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Healthcare Delivery Discussion

Healthcare Delivery Discussion.

A 78-year-old female comes to your office escorted by a neighbor who is a patient of yours. The neighbor, who has lived next door to the older woman for years, relates that a week ago the elderly woman’s sister died and that she had been her caregiver for many years. The neighbor relates that although she would occasionally see the older woman, she did not visit the home. At the funeral last week, she noticed that the woman appeared fatigued, confused, sad, and gaunt in appearance. Later the neighbor approached the woman, inquired about her health, and determined that the woman had a very difficult time the past couple of months, caring alone for her sister until the end when hospice care was initiated. The neighbor convinced the woman to seek medical care and today is the first appointment with a provider that this 78-year-old female has had in 3 years. The older woman states that she is very fatigued and sad over the loss of her sister. Neither her sister nor the patient has been married. A distant niece came to the funeral but lives about 30 miles away. The woman states that she is not taking any prescription medication and relates no medical problems that she is aware of being diagnosed.Vital signs: T 97.6°F, HR 98, RR 22, BP 95/60, BMI 21 Chief Complaint: Fatigue and sadness over the death of her older sister.Discuss the following:1) What additional subjective information will you be asking the patient? 2) What additional objective findings would you be examining the patient for? 3) What are the differential diagnoses that you are considering? 4) What laboratory tests will help you rule out some of the differential diagnoses? 5) What screening tools will you select to use on this patient? 6) What is your plan of care? 7) What additional patient teaching may be needed? 8) Will you be looking for a consult?Submission Instructions:Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources. Your initial post is worth 8 points.
Healthcare Delivery Discussion

ECOM 402 SEU Wk 7 E Supply Chain Management Covid 19 Communicable Diseases Essay.

Critical Thinking The scientific community agrees that major outbreaks of communicable diseases, like COVID-19 will be highly likely in the future, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Furthermore, we are also likely to experience additional disruptions to supply chains that result from climate change and political instability. This outbreak played a serious role in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also reduced workforces to complete shutdowns, many industries and sectors are suffering due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and manufacturing is taking one of the largest hits. According to the General Authority for Statistics ,Saudi Arabia’s index for industrial production dropped 3.29 percent in March 2020 when compared to the same month last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. “The decrease in industrial production resulted mainly from lower production in non-oil manufacturing activities (down by 11.46 percent), as the COVID-19 pandemic led some factories to reduce the production operations late in the month” . As a Project manager what measures are you going to take for your organization under below mentioned issues: Critical Question(s)-1: (2.5- Marks) How will you measure supply chain and production risks and what you could do to mitigate those risks? Critical Question(s)-2: (2.5- Marks) Also, when a crisis like rapidly changing prices on consumable items (Ex. face masks). what steps will you consider to reduce costs, both in the short and medium term? Critical Question(s)-3: (2.5- Marks) Discuss the role technology and its importance during Covid time. Also discuss solutions which provided by the organisations. Critical Question(s)-4: (2.5- Marks) Discuss the role of Lean manufacturing in the post Covid. Some Saudi Companies names for your kind reference: http:// References DerynGraham,Ioannis Manikas,DimitrisK.Folinas:E-LogisticsandE-Supply Chain Management:ApplicationsforEvolvingBusiness,IGIGlobal;1edition,2013. ISBN-13: 978-1-4666-3914-0
ECOM 402 SEU Wk 7 E Supply Chain Management Covid 19 Communicable Diseases Essay

HCS 475 Leadership and Decision Making Presentation, health and medicine homework help.

Case Scenario 1 The Director Team at St. Francis Nursing Home has been asked to create and implement a program to retain nurses. Nursing staff collectively felt that their administration did not fully understand a nurse’s job duties and did not provide a way for the nurses to share their concerns about the work environment. Morale is low, and nurses have been resigning at a rapid pace. They are currently at a turnover rate of 22%. Use the steps of the decision-making process regarding your assigned scenario.Create a 7 to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the following:Identify the purpose. What are the challenges for management?Set the criteria. As a management team, what goals do you want to achieve?Weight the criteria. Rank your goals in order of importance to management.Seek alternatives. What alternative tools might management use to motivate staff? How would a leader use these tools to motivate staff? Will the leaders and managers motivate staff differently?What tips do you have for the management team to empower staff?Test alternatives. How can positive modeling be used in this scenario? What alternatives do you have for modeling?How can management incorporate mentorship into daily responsibilities?Troubleshoot. How will you address resistance from staff? What issues might impede the achievement of goals?Evaluate the action. How will you measure your goals to ensure success?What are the ethical considerations in leadership and management?What other management decisions must be considered in your scenario to improve employee morale? How will the success of these be measured?Cite a minimum of five references.Format your references consistent with APA guidelines.
HCS 475 Leadership and Decision Making Presentation, health and medicine homework help

Papa Johns SWOT review

Papa Johns SWOT review. I’m working on a Business exercise and need support.

Be sure to save the Reference List and citation information from this SWOT that you will need in your paper. Based on your readings and your understanding of this SWOT analysis, explain the following:

How have declining trade and investment barriers likely impacted this business’ globalization?
How has technological change likely impacted this business’ globalization?
What impact does currency fluctuation have on product price across Papa John’s global operations?

Respond in a minimum 350-word informative essay in APA format and citation style with a separate title and reference page and be properly cited.
Papa Johns SWOT review

Impact of Health Policy on Children, Young People and Families

python assignment help Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Identify an area of Social policy and describe the potential impact on the lives of children, young people and their families. In this assignment I will be focusing on the health care policy and how it impacts the lives of children, young people and their families. The Welfare state is a system which protects the health and well being of its citizens especially those in financial and social needs by grants, pensions and other benefits (Cambridge Dictionary, 2019). This is a key example of a social policy which consists of strict regulations that affect the living conditions of human welfare (Hacker, 2002). The welfare system are social organisations which restricts free market operations in three principal ways by designating of certain groups, for example factory workers, delivery of services such as medical care or education and transferring payments in times of exceptional need like parenthood (Fraser, 2009). “It is a system of social organisation which restricts free market operations in three principal ways: by the designation of certain groups, such as children or factory workers, whose rights are guaranteed and whose welfare is protected by the community; by the delivery of services such as medical care or education, so that no citizen shall be deprived of access to them; and by transfer payments which maintain income in times of exceptional need, such as parenthood, or of interruption of earnings caused by such things as sickness or unemployment” (Fraser, 2009). As I explained above I will be focusing on the health policy. Health policy is defined as decision plans and actions that are undertaken to achieve specific health care goals within a society according to the world Health Organisation (World health organisation, 2019). The policy outlines several priorities and expected roles.This informes people there are many categories of health policies including personal Healthcare policy, pharmaceutical policy and public health such as vaccination policy and breastfeeding policy. The health care policy is important as it sets a general plan of action for good healthy outcomes (World health organisation, 2019). However, the concern for health policy became intense in 2005 when two issues had emerged; adult and childhood obesity and the quality, proportion of children school meals. They have been suggested that childhood obesity is a recurring issue that’s become a problem for the children all over different countries but mostly in the UK. The latest issue was highlighted when a popular TV chef Jamie Oliver came out with a programme, ‘Jamie school dinners’ which was found that the kind of food and quality of it was poor and that the basic take in of nutritional standards were absent. This was the reason for defective learning and early signs of behavioral problems which can lead to future health problems (Alcock, Daly

I need help answering 6 short answer questions, please! 🙂

I need help answering 6 short answer questions, please! :).

Should the scope of a software system ever be modified to accommodate security changes? Justify your position.How can limiting scope creep enhance the security of a software system?Why is it important to establish metrics for security in defining requirements? What would happen if there were no metrics established?Why should a system always be con-structed to fail safely? What are the minimum expectations for a general system to have failed safely?Why are security considerations important in the planning of system behavior? Give examples to justify your position.Why is consideration of error messages and outgoing information an important concern in vulnerability mapping?
I need help answering 6 short answer questions, please! 🙂

WGST 112 WVU Women and Gender Studies Patriarchy and Kyriarchy Discussion

WGST 112 WVU Women and Gender Studies Patriarchy and Kyriarchy Discussion.

I need help with some questions in my Introduction to Women and gender studies, here are the question:Q.1 What is the difference between the terms patriarchy and kyriarchy? How does intersectionality help us to better understand the concept of kyriarchy and vice versa?Q.2 What is the difference between heterosexism and sexism? Provide your own definition for each, and give one example of heterosexism and one example of sexism (2 points for definitions showing differences; 2 points per each example – 8 points total).Q.3 What is ableism? What are the two main types of ableism? What are 2 examples of ableism that you can see happening in the world? You can use examples from our class readings or you can use your own examples. (2 points for definition; 2 points per each example – 6 points total)Q.4 In 2-3 sentences, sum up the reading “The Social Construction of Gender” by Lorber. What was this reading about? How does the author support her argument? Q.5 What does it mean to think about racism systemically versus individually? What is an example of systemic racism that can help us better understand the pervasiveness of racism in 2020? (4 points for difference; 2 points for example – 6 points total)added some pictures for question
WGST 112 WVU Women and Gender Studies Patriarchy and Kyriarchy Discussion