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Health Sciences homework help

Health Sciences homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the understanding of the concept of hegemony from Spanish hegemony. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Understanding of the concept of hegemony from Spanish hegemony,Week 6 Discussion Board,Questions:,1.       Firstly, the lecture covered the bases for Spanish hegemony in the New World. Drawing from events in the film about Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, illustrate your understanding of the concept of hegemony and also how it was practiced by the Spanish in the Americas. (10 points),2.      Secondly, social race is culturally based, which means that how races are defined will vary from culture to culture. Wagley illustrates this by providing three examples of how racial classification systems vary across the Americas. Additionally, present those three examples to show your understanding of how racial mixture in the Americas resulted in different ways to classify races. (10 points), ,Assignment,WEEK 6: The Colonial Legacy, The basic outlines of colonial society, the importance of class, gender, and race, and the bases of Iberian hegemony.,Resources:,·         Lecture #6,Reading #6: Charles Wagley, “On the Concept of Social Race in the Americas”, Film: Yo, la peor de todas (film about Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, 1 hour, 47 minutes),,Thirdly, read the Assignment Guidelines posted under the Assignments section in the BlackBoard menu. Those guidelines apply to all assignments.,Please do not recopy the questions when you answer them. Just identify each question by its number and answer them on a separate sheet. Make sure you answer the questions and also that you support your answer with the appropriate course materials.,Also, please answer in your own words. What I am looking for is to see if you understand the material. You do not reveal an understanding of the material if you cut and paste from the readings or other online resources. The policy on plagiarism that is in the syllabus applies to assignments.,Lastly, please proofread what you are turning in, especially in correcting typos and misspellings., ,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Health Sciences homework help
St Edwards University Impact of Choices on Buyers Decisions Discussion Paper.

After watching the video, Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce (Links to an external site.) (17 minutes), please answer the following questions in a total of 300 to 500 words. APA CitationHail Howard!!! There is no perfect pickle. There are only perfect pickles. In this video, Malcolm Gladwell tells the story of Howard and his contribution to consumer choice. After watching this video and the videos by Doctor’s Iyenger (Week One) and Schwarz (Week Two), what do you think? Does having too much choice, lead to unhappiness, or as Malcolm Gladwell relates in the story of Howard, does having multiple choices lead to happy consumers. In your write up compare the two contrasting points of view and discuss what side of the argument you favor.
St Edwards University Impact of Choices on Buyers Decisions Discussion Paper

California State University Northridge How to achieve ISO 27001 Research Paper

California State University Northridge How to achieve ISO 27001 Research Paper.

Research Paper: please address the following in a properly formatted research paper:Do you think that ISO 27001 standard would work well in the
organization that you currently or previously have worked for? If you
are currently using ISO 27001 as an ISMS framework, analyze its
effectiveness as you perceive in the organization.Are there other frameworks mentioned has been discussed in the article that might be more effective?Has any other research you uncover suggest there are better frameworks to use for addressing risks?Course Name: Enterprise Risk ManagementRequirements:Paper should be atleast in 1000 words Follow APA 7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.Support your answers with the readings from the course and at
least Five scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims,
and observations, in addition to your textbook. Remember not to copy any content from any other source – all work needs
to be your original work, but remember to also include citations
California State University Northridge How to achieve ISO 27001 Research Paper

Info 5 Essay

custom essay Info 5 Essay. You are the business owner of a local cleaning service, and you have been thinking about implementing a knowledge management system for your cleaning technicians, especially for those who troubleshoot and solve cleaning problems, such as removing certain carpet and water stains, addressing mold, and selecting the proper tools and products to use for other types of cleaning issues. You are thinking about this because there are times when some of your cleaning technicians know how to properly clean carpets and others do not. Providing a central knowledge repository could help share cleaning knowledge among your cleaning technicians. Explain the role of knowledge management systems. Explain what is meant by expert systems. Explain what is meant by content management systems. Discuss how the business in the selected scenario could benefit from an expert system and a content management system, and provide two examples for each type of system. Discuss how the business in the selected scenario could benefit from business intelligence, and provide two examples of these benefits. Discuss how the business in the selected scenario can use social media to not only obtain information and knowledge but to share it as well, and provide two examples of how the business might use social media information systems. Your paper must be at least two pages in length (not counting the title and reference pages), and you must also use at least two scholarly sources. Any information from a source must be cited and referenced in APA format, and your paper must be formatted in accordance to APA guidelines.Info 5 Essay

UHCL Substitution Effect & Forecasting New Products & Services Discussion

UHCL Substitution Effect & Forecasting New Products & Services Discussion.

1. Substitution EffectWhen the price of a good changes (decreases), it becomes less expensive which allows consumers to increase their satisfaction (purchase) for that good. Just the opposite happens when the price of a good changes increases. When the price of a good changes (increases), it become more expensive which changes the consumer satisfaction for that good causing the consumer to seek a substitution. This concept is the substitution effect of the price change. In this discussion forum, identify a consumer product that has decreased in price and discuss the increase in consumer demand for this product. What have consumer substituted because of this decrease in price.2. Forecasting New Products and ServicesForecasting provides very useful projections for established products and services, but newly introduced products and services have wildly different success results. Name and discuss at least one product and one service that exploded with exponential increase in demand shortly after their introduction. What about products and services (2) that have largely been ignored?
UHCL Substitution Effect & Forecasting New Products & Services Discussion

ESS 8 UC Los Angeles Earthquakes Plate Boundaries Lab Report

ESS 8 UC Los Angeles Earthquakes Plate Boundaries Lab Report.

Introduction: In lecture and from your work in Lab 1 you became familiar with the spatial and depth distribution of earthquakes on the Earth and their relation with tectonic plate boundaries. In this lab you will add the distribution of volcanoes to the picture and observe where they occur with respect to the main plate boundaries. You will learn how to recognize the nature of plate boundaries based on their attributes in the topography, seismicity, and distribution of volcanoes around them. The map you will use displays 3 types of volcanoes: Composites, shield volcanoes, and Cindercones. They appear in various geologic environments at the surface of the Earth. Composite -or stratovolcanoes- are tall and produce explosive eruptions. They are mostly found in volcanic arcs along subduction zones. Famous volcanoes in North America include Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier in Washington.Shield volcanoes produce effusive eruption of fluid lava flows called basalt lava that spread widely over great distances. Some of the largest volcanoes in the world are shield volcanoes. In Hawaii, Mauna Loa, the largest of the shield volcanoes (and also the world’s largest active volcano), projects 13,677 feet above sea level, its top is over 28,000 feet above the deep ocean floor. Shield volcanoes are mostly found in rift systems along divergent boundaries and in hot-spots (Hawaii). Cinder cones are the simplest type of volcanoes. As the gas-charged lava is blown violently into the air, it breaks into small fragments that solidify and fall as cinders around the vent to form a circular or oval cone. ( the following we will use an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) built by the Environment Literacy and Inquiry Group supported in part by the Leheigh Environmental Initiative ( to assess the relationship between tectonic plate boundaries, seismicity, and volcanoes. Open a browser and navigate to the site: The page shows a map of the world with a set of tools and menus on the right-hand side. The map includes an actionable cursor on the upper-left corner to zoom in and out of the map. The lower left corner shows a scale bar and the coordinates of the cursor as you move it around the map. 1. Volcanoes distribution: In the Dynamic Layers menu, select the Volcanoes and the Plate Boundary buttons and zoom out to see the entire world. Select Map Legend to see the color code of volcano types. 1a. (1 pt) Where are volcanoes located with respect to plate boundaries? 1b. (1 pt) Are volcanoes evenly distributed along plate boundaries? What is different about Hawaii? (You may zoom in and out of the map or use the Map Navigation tool to zoom to Hawaii or other parts of the map). 2. Aleutian plate boundary Use the Map Navigation Tool and select Aleutian Islands from the list of locations. Use the Dynamic Layers menu to add the Earthquakes M>4.0 (9/08-9/11)Open the Map Legend to see the color code for depth. 2a. (1 pt) In which direction does the zone of seismicity tilt toward? Circle one. NortheastNorthNorthwestWest2b. (1 pt) What type of plate boundary is along the Alaska coast? Use the Dynamic Layers menu to add the Subducting Slab Depth to the map. Open the Map Legend to see the color code for depth. 2c. (1 pt) How does the dip angle of the slab varies from East to West along the Aleutian Trench? Hint: You may use the Subduction Zone Profile tool and click successively on the Atka Island and the Kodiak Island buttons to see the dipping slab in cross-section. The location of the profile will be shown on the map as a straight line. 3. Other plate boundaries Let’s look at other plate boundaries around the globe. In the Map Navigation Tool select the East-Pacific Rise. The map shows the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean and South America. 3a. (1 pt) Based on what you learned on the Aleutian trench, look at how the seismicity depth varies across the western margin of South America. What is the type of boundary you can infer along the South America west coast? ConvergentDivergentTransform3b. (1 pt) In the Map Navigation Tool select the North Atlantic Ocean. The map centers itself on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Open the Map Legend for earthquakes depth color code. What is the depth range of the seismicity along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge? Using the Elevation Profile tool, draw a profile from the Sohm Plain in the West to the Canary Basin in the East of the North Atlantic. Double click to end the profile and look at the elevation profile in the Profile Tool. 3c. (1 pt) What is the depth of the abyssal plains at both ends of the profile? 3d. (1 pt) What is the depth in the axis of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge? 3e. (1 pt) What is the height of the axial ridge over the abyssal plains? 3f. (1 pt) What type of plate boundary is along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge? ConvergentDivergentTransform4. New ZealandUsing the Find Locations tool, enter New Zealand in the Find My Address box. The map will center itself on New Zealand. Open the Map Legend to see the seismicity depth color code. Note: In this exercise, ignore the Plate Boundary color legend, which is not accurate. 4a. (1 pt) Describe the depth of the seismicity on the northern vs. the southern islands of New Zealand. 4b. (1 pt) Describe the occurrence of volcanoes in the northern vs. the southern islands of New Zealand. 4c. (1pt) Observe where the plate boundary is located with respect to the continental masses in both the northern and southern island areas. Circle or check the corresponding plate types in contact at the plate boundary for each region: Northern Island : continent/continent continent/ocean ocean/ocean Southern Island : continent/continent continent/ocean ocean/ocean4d. (1 pt) Use your observations in questions 4a, b, c to determine the type of plate boundaries for each region. Circle (or check) one for each case:Northern Island : convergent divergent transformSouthern Island : convergent divergent transform5. North America5. Use the Find Location Tool and enter Cascadia Basin in the Find My Address box, click the box. The map centers itself on the Juan de Fuca Plate between the Pacific Plate and North America Plate. Compare the map with the map shown in the figure below. Observe the depth of seismicity and the distribution of volcanoes with respect to the plate boundaries. 5a. (2 pts) Which of the four diagrams on the right best represents a cross section through the outer layers of Earth along the line X-Y? Circle (or check) the correct answer and explain your answer in simple terms (1 or 2 sentences). Answer: abcd
ESS 8 UC Los Angeles Earthquakes Plate Boundaries Lab Report

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