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HCM 575 Colorado State University From Operations to Manager PPT

HCM 575 Colorado State University From Operations to Manager PPT.

Option #2: From Operation’s Manager to Community Health Program DevelopmentYou are the operation’s manager for a large multi-provider primary care practice that has requested that you do a community health assessment and then develop a program around a priority health condition in the community. There are also several satellite clinics in other cities for which you will need to train personnel to manage the programs in their communities. You decide to use the Work Group for Community Health and Development ‘COMMUNITY TOOL BOX’ model to standardize processes across all facilities.Community Tool Kit. (2018). University of Kansas Center for Community Health and Development. Retrieved July 25, 2018, from (Links to an external site.)Create a presentation for training (you can use a slide presentation or other preferred type, but the presentation must include graphics, text, and presentation notes).Major deliverables for the ‘COMMUNITY TOOL BOX’ model include:Create and Maintain PartnershipsAssessment of Community Need and ResourcesAnalysis of Problems and GoalsDevelop a Framework for ChangeDevelop Strategies and an Action PlanBuild LeadershipDevelop an InterventionIncrease Participation and MembershipEnhance Cultural CompetenceAdvocate for ChangeInfluence Policy DevelopmentEvaluate the InitiativeImplement Social MarketingApply for GrantsImprove Organizational Management and DevelopmentSustain the Work or Initiative.RequirementsYour submission should be 13-15 slides in length, include presentation notes and graphics. Also include title and reference slides. Please note that the title and reference slides do not count toward the total page count.Incorporate 12 credible references no older than five years old, six of which must be peer-reviewed articles. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these references.Format the presentation according to the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).Be sure to discuss and reference concepts taken from the assigned textbook reading and relevant research.Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.
HCM 575 Colorado State University From Operations to Manager PPT

SOC 2302 University of Houston Sociology Mass Killing Question.

I’m working on a sociology multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Instructions: Assignment #2: Assessing Public PerceptionsInstructions: Assignment #2: Assessing Public PerceptionsAssignment #2Assessing Public PerceptionsPoint Value: 10 points of your total grade.Requirements Include:At least one reference from the class text by Joel Best.At least one reference from the PDF titled What is Public Opinion Polling and Why Is It Important? by Gallup World Poll.One reference page in ASA format.Overall Assignment Goals:Evaluate survey research findings that measure the opinions and attitudes of certain groups of people in the American population.Evaluate how claimsmakers and policymakers might utilize the findings of this survey research.Practice using American Sociological Association (ASA) citation style.Have you ever lost points on an assignment for making a claim such as “these days, everyone wants world peace” or using a phrase like, “people nowadays don’t trust the government”? Perhaps one of your professors informed you that statements like these must be supported by empirical evidence. But how do you find evidence to make a claim about what groups of people think about a specific topic? How can we begin to understand what might be going on in the minds of other people? We can physically measure tangible things in nature, like climate change and the number of sharks in the oceans – but how do we measure what people think about some specific topic?Surveys and polls are intended to measure traits such as peoples’ attitudes and opinions on a myriad of subjects; they can provide a useful way to understand public perceptions. Overall, surveys and polls can tell us something about what people think and do – at least what people say they think and do.In this assignment, you will read about the results of a public perception survey of two groups of respondents and answer the following questions.Step 1: Open and read the PEW Research Center report titled A Majority of U.S. teens fear a shooting could happen at their school, and most parents share their concern by Nikki Graf.Step 2: Address the following…1. The report features survey data that can tell us what two specific groups of people think about a specific subject. Name the subject.2. The report features survey data about the opinions and attitudes (i.e., perceptions) of two groups of American people. Name those two groups.3. Chapter six of our class text explains that for many social issues “opinions vary with the respondents’ characteristics: [such as] differences in race, social class (as measured by education or income), age, gender, and religion often influence people’s opinions” (Best 2019:191). List the respondents’ characteristics that are discussed in the report. Hint – there are at least 4 characteristics discussed in the report.To help you answer questions 4 and 5, reference Ch.6 (hint – a helpful section is titled The Public’s Role in the Social Problems Process). *You must provide at least one reference from the textbook to support your argument.4. In 100-200 words, describe how you think a claimsmaker could use this research data to shape their argument for convincing others that the topic should be recognized as a social problem.5. In 100-200 words, describe how American policymakers might use the report’s findings.To help you answer question 6, use the PDF titled What is Public Opinion Polling and Why Is It Important? by Gallup World Poll. *You must provide at least one reference from this source to support your argument.6. Why do you think researchers at the PEW center decided to conduct this research and measure the opinions and attitudes of the two groups of respondents? List two reasons.
SOC 2302 University of Houston Sociology Mass Killing Question

Acronyms are abbreviations of expanded titles and there is a way they are to be used.

answer the questions on the discussion, please. there are 4 questions answer them clearly. see the attached file.please do not do it as Essay. I need you to answer each question by order you put the qestion and the answer under it. do not use contractions when you write like ” don’t, can’t, couldn’t etc..”ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE INSTRUCTOR These two suggestions are for now and the future.1. Acronyms are abbreviations of expanded titles and there is a way they are to be used. At the first instance, you are supposed to spell it out – an example being Fair Labor Association (FLA) then the next time you use it, you can use FLA.2 Contractions – Don’t, doesn’t ,can’t – this is a university course and you are responding to questions. DO NOT use contractions – we are not in a conversation. Moving on, any contractions I see after this announcement, I will take 1 point off.thank you
Acronyms are abbreviations of expanded titles and there is a way they are to be used

Web 2.0 Technology: Development and Issues Essay. The terminology Web 2.0 came into limelight in 2004 in reference to the then developed second generation of the World Wide Web. Following the earlier development of Web 1.0, the inventors settled on Web 2.0, as this is the routine of naming new software programs using an ascending version digit. The new Web 2.0 has more features and functionalities as compared to the old version, Web 1.0. Nevertheless, it is imperative to note that Web 2.0 is a representation of a progression of technological step-ups and not just a precise version of the Web. For example, some of the most common features of Web 2.0 include blogs, Wikis, social networking and Web applications. Each of these features performs a specific function (Tim 1). The development of Web 2.0 has enhanced the manner in which people communicate and do business using the Web. For instance, blogs are important to private citizens in that people can post their feelings and personal updates on the Web. Thus, anybody interested in knowing the affairs of a certain person can easily access that information through the blogs. Wikis are also vital features of Web 2.0, as they allow users to affix new information on the Web or revise online information. Additionally, the social networking cites such as twitter, Facebook, 2go, and MySpace enables users to create and tailor personal information. Finally yet importantly, the web applications have been instrumental in answering the business needs of many users who mainly operate their programs unswervingly in a Web browser (Anderson 1). Undeniably, Web 2.0 enables level user interaction not provided by Web 1.0. Since the development of Web 2.0, several nonprofit organizations now operate proficiently, create more funding, which in turn affect the lives of many people around the globe. For example, Library 2.0 ibis useful in libraries by supporting cataloguing efforts, and enables the sharing of information with other partner libraries. This type of technology answers the needs of business and private citizens in very many ways. For instance, in the field of library science, Web 2.0 attends to the needs of both citizens and business. On the other hand, most marketing executives have found Web 2.0 an important technology that end-runs conventionally impassive information technology departments. Web 2.0 also enables marketing managers to be in touch with their customers by updating them on new product development, the undergoing endorsements and service improvements. Some companies use wikis to answer frequently asked questions regarding promotions, products, services or any interests. In addition, some media powerhouses such as Business Week and New York Times use Web 2.0 to outsource their services hence, positively affecting the threshold for bunch approval of their services (Parise 1). Both private citizens and financial institutions have found Web 2.0 of great help. For instance, banks have found social networking sites as imperative tools of communication that not only enhance customer loyalty, but also, send important information to customers. Some financial institutions use social networking cites such as Twitter and YouTube to inform their customers on the latest developments, say, the Chief Executive Officer speaking on market news. It is also important to note that many of the small business enterprises have come out strongly to compote with big business empires due to Web 2.0. Undoubtedly, Web 2.0 is a paramount technology that helps the sharing of information from one user to another. It has also helped many business, both new and old, to adopt new strategies of involving customers. In other words, Web 2.0 acts as a link between business and customers. (Parise 1). So far, Web 2.0 has been successful amid criticism faced in confronting and in updating its technologies. In fact, some people have even suggested that Web 2.0 does not represent the world of World Wide Web-labeling it a series of Web 1.0. For instance, many of the issues facing Web 2.0 revolves around its techniques (AJAX). One of the most common techniques of developing Web 2.0 is AJAX. However, confronting this technique has been a vain work since it fails to substitute the fundamental protocols such as HTTP. Instead, all manner confrontation or update will lead to the formation of an extra layer of abstraction. Some experts argue that some of the techniques involved in developing Web 2.0 existed back before the adoption of Web 2.0. Thus, simple definition and excessive hype are common problems facing this technology. It is also important to note that anybody can update information on the Web 2.0. This has resulted into digital amateurism and vanity (Tim 1). Take for example wikis. Many people update false information on wikis and mislead other people who are genuinely searching for information. Thus, the issue of security is a great concern to many users of Web 2.0. The vulnerability of Web 2.0 attack lies in the fact that any individual can upload the stored contents. Thus, hackers find it easier to carry out their malicious intentions. Of course, this will affect both business and private citizens who rely on such websites for information regarding certain affairs or even market news. Software developers agree that Web 2.0 is prone to attacks due technical loopholes. Otherwise, the only sure way of protecting Web 2.0 from hacking and message retrieval is using a multifaceted JavaScript code on the user machines. However, even with the multifaceted JavaScript, the URL filtering and cataloguing products do not incriminate nor block some popular sites such as Wikipedia and MySpace, and considers them trusted even when they pose danger. The biggest question however is how companies should address the issue of insecurity as posed by Web 2.0. In dealing with the problem, software researchers have embarked in the development of assistive technologies that will provide security to this technology. For instance, companies have developed new security solutions with the potential of examining and analyzing every web request or reply before taking an action. A very good example of such security solution is the real-time code analysis. Since the technology is prone to very many attacks, the real-time code analyzer inspects the exchanges between the browser and the web servers. Here, every bit of information must undergo scrutiny to identity its authenticity, irrespective of its source. By doing this, the technology ensures that malevolent information whether from trusted sites or otherwise, does not penetrate into the network. Thus, all networking sites and web pages like Facebook, MySpace, Gamma, Twitter and Yahoo pass through the analyzer just like any other normal web page (Yuval 1). Like any other web technology, Web 2.0 and is prone to ever-emerging complicated web-borne threats. The exploitation of AJAX has reached a compromising state hence, the need for commanding security solutions, which will protect them from malicious intentions. Companies should therefore espouse profound approaches, which involve synchronized (real-time) inspection and signature-based security technologies. In addition, some companies are busy deploying manifold security solutions aimed at protecting the company’s confidential information and internet-based resources. It is also important for companies to mount a security machine right at the internet gateway to carry out real-time code inspection of information that enters and leaves the commercial network. Such actions will address the issue of insecurity that is so common in Web 2.0 technologies ( 1). Works Cited Anderson, Paul. What is Web 2.0? Ideas, technologies and implications for education. JISC Technology and Standards Watch. 2007. Web. Parise, Salvatore. The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World. The Wall Street Journal. 2008. Web. Tim, O’Reilly. What Is Web 2.0? O’Reilly Network. 2005. Web. Tim, O’Reilly. Amazon Web Services API. O’Reilly Network. 2002. Web. Yuval, Ben-Itzhak. Tackling the security issues of Web 2.0. 2007. Web. Web 2.0 Technology: Development and Issues Essay

Grossmont College Fed and Government Discussion

Grossmont College Fed and Government Discussion.

What is the mission, or goals, of the Fed? Explain the structure of the Fed and the hierarchy of governance.Is the Fed a public or private entity? Who owns the Fed? If issuing Federal Reserve Notes stimulates the economy, why not print money indefinitely? Under what conditions would the Fed purchase securities like U.S. treasuries?How does the Fed regulate and supervise banks and why is this important?What services does the Fed provide to our country’s financial system and how did it come to be known as the “Bankers Bank”?Visit the debt clock website at (Links to an external site.) and locate the category M2. This is the present money supply in the hands of the public. Using a timer determine how much the money changes in 1 minute. Is it increasing or decreasing? What do you think this means for the overall economy?
Grossmont College Fed and Government Discussion

Santa Monica College Proposition of Cosmopolitanism by Nussbaum Discussion

research paper help Santa Monica College Proposition of Cosmopolitanism by Nussbaum Discussion.

I’m working on a philosophy report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Topic Chosen: Homelessness in North Hollywood You will use a total of four philosophers in this paper. You will make your argument using one of the following philsosphers, either Douglass, Nietzsche, Nozick, Habermas, or Nussbaum/Sen. Then, you will use three other thinkers from this list to critique/criticize your philosopher’s argument by presenting the key critique/criticism each would make of your philosopher’s argument. You, also, will defend your philosopher’s argument against each of those critiques.Paper question:Considering the arguments of the philosopher you choose, use your essay to address these questions: what is the justest value to hold in resolving any dispute/s over your place or issue, and according to that conception of justice who should have the power to determine that resolution?Guidelines:The paper must consist of 6 paragraphs: paragraph one is your thesis, paragraph two will be your argument (addressing both justice and power), the rest of the paragraphs will be your oppositions’ best critiques of your argument and your response (defense) to each of them.You must underline the thesis sentence in the thesis paragraph and you must underline the topic sentence in each paragraph.You must use and cite quotations from each of the readings/philosophers covered in the debate. Failure to use and cite quotations from the reading in the second and ALL subsequent paragraphs will result in a paper score of 0 or 1 point. You must have quotations that support each side of the debate. That means there are at least 2 quotations in each paragraph other than the thesis paragraph.For the philosophical aspects of your paper, you should use only texts assigned for this class (attached below). Do not use outside philosophy sources in your paper. You do not need them to succeed on your papers.A very detailed breakdown of how to write this essay has been attached below, along with the book used for this class in order to find quotes and cite them.
Santa Monica College Proposition of Cosmopolitanism by Nussbaum Discussion

Developing a Theoretical or Conceptual Framework Paper

Developing a Theoretical or Conceptual Framework Paper. I’m stuck on a Philosophy question and need an explanation.

WK 7
The conceptual or theoretical framework is a major element of the dissertation and begins with a broad theoretical foundation. Your conceptual or theoretical framework will be presented in Chapter 1 of the dissertation proposal and expanded upon in Chapter 2, the literature review. Depending upon the research methodologists consulted for the research design, some methodologists suggest that conceptual frameworks are used in quantitative research and theoretical frameworks are used in qualitative research; however, what is important is that the researcher has a conceptual or a theoretical framework in place to guide the study.
Review the Developing a Conceptual or Theoretical Framework video.
Develop a theoretical or conceptual framework section that is relevant to your method and topic.
Include three to five relevant theories, including both germinal and current theories.
Write a paper that includes your problem statement, purpose, research questions, method, design and rationalization, and theoretical or conceptual framework.
Developing a Theoretical or Conceptual Framework Paper

Florida Gulf Coast University Parasomnia Sleeping Disorder Condition Discussion

Florida Gulf Coast University Parasomnia Sleeping Disorder Condition Discussion.

Your reflection post needs to be at least 10 full sentences; there is no maximum limitYour post must be written in your own words If you refer to a source such as an article, video, or a book, provide a link or other identifying information about the source. Sources are not required for this reflection post, but they might be relevant. The source could be our textbook. If you refer to sources, use APA format citations (in-text citations and a reference list; see the APA resources in Canvas)1.Do you have personal experiences or know someone who suffers from a sleep disorder? In your answer, give a description of the sleep disorder you are referring to. If you have tried or heard about possible treatments or tips for what helps with insomnia or other sleep disorders, you can discuss those too.If you don’t have personal experiences or wish not to discuss them, but find one of the sleep disorders very interesting, do some research on it and tell us what you found (and cite your sources). If you refer to our textbook or other sources, cite them in APA format. below are the 2 discussion posts that need responding to/feedback/insight1.I have been experiencing insomnia for about 6 years, which is a sleep disorder characterized by the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep (Hockenbury et al., 2016). My onset started in 7th grade which is when my sleep patterns were at their worst. There were many times where I couldn’t fall asleep and would stay awake for 2-3 days straight. Every time, on the third day, I would have visual hallucinations, mainly consisting of tall shadows climbing up the walls. This was when my school performance started declining, as I was constantly sleep deprived. I turned to taking melatonin supplements, which are pills that contain the natural hormone that aids in sleep regulation. It was effective on the first night I tried it but all the proceeding times did not help the way I desired. While they made me go to sleep earlier, I would continuously wake up at odd hours and feel unable to go back to sleep. As a result of this, I would still only get 3-4 hours of sleep each night. I have not tried other treatment options but my sleeping patterns seemed to improve with age. Nowadays, I very rarely go 3 days without sleeping like I did when I was 13. However, I still only get about 5 hours of sleep each night. Alternative treatment options I heard of include prescription medications and light therapy.2. The 24-hour sleep-wake cycle resembles a hoax, when you are young and thriving, sadly it becomes a routine, when you grow up. Traveling overseas has definitely taught me a lot about jetlag and trying to get over it is the trickiest part. The main side effects of long range trips for me are insomnia and overall fatigue. My last experiment to overcome the phenomenon did not quite succeeded as I planned, instead of a single hangover the effects overlapped and I felt socially handicapped for a few following days. Such inconvenience is easily avoidable, moreover the research shows limited success in connecting alcohol and circadian rhythm, which means consumption of alcohol is unlikely to change your sleep-wake cycle (Wasielewski et al., 2001). The other sleep damaging event that I clearly remember was working graveyard shifts from home. Although it seems like an easy transition, the temptation to go to bed is peaking all night. My first few weeks were followed by microsleep strikes and a number of them had unfortunately resulted in me oversleeping the majority of the shift. Later adjustment of my routine allowed me to sleep during the day and stay awake and productive at night. The only noticeable difference appeared that my sleep cycle got shorter to approximately 6 hours. Transition back happened much faster and with less struggle and daytime naps became a guilty pleasure.
Florida Gulf Coast University Parasomnia Sleeping Disorder Condition Discussion

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