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Heart Attacks Essay, Research Paper

A bosom onslaught occurs when the blood supply to a part of the bosom musculus is badly reduced or stopped. This happens when one of the arterias that supply blood to the bosom musculus is blocked by an obstructor. This obstruction can be due to a status called coronary artery disease ( a physique up of fatsos like substance along the wall of the arteria ) , a blood coagulum or a coronary vas cramp along with a entire obstructor. If the blood supply to a part of the bosom stops, that country of the bosom will no longer have the O or foods needed to transport out its map and will decease. If it is a really little portion of the bosom involved, it will be able to work without it. If a big part is damaged, irreversible harm will go on which can take to death.Damage to the bosom musculus may be so terrible that it may do unnatural bosom beat, called arrhythmias. Most people who are of a myocardial misdemeanor or a bosom onslaught do so within a few hours due to a type of arrhythmia The bosom onslaught victim will kick of force per unit area, uncomfortableness or a squeezing esthesis in the Centre of the thorax. There may be hurting radiating to the weaponries or the cervix. There may besides be shortness of breath, failing, weariness, sickness, purging and or dyspepsia. The hurting that occurs is the consequence of bosom tissue ischaemia ( decreased blood supply ) . The country that is non having adequate blood is literally shouting out for aid. When a individual complains of any of the symptoms mentioned, they should be transported to the nearest infirmary. The diagnosing of an M.I. is made for the patient & # 8217 ; s history, from particular trials on E.C.G. and measuring of certain enzymes released into the blood stream from damaged bosom muscle.Once an M.I. has occurred and a part of the bosom musculus has died, something has to be done to forestall a piece of the obstructor from interrupting off and barricading another arteria someplace else in the organic structure. There are four chief techniques to forestall this. Drugs may be given to breakdown a blood coagulum. The obstructor can be cleared by forcing the plaque towards the wall of the arteria by blow uping a balloon inside the arteria ( balloon angioplasty ) . The obstructor can be loosened up by brushing it and suctioning it out of the arteria, this is called atheroectomy. The last technique is to unclutter the plaque out by u

sing one of the methods mentioned and then add a device, called a stent, that will remain in the artery and hold it open.These techniques are only temporary, because they do not fix the problem that caused the heart attack, they only slow down the process. These techniques must always be accompanied by risk factor modifications. There are many risk factors that contribute to heart attacks. Some risk factors can be modified or changed, while others can not. Risk factors that are non-modifiable (or can not be changed):Family History: If your parents, grandparents, or other close relatives have suffered heart attacks in the past – this increases your chances of having a heart attack.Male: Males are more likely to have heart attacks a younger age than females. However, once women reach menopause, their chances of having a heart attack equal that of men.Age: As we get older, our risk of having a heart attack grows.Risk factors that are modifiable (or can be changed):Cigarette Smoking: Nicotine in cigarettes cause blood vessels to narrow. This can increase the chances of having a heart attack.Diet: A diet high in fat and cholesterol can add pounds, but can also add to atherosclerosis – or fatty build up on artery walls. Decrease fat intake and increase your fibre. High Blood Pressure: Hypertension can lead to blood vessel damage, because the heart has to work harder to pump blood through narrow or hardened vessels affected with atherosclerosis. This blood vessel damage can lead to blood clots.Limited Physical Activity: Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of a heart attack.Obesity: Can result from limited physical activity and a diet high in fat. Keep your weight under control.Stress: Almost everyone deals with stress everyday, whether it is in school, the workplace, or at home. The trick is to learn how to deal with it. Regular physical activity is a great way to relieve stress. Other ways include; relaxation techniques, a warm bath, and soothing music. Find a method that works and stick with it.Each year in Canada, about 53 000 people are hospitalized with a heart attack and about 26 000 die. Anyone who has suffered a heart attack has increased risk of suffering another one in the following few years. The chances of surviving for many years can be improved by taking action to reduce the risk factors mentioned before.

Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Systems

Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Systems.

Using what you have learned about Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Systems:

Read the pictures I will submit. CHOOSE ONE ACTIVITY (from pages 237 – 242) TO DESCRIBE AND APPLY IN YOUR FUTURE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. Include a children’s book and app you will use for your activity. Include/answer the app questions on page 243 for your chosen app (15 points for each (book and app), 10 points for app questions = 40) Create a “visual display” outlining your activity, explaining the steps and the inclusion of your book and your activity (display and steps activity explanation = 40 points) You must link to a Performance Expectation Concept (p. 237 – 10 points) to a Science and Engineering concept (p. 236 – 10- points) for a total = 20 points)

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