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have a cause of action (the right to sue) against Ursula? Why or why not.

Case Study:
After her father discovers and destroys her human souvenir hideaway Ariel, 16, enters a contract with Ursula to be turned into a human being. The agreement stated that Ursula would transform Ariel into a human being for three (3) days to be with Prince Eric. During Ariel’s time on the surface, she must get Eric to give her “True Loves Kiss.” As consideration, Ariel surrenders her voice. The contract terms state that if Ariel is in full performance of the contract, Ariel will stay a human being for the rest of her life. If she is unable to perform her duties under the contract terms, Ariel becomes the property of Ursula. On the third day, Ursula enchants Prince Eric to marry her and ensure that Ariel cannot complete the contract. When Ariel fails, her father, King Triton, tries to intervene and Ursula and King Triton negotiate an assignment of the contract to King Triton.