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Without a doubt, the evolving nature of technology and medical knowledge and expertise will require health care professionals to develop and enrich their computer skills. When asked how technology will change and affect the future of health care, the simple response may be that one cannot bear the thought of a future without technology within our medical system. Computer technology is going to truly shape the health delivery process nationally as well as globally. With integrated systems, computer functions will enable faster delivery of services with more accurate medical records and information for end users.

All health care professionals at some point in time will need to adjust to the usage of sophisticated and modern medical devices. Whether telemonitoring or videoconferencing with other clinicians, medical professionals, or distant family members, health care professionals trained with the use of computer technology will balance and improve the work flow, while also improving efficiency. As the current health care system continues to move towards implementing electronic health records unifying patient records, computer technology will play a vital role in assisting the health care sector in achieving such a significant change.

Technology, without a doubt, is recognized as one of the greatest catalysts for changing and improving the future on the deliverance of health care (Joos, Smith, & Nelson, 2010). Nevertheless, this change and development cannot take part on its own without the assistance of one of the primary pieces of the puzzle, which are the health care professionals that help build the main essential components of our health care system together. Health care professionals can use computer technology to access online journals and retrieve up-to-date information on particular treatments, medical diagnosis, and case studies.

In addition, they can also acquire teaching materials and other educational resources for other patients, staffs, and medical professionals. For future health care professionals to be familiar with computer technology, the continuance of formal training is essential for all levels of staffs. Initiatives must be made to improve and to expand the level of knowledge and activities utilized to educate health care professionals on computer technology. Reference: Joos, I. M. , Smith, M. J. , & Nelson, R. (2010). Introduction to computers for healthcare professionals. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

Statistical Analysis

Identify a peer-review study that uses a statistical analysis, such as regression, ANOVA, or t test.
In a report, describe the test and how it is applied to the study. Break down the test into smaller steps. Identify each step and describe the purpose of each step, and how it relates to the test as a whole. Finally, explain why this test was appropriate for the study purpose.
This paper should have at least 300 words, not including the title page or references.
This paper must follow APA formatting and citation guidelines, including:
Title page and Reference page
Essay should be double spaced
Use Times New Roman font, size 12
Any references should come from credible sources and use APA documentation.
Includes a highly developed viewpoint
Organize your paper with subheadings.