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Heart Disease Essay, Research Paper

Heart Disease

It is the clip of advancement. The clip of supercomputers, infinite birds, and many other admirations of engineering. We have walked on the Moon. We do our shopping at place via Internet pilotage. We can non merely talk with, but we can see the individual we are speaking to 1000s of stat mis off. It is mankind s greatest hr. Yet unhappily, it is besides our clip of deceasing. Strange that no affair how advanced our society has become, our state s wellness hasn T caught up. After all, bosom disease, besides known as cardiovascular disease, is our state s figure one slayer ( Preventive Magazine Health Books p. 153 ) .

The most common, and most preventable, bosom disease of all is coronary arteria disease. This is caused when obstructions develop in the blood vass that provide oxygen-rich blood to the bosom musculus. A more general term for any damage of blood flow through the blood vass is arterial sclerosis ( Hale p.371 ) . One of the most common symptoms is chest hurting. When your bosom musculus is non acquiring adequate O, it sends out a painful warning signal called angina pectoris ( Hale p.372 ) . Because your bosom needs oxygen the most when it is working the hardest, angina is most likely to happen during exercising. And if the bosom musculus is deprived of O for long plenty, it will decease, ensuing in a bosom onslaught, or myocardial ( bosom musculus ) infarction ( weave decease ) ( Weisse p. 54 ) . As you can see, forestalling this disease should be a figure one precedence.

The bar of bosom disease should get down in childhood and go on throughout life. But it is ne’er excessively late to get down ; people of all ages can profit greatly from diet, exercising, smoking surcease, and emphasis control to forestall bosom disease. We should seek to command our hazard factors, such as cholesterin, high blood-pressure, emphasis control, smoking wonts, deficiency of exercising, and dietetic jobs, or more specifically, fleshiness. There is no 1 manner, or miracle remedy, to command these factors, but common sense, every bit good as modern medical specialty, tells us how. Simply stop smoke, eat nutrients lower in cholesterin, lower your blood force per unit area with a healthy diet and a lower salt consumption ( this will besides command fleshiness ) , and utilize day-to-day exercising modus operandis to assist forestall disease.

However, every bit easy as it is to forestall disease utilizing these simple techniques, it is besides recommended to see a physician regula

rly to observe disease early in its presymptomatic, or soundless phases. Routine blood force per unit area testing can observe high blood pressure long before it had caused any harm, but in coronary arteria disease, testing is much more complex and less effectual. The EKG ( EKG ) is a simple trial that measures the bosom s electrical activity ( Donahue p. 35 ) . The most widely used testing trial is the exercising EKG, or stress trial. The theory is simple: acquire the bosom working hard so it needs more blood, and you will be able to observe partial obstructions in the coronary arterias. Unfortunately, exercising trials are non accurate for healthy people with a low mobility of coronary disease.

As for myself, I try to utilize an exercising plan to cut down my personal hazard for bosom disease. I walk 30 proceedingss a dark with my boy, and purchase nutrients that are low in fat. I have a low Na consumption, in fact I ne’er truly use salt at all in my cookery. I do non smoke, and seek to avoid 2nd manus fume. As for my emphasis, I use task-oriented header schemes to maintain my emphasis degrees at a lower limit ( Lefton p.464 ) . I besides try to do regular visits to a clinic, and acquire physicals for both myself, and my boy Tre. Hopefully by utilizing these preventive schemes I can maintain bosom disease s lifelessly touch at bay.

Like all countries of medical specialty, bar methods change as new informations accumulates and old thoughts autumn by the roadside. The sweetening of wellness and bar of disease comes from looking beyond the Numberss and statistics to measure the whole image. Clinical experience, opinion, and even personal experience is every bit of import to accomplishing a healthy life style as are difficult facts. Still, until we have all the scientific replies, opinions must sometimes do, and each of us must utilize methods of disease bar before the last word ( or last opinion ) is in.


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Recognize the basic concepts and terminology used in Strategic Management.ClO-1
Describe the different issues related to environmental scanning, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation in diversified organizations.ClO-2
Demonstrate how executive leadership is an important part of strategic management. ClO-5

Assignment Question(s):
Discussion questions
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1. How can a decision maker identify strategic factors in a corporation’s external international environment? (2 marks)
2. Discuss the relationship between corporate governance and social responsibility? Give examples. (2 marks)

Review the figure 4-3, p.110 from your textbook and answer the following questions:

1. Choose any example of industry from the real national or international market, and detail Porters’ five forces framework with a graphic representation.(2.5 marks)
2. According to Porter’s framework, what determines the level of competitive intensity in your chosen industry? (1.5 marks)
3. Assess the threat of new entrants, and substitute products/ services for your chosen industry.(1 mark)
4. Is your chosen industry attractive for investment? Why or why not?(1 mark)