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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. , April 2011) There has been tremendous focus on the rise in rates of overweight and obesity and their contribution to chronic illnesses and health care spending. The changing nature of illness has sparked a renewed interest in the possible role for prevention to help control costs. Should the nation add or cut, and why? I think the nation should add in the areas of need. Which is for elderly people. Why should people who have worked all their lives to survive have to worry once they are old and cannot work anymore?

We are not a poor nation the government just places tax payers money in the wrong places. It is not fair for people who are unable to work suffer in the older years. Forecast for Economic Needs Greater government oversight and regulation of health insurer premiums and practices Increasing competition and price transparency in the sale of insurance policies through Health Insurance Exchanges Payment reforms that aim to reduce payments for treatments and hospitalizations resulting from rrors or poor quality of care Refocusing medical delivery systems to be patient-centered and improve the coordination and quality of care . Example- medical homes( HHS, 2011) Conclusion Other proposals and practices directed at controlling costs exist, such as support for wider use of health IT in the delivery system, increasing consumer out of pocket costs, improving health efficiency and quality of care, reforming the tax treatment of health insurance, and a single payer plan.

As the nation struggles with a faltering economy, health care costs will continue to be at the forefront of policy debates. References Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, National Health Statistics Group, National Health Care Expenditures Data, January ( 2012). Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust.

Mental Health Conditions

Mental Health Conditions.

 Reading: “” Assignment: Write a 1.5 to 2-page paper and include the following: Explain common symptoms and behaviors for 4 mental health conditions; then discuss 2 mental health conditions relevant to persons with disabilities. Assessment Rubric: 0-5 discusses symptoms for 4 mental health conditions 0-5 discusses behaviors for 4 mental health conditions 0-5 discusses 2 mental health conditions relevant to persons with disabilities 0-3 – writes with clarity: using correct grammar sentence structure and paragraph development 0-2 cites at minimum one academic source in APA format

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