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Although standards exist in health care regarding the protection of information, there is controversy regarding information security and personal devices, including those used in health care.•    After researching the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, discuss whether smartphones should be encrypted.USE OTHER WEBSITES NEEDED FOR ASSIGNMENT

Select any two of the biomedical ethics

Select any two of the biomedical ethics.

 Description ESSAY 4 TOPIC: Select any two of the biomedical ethics principles discussed early in the semester, and evaluate how Infant Male Circumcision would be rated according to those principles. There is a lot of room to build arguments here. You could argue that it violates patient autonomy, but does not violate justice. You could argue that it does not violate patient autonomy, but violate beneficence in some situations. The arguments you can build are myriad. However, be sure to based your positions on good information and sound logical justifications.

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Apple: The Best Supply Chains in the World.

HCML876 UNIT 6 DB 2 Apple: The Best Supply Chains in the World..

Answer the following: 1)Apple products have usually been priced above their competition and sold for their value, intrigue, and market leadership. Some would say Samsung is catching up on many of these fronts and even, perhaps, passing Apple. Do you think Apple can charge a price premium for its products much longer? 2) Apple’s global supply chains make its business thrive. There is a secrecy among suppliers, superior quality standards by every party involved in Apple’s supply chains, nd a total value focus that ultimately makes the customers happy. Is this a sustainable business model for Apple’s global supply chains?

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