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Hello, i will upload a paper i need you to write this section about it. number 4 and 5

Hello, i will upload a paper i need you to write this section about it. number 4 and 5 4. PROPOSED DATA ANALYSIS This is a sample. Replace with your own. This chapter analyses and interprets the data collected. The chapter discusses the results of the study. You can divide the chapter into the desired number of sections and sub-sections. Analysis is still a method or a tool being used to break down your findings. 5. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN (ASSUMED) Time Frame (Gantt-Chart)

SOCW 6090 Walden University Suicide Risk Assessment Discussion

SOCW 6090 Walden University Suicide Risk Assessment Discussion.

As a social worker, you will likely at some point have a client with a positive suicide risk assessment. Many individuals with suicidal ideation also have a plan, and that plan may be imminent. Even when the risk is not urgent at a given moment, current research shows that most suicides occur within 3 months of the risk being assessed within a formal appointment. Ideation can quickly become a suicide.
For this Discussion, you view an initial suicide risk assessment. As you evaluate the social worker’s actions, imagine yourself in their place. What would you do, and why?
To prepare:
Explore an evidence-based tool about suicide risk assessment and safety planning. See the Week 3 document Suggested Further Reading for SOCW 6090 (PDF) for a list of resources to review.
Watch the “Suicide Assessment Interview” segment in the Sommers-Flanagan (2014) video to assess how it compares to your findings.

Watch the “Suicide Assessment Interview” segment starting at 01:44:37. This is the interview with Tommi, which will be used for the Discussion.

Access the Walden Library to research scholarly resources related to suicide and Native American populations.
Post a response in which you address the following:
Identify elements of Dr. Sommers-Flanagan’s suicide risk assessment.
Describe any personal emotional responses you would have to Tommi’s revelations and reflect on reasons you might experience these emotions.
Describe the elements of safety planning that you would put in place as Tommi’s social worker in the first week and in the first months.
Identify a suicide risk assessment tool you would use at future sessions to identify changes in her risk level. Explain why you would use this tool.
Explain any adjustments or enhancements that might be helpful given Tommi’s cultural background. Support your ideas with scholarly resources.
SOCW 6090 Walden University Suicide Risk Assessment Discussion

MGT 501 slp4

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For the SLP 4 assignment, you will explore some aspects of an organization’s culture, at least as you see it. (Select an organization you have worked with, if possible.) Since the concept of organizational culture is open to many interpretations and classifications, this assessment offers a slightly different approach from your background reading on organizational culture.
Required Reading
The People Group, Based on Gallup Research: What Makes a Great Workplace? Retrieved from
McNamara, C. (2000) Organizational Culture. Adapted from the Field guide to Organizational Leadership and Supervision. Free Management Library. Retrieved from
Think about the results from the Gallup Survey for a minute, and how it compares to the Academy, Baseball Team, Fortress, and Club cultures described by McNamara in the Background reading.
Then prepare a 2- to 3-page paper addressing:

In your opinion, do the Gallup results fit your general expectations or constitute a surprise in some ways? Interpret the results of the Gallup survey in terms of your own experience, either to confirm or to question the results. Compare the Gallup results and your opinions with the McNamara categories.
The degree to which the Gallup results and the McNamara information tell you similar or dissimilar things about your organization.
Does the Gallup survey and the McNamara categories help improve your managerial understanding and/or skills? What can you infer from the results about how your organization’s culture fits or doesn’t fit with you? What (if anything) can you do to make your interaction with the culture more effective?
Provide your opinion on whether or not the above two sources in this SLP 4 help you understand the organization and how you cope with it. Do they accurately depict what is needed to analyze a company’s culture?

SLP Assignment Expectations
Your paper will be evaluated using the criteria on the SLP rubric (see the rubric for more detail): Assignment-Driven, Critical Thinking, Business Writing, Effective Use of Information, Citing Sources, and Timeliness.
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MGT 501 slp4

Application Paper Analysis Guidelines

Application Paper Analysis Guidelines.

1. Select a context for your analysis. This typically means dyadic communication (two people), although some situations might involve your family, social media, and social network (e.g., roommates, friends with cliques, etc.). The point here is that you need to focus on one segment of communication between two or more people that you have witnessed, or you have/had yourself.2. Look for one (and only one) construct, domain of behavior, theory, principle, or research finding regarding interaction. Again, this first application paper has a focus on material covered3. Be sure to summarize the idea and elaborate on it enough for me to know that you know and understand the idea. Paraphrase the summary (no direct quotes) and indicate what page(s) contained the idea.4. Organization: Write your paper according to the following organization.a. Provide background to help me understand the interactional context that you investigated (2 paragraphs).b. Select and develop one concept, principle, or research finding regarding interactional communication, referencing the textbook. Elaborate this idea so a typical university student could understand the idea you choose.c. Provide examples that specifically illustrate the idea above. Be sure to highlight actual communication behaviors. Be as specific as you possibly can. You might have to generate dialogue from memory; that is OK.d. Offer conclusions about the conceptual and practical implications of your analysis. Include an assessment of positive insights regarding your application of the one idea to communication behaviors4. Limit your paper to 2-4 pages, double-spaced and in 12-point font that is legible.5. Make sure your paper is stylistically clean and grammatically correct. I do deduct points if the paper is not stylistically clean. You should follow a style manual (e.g., APA). Or MLA
Application Paper Analysis Guidelines

Actividad 6- Historial Nutricional

Actividad 6- Historial Nutricional.

Actividad 6- Historial NutricionalActividad 6 – Historial NutricionalComplete la siguiente actividad de la Unidad. En la parte inferior del documento aparece una rúbrica para evaluar el cumplimiento de todas las partes del trabajo. Una rúbrica es una guía que le dirigirá en un cumplimiento de lo solicitado y donde visualizara de manera más clara como presentar sus trabajos universitarios.Instrucciones de la tarea:A-Acceda a las siguientes páginas electrónicas: un modelo de un historial de salud nutricional (en blanco) que contenga las preguntas que un profesional de enfermería debe realizarle a un paciente para recopilar toda la información necesaria. Debe incluir las siguientes partes básicas:1-Datos personales2-Historial de salud3-Historial de la ingesta de alimentos (que consume en un día normal en sus tres comidas incluyendo meriendas)4-Actividad física5-Educación al paciente6-Conclusión7-RecomendacionesC-Utilice la Teoría de Imogene KingD-Acceda, lee y comenta, de forma breve y específica, sobre la importancia del Evidence Based Practice (EBP) del siguiente estudio de investigación: E-Rúbrica (refiérase a documento agregado)Estado de la entregaEstado de la entregaNo entregadoEstado de la calificaciónNo calificadoFecha límite de entregadomingo, 1 de diciembre de 2017, 23:55Tiempo restante4 días 8 horasCriterios de calificaciónEsta rúbrica se utilizara para evaluar numéricamente sus tareas. La escala valorativa será del 4 al 0. Siendo el 4 Excelente ya que exhibe los criterios a evaluarse y el 0 Ausente porque No provee la información requerida.Es importante que, antes de entregar su trabajo, verifique que cumple con todos los criterios de evaluación expuestos.PuntualidadEntrega el trabajo a tiempo.Puntuación máxima4Contesta todas la preguntas solicitadas.Contesta todas la preguntas solicitadas.Puntuación máxima4ContenidoLas respuestas ofrecidas encierran los conceptos principales requeridos.Puntuación máxima4Contenido: coherenciaSe evidencia en las contestaciones coherencia de ideas en relación al material estudiado y literatura reciente como el libro de texto.Puntuación máxima4MetodologíaAplica la metodología del Proceso de Enfermería (NANDA con Formato PES, NIC y NOC).Puntuación máxima4Aplicación de la teoría de Imogene KingAplica la Teoría de Imogene King “Teoría del logro de metas”, para desarrollar planes de cuidado y evaluar metas del cliente.Puntuación máxima4ConclusiónPresenta breve conclusión del aprendizaje obtenido con el trabajo realizado.Puntuación máxima4Citas y ReferenciasCita Referencias según el formato APA y siendo estas con 5 años o menos de publicación.Puntuación máxima4POR FAVOR LA ESCUELA ES MUY ESTRICTA CON LOS COPY AND PASTE.
Actividad 6- Historial Nutricional