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have carefully read the case study you are required to write a 2200 word report on the questions that follow. The question is stated below in the instructions and the case study is attached below. please use Harvard referencing.

Acting as an expert Occupational/Business Psychologist carrying out consultancy work, you have been appointed by the HR Project Director of the luxury chain of hotels to write a 2,200-word report addressed to her. This report needs to scrutinise the key issues in the case study and to make recommendations to resolve them. You should therefore include: • Introduce your report • Demonstrate consultancy skills by referring to the consultancy cycle • Consider what poor management practices are highlighted in the case study that might give rise to the feelings of stress experienced by some of the staff. Relate these key issues to relevant psychological literature. • Make recommendations on how you would approach change in the organisation in this case study in order to help protect employees and to repair the harmful work culture. Again, referring to the psychological literature. • Incorporate a change model • You must refer to the psychological literature throughout.