into its own hands persons and property while enjoying the facilities being provided to the unregistered citizen. Generally, most police departments in the developed nations have recorded substantial progress in using ICT in management and service delivery whereas their counter parts in the less developed nations have not. This has enabled the police stations in developed countries to provide improved service delivery to its citizens as well as improved interaction with its citizens. The resulting benefits have been increased transparency, cost reduction among other benefits. However, ICT has not yet been fully utilized by the police departments in developing nations including our country thus resulting to poor service delivery to the public. Crime is part of human activities and needs to be managed. No human society has ever been totally free of deviants and it is unlikely that society will ever be. The more populated and complex a society becomes the wider the range of antisocial conducts that must be controlled by the government through the armed forces and other agencies the Police Force. The incident-based system reports on a much broader range of crimes and includes data on the circumstances of the crime, the victim, and the defendant. The current crime reporting system is faced with several difficulties as there is no instant means of reporting crime other than telephone calls, messaging or perhaps face-to-face which is usually cumbersome especially where the reporter wishes to keep anonymity. The proposed crime reporting system aims to assist the Nigerian Police in their bid to solve crimes with timely and useful information about criminals and/or their mode of operations so as to nip in the bud criminal activities in a given locality. Finally, a prototype crime reporting system was designed that relies on four reporting forms: a complaint or dispatch reporting form, a crime event report form, follow-up investigation report form, and an arrest report form. The system consists of three functional modules: a data capture module, a report management and control module, and a data utilization module. Future work on crime reporting system can be tailored towards accessibility (mobile version), awareness and improvement on the usage. The rate at which information is transmitted from one end to another through a given system has significantly increased. The success of an organization depends largely on the rate at which information is exchanged within the organization and also on how safe the information/data transmission process is. The attitude of workers to work also affects the success and growth of any organization. 0Different components in this project and operation included visitor’s module, registered user’s module, and administrator module. The visitor’s module will inundate the visitor to view latest broadcast (latest news update) that have been provided by the administrator. The news is filtered with respect to the visitors’ location. The registered user module provides theclientwith the facility for reporting crimes, missing persons, view most wanted persons, making complaints etc. The administrator’s module provides facility for full administration of the website by responding to clientrequests, it also allows for adding new admin, managing most wanted persons and missing persons, managing hot news and crimes and several other functionality. PROBLEM JUSTIFICATION With the high increase in population in the country with several regions being properly planned for good access road and other social amenities, the economy has negatively been influenced. This has seen its citizens indulging in lots of businesses in order to earn a living. This makes them so much busy to a point that they don’t get time to do some of their responsibilities such as reporting crime. Figure 1.1 Lagos city showing unplanned roads with minimal social amenity In most cases the officials result to harassing the citizens reporting the crimes and if there is a way to report crimes without having to go to police stations then this problem could be avoided. At other times when one reports about a missing person or property, this gets only to the police station where you have reported but don’t get to other police stations all over the County or to a larger extent and this narrows down the area of investigation. In spite of the development of Information Technology, little study has been done to analyze the problems affectingthe performanceof the Police. Figure 1.2Reports of Police inefficiency and harassment Crime is part of human activities and needs to be managed. No human society has ever been totally free of deviants and it is unlikely that society will ever be. The more populated and complex a society becomes the wider the range of anti-social conduct that must be controlled by government using police power. The incident-based system reports on a much broader range of crimes and includes data on the circumstances of the crime, the victim, and the defendant. The current crime reporting system is faced with several difficulties as there is no instant means of reporting crime rather than telephone calls, messaging or perhaps face-to-face which is always cumbersome in a case the reporter might want to keep anonymity. To strengthen crime reporting system, an online system is enhanced to fully take the responsibility of reporting crime in a manner that will be useful to the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). For instance, in cases involving property crime the incident-based system will report on the: type and description of the article; its value; type of loss (e.g., stolen, vandalized); type of victim (e.g., individual, business); And location of crime (e.g., convenience store, residence). Criminologist and ICT Engineers are always at loggerhead over the technological advancement in Crime management which it is widely believe to be wasteful with little or no emphasis on the efficiency. They both believe the present system of crime management is faulty and needs redefinition. While Criminologist argue on security signal basis, the engineers define crime management on what is obtainable. Research Objectives and Significance The sudden growth in the telecommunication provider providing wireless access has made the internet more accessible. With more demand for intelligent crime management system The aim of CRIS is to assist the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) in their bid to solve crimes with timely and useful information about criminals and/or their mode of operations so as to nip in the bud criminal activities in a given locality. The objectives of the research work are as stated below: To provide a deterministic crime reporting model To create a distributed data warehouse for crime reporting based on the model. The enhanced data quality of the incident-based reporting system will be of significant benefit to state and local governing bodies, criminal justice agencies, and the public. Data from the incident-based system will enhance both strategic and tactical decision making in criminal justice. Because incident-based data will provide a more accurate picture of a community’s crime patterns, decisions regarding law enforcement, judicial, and correctional resources can be made based on empirical data. Similarly, the level of detail provided by incident-based data can assist law enforcement agencies and the community to identify crime problems in their community such as: crime hotspots • populations who are at risk and Drug and alcohol problems. Crime prevention strategies may then be developed and evaluated based on empirical evidence. This study will also assist policy analyst to understand both factors that impedes the efficiency and effectiveness of the police and the ways by which the situation could be improved upon so as to bring crime and disorders in the society to its barest minimum. Finally, this study will go a long way in contributing to the knowledge of police work. Besides, other researchers and students in higher institutions especially those in sociology department can derive various secondary data from this study. Crime Sensing The root causes of crime [are] poverty, unemployment, underemployment, racism, poor health care, bad housing, weak schools, mental illness, alcoholism, single-parent families, teenage pregnancy, and a society of selfishness and greed. Online Crime Management system is a web based application that provides avenue as well as gateway for reporting online crimes, lodge complaints, announce missing persons, inform the general public the fugitive details mailing with platform to chart online and send emails. There is no restriction on the number of concurrent connections to the web server. Every user must subscribe to the web server by registering on the server. Existing System In the existing system only we can see the details of particular information about the police stations in our state, the existing system has more workload for the authorized person, but in the case of Proposed System, the user can registered in our site and send the crime report and complaint about a particular city or person. Drawbacks of Existing System More man power. Time consuming. Consumes large volume of pare work. Needs manual calculations. No direct role for the higher officials. Damage of machines due to lack of attention. To avoid all these limitations and make the working more accurately the system needs to be computerized. Proposed System The aim of proposed system is to develop a system of improved facilities. The proposed system can overcome all the limitations of the existing system. The system provides proper security and reduces the manual work. The existing system has several disadvantages and many more difficulties to work well. The proposed system tries to eliminate or reduce these difficulties up to some extent. The proposed system will help the user to reduce the workload and mental conflict. The proposed system helps the user to work user friendly and he can easily do his jobs without time lagging. Expected Advantages of Proposed System The system is very simple in design and to implement. The system requires very low system resources and the system will work in almost all configurations. It has got following features Ensure data accuracy’s. Proper control of the higher officials. Reduce the damages of the machines. Minimize manual data entry. Minimum time needed for the various processing. Greater efficiency. Better service. User friendliness and interactive. Minimum time required.
The differences between academic and business writing.

Professor Vasquez is writing about teaching writing skills in Spanish to students for whom Spanish is not a native language. However, that issue is not the focus of our discussion here. His analysis of business writing and academic writing is the focus of this discussion. That analysis will be very helpful to review as we begin our course.Answer all of the following questions based on what Vasquez writes in his article, not based on your own understanding. In addition, Do Not simply copy text from the article. Summarize what Vasquez writes in the article. If you’d like to use occasional quotes, remember to attribute the text with the use of quotation marks. What are some of the problems that poor writing causes for businesses? Please do not copy your answer from the article. Summarize what the article says on this issue and use quotation marks for occasional quotes from the article.What are the similiarities between academic writing and business writing? Discuss at least three of them, writing a paragraph or two. (Each paragraph should be 5-7 sentences).What are the differences between academic writing and business writing? Once again, discuss at least three of them, writing a paragraph or two. (Each paragraph should be 5-7 sentences).
The differences between academic and business writing

Terminology Application

Terminology Application. I’m working on a Psychology question and need guidance to help me study.

Terminology Application
Use accurate medical terminology and references to the textbook and other credible sources to respond to your choice of one of the three scenarios that follow. Label your post with the scenario you choose.

Scenario 1: John, a 72-year-old man with suspected colon cancer, underwent a colonoscopy. A large mass was found 12 centimeters proximal to the splenic flexure. In which part of the colon is this located? Describe the trace of the colonoscope’s route to the location of the mass.
Scenario 2: LaToya is studying her medical terms and comparing examples. She finds the terms gastroesophageal and esophagogastric. Should she assume that they are two ways of saying the same thing? Why or why not?

Sometimes a suffix functions independently as a medical term. Give two examples of suffixes that are also terms, and explain how they are used.

Scenario 3: Dan, a 50-year-old man, is experiencing muscle stiffness and shaky hands. In the office, you note his stooped posture. Tests reveal a deficiency of dopamine, which helps to confirm a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Knowing that there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s disease, Dan is upset and ambivalent about taking medication. How can you help Dan understand his condition and how his medication, levodopa plus carbidopa (Sinemet), will help him?

Support your claims and rationale with evidence and appropriately cite sources using APA style for the initial post and responses.
400-500 words.
Terminology Application

global health

research paper help Defining international or global health is important and some consider global health synonymous with public health. Select one of the following two statements: 1. Global health is public health requiring similar training and research methods. 2. Global health is a separate discipline requiring specific training and research methods. Identify at least two arguments that support the selected statement and provide sources to support those arguments. Identify and discuss one historical event that is important in how global health is understood today and how that event supports your argument. For one of your substantive responses, identify another classmate that selected the opposite statement and provide at least one point of agreement and one point of disagreement.

Answering audit questions

Answering audit questions.

You must read the below requirements now.Please answer the questions in the attached file. The questions are about audit. The answers must be essays, correct, clear, and perfect.The answers must be like the attached example. You can use some of them from the example file not most of them, but you must paraphrase them. Last part of the questions doesn’t have answers which is the questions under 11. NEW U.S. AUDITING REPORTING STANDARD : you must answer them.You can not use the examples from the example file or paraphrase them to the questions file, so the examples must be new and correct.I will read all of them once you have done, so please make sure that you have followed the description and the requirements.
Answering audit questions

Successful Event Management and Its Potential Risks Essay

Potential risks and minimization To the corporate client, there is the risk that there isn’t enough lead time in terms of the days needed to plan for the event. Alternatively, there could be a risk that the event’s date coincides with another significant event in the industry and this could minimize the level of attendance by those concerned. Counterchecking with the guests and industry planners on other events can mitigate this (Shone and parry, 2001). For the event planner, he faces the risk of running out of finances when he realizes that the budget set aside for the event is not sufficient to meet all the costs necessary; contingency budgeting will solve this since the client may find it difficult to adjust to the last minute changes brought on by this financial shortage. Resource shortages can also take the form of manpower shortage needed to pull the event off or the equipment needed. As stated in the case, there will be hot air balloons, games, buffet, contests and entertainment. There could be problems with the public address system or the communication systems. Standby equipment suppliers, human resources and other entertainment providers need to be identified. Challenges could arise in catering if the suppliers lack enough equipment to feed the guests. There could be issues with the hot air balloons which may cease to operate or may be fewer in number. Also, the helicopter supplies could be unavailable even after advertising has been done. Guest interests need to be known in order to achieve this. Challenges can also arise in terms of utilities. There could be a challenge with the drainage or water system especially if there is a mains supply or there maybe power outages. Investigation on their workability earlier on should be done. All these shortages can be addressed by having standby service providers who can step in. Risks may manifest in the form of legal and environmental concerns. The event could generate a lot of noise and violate noise regulations. There are issues on alcohol licensing and these ought to be considered. There may be spillage of lighting into other sections of that community. Furthermore, challenges could arise in dealing with the traffic congestion that arises from the event. Familiarization and compliance with state laws will mitigate this risk. Emergencies can arise such as fire especially when the hot air balloons are handled improperly. Alternatively, the company could have some political activists who may hold grudges against the company so they may decide to hold a demonstration on the day of the event. Possibilities of theft in the show may also arise if security is not taken seriously. Assessment of guests’ interests and supplier abilities will minimize this risk. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Human resource management for events versus traditional business environments HR for events differs from traditional HR in a variety of ways. First, the workforce size changes from time to time depending on the event schedules. At the time of the event, the size will explode because there will many food vendors, cleaning teams, entertainment personnel, contractors and the like. In traditional HR, the size of the workforce remains relatively constant throughout. Additionally, in event management and planning, fairly limited time is available for training staff as compared to traditional HR (Wagen, 2006). Issues such as performance appraisals cannot be carried out easily because an event may be managed for a couple of weeks. It may be over even before such a process can be carried out. Additionally, decisions need to be made very quickly when thus necessitating a high degree of job autonomy. Also, pressure levels faced by employees are quite different from those in traditional business. They may have to move very fast, think on their feet and deliver within a very short time span then hit a slump for the next few months until the next event. In traditional HR, employees tend to maintain an equal level of pressure so they require different motivations. Investigations prior to selection of the unique venue Spacing must never be compromised when selecting a unique venue and this is directly related to guest numbers; in this case adequate room for 750 people needed to be available. The company (Forum Tire) also needed to demonstrate its professionalism by choosing a stylish place hence the selection of a golf course. Since this was a corporate event that would host people who could affect company productivity then Forum Tire needed to make a good impression. Budgetary needs should not be sidelined because they limit the choices. The guests need to have easy access to the venue and there should be ample parking and preferably less traffic so as to make them comfortable. The venue needed a layout that would allow all the multiple activities going on within it. Lastly, the facilities available ought to cater to the client needed. Availability of toilet facilities, refreshments and friendly staff would all impact upon the guests’ experiences so these should be on point (Bradt, 2012). We will write a custom Essay on Successful Event Management and Its Potential Risks specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Analysis of relevant issues related to water main break When a water main break occurs, it may require up to 72 hours for repair to be done. If this is done during the few hours left for event organization then chances are that the event will never begin. The event organizer will need to notify the public authorities about the matter and then proceed to look for alternative solutions. In the EMBOK model, it is often stated that there are a range of challenges that can fall in the administration category, operations, design and risk areas (Silvers, 2006). In administration, this water main break will require additional personnel who will need to get the catering tables out of the mud; in other words, additional man power will be needed. Procurement of new suppliers in terms of different tables may be necessary. There will be challenges in operations. The integrity of the site maybe affected in that more flooding may occur if the water main break was too large. Either the tent should be moved to a totally different place in the golf course or if this is not possible, then a new location should be selected. Logistics and communications issues will be impacted because if the catering, entertainment and communication facilities were already installed in that area then they need to be moved to another location. In terms of operations, issues such as lighting, communication devices, hot air balloon placements and all other entertainment facilities which had arrived need to be adjusted. If equipment needed to run these operations was already set up then it may need to be adjusted. Stakeholders involved will need to practice in another section. Also, the design aspect of event planning will be affected since the team already had certain ideas in mind as they curved out a model for making the event work (Buchanan, 2000). In terms of risk, the water main break could spiral out of control and flood the entire venue. Design three options (A, B,