Hello! I need PhD level help with my two final exams for my National Security Affairs and International Relations

Hello! I need PhD level help with my two final exams for my National Security Affairs and International Relations Degree. It’s in take home essay format, and there is a 19 hour HARD deadline. Ideally, I would need this paper done 1.5 hours before the deadline, so it’ll be about 17.5 hours total or so. I need 9 books, and multiple other extra sources and websites to be properly cited.

This will go on for two weekends, so do a good job and you’ll have round 2 next weekend. Please make sure to have a very good grasp of Marxism, liberalism, Kant, capitalism, and a myriad of other issues such as government task forces, interagency cooperation, and the national security/international relations aspect not just political science.[supanova_question]

Articles on contemporary macroeconomic issues.

Articles on contemporary macroeconomic issues..

You need to choose one of them, clarify the article and argue for or against it. Note it is very important to: a) Ensure that you apply what you learned in MGEC02 in terms of formulating, structuring, and discussing the article you choose. You can use mathematical models, formulas, and graphs as you find necessary.

b) Your write-up should look like an academic article, like an executive report handed to the organization you are working for. Please don’t look at it as an assignment. c) Ensure you follow the following guidelines: • Papers should be typed in 12 point, single space, with standard margins, approximately 1″ right, left, and bottom and 1.5″ on the top. • Upload your paper to the Turnitin.com. It will open several days before the deadline and will close on the deadline. • Your paper should have a title page and a bibliography. • Your paper should have an Introduction, a Main Body, and a Conclusion. • The main body should clearly states the objectives you are developing and the evidence you are presenting in support of it and should be sub-titled appropriately. • The word count should be written on the front page and should be within the range stated on the syllabus. • All pages must be numbered. • You can use footnotes or endnotes – it is your choice. No parenthetical citations are allowed in the body of the paper. • You may use any footnote/bibliography format that you choose but keep it consistent. • There will be mark deduction for every spelling/grammatical error. • I will grade your paper on (1) The level of content, (2) The degree of interest, (3) The originality of the paper, and (4) and the technique you use in developing the paper. • The paper has to be uploaded to the Turnitin. The course could and the password will be announced several days before the due date. • The due date for the paper is listed on the syllabus. • No late upload will be accepted

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Non-scripted series

Hello! I need PhD level help with my two final exams for my National Security Affairs and International Relations Non-scripted series.

Non-scripted series Description This paper is to take a non-scripted series concept that you have created and discuss its development process, assess the strategies involved, and weigh production and distribution considerations. You may create a new one for this final paper. Instructions: -Begin your paper with a ‘logline’ describing your series in one or two sentences only. No more than 2 or 3 lines of text. This should be enticing and appealing as possible as if written for pitch or promotional/advertising purposes. -Follow this by a short, one-paragraph description of the series that would be useful as part of your development and pitching process. This should reflect the essential (and most interesting) aspects of the series and should contain enough information to give, for example, a network development executive a solid sense of the show. It’s ok if this contains information redundant to what is in your logline. -Use the majority of your paper to discuss — as comprehensively as possible — the process and strategy of program development, applied specifically to your series. Demonstrate that you understand each part of the process, discuss the strategic decisions to be made (if any), and state what your choice/plan would be and why. Use (appx.) the final page to discuss the following marketing, casting and distribution issues, as applied to your series: -Describe what types of audience testing you would recommend be done by the network/channel that paid for development and production of your series and why. -Discuss the casting needs and processes for your show and include the choices and strategies you would follow. -Briefly assess the potential for marketing and distribution opportunities for your series outside of the revenue resulting strictly from viewership in its home country (e.g. international sales of the series itself, licensing of the series format for production in other countries, tie-ins with sponsors’ products or services). Comment on relevant risks, concerns or problems. Additional Information: Length: Not exceed 5 pages, double-spaced, (standard margins, 12-pt, TimesRoman, etc.). Format. Include page numbers and a short header at the top of each page with your name, the class, and assignment, and the date. References. If you reference sources other than the assigned course readings, cite them simply (publication name and date) within your text. Do not use footnotes or a bibliography. You are not required to use references. Do use good reasoning, informed by your knowledge of the lecture and reading materials.

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Healthcare Issue in the United States

Healthcare Issue in the United States.

Description You will become the subject matter expert by conducting research based on your chosen title/topic and then reporting your findings in a potentially publishable manuscript. You do not have to seek approval for your topic. Choose any health/healthcare related topic of your choice that you feel is a significant problem within the United States. There’s no specific amount of pages and or word count for each assignment. Address all questions presented and if the instructions/criteria states a paragraph make sure your paragraphs consist of minimum of five complete sentences

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Describe the toxicity symptoms from the excess consumption of certain trace minerals (Limit to 1-2 trace minerals and 1-2 toxicity symptoms).

Describe the toxicity symptoms from the excess consumption of certain trace minerals (Limit to 1-2 trace minerals and 1-2 toxicity symptoms)..

 Describe the toxicity symptoms from the excess consumption of certain trace minerals (Limit to 1-2 trace minerals and 1-2 toxicity symptoms). Must be from an accredited medical journal, book or study.

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Compare and contrast a social phenomenon that relates to class, gender, race, culture, and/or socialization between what the media is saying and what academics are saying.

Compare and contrast a social phenomenon that relates to class, gender, race, culture, and/or socialization between what the media is saying and what academics are saying..

The paper is required to be 600 to 900 words, times new roman, 12 point font, double spaced. Reference page is required, is not part of the word count, and must be either APA, Chicago, MLA or ASA. Understanding the basics of compare/contrast: The Thesis Statement The thesis statement is the hardest and most important sentence in a paper. It identifies the topic and purpose of the paper. Thesis statements should always be written in third person.

There are two kinds of thesis statements: a basic thesis statement and a listing thesis statement. Basic Thesis Statement Example Despite news media vilifying immigrants as criminals, Sociologists and Criminologists found that immigrant groups produce less crime than native born citizens. Mexican-American immigrants in particular have lower crime rates compared to black and whites. Listing Thesis Statement Example By contrasting inner city crime decline, cultural and social implications, family structure and political scapegoating, it is clear that Mexican-Americans produce less crime than that stated in mainstream news outlets. The listing thesis statement acts like a checklist. The information should be covered in the order listed in the thesis statement. Thus, the first body paragraph would be on crime, the second social and cultural implications, and the third on politics. You should have at least three criterion that you use to compare or contrast.

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Causes & Efects essay “Growing up with a single parents.”

Causes & Efects essay “Growing up with a single parents.”.

Causes and effects essay about growing up with a single parents. Use the basic and esay writing paragraph.

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Concert review

Concert review.

You will use the program pamphlet as a guide for each musical selection. As best as you can, relate how the piece starts and finishes, and report noticeable changes in the piece of music. Does it get faster, slower, louder, softer, etc. Also relate how the concert begins and ends. You are required to stay for the entire event, and most events do not take up the entire allotted time. Report the audience response at the end of the event. Was the audience receptive, happy, generous with applause? How many people attended? What was the mood of the performer throughout the performance? What kind of thoughts or emotions were inspired in you throughout the performance? Song—this is a piece of vocal music with words(text). Do not describe instrumental music, in which there is no vocalist, as a “song.” Use the words “piece” or “selection” so you don’t overuse the word “song.” Also, watch for “multi-movement works”—vocal music performed in “sets” or instrumental music performed in “movements.” Typically, audiences do not applaud until the end of the whole work. Avoid use of slang—words like “like” “morph” “vibe” “cool”. That is OK for talking to friends, but is not precise for academic/professional writing. Avoid references to Disney movies. FALSE/PLAGIARIZED REVIEWS: Students have tried to tell me about events that did not occur. Do not make up things, or try to describe events you did not witness. Students try to cheat by not staying for a whole concert, or just taking a program and making things up. It is not too hard to figure this out because the details are so vague and scant. I do not want “fake news” concert reviews. There also occurs in each semester the work of “copy couples,” one of whom lets their friend borrow and then cut and paste a review. This is very obvious and constitutes an academic offense that could be punished by sanctions from the student conduct board. A false or plagiarized review will receive 0 points and possible referral to the Dean of Students conduct board. but this time you will strive to use musical language to describe the music you hear, word like allegro, fortissimo, accelerando. Try to be specific about descriptions of instruments, voice ranges, and performers, as they apply. In your conclusion, you should relate some growth or improvement in your ability to listen to and evaluate a live performance.

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Social Work practice with Veterans Hospice Hispanic Elders: Analytic Interview Paper

Social Work practice with Veterans Hospice Hispanic Elders: Analytic Interview Paper.

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The purpose of the paper is to interview a social worker and learn aboutHer experiences in working with Veterans Hospice Hispanic elders. What is the environment of the practice, and the impact on the Hospice Hispanic elder client by the agency and the social worker? When you ask the social worker for the opportunity to interview them, inform them that this is an assignment and will be used to enhance your learning of what it means to practice social work with Hispanic elders.

Interview the social work professional for at least 45 minutes. Treat this as an open

-ended interview; letting the social worker expand upon their experience, method of intervention, theoretical frameworks used with practice, research used for evidence based practice, demographics of the clients being serviced, agency information, attention to cultural competency and the impact of language. Your interview notes will provide the material for the development of the final paper. These notes do not need to be typed, but please submit them with the paper.


You are expected to demonstrate critical thinking skills as you prepare the literature review, interview summary and interview analysis, utilize at least three peer reviewed journals, and apply APA guidelines correctly. Drawing on relevant theories, perspectives and models (e.g. development, ecological systems, transactional, biological, psychological, strengths perspective), the readings, outside references, and class postings’/discussion, write a double

-spaced, properly referenced (minimum of three references), 7

4 page paper (excluding title and reference page) that includes the following content:

1.Place the social worker within her or his context by discussing important information

about the agency, her or his practice, (e.g. client load, programs, culturally

competent practice behaviors, etc.), background, current context, experiences and other collaborative agencies, strengths and gaps in services, etc. Ask the social worker about a memorable case, what was the situation, intervention applied, outcome, what worked, what would they have done different and insight they attained as a result of this case experience.

2.Discuss practice intervention methods, and social workers method(s) engaging,

assessing, intervening and evaluation with Veterans Hispanic elders. Does the agency incorporate certain specific assessment instruments, are they culturally sensitive

instruments, and what do they assess? The purpose of this section is to demonstrate that you have developed a very good sense of how the social worker practices with Hispanic elders.

3.Describe and analyze what you have learned about the social work practice with Hispanic elders. What are the theoretical and practical aspects of working with Hispanic elders? What are the appropriate theories utilized by the social worker and/or what theories did you identify being used as a

result of completing the

interview analysis?

4.Include a brief, summary discussion of the social worker’s and systematic factors

that impact their practice with the clients they service. How does the hospice social worker navigate client and resource challenge(s)?

5.At the end of this more formal analysis, write one or more pages commenting on

your own experience of doing this assignment and describe how your cultural lens

affected your interview and analysis. What did you learn from this interview content

that will enhance your future practice as a social worker with Veterans Hospice Hispanic elderly? Critically reflect on your strengths and how you would improve your interview skills. What worked well and what would you do differently?

6.Remember to integrate interview content in your analysis

Grading Criteria

1.Describe the social worker within her context provide a detailed background (up to 3 points)

2.Describe and analyze the practice intervention methods (up to 3 points)

3.Describe and analyze what you have learned incorporating the theoretical and

practical aspects of working with hospice Hispanic elderly (up to 4 points)

4.Include a brief, summary discussion of the systematic factors and impacts: (up to 3


5.Write a page or more commenting on your own experience of doing this assignment (up to 3 points) Note** Writing that your cultural lens did not affect your observational analysis is not acceptable and will result in 0 points. Think critically about this.

6.Integrate interview content throughout analysis. (up to 3 points)

7.Writer demonstrates critical thinking skills and utilizes at least 3 peer reviewed

resources (up to 3 points)

8.Writing and APA (up to 3 points)

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