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Health Informatics

Health Informatics.

Create a job aid for new nurse administrators at a mamaged care company . Include the following:
A brief description of the EHR being used
Assessment of how the EHR does aligns to healthcare information standards
If alignment is missing, review the standards that need to be considered.

Analysis of the EHR security and actions they may need to take to ensure ongoing security
Explanation of how patient confidentiality is managed
Outline how the nurse administrator may use data to make appropriate decisions
Describe the process.

Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources to support your information.Format your job-aid as a brochure, tri-fold, pamphlet, poster or other format approved by your facilitator.
Health Informatics

week 5 fin 571. I’m studying and need help with a Economics question to help me learn.

Assignment Content


Capital Market Efficiency Paper Grading Guide
Microsoft Word

Purpose of Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student an opportunity to explain what it means to have an efficient capital market. Students will gain an understanding of the different levels of market efficiency and how behavioral finance can inhibit reaching market transparency.

Assignment Steps
Explain in 525 words what it means to have efficient capital market, including:

Describe the behavioral challenges in achieving efficiency.
Discuss the three forms of market efficiency.
What are the implications to corporate finance?
Would you consider the real estate market an efficient capital market? Please explain why or why not.

Submit your assignment.

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week 5 fin 571

Organizational Development Interventions Discussion.

Case Study: Matching Interventions to an Organization’s NeedsWhen planning for change, a consulting professional needs to carefully consider the intervention strategies that best fit an organization’s change goals and the unique characteristics of the internal and external environments. Yet, change and interventions affect not only the organization but also the people within the organization. When an intervention directly affects employees’ work relationships, work activity, work knowledge, and workspace, the commitment and involvement of those to which the intervention is aimed are critically important. Consultants must make part-scientific, part-artistic, part-political choices when selecting effective interventions that match organizational change needs.OD consultants may be called on to determine under which circumstances an intervention target is appropriate. This requires comparing the effectiveness of intervention targets based on a range of internal and external factors. ODs then evaluate the potential an intervention target has for improving organizational performance and health.Consider how the information above may apply to the LearningTime, Inc. case study below.LearningTime, Inc., is a large private, for-profit tutoring company with 80 locations and 900 employees around the country. The company is acquiring a smaller competitor, Tutors-for-Kids, LLC. Tutors-for-Kids has 30 locations and 280 employees located primarily in the Midwest and northeast. LearningTime’s longtime CEO, Mary Williams, has announced that she is retiring and will be leaving the company shortly after the acquisition. She believes the best person to take over her position is the current president of Tutors-for-Kids, Julie Brown. Julie and Mary are longtime friends and fellow college alumnae. However, most LearningTime executives are very opposed to this idea; many are jockeying for the job and creating discord. The politicking, backbiting, and competitiveness are causing Mary, the board, and staff employees to disengage. There is also significant resistance and fear among personnel at Tutors-for-Kids. Employees and managers are worried about the merger and how it will affect their jobs and the new organization.To prepare: Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider appropriate OD intervention strategies for the various organizational systems.Analyze the Learning Time case study. Learning Time is a large tutoring company that is in the process of acquiring a smaller competitor. There is disagreement over future leadership within the company, as the long-time CEO of Learning Time is retiring soon after the acquisition.By Day 3Post a response to the following:Analyze the Learning Time case study found in your Learning Resources and post a description of two recommended organizational OD interventions and a rationale for each intervention selected. Also provide an explanation of two factors to be considered when selecting an intervention. Required ReadingsJex, S. M., & Britt, T. W. (2014). Organizational psychology: A scientist-practitioner approach (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
Chapter 15, “Organizational Change and Development” (pp. 473–512)McLean, G. N. (2015). Evaluation of organization development interventions in a video simulation game: A case study of football manager 2014(TM). Organization Development Journal, 33(4), 27–44.Parker, J. (2017). The Root of the Matter. Internal Auditor, 74(4), 53–59.San-Jose, L., & Retolaza, J. L. (n.d.). Is the Delphi method valid for business ethics? A survey analysis. European Journal of Futures Research, 4(1), 19., A. (2018). The Human Workplace. London, England: Kogan Page.
Chapter 5, “Turn It Into Action” (pp. 143–174)Document: Consulting Simulation Overview and Preparation (PDF): Access this resource from the Week 1 Learning Resources or from the Resource List
Organizational Development Interventions Discussion

Mathematics homework help

Mathematics homework help. This is an assignment that focuses on what the statements of communication and relationships. The aim is to also determine the goal of the paper and topic.,What the statements of communication and relationships,Introduction 1. Firstly, in your first paragraph Begin with a few general statements about ideas relevant to your paper, such as a few statements about communication, relationships, conflict, public speaking, organizations, etc. Whatever your paper’s topic, lead into it for the reader. Indicate the film that you will analyze. Next, clearly explain your goals for this paper. In other words, what is this paper’s thesis? What is the purpose of this paper? What will it accomplish? Also, what will your paper explain and illustrate about the communication seen in this film? Lastly, end your introduction with a preview of the main points of your paper. Your main points will be the terms that you will apply and also analyze in the film.,2. Second paragraph – briefly summarize the film (about 4-5 sentences) Body (For each paragraph in the Body, do these in this order):,1. Define and also explain one or several terms that you have researched fully. As you define your terms, be sure to cite evidence (quote) from your textbook and your journal articles. Describe how the term is demonstrated in your film. For example, here is where you explain how the characters in your film demonstrate “,depth of self-disclosure,,” “conflict,” “groupthink,” or some other term. Be sure to provide examples from the film, and be sure to explain yourself fully. This becomes your analysis of their communication.,Use a transition to move the reader to your next paragraph. Repeat these steps until you have enough content to meet the assignment guidelines for the page requirement. HINT: Try organizing your paper chronologically to match the order of the film. Conclusion Provide a summary of the main points of your paper. Close your paper with a few comments on the importance of competent communication.Mathematics homework help

Tidewater Community College Community Health Evaluation Discussion

assignment helper Tidewater Community College Community Health Evaluation Discussion.

Paper should be 2-3 pages in length in APA formatting, not including the required cover page and page for your reference list used to write about your chosen topics. In your paper: 1) introduce your topics, 2) discuss your topics, and then 3) make a conclusion about your topics.TOPIC 1: Mental health vs. mental illness. 3. Describe the treatment goals for mental disorders. What may a community health
program do to support these goals for example, those with severe depression, or those
with post-traumatic stress syndrome? TOPIC 2: Community mental health. 2. Compare personal consequences of drug abuse against community consequences of drug
abuse. How would individual versus community interventions differ for addictions? TOPIC 3: Addictions. 1. Is there a difference between drug abuse and drug misuse; explain with examples?
Tidewater Community College Community Health Evaluation Discussion

History of Latin America

What I need to do is analyze three primary sources from Chapter 5 of Latin American Voices (“The Perils  of Progress”) and answer the following question: What do these sources reveal  about the impact of the era of liberal reform and the notion of “Progress”  throughout Latin America? For context, make sure you’ve read Chapter 6 of Born in  Blood and Fire.    I uploaded the book in pdf and also uploaded chapter 5

ENG2211 Troy University The Wonders of the Invisible World Response

ENG2211 Troy University The Wonders of the Invisible World Response.

Please describe for me what Cotton Mather means in the following passage from The Wonders of the Invisible World. In your response, please think about how this passage fits into the American context of what Puritans believed and why they were so intent on settling and subduing this “new” land. Be as textual and specific as you can be.”The New Englanders are a people of God settled in those, which were once the devil’s territories; and it may easily be supposed that the devil was exceedingly disturbed, when he perceived such a people accomplishing the promise of old made unto our blessed Jesus, that He should have the utmost parts of the earth for His possession.ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: main idea (also called the topic sentence of a
paragraph–each paragraph has only one main idea in academic writing)cited evidence (quotes from the literature and/or
facts cited from the additional resources–not: all evidence must be cited in
MLA format)analysis (where you explain for the reader how and
why the main idea and cited evidence fit together to support your over-arching
thesis, the point you’ll argue in answer to each of our questions and essays in
the class.Reading:…does not need to be super long, this is just a discussion post. Thank you!
ENG2211 Troy University The Wonders of the Invisible World Response

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