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HEHA Strategy for Obesity

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Strategy for Obesity As health indicators have been better in New Zealand, the development of well being has not been consistently everywhere. Obesity is one of the most common public health problems all over the world that is increasing. It also has related some problems which include heart disease, stroke, type II diabetesand certain cancers. One of the countries is New Zealand, the number of obesity and overweight has been increasing ever since the 80s, most of them are aged 15 years and above (31%) and about one out of nine children aged 2 to 14 (11%), New Zealand Health survey (2012/13). This essay will talk about the HEHA Strategy on obesity; techniques, procedure and its programs. Obesity is a disease of having too much body fat. It is not similar as being overweight, which means weighing too much, (Wikipedia). The response of New Zealand commenced on 2003 to obesity is the“Healthy Eating-Healthy Action- Oranga Kai – Oranga Pumau (HEHA) Strategy”with the a vision of “an environment and society where individuals, families or whānau, and communities are supported to eat healthy, live physically active, and to attain as well as to maintain a healthy body” in simpler terms it concentrate on the growing problems such as poor eating lifestyle, lack of exercise, and obesity. The Health department has specially made a group of researchers to evaluate this said Strategy for the reason that the HEHA Strategy explicitly identifies the significance of the evaluation. The Strategy is lively and it may be influenced by altering political and communal contexts. The complication of the environment, the program and the problem is reflected in the complexity of the assessment. The Strategy’s structure also recognises the importance of reducing the inequalities in health and it involves the treaty which the Crown and Māori signed in 1840 which is considered to be New Zealand’s founding document, the “Treaty of Waitangi”. The viewpoint of this treaty is about partnership, participation and protection which is enshrined so much in the health legislation of New Zealand. Particular challenges have an effect on the assessment of the HEHA Strategy and other similar strategies. It is also a complicated intervention that is stirring in a complex condition and that encloses many not related aspects possibly to influence nutrition and physical activity. Moreover, this strategy’s aim of improving health, increasing physical activity and reducing obesity are long term goals and it may not be accomplished within the estimated time. The extent of nutritional behaviour is to be aware of the achievement of this said Strategy. The result that may be related to the HEHA strategy will be commencing, which is a Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey (NPAS). It is of course a survey and its plan is a continuing quarterly survey that set up four ‘panels’ of respondents, each of them will be interviewed annually in three years. All of the chosen country representatives exist to have datasets which comprise info on nutrition, physical activity patterns and body size. It will later be analysed and used to make criterion to be compared to the estimates of the NPAS. A number of six thousand four hundred people which are all fifteen years old and above will be recruited to take part in the said activity. The partakers will be recruited from over six hundred random mesh blocks. Maori, Pacific Islander plus a list of deprivation have been sampled to help the estimates of the groups to be calculated. The trial reviews have looked at the past model for Ministry of Health nationwide surveys using the same group sampling methods. This involves the certainty of a selected populace level rate that can be estimated by how old they are and where they came from, to make it possible into a precision of the estimates for observing the people changes in nourishment, the annual Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) survey will also be used for three years. This instrument for survey is made up of tons of questions from other state surveys and also some fresh questions. The question includes something about socio-demographic factors, physical activities and consumption of foods that has high fat, salt, sugar and MSG. The tactics of HEHA on creating a helpful setting also include questions regarding societal and environmental factors. The population’s estimate value will be copied for evaluating the multistage cluster sample by the standard methods. An examination will also be done to know the changes in health. In relation with the previous baseline, there will be a prepared national representative datasets. There are also programmes in schools that involve the HEHA strategy. An example of this is “The Fruit in Schools programme”. Its plan is to target lowest income decile schools. The students at the schools are supplied with a free quantity of fruit during school days. The schools that joined the programme are to carry out an entire school or society approach to make a supporting environment and should also supports healthy consumption, physical activities and smoke
NSEU Business of Healthcare and Financial Factors that Influence the Health Care System Discussion.

Develop a scholarly paper that addresses the following criteria:
1.  Discuss financial factors that influence health care today. 
2.  Include funding sources
3.  Include reimbursement methods 
4.  Include economic factors
5.  Include business influences
6.  Include cost containment and the role of the nurse
7.  Some questions to consider when writing the paper: 
a.  Is there a relationship between socioeconomic status and health/health outcomes?  
b.  Is health care a right or a privilege? 
c.  Is the Affordable Care Act the answer for Americans? 
d.  What is the fiscal responsibility in the role of the nurse today?
e.  In an ideal world, what would your health care vision for America look like?
NSEU Business of Healthcare and Financial Factors that Influence the Health Care System Discussion

Counterculture Analysis: Al Capone. Joey Hagel Al Capone was one of the most notorious leaders of a criminal syndicate in the 20th century (Biography). So how can Al Capone’s reputation as a gangster be interpreted as a counter culture? Firstly, a counter culture is a sub-culture that rejects the culture of the larger society (Thomas). Al Capone is notorious for his smuggling of alcohol during the Prohibition era (Biography). Establishing himself and the Chicago mafia as a counterculture (Biography). Alphonse Capone was an Italian immigrant living in New York at a young age (Biography). He dropped out of school during the sixth grade and joined Johnny Torrio’s street gang in New York City (FBI). After Johnny Torrio moved to Chicago Al Capone followed him there assuming the role as his right hand man (FBI). Torrio taught Capone the importance of an opulent and respectable front while running the businesses behind the scenes (Biography). Eventually Torrio retired giving the lead way for Al Capone to take charge after already establishing a fearsome reputation (FBI). It was the beginning of prohibition during the time Torrio retired and Capone took charge smuggling alcohol into the city conceiving the genesis of Capone’s fortunes (Biography). As a sign of his position Capone never walked around armed, he instead traveled with two bodyguards at all times (Biography). Capone eventually gained office in Cicero City after threatening voters with violence and kidnapped election workers (Biography). After the assassination of Capone’s mentor Johnny Torrio, Capone gained full titles as head of the mob, by owning Torrio’s nightclubs, whorehouses, breweries, and gambling dens and attaining a government position (Biography). After gaining power Capone was always out, unlike other gangsters, Capone was always well dressed and wanted to be viewed as a businessman (Biography). His bootlegging of whiskey and alcohol was making him rich, but a few incidents including the Valentines Massacre and the Adonis Club Massacre, Capone was blamed for these incidents but was never incarcerated due to lack of evidence (Biography). Finally, in October 1931 Capone was charged with tax evasion, but was never charged for smuggling alcohol (Berger). The Jury found him guilty on two misdemeanor and three felony counts (Berger). Capone was sent to Alcatraz until 1940 when he was released (Biography). The sociological perspective is a view that involves looking at social life in a scientific systematic way (Thomas). This view assists you in identifying the fact that all people are social beings, in finding a balance between personal desires and demands of your social environment, and in viewing your own life within a large social and historical context (Thomas). Using the sociological perspective one can develop a sociological imagination; which is the ability to understand your place in society and how your actions affect others in your society (Thomas). The actions of this counter cultural group has affected the American government immensely. Laws were changed due to the actions of the Chicago Mafia and Al Capone. By continuously smuggling alcohol into the cities of the United States and making a fortune for themselves, an amendment to the constitution was formulated in order to negate the amendment prohibiting alcohol (Constitution). This brought back the ability to sell liquor in the United States once again (Constitution). Not only that but they broke other important laws that brought attention to the government and fear to society (FBI). Ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s culture is superior than other cultures (Thomas). Ethnocentrism is imminent in the larger society of America who restricts the sale of alcohol. Where Al Capone was smuggling and selling alcohol to the society that forbid the action to occur (Biography). The larger society of America established a law that prohibited the sale of alcohol in the United States (Constitution). Since the subculture, the Chicago Mafia, did not agree with the amendment they decided to sell the liquor illegally going against the norms of the larger society (Biography). So the larger society found this group as a counter culture for not only bootlegging alcohol, but for braking other laws and going against other norms as well. They have also murdered, ran a whorehouse, and frequently gambled (FBI). These actions have defied the laws that the larger society created and due to the attempt of their incarceration found themselves to be a more superior culture. Cultural relativism is judging a person with the standards of that person’s culture not your own culture (Thomas). I believe that the Chicago Mafia acts the way they do because of the 18th amendment which prohibits the sale of alcohol (Constitution). Not only did they disagree with this they saw the opportunity to make profits off of this prohibition; which seemed to be quite fruitful considering Capone made millions of dollars (Biography). Due to the defying of these laws the U.S. government, or larger society, they attempted to incarcerate the people behind these crimes (FBI). Which brought on more crime from the Chicago Mafia involving murders and shootouts with cops (Biography). One of these shootouts resulted in the death of one of Capone’s brother which may have affected Capone’s choices of action during this time period (Biography). So due to the laws of the larger society, the Chicago Mafia made actions that defied these laws due to disagreement, desperation, and a chance at opulence (Biography). Personally I agree with the philosophy of the sale of alcohol; although I do not agree with the direction of the actions that the Chicago Mafia underwent. I agree that the ethnocentric view from the larger society possessed its flaws through the prohibition of alcohol which could have made the government money instead Al Capone took advantage and made the profits for himself (FBI). I do not agree with the actions Capone took to have the ability to sell liquor (FBI). Some of those involving murders including some massacres (Biography). With a sociological imagination one can understand the emotions of the society Capone effected through his actions. Although by understanding cultural relativism one can understand Capone’s actions which involved the smuggling of alcohol into American cities (Biography). Through these sociological understandings one can understand the actions of the counter culture and the emotions and reactions of the larger society. Works Cited “Al Capone.” ACounterculture Analysis: Al Capone

Bu Healthcare Organization Having Effective Communication Process Discussion

Bu Healthcare Organization Having Effective Communication Process Discussion.

Discussion: The response to the facilitator’s original post should be a minimum of 250 words and must be supported by at least three scholarly sources from google scholar. References should include a scholarly source outside your textbook. References and citations are required for your initial and response posts. 1 Discuss the factors that might inhibit a healthcare organization from having an effective communication process. Complete: The minimum word count for all Complete sections combined is 1,500 words per unit (total assignment). The student’s responses in the Complete section should be supported by at least four scholarly references. Make sure you are using scholarly or industry related journals. This demonstrates the need for effective communications when leading healthcare organizations. Communication can define the success in life and death situations and also comes into play in our culturally diverse populations, including patients, employees and providers. Empathic listening is the most important communication skills-listening to what is really being said. For this Complete assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below. Use at least four scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your essay. Cite your sources in APA format. Using APA format and at least four APA formatted references and citations that are no more than 5 years old: Read the Discussion Assignment 11-1 on p.260 of The Busy Boss. Select a health care entity to focus on, this could be a clinic or hospital of your choosing. Apply the case study of The Busy Boss to your selected health care entity and answer the following questions: 1. In a healthcare setting, what could be some consequences if leaders approached listening like John Gill? 2. How might John’s poor listening skills be adding to his growing list of problems? 3. Review the activity for Figure 11-5 for Are you a Good Listener. If you were John’s manager, how would you counsel him to improve his listening skills? 4. What actions can be taken to prevent a crumbling infrastructure in your selected health care entity? When it is necessary to communicate corrective feedback, what four guidelines should be applied?
Bu Healthcare Organization Having Effective Communication Process Discussion

MK 421 Strayer University Five Step Marketing Research Approach

best assignment help MK 421 Strayer University Five Step Marketing Research Approach.

Objectives: Scenario: You are the marketing manager for a local nonprofit charity whose funding is derived from membership fees. You have noticed a severe drop in new memberships and a decline in repeat memberships, which is threatening your organization’s ability to survive and grow. You have decided to implement the Five-Step Marketing Research Approach to help clarify the problem and develop strategies for implementation. Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Prezi, or Microsoft® Sway® presentation with speaker notes on the Five-Step Marketing Research Approach in which you detail the steps you will use to address the membership issue that the local nonprofit charity is facing. Address the following in your role as marketing manager: Define the Five-Step Marketing Research Approach and discuss the importance of research in marketing. Describe each step of the Marketing Research Approach in detail and create a plan of attack to explain how each stage should be implemented. Define the target market that you are striving to bring into this organization and describe the methods of research that you will use to identify these groups of people. Define service differentiation. Provide an example that illustrates how the local nonprofit charity in the scenario can use differentiation to help increase the target market’s interest. Explain how differentiation will help position the charitable organization within its defined market. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
MK 421 Strayer University Five Step Marketing Research Approach

Use of Sanitary Products by the Go Fund Me Website Discussion Paper

Use of Sanitary Products by the Go Fund Me Website Discussion Paper.

I’m working on a women’s studies case study and need support to help me study.

This assignment requires you to create your own action plan that incorporates a Social Justice perspective as an implicit theme underlying the Psychology of Women. Ask yourself “What could I do to help make this a more just and fair world for girls and/or women?” Considering such basic course concepts as gender, power/privilege, race, class, ethnicity, media impact, socialization, gender theory, etc., what might YOU realistically do to impact positive change for women or girls? We obviously cannot all sing melodiously for a benefit concert, or go to Africa as a volunteer, but each of us has the potential to make at least some level of positive difference. Previous ideas have included a prom dress drive to donate to local High Schools where students cannot afford to purchase new ones; old cell phones or clothing collected on a campus and at work and donated to a local battered women’s shelter; creation of a “Young Women’s Club” to inform and empower the girls at a local school, etc. In your personalized plan, do not use the examples provided-instead, introspect thoughtfully about who YOU are; you might consider your major and the expectations for your own future; think about your “sphere of influence” (friends & family, coworkers, and others with whom you interact), think about your values and the world you would like to shape for future females…Include the answers to the following questions in your essay.What resources and support will you need to do make this happen, and how/from whom specifically will you acquire them?What specific target group of women or girls will benefit from your action plan?How much time could you realistically commit to this project if you were to actually implement it?You may NOT propose creating a new business entity, corporation, partnership or non-profit. The associated legal process is too time-consuming for this small project…Please write enough detail that if I wanted to, I could actually implement your plan from the description you have provided, without having to ask further questions or clarifications from you. Be realistic, be creative, be honest. Your written submission should be approximately 600-800 words (about 2 pages double spaced 12pt font). Vocabulary and grammar are important, so write carefully and please take the time to spellcheck and to proofread.i attached an example to help you complete this assignment.
Use of Sanitary Products by the Go Fund Me Website Discussion Paper

HIST 330 Cal State Fullerton Origins of Agriculture Annotated Bibliography

HIST 330 Cal State Fullerton Origins of Agriculture Annotated Bibliography.

Choose an academic chapter, an academic article, or primary source material suitable to accompany the course lectures. The selected reading needs to be roughly 20 pages long. You must provide a full citation. You should write a three page explanation of why you chose this particular work, and which specific aspects of the reading align to specific aspects of the lecture materials. Note: there is no need to summarize the contents of the work, and no points will be awarded for doing so. Write another two more pages, describing at least two otherworks, also roughly 20 pages long, that were also considered, and explain why they were rejected in favour of the recommended reading. The alternatives should at least have some relevance to the course, even if they were judged to be less suitable than the final recommendation.
HIST 330 Cal State Fullerton Origins of Agriculture Annotated Bibliography