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HCL 416 NLU Healthcare Finance Static Budget Worksheet

HCL 416 NLU Healthcare Finance Static Budget Worksheet.

This is an Assignment on assessing a static budget variance given a set of assumptions for a budget and the actual outcome for revenue and expense realization.Assignment Instructions: Use the following budget assumptions that include both inpatient and outpatient revenue and expense. The assumptions are as follows, and you will use them to calculate and develop the As Budgeted, the Actual Budget, and the Static Budget Variance. Assess the impact of the variances in revenues and expenses.Initial budget:The budget anticipated 45,000 inpatient days this year at an average of $725 revenue per day.Inpatient expenses were budgeted at $625 per patient day.The budget anticipated 13,000 outpatient visits this year at an average of $425 revenue per visit.Outpatient expenses were budgeted at $400 per visit.Actual results:Assume that only 92 percent of the inpatient days are going to actually be achieved for the year.The average revenue of $675 per day will be achieved for these inpatient days.The outpatient visits will actually amount to 113 percent for the year.The average revenue of $405 per visit will be achieved for these visits.Further assume that, due to the heroic efforts of the hospital employees working with the finance department, the actual inpatient expenses were decreased to 94% of budget and the actual outpatient expenses were decreased to 85% of budget.Following are items that are required for this assignment:Use the worksheet for your solution to this Assignment Exercise.Using the new assumptions listed above, complete the worksheet column for “As Budgeted.”Using the new assumptions listed above, complete the worksheet column for “Actual.”Using the new assumptions listed above, complete the worksheet column for “Static Budget Variance.”Evaluate and discuss the results of your calculation as to what created the variances in revenue, expenses, and excess of revenue over expenses. Did the actual results have a positive or negative effect? Determine what caused this effect.
HCL 416 NLU Healthcare Finance Static Budget Worksheet

Qatar Business Analysis Term Paper

Qatar Business Analysis Term Paper. Executive Summary This paper analyses the profile of Qatar briefly and also offers an analytical business analysis. The current changes in Qatar’s leadership have resulted in economic growth and development. As such, it has become one of the strongest economies in the world. The revenue obtained from the sale of crude oil and natural gas has been used to provide financing for various projects that have enabled the stabilization of Qatar’s economy. Analysis of the Hofstede’s characteristics of Qatar reveals its potential as one of the most welcoming countries in the Middle East. Several societal changes have allowed dynamism as well as the integration of various cultural practices. Introduction Qatar is located in the Gulf region on the western coastline. Its geographical coordinates are 25 30N, 51 15E (Chaddock, 2006). It is an independent state and formerly a British protectorate. It is a small country of about 11, 586 sq. Km that occupies a peninsula with Saudi Arabia as its only neighbor. Most of Qatar’s land is bordered by the gulf. Apart from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain is also a close neighbor of Qatar. The two countries are separated by the gulfs (Chaddock, 2006). Qatar is a monarchical state that has been under the leadership of the Al Thani family for almost two centuries. It is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Social, Environment, and Demographics Qatar has a flat terrain that is mostly rocky. Since most of its land is surrounded by the sea, it has numerous beaches (Chaddock, 2006). It has one of the best tourist beach hotels in the world (Oxford Business Group, 2012). Qatar is mostly arid with minimal vegetation cover. There is minimal wildlife in Qatar. Agricultural practices are very minimal in this country due to the hostile environmental conditions (Central Intelligence Agency, 2020). However, the available agricultural practices are generally done by irrigation. The population of Qatar is currently approximated to be above 1.5 million (United Nations Statistics Division, 2020). This is a tremendous population growth bearing in mind that 70 years ago, the population was only 70,000. The native Qataris of this population are about 350,000 (United Nations Statistics Division, 2020). Half of the population in Qatar is located in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. Other major towns in Qatar include Al Wakra, Dukhan, Ras Laffan, Al Khor, and Masaieed. The population distribution by the year 2008 was 20% Indians, 20% Qatari, 20% Arabs, 13% Nepali, 10% Filipino, 5% Sri Lankan, and 7% Pakistani (United Nations Statistics Division, 2020). Most of Qatar citizens are between 25 and 54 years. This accounts for more than half of the entire population. The national language is Arabic while English is the most commonly used second language (Central Intelligence Agency, 2020). The most dominant religion in Qatar is Islam, forming close to 79% of the population. Christians form about 8.5% of the population. Qatar has a rich historical heritage dating back to 4000BC. It is well known for the fishing expeditions that have been conducted in the country for many centuries (Chaddock, 2006). Before Islam religion came into existence in Qatar, it was controlled by foreigners for many years. Qatar is one of the oldest Islamic nations in the world. British influence over Qatar reduced significantly after the end of the Second World War. By 1971, Qatar attained its independence (Chaddock, 2006). Qatar’s economic status was in mayhem until the year 1995, when the son of the then ruler overturned him. Qatar under the leadership of the current Emir underwent several social and economic changes that rejuvenated the current economic developments. Economy Qatar was dependent on fishing and pearling as the major economic activities for many years. However, the discovery of vast oil and gas resources changed the economic status of Qatar (BBC, 2018). These hydrocarbons were discovered in the 1940s, and the revenues derived from oil and gas trade has revolutionized the economy of Qatar from a poor country to one of the fastest growing economies (BBC, 2018). Qatar has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. The current economic status of Qatar makes it be one of the strongest economies in the Middle East region. The economic developments are dependent on the revenues collected from the sale of petroleum. It is one of the largest exporters of LNG in the world. Qatar is currently investing heavily in education. It is developing the education city (Chaddock, 2006). This is being done with the aim of diversifying the economic activities in the country. In addition to educational developments, Qatar has invested in technological research. This has been witnessed with the progress in the planned science and technology incentives. Apart from the petroleum products extraction industries, other industries such as fertilizer, ammonia, cement, and ship repair are in operation in Qatar. Currently, agricultural practices are on the increase in Qatar. Some of the available agricultural products include poultry, beef, fruits, fish and dairy products (Chaddock, 2006). The political and legal environment Qatar is a supreme monarchy that was established in 1825 (BBC, 2018). This monarchy is headed by the supreme chancellor. The leader has a council of ministers which comprises the ministers and the Prime Ministers (BBC, 2018). The council of ministers is appointed and dismissed by the supreme chancellor. This council forms the government of Qatar. It also formulates laws that are then passed to the Emir for confirmation (Chaddock, 2006). Qatari legislation is based on Islamic law (Nations Online, 2020). The law is applied to inheritance, criminal acts, and family law. The sharia courts are no longer in use. However, the current law, which is a mixture of Islamic and civil law, has most of its legislation adopted from Islamic law. It is generally a patriarchal society where women are rarely used as witnesses in cases (Nations Online, 2020). Qataris are allowed to consume alcohol. Nevertheless, there is regulation limiting the areas where alcohol can be found to be specific government facilities and licensed social places (Nations Online, 2020). Hofstede’s Qatar Characteristics Qatar has one of the most diversified societies in the Arab region. Several sociopolitical changes witnessed in Qatar makes its rating to be different compared to other Arabic countries (Nations Online, 2020). The power distance in Qatar is the lowest compared to the other Arab countries. The less powerful people in Qatar have the highest probability of operating freely with minimal influence from powerful people compared to other Arab countries (Al DulaimiQatar Business Analysis Term Paper

Toastmasters Organizations Missions Essay

programming assignment help Toastmasters Organizations Missions Essay. Introduction The act of public speaking can be defined as the process of speaking to a group of people in a deliberate and well structured manner with the purpose to inform, entertain or influence listeners. The act of good public speaking can be a daunting task fraught with disappointments. It is a process that requires a culmination of various factors including but not limited to the following: self confidence, good grasp and command of language, prose presentation and being eloquent. Toastmasters is one of the organizations that help individuals become good public speakers and leaders. Toast Masters Mission and vision statements Vision The aim of Toastmasters is to assist people use their skills and knowledge to improve their lives. The company aims at achieving this through its membership clubs, throughout the world. The clubs aim at improving people’s leadership and communication skills. Mission Toastmasters is a renowned company that helps people globally to communicate effectively through spoken language. Through its platform of membership clubs, the organization helps women, and men to learn and acquire the art of listening, speaking and thinking. This eventually creates self actualization, enhances human understanding, enhances leadership and contributes to a better human environment. Ways in which Toastmasters can help in good public speaking There are various reasons as to why Toastmasters is the best organization towards achieving good public speaking. Firstly, the organization has well qualified staffs, who are dedicated to good customer service. They have extensive and vast experience in the field of public speaking and public presentation. For example, the various board director members are people who have extensive knowledge in the public speaking domain. For instance, the organization president, Mr. Micheal Notaro, has a degree in law, and has served in various prominent positions. Mr. Micheal Notaro is an attorney, who is a member of the Italian American Bar Association. He has also served as the principal of the Notaro Law group. Secondly, Toastmasters is an organization which helps people to be good public speakers because its services are based on sound core values and principles. Toastmasters is governed by certain core values. The values include dedication to improvement of the company, respect towards one another, and treating people with integrity, among others. This core values ensure that the organizations services are of the highest standard and are geared towards achieving excellence. Also, these core values help the organization to evaluate the viability of its services. This evaluation helps the company to continually improve and plan its services in-line with the organization mission, and vision. Also, the evaluation helps the organization to modify its services in order to accommodate the dynamics that are being experienced in the information technology field. This makes the art of public speaking more sophisticated, easy and fun to learn. Also, the team of experts in the organization helps an individual to learn from the known to unknown, which simplifies the entire public speaking learning process. oral Conclusion In conclusion, the art of public speaking is a difficult process that requires well qualified individuals to handle it. Toastmasters deliver this in an effective manner that enables an individual to enjoy the entire process of learning good public speaking skills. Also, the company’s core values, mission and vision have enabled it to provide the best public speaking services. The core values are based on delivering good customer experience, hence, an individual is guaranteed of good customer satisfaction. Toastmasters Organizations Missions Essay

Solve the two problems

Solve the two problems.

Suppose the economy is given by the following:Consumption function: C= 26 + 0.6(Yd) Investment function: I= 23-50r Government spending: G = 10Tax collections: T = 10 Exports schedule: X= 6- ϵImports schedule: (IM) = 2 + 3ϵ Money supply: M = 492Nominal Money demand L(Y)= 5Y-50r Price level=1Labor supply=50 Production function=2NQUESTIONSa)Find the equation of the IS curveb)Find the equation of the LM curvec)Find the equation for the ADd)Plot the IS and LM equations in terms of r and Ye)Plot the IS and the LM equations in terms of ϵf)Find the equilibrium output and interest rate for this economy assuming a free floating exchange rate regime and a world interest rate r* of 0.16.g)Suppose the government decides to increase G to 12. Compute the new short-run equilibrium levels of output, and exchange rates.h)Graph and explain the adjustment of the economy to this shock
Solve the two problems

essay 3: synthetic arguement

essay 3: synthetic arguement. I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

Assignment Objectives
Students will complete this assignment by writing an essay that answers the question “why should I care about immigration.” Your answer must be supported by any of the documentaries we watched in class, the Atlantic article, or the Fresh Air podcast we listened to in class. That podcast must be used as some sort of support for your thesis, in addition to one more source from either your own research OR the sources provided on the first two assignments. Students’ essays should 1) have a thesis statement that answers directly the question you choose to answer, 2) support that thesis with specific details from at least two sources that were assigned and 3) summarize, paraphrase, and quote from the readings adequately to complete the task.
Building on the skills you practiced in the first two essays from this course, here you will have the opportunity to compose a fully formed argument. Argumentative writing is essential to academic and public discourse. In argumentative writing, authors present a claim that answers a question or proposes a solution to a problem and then defend that claim with evidence. Being able to support your claims is an important part of being a scholar, critical thinker, and all-around good citizen. This assignment gives you practice with making an argument based on taking a position on a debatable issue. It also provides some practice in preparation for ENGL 1102, which will emphasize this kind of writing.
Simply put, this assignment requires you to write an argumentative essay that answers the question “Why should I care about immigration” and quote at least two of the designated, assigned readings (viewings) from this class as support for its answer.
Must include Support from Fresh Air “How America Became a Nation of Immigrants”…
AND at least ONE of the following below:
Atlantic Article:…
John Oliver:
Family Separation:
Border Patrol:
Immigration Courts:
Op Docs:………
essay 3: synthetic arguement