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Age-related change doesn’t only affect your body parts but your internal organs and body systems as well. As we age, we never think about our heart giving out on us are will stop pumping, but the reality for example, just as your eyes weaken and produce less tears your heart weakens too as you get older. We put more and more strain on our hearts, making the heart having to work ten times harder. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is the most common type of heart disease.

I’m here to tell you all, it’s the leading cause of deaths in the United States in both women and men. (CAD) happens when the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle becomes harden and narrowed. This is due to the buildup of cholesterol and/or plaque on the inner walls (MedlinePlus, 2012). To reduce your risk of getting (CAD) can potentially lead to heart failure. Leading to the next disease I want to discuss is Congestive Heart Failure. CHF) is a condition in which the heart’s function as a pump is inadequate to meet the body’s needs (MedicineNet, 1996). From known knowledge, (CHF) can be based on many reasons for example, individuals medical history. I know as we age we all dislike going to the doctor’s office or hospital, but I’m here to tell you, we all need to go more often than normal. Getting careful physical examinations and selected laboratory tests done can save your life.

Lastly, I want to discuss another heart disease that you maybe more familiar with, is Myocardial Infraction also known as a heart attack. Most heart attacks are caused by a blood clot that blocks one of the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries, brings blood and oxygen to the heart (PubMed, 2010). If the flow is blocked, the heart is starved of oxygen and your heart cells die (PubMed, 2010). Although, we don’t know the actual cause of heart attacks, it is very wise as I mentioned to get regular physicals and tests done often.

Being a nurse, I can listen for abnormalities and also perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) to look for heart damage. I’m not here to scare anyone, but I speak facts. To recap everything, people please do the best you can to take care of your bodies, especially your heart. Everyone, please exercise regularly, start eating a well-balanced diet high in fiber and get regular checkups and tests done. These little things can actually save your life. As we age, we don’t know what’s ahead of us. So get educated on the health of your body!

Heart Failure Clinic Resourcing Plan .

Heart Failure Clinic Resourcing Plan ..

 Write a 3–4 page evidence-based resourcing plan for one component of the Heart Failure Clinic. It is important for the nurse leader to have not only a basic understanding of the budget process, but to understand how to work with variances in staffing, patient loads, and supply costs in order to meet the needs of the patients, without compromising the funding process of the clinic. Competency 3: Apply management strategies and best practices for health care finance, human resources, and materials allocation decisions to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes. Apply evidence-based management strategies and best practices for resourcing health care services. Describe management and accountability tools and procedures used to manage health delivery services and patient outcomes. Competency 4: Apply professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct in professional practice. Apply legal and professional standards for resourcing outpatient services. Competency 5: Communicate in manner that is consistent with the expectations of a nursing professional. Write content clearly and logically, with correct use of grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and current APA style.

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