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Hello I need some research done find as much of this info as possible in your own words please

Hello I need some research done find as much of this info as possible in your own words please

The agency’s existing nondiscrimination policy statements, mission statements, or other value statements relative to cultural diversity in the workplace, the community, the nation, or globally. Pay close attention to which groups in society are identified as protected from discrimination. Often, “sexual orientation” is not mentioned. Look into affirmative action plans, job descriiptions, recruitment, selection, testing, employee benefits, and firing (if this isn’t in the handbook, or they won’t let you see them ASK about these)

The agency’s legal position in terms of Title VII or other parts of the Civil Rights Act which they are required by law to do and/or not do, usually because of size, federal contracts, or number of employees. Does the agency regularly use I-9 verification procedures for immigrants, e.g., do they provide visa assistance, etc.?

The agency’s previous D and I training or workshops in terms of cultural awareness, human relations, communications, group dynamics, cross-functionality, TQM, cross-teaming, or whatever other buzzes, fads, fashions, or flops the agency administration has dealt out along with your opinion of their success. Has there been a train-the-trainers strategy to develop an internal core of materials and instructors? If this is not public knowledge then ask the question in the interviews.

Any complaints against the agency by employees, customers, visitors, etc., particularly any EEO complaints, levels of sexual or racial harassment, lawsuits, etc.

Review the atmosphere from the top down. Is there a climate of discrimination or hatred set by the top management? What examples have been set by previous top administrators? Has there been any news exposes, news stories, or bad press about the organization? What internal and external public images are there?

The agency’s community partnerships. What linkages, support, charitable contributions, nonprofit organizations, spinoffs, mergers, affiliates, etc. does the agency connect with? Is there a demonstrated pattern of support for minorities in the organization as well as in the community? Has there been a demographic profile made of the local community to sense the needs of the citizenry? Are employees allowed to speak out in newspapers, magazines, speaking engagements?

participant observation: the effects on interpersonal communication on electric media device usage

participant observation: the effects on interpersonal communication on electric media device usage.

this written report is to reflect your maturation as an ethnographer, both in conducting participant observation and in organizing a written report on such work. your major task is to observe people’s use of electronic devices and the effect that such use has on interpersonal communication. more details will post

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Islam and Terrorism

Hello I need some research done find as much of this info as possible in your own words please Islam and Terrorism.

Students will submit a research paper of 2500 to 3500 words (approximately 10-14 pages) of text (exclusive of title page, notes, and bibliography) describing and analyzing the key tenets of one (or at MOST two) of the religions covered in the course (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, or Islam) as they relate to justice, the resolution of conflict, and forgiveness. Choose an area of conflict in which your chosen religion is implicated. Examine findings and distill into useful strategies for 21st-century nonlethal warfare intervention.

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Merger Integration at Bank of America: The TrustWeb Project

Merger Integration at Bank of America: The TrustWeb Project.

Produce the following for this assignment: Presentation must contain (at a minimum) the following slides: Powerpoint presentation -Cover page -Agenda/Table of Contents -Summary slide of the case study -References page Slide(s) addressing each question below: -As a Project Manager what are the best ways to know the status of your project? -How do you quell the rumors and lessen the panic? -As a Project Manager when you gather requirements how long do you gather them for? —When do you gather requirements? -When do you know you are done gathering requirements? -Discuss the differences between project and program management.

-How do you define one from the other? -Is the project management methodology being used in this case study strong or weak? —-Explain your response – what makes the methodology strong or weak? -What are Morris’ next steps and how does he prepare for the Monday meeting? Each slide must contain notes explaining the slide. Please remember that powerpoint slides should present no more than 6 bullets per slide. They should never contain paragraphs of information. Paragraphs are placed into the notes. Rubric: The case study will be graded on: -Professionalism in the powerpoint presentation (no black and white slides. Add a professional background). -Adherence to the guidelines and timeline -Content in responses to the above requirements/questions/topics -Spelling and grammar -Use of sources/references and inclusion of citations within the notes

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