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Hello, I am not in need of the following items from the attachment: Letter of Transmittal (follow layout of

Hello, I am not in need of the following items from the attachment:
Letter of Transmittal (follow layout of attached sample)
 Title Page (follow format of attached sample – include an appropriate visual)
 Summary (maximum 1 page)
 Table of Contents (follow format of attached sample)

If I could get the Introduction section, discussion sections, and the application section that would be amazing

Analysis of K-12 Physical Education Textbook

Analysis of K-12 Physical Education Textbook.

 Borrow a K-12 Physical Education textbook and conduct a thorough analysis of the textbook. This analysis will be based on certain criteria which includes: 1) estimating the readability level of the text (provide both the Raygor estimate and the Lexile), 2) describing its format and layout (sidebars, graphics, and other features), 3) evaluating the writing style, 4) judging how “considerate” the text is in terms of the author’s assumptions about prior knowledge, and 5) what you would have to do to support literacy learners who use it. This paper should not exceed two pages in length.

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Hello, I am not in need of the following items from the attachment: Letter of Transmittal (follow layout of What barriers do you think may arise as you work on your doctoral studies and what will you do to overcome them?
What support mechanisms do you have available?

Photo Credit: smolaw11 – stock.adobe.comIn addition, reflect on your Time Management Plan in your journal entry and address the following:
In considering your schedule, what is your biggest barrier to ensuring 13 hours of study time per week for one course? Or 25–30 hours per week for two courses?
Who do you need to have conversations with to help minimize this barrier?
Finally, reflect on your learning throughout this course. Your journal entry should address the following:
What did you learn in this course that surprised you?
How can you use the information and skills from this course going forward as a scholar-practitioner?
What skills will you be able to use in future courses?
What skills do you need to continue to work on in future courses?
What resources, if any, did you find extremely helpful during the course?
What resources, if any, will you continue to refer to in future courses or everyday life?

Writing Question

Write a 3 – 3 ½ page memoir (MLA double spaced, (pg. 37 in the reader). Do not write anything that you do not want known. First person is allowed. Also, there may be a reason you don’t remember things the same way. After you have completed the readings about writing a memoir, you are to write a memoir of your own. Pick one moment in your life. Do not pick a long period of time (All of high school, 1 year, 9 months, etc.). Keep it short – one day, an afternoon, 1 hour. The longer the period of time, the less room for details. Do not get carried away with details (the azure sky lit up the fluffy white clouds making them look like the marshmallows I loved as a child). On the other hand, a lack of descriptive detail will keep the reader from engaging (I walked into the room and sat on a chair).
Criteria for Evaluation:
Does your memoir narrate an event that had strong personal meaning for you?
Is it coherent and cohesive?
Is your memoir interesting, with vivid descriptive passages and sharp details?
Key outcomes met with this assignment:
Research and contribute to specific areas of inquiry by evaluating, synthesizing, and integrating strategies and sources appropriate to genre.
Adapt and employ conventions to communicate with diverse audiences who are members of or affected by a specific area or discipline.
Please no plagiarism, own work please, I attached an example below (don’t copy it), feel free to ask any questions please

Goods & Service Evaluation Report

Goods & Service Evaluation Report.

In the Goods & Service Industry much of the supply chain relies on having good suppliers who meet deadlines and provide the appropriate products as requested. Because this is such an important part of International Business it is incumbent on employees & Managers in the industry to build excellent relationships with these suppliers and to have strict procedures in place to ensure quality services. In order for you to be able to build those relationships and have the appropriate documentation in order you will require a set of tools to assist you.



For this unit you will need to create a portfolio of tools that can assist you in effectively managing suppliers. Completion of this task has been broken down into 3 sections so that you build your portfolio of documents as you progress through the unit.


Details of Assessment:

Supplier Management Portfolio Section 1

  • A list of  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for suppliers
  • Strategies (2-3) for effectively building good relationships with suppliers
  • Draft terms and conditions template for agreements with suppliers that complies with organisational policies and procedures
  • An evaluation template for suppliers
  • An assessment of current/future suppliers for your business using the template


Supplier Management Portfolio Section 2

  • A template for assessing goods/services delivered, with details on how you will deal with non-compliance to agreements, and contingency plans for supplies not delivered
  • Copies of letters/emails to suppliers negotiating new agreements
  • A checklist for resolving disputes with suppliers including steps about how disagreements with suppliers are investigated to establish validity and cause
  • 2-3 examples of how specific disputes with suppliers were successfully resolved


Supplier Management Portfolio Section 3

·       An outline of how suppliers who perform well are rewarded

  • Draft letter to a supplier to advise of review outcomes
  • Draft letter to management recommending a new supplier based on review outcomes

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 You will write a research-based paper of at least 5 pages (not counting the title and reference pages) in current APA format that focuses on mental health assessment and a mental health diagnosis of your choice. The paper must include at least 3 scholarly references in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. The paper will focus on 1 mental health disorder, and you will describe the symptoms that would be present for a client that could come to see you as a social worker. Create a scenario where a client would present the mental health symptoms of a mental health diagnosis that you choose to research. Describe the client’s presenting symptoms and how you have used the appropriate assessment tools, such as the mental status examination, cultural views, family history, any substance abuse history, and any physical health problems, to make the correct diagnosis (as discussed in the textbooks). Then, discuss the appropriate interventions for that specific diagnosis with research information about what has been effective for the chosen mental health diagnosis. The paper must include a description of the client’s strengths and the utilization of the biblical views for making both the assessment and treatment interventions. Incorporate at least 1 relevant Bible verse. Write your paper in current APA format. The paper must include: a. Title page b. Describe the use of the different assessment tools, such as the mental health status examination and the other important areas of focus with a client, for making the appropriate mental health diagnosis with the fictional client who would come in for services from you as the social worker. c. Describe the symptoms that meet the criteria for the chosen mental health diagnosis with the fictional client who would come in for services from you as the social worker. d. From what you have learned, prepare at least 2 suggestions for treatment interventions (specific type of evidence-based therapy that has helped with the chosen diagnosis, common types of medications prescribed, etc.) for the chosen diagnosis. e. Description of the client’s strengths and how the social worker uses the biblical viewpoints to assess and treat the client. f. Reference page for resources, including both textbooks, the Bible, and at least 3 scholarly references published within the past 5 years. LU’s library includes many resources to meet your needs. Newspaper articles and blogs do not qualify as professional resources

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Negative Liberty

Negative Liberty.

Paper details Use the following thesis against this passage: While the definition the author uses for negative liberty is valid, and taxation is interference, that interference acceptable. Spend the first full-body paragraph discussing the thinker’s definitions of negative liberty. You can defend your agreement or disagreement either by assessing the internal consistency of the following passage (is it coherent or contradictory? Why?) and/or by assessing the accuracy of its claims (are its various claims true or false? Why?). The essay should draw from the thinkers Isaiah Berlin, Cohen, Taylor, and Hobbes. (I have attached summarizations of their points of view to try and help – I have nothing on Cohen and almost nothing on Hobbes.) “If you truly value negative liberty—if you really think that others should not interfere with your own choices about what to do with your words, your body, and your belongings—then you have to agree that whenever government raises your taxes in order to provide social assistance to other citizens it encroaches upon your liberty. Yes, it is important that people have access to things like healthcare, education, and income. But let’s not pretend that government can distribute these resources without compromising liberty, to which we have a basic right. It is safe to say that all of the principles of justice that require the government to interfere with people’s economic choices in order to maintain some “pattern” of equality always conflict with liberty.”

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This week we covered sampling, the act of surveying a small group of people to infer something about the larger population. For this discussion board, visit the Gallup Poll and pick one survey you found interesting then answer the following questions. You can filter by category or use the search function at the top right hand corner on the website to find a unique topic.
Title: Add a link to the survey using the link button above.
Date published: date
Summary: Summarize the main results of the survey.
Relevance: Why do you think the Gallup poll conducted this survey? How can it help businesses and society make decisions? Did any of the result surprise you?
Sample post attached

Brussels airlines

Brussels airlines.

1. The chosen company is Brussels airlines. 
2. Identify and explain the product/service they provide, paying attention to core and supplementary service as well as tangible and intangible elements. You must refer to economy and first class seating, and what people choose these differing services. Definition of tangible and intangible; tangible being what you can touch and intangible what you cannot.
3. Discuss the company (Brussels airline) how do they promotion. Why do they promote. Who is their competitors. Identify and discuss two different target market. 
4. Select two current key drivers of external change that may affect the service provision of the company (Brussels). Must be current.

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Finance Question

Answer the following questions accoring to Blackrock and Morgan Stanley’s annul reports (attached)
Questions in bold are worth in the aggregate 75% of the total score
What is management’s compensation? How does it compare with the previous 2 years? Is overall compensation in line with the company’s performance?
Please perform a common size balance sheet analysis for both companies for the most recent two FYs. How are they similar? Different? What difference, in your analysis, accounts for any difference income between the companies and why? Internally, how do the balance sheets compare FY to FY? Which company is a better long-term credit risk? Why?
How does each company calculate depreciation/amortization on its long-term assets? How does each account for doubtful/uncollectable receivables?
In what sense are these two companies competitors? Do they compete for the same customers; do they offer the same products/services; are they in the same industry; do they occupy different market niches; do they offer two different solutions to the same customer need or desire? What advantages/disadvantages does each company see relative to the other and to the overall competitive environment?
Please review the accounting policies section of the notes to the financial statements and describe how the companies differ in their financial reporting practices.

El Paso Emergency Management

El Paso Emergency Management.

Core Assessment: For CJ353, the student will select local or state government organization concerned with emergency management and planning, and research, analyze and critique on the organization’s emergency management and planning processes. The focus of the analysis is to examine the various emergency management planning components: Mitigation; Preparedness; Response; and Recovery, as well as how the organization uses Unity of Command and NIMS principles in its emergency management practices. The research should include web search, periodicals, publications and interviews of personnel involved with the Emergency Management planning of the organization and personal observations when possible. Students should view the information obtained with the purpose of critiquing the organization’s fulfillment of the components suggested by the text and other sources. Explain the pros and a con of the organization’s emergency management process. Have they anticipated emergencies that law enforcement will be responsible for? Have they coordinated with other local state and federal agencies? Have they developed plans for handling emergencies? Have they exercised these plans? What should the organization do to improve their emergency management planning and response? What have they excelled at? The purposes in conducting and writing this study are to improve your ability to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate information carefully and objectively, solve problems effectively, present your ideas in clear written form directed to a specific audience, in this case, your class. To complete this project, you should: Select the agency in which you are interested. ( El Paso Emergency Management ) Gather materials from the agency, such as planning reports and practical exercise reports. Interview persons working in the planning section about their job(s) in person, telephone or e-mail. Observe the activities in the organization if possible. Describe the structure, practice, and procedures of the organization. Describe the procedures you will use to conduct your study including interviewing some people who work in the section. Describe the results of your study. Make conclusions about your findings, including the positive and negative aspects you discovered. Your paper must include: A cover page Abstract Introduction Methodology section Discussion Reference page Appendix which might include a summary of your interview(s) and organization charts of your agency and your section The text of this paper should be at least 2,000 words or eight pages typewritten or computer-generated, not counting the cover page, reference pages, and appendices. The paper shall be double spaced in either Times New Roman, 12 font. You must demonstrate that you understand the terminology and the concepts used in the section of the agency you study and that you know how to apply these concepts. You must demonstrate that you can synthesize, analyze, and evaluate information. You must correctly use APA format in source citation both in the body of the paper and in the reference page. Read the Plagiarism tab in the course.

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