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Health Sciences homework help. Essay Title:    PREPARE AN ESSAY PAPER ON THE INTER-RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GLOBALISATION AND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: FMCG (FAST-MOVING CONSUMER GOODS), CONSUMER DURABLES OR ENERGY.,PREPARE AN ESSAY PAPER ON THE INTER-RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GLOBALISATION AND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES,Globalisation, Society and Culture,Assignment (100%) 2,000- 3,000 words,Essay Title: ,   PREPARE AN ESSAY PAPER ON THE INTER-RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GLOBALISATION AND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: ,FMCG, (FAST-MOVING CONSUMER GOODS), CONSUMER DURABLES OR ENERGY.,Recommendation:  ,   The essay should deal with the following fundamental question:,What is the relationship between globalization and your chosen industry? This question can be broken down in two sub-questions:, 1.         How did/does your industry contribute to the globalization process?, 2.         What is the impact of the globalization process upon your industry?, In addition to describing and analyzing the essay should also engage in a critical evaluation of this relationship.,The Essay – general guidelines,A good essay has:, 1.         a clear structure, no typos or spelling mistakes;, 2.         limited the field of issues sensibly;, 3.         a good, analytical understanding of key issues, themes and arguments;, 4.         breadth and depth;, 5.         relevant academic sources either as quotes or paraphrases ideas, knowledge, research findings, etc. (and will not use unreliable internet sources);, 6.         full and accurate references in order to acknowledge sources and uses the Harvard referencing system;, 7.         a complete bibliography in Harvard style.,Criteria for assessment of the essay,Knowledge and understanding – the essay should describe, analyse and critically evaluate the close and reciprocal relationship between globalization and your chosen industry with reference to a small number of important themes demonstrating a depth of knowledge and understanding of these;,Depth of analysis – the essay must address both questions, i.e. How does your  industry contribute to the globalization process? and What is the impact of the globalization process on your  industry? Whilst doing exploring these two questions the significance of relevant theories and models needs to be recognised;,Structure – outline, purpose, focus and limitations of the essay should be clearly identified and the essay should demonstrate synthesis of the key concepts and corresponding reality, creating a knowledgeable and informed narrative;,Written communication and presentation – the essay should demonstrate competence with Harvard referencing and constructing a bibliography. It should be word processed, free of typos/spelling errors and neatly presented.,Sources, i.e. research across a broad range of academic materials, in particular journal articles,,monographs and edited books (certainly not any introductory text books!) should be evident.,POSSIBLE INDICATIVE CONTENT AREAS TO DEVELOP IN YOUR ESSAY:,First outline the overall context and significance of the essay topic (i.e. rationale, why it is a valid topic to discuss. Don’t forget to outline the overall structure of your essay (what will be covered and in what order), then discuss, –          Firstly, Various definitions and conceptualizations of globalization, –          Secondly, the relationship between globalization and your industry over a chronological timeframe  (briefly),Ref. Martell (2010), pps. 43 – 66 (The History of Globalization: Pre-modern, Modern or Postmodern?), Scholte 2005, 85-120 (“Globalization in History”),Development, –          Discuss 3- 5 key  dimensions of global flow (Appadurai, 2001), 1.       How economic /social/cultural  dimensions of globalization have influenced the development of the your industry sector  and then:,2.       How your industry sector  has influenced global political development and changes and vice versa e.g. development of ‘Westphalian’ State Model (in 1648) and also how this has influenced subsequent economic and  political development globally  e.g. how international business is conducted (ref. lecture on ‘the nation state’),Economic   e.g., –          Expanding businesses development of MNCs worldwide and global branding (how has globalization influenced this and all the other factors below which you may mention?),–          Internationalization of industry organizations–social cultural and economic forces facilitating this (ref. Martell 2010, 188-213 (“Politics, the State and Globalization: The End of the Nation-state…”),–          Forces driving standardization or  customization in your industry, –          Free trade/ special economic zone : labour and capital flow –economic/social/political implications, –          Globalisation on the modernization of your industry – Outsourcing, transnational ownership structures and investments, cross-border marketing collaborations, the purchase and sale of knowhow, and the free movement of labour.,Social and cultural aspects,–          Westernisation/ cultural imperialism ref. Scholte (2005), 185-223 (‘Globalization and Governance’), –          Structure and agency interrelationship (Giddens, 2006), –          Development of specific ‘global’  competencies-  labour force skills  to meet international customers e.g. Japanese speaking staff,  french chefs, –          Creation of  jobs for local people and also overseas, –          Ethnoscapes: the movement of labour, –          Links with labour turnover in your industry, –          Development and adaptation to new organizational culture in international business, –          International labour organization, –          Commodification of national culture ref. Highmore, B. (2009), ‘The Taj Mahal in the High St.’ Food, Culture and Society Volume 12 , No.2, –          The concept  of cultural homogeneity vs. heterogeneity, –          Information   technology ® effects upon your industry and also global consumer expectations/profiles, –          Branding, brand loyalties  reflect group norm and attitudes of people, –          Consumerism: response to customers’ demands e.g. CSR,Conclusion, Summary of key points (how your industry has contributed/will continue to contribute to globalisation and vice versa) e.g.:, Firstly, cultural, political and economic mobility.,Secondly, cultural awareness,Thirdly, cross frontier economic collaboration and development opportunities,Fourthly, standardisation/cultural homogenization,Finally, potential exploitation of global human and physical resources (e.g. see ref. ‘Export of health services from developing countries-:The case of Tunisia’  Social  Science & Medicine (2008) Vol. 67 pps.101-110,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Health Sciences homework help

Meatpacking and Fast-Food Industry: Making a Better Tomorrow Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Meat Consumption in the United States and the World Future of the Meatpacking Industries in the U.S Conclusion References Introduction Meatpacking refers to the process by which goats, cattle, sheep, and hogs are slaughtered and packing them for transportation and sale. The meat industry in the United States is the largest agricultural-based industry and produces about 40 billion pounds of meat every year. The methods used to preserve meat are usually refrigeration, canning, and also smoking. The change in consumer habits for meat is the main determinant of the future of this industry. Meat Consumption in the United States and the World Meat is the most consumed food worldwide, but its consumption has been affected over the times in the U.S and the world market in general. The fear of the E.coli bacteria and hysteria, which caused several deaths and heavy losses in the meatpacking industry, led to the retrenchment of several employees in the meatpacking industries following the closure of many small, poor functioning meatpacking industries in the United States. The meatpacking industries in the U.S employ a lot of people, most of them being illegal immigrants from Bosnia, Vietnam, and even Sudan who provide ready cheap labor under poor working conditions and poor payment. This raises negative publicity from the local and foreign consumers over the hygiene and safety of the meat, which in turn affects the market and meat consumption as well. Future of the Meatpacking Industries in the U.S Since the Meatpacking industries in the U.S offers the greatest number of employment, about 520000 people, there is a need to improve the quality of production as well as the volume to cater to the available ready market; the United States is the major meat exporter in the world with the main Importers being Canada, Japan, and Mexico. The government should give grants to these industries in order to be able to increase production and meet the demand. Meatpacking and food processing industries are very sensitive to the health of the people and therefore should ensure high standards of hygiene. The government should give grants to these industries so that they can employ highly skilled personnel. The meatpacking industries need improved meat inspection methods that were introduced in 2000, which are capable of detecting even invisible pathogens. They also require money to advertise, package meat well, and carry out consumer education programs aimed at promoting safe meat handling practices to reduce cases of E.coli bacteria, which is a great threat to the meatpacking industries in the United States. The meatpacking industries in the U.S operate under thin margins because they are expected to keep low costs and still maintain a high volume of production. The government should help in finding them to be able to meet these targets. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Conclusion The meatpacking industry deserves a million-dollar grant to be able to overcome all the challenges facing it. By taking care of its financial problems, there is no doubt that this industry will give the best meat in the world and earn America a lot of revenue. The government should also look at the solution to expand their market to the European Union, which put a ban on meat from the U.S for fear of hormone-treated meat. References Ollson, K. The shame of meatpacking, New York: Macmillan Company, 2002.

ESSAY #1 Assignment ATTACH your written Answer to QUESTION A, B, OR C. (1) **Use Arial font, 12 pt; (2)

essay writing service free ESSAY #1 Assignment ATTACH your written Answer to QUESTION A, B, OR C. (1) **Use Arial font, 12 pt; (2) submit only a single page Word doc; (3) use no more than 300 words. QUESTION A: Define International Criminal Law. Explain the International Criminal Court’s role in international criminal law, its jurisdiction, and its relationship to the United States. QUESTION B: What are the elements of Murder in South Carolina? Explain the problems that prosecutors may encounter with proving each of the elements. QUESTION C: Define and explain the differences between Solicitation, Conspiracy, and Attempt.

NUR 445 Denver School of Nursing Wk 8 Patient Care Technology Options Discussion

NUR 445 Denver School of Nursing Wk 8 Patient Care Technology Options Discussion.

To complete this discussion, you will be logging into The Neighborhood.Click Accessing and Using The Neighborhood for directions to enter the virtual community.Select the link watch the video for further instruction on The Neighborhood.Click Neighborhood to access the neighborhood simulation.Step 1 In The Neighborhood, read:Yvonne Johnson:Season 2Step 2 In an initial post of approximately 150 words, respond to the prompt.In Episode 13, you learn that Yvonne Johnson searches the Internet for information about her ongoing symptoms. Review the document Tips and Suggestions for Evaluating WebsitesIdentify ways to determine whether an Internet site is trustworthy and valid when you are seeking medical information. Also discuss any negative experiences you might have encountered when a patient or someone you know has used the web for “medical advice.”Step 3 Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them by Friday at 11:59pm MT.In your response posts, discuss other options, not mentioned by your peers, that could be used to assist in determining what medical information websites are valid and reliable.
NUR 445 Denver School of Nursing Wk 8 Patient Care Technology Options Discussion

Alliance Supermarket’ Point-of-Sale System Case Study

Table of Contents New and Innovative uses of Information from the POS System Using Information to Reduce Costs at Alliance Supermarket Proposed Approach Ethical and Privacy Considerations References Alliance Supermarket has been using a point-of-sale (POS) system for a number of purposes. One of them is to keep track of inventory in the various outlets. The system uses laser to scan the Universal Product Code (UPC) of each item at the checkout counter. The firm is using the code to track the inventory records of all products. It is noted that the system has enhance the company’s inventory management. However, a number of problems have been noted. For example, the company is unable to deal with sudden spikes in demand for certain items. In addition, all the outlets are treated by the system as a single unit. In this paper, the author analyzes the various issues associated with Alliance Supermarket’s POS system. To this end, the author will formulate new and innovative applications of data from the system. Information that can help the company to reduce costs while improving services will be highlighted. In addition, an alternative strategy that can be utilized by the firm to access data from individual consumers is proposed. Finally, ethical and privacy considerations in relation to the information gathered are reviewed. New and Innovative uses of Information from the POS System The information from the POS systems can be very useful to Alliance Supermarkets. The company can come up with new and innovative ways of using the data. The systems are used to keep track of all sales in the supermarket, regardless of whether they are big day sell-out for a certain product or a low day for another item. The information collected can be stored securely in one database. From the database, managers and other end users can analyze what customers have bought in large quantities during that day. It is also possible to see the type of product that has sold out in that specific day. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, the individuals responsible for sales and marketing can analyze the reasons why customers prefer a specific product. They can achieve this by comparing its performance with that of other products from the same line (Gunasekaran, Marri, McGaughey

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