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Harvard University Kings Theory Application in Telehealth Paper

Harvard University Kings Theory Application in Telehealth Paper.

Telehealth technologies are increasingly used in the provision of nursing care to clients and populations. The education of nurses must include content and practice with telehealth technologies. Please read chapter 15 of your text: Imogene M. King: Conceptual Systems and Middle-Range Theory of Goal Attainment and the following article before completing this assignment Enhancing Telehealth Education in Nursing: Applying King’s Conceptual Framework and Theory of Goal Attainment(…)In a 2-3-page 7th edition APA formatted paper describe your conversation/discharge planning education with a patient being discharged from the hospital after having a stroke (CHF, Asthma, COPD) who is going to be monitored using telehealth technology. Assume this patient has never heard of telehealth before today and that the patient either is a member of a vulnerable population or lives in a rural location lacking transportation and resources for continued care. Identify how nurses can use telehealth to provide care. 1. What information would be important for this patient to know about telehealth?(King’s theory of goal attainment focuses on perceptions, communications, interactions, and transactions between nurses and clients as part of the process of mutual goal setting to achieve a state of health).2. Using King’s model describe an aspect of patient care with telehealth that will address the specific needs of this patient.3. Create a nursing telehealth strategy that could be implemented to address this patient’s specific needs using the nursing process (ADPIE) format. (Assessment Diagnosis Planning Interventions Evaluations)4. Include the principles of QSEN to address safety concerns in your nursing process (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses)[Working in the Surgical ICU, focus on CHF and post operative CABG patient discharged home for follow up. Focus on problems such as pain management and use of Incentive spirometer. Explain patient teaching/informing via telehealth of different modalities of pain management as well as use and importance of incentive spirometer.]The textbook MUST be used. In the end, the paper is based mostly on the information from the book. The chapter of interest is entitled “Conceptual System and Middle-Range
Theory of Goal Attainment” and starts on page 258. You MUST use these information and you need to cite the book with the page from where you took them.
Harvard University Kings Theory Application in Telehealth Paper

Read the following prompt and write at least a page in length response (Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced)…. I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.

Walking has become like breathing to most of us-we just do it and we don’t pay any attention to it. But when you actually start to track just how much you’re walking, well, your world becomes a whole new world. Walking is one of the best things you can do for your body. Not only is it great exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, it also has many benefits for your whole person. Walking improves fitness, controls weight, reduces stress, and improves bone density. Research demonstrates that walking is truly the perfect, all-around exercise. Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of walking on not only our fitness levels but also on our brain health , possibly even delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s . Some of the world’s greatest thinkers were also walkers. Ralph Waldo Emerson was a dedicated walker, and his writings have influenced generations. The act of walking can stimulate your brain by giving it more of the oxygen it needs to generate new ideas. Walking can be a great time to organize your thoughts and plan your day.
The reasons people choose to walk for exercise and continue walking are both numerous and varied. Our text lists many reasons for choosing walking as a form of exercise. The listed below are a couple of websites that also offer good information if you haven’t received your text yet. Read the book or one of these articles and then talk about what you have learned in the discussion board. What do you think are the 3 most important reasons to encourage a fitness walking program for our children? Why would you choose walking as a form of exercise? There are no right or wrong answers to this prompt. Make sure you put the article address you read at the bottom of your discussion post or the pages in the text that you found your information. Copy and paste one of these web addresses into the address bar of a new window and then read the article.
Walking Programs (Links to an external site.)
Kids Get Smarter With Exercise (Links to an external site.)
USA Government (Links to an external site.)
Fun Walking with Kids (Links to an external site.)
Take a Family Walk (Links to an external site.)
Physical and Psychological Benefits of Walking (Links to an external site.)
Walking a Little Can Go a Long Way (Links to an external site.)
Health Benefits of Walking (Links to an external site.)
Daily Walk Can Add Years to Your Life
Read the following prompt and write at least a page in length response (Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced)…

Identifying The Role And Importance Of Hybrid Managers Business Essay. This paper is aimed at identifying the role and importance of hybrid managers in the present economic conditions of the 21st century. It tries to explain how the hybrid managers help the industries to flourish and subsequently the present economic scenario. A step by step analysis of definition of hybrid managers, its characteristics, their advantages, disadvantages has been made. As, the term management is a wider concept, first the role of a hybrid manager in an organisation and his importance is to be understood. Then, In order to explain the importance of hybrid managers in the present economic scenario, we need to understand the global economy of the 21st century. So a detailed account of present global scenario has been made. Finally the structure mentioned above has been used to form the foundation of the arguments presented in the last section of the paper- How Hybrid Managers hold the key to development in the 21st century Global Economy. Definition of a Hybrid manager: The term hybrid was originally coined by Peter Keen in the mid 1980s, but received its most precise and most quoted definition by Michael Earl: “A person with strong technical skills and adequate business knowledge or vice versa …. Hybrids are people with technical skills able to work in user areas doing a line job, but adept at developing and implementing IT application ideas” In addition, roles such as leaders and impresarios were also defined. However, these distinctions are seldom recognized by practicing managers. From the above definition it is pretty clear that although the term ‘HYBRID’ is being used only for the last 2 decades, managers with such skills always existed. So, it is the need for an increase in the quantity of such managers that has increased in the 21st century. So a more popular term ‘hybrid manager’ has been coined. The need for the increase in the quantity of hybrid managers sums up the whole economic scenario of this era. The Quality of the managers has been there before but the present global economy needs more of such hybrid managers. Characteristics of hybrid managers: From the definition of a hybrid manager, it is understood that he should be sound technically and well versed with ‘business needs of the organisation specifically he works for’. The latter is the most important aspect to ensure success. We will discuss about organisation specific knowledge in detail. Organizational specific knowledge: The most important skill of a hybrid manager is “How to get the things done as per the requirements?” The time taken by the hybrid manager with an organization to develop this particular skill makes essential importance for the hybrid managers. A good hybrid manager exploits the networking skills to build the personal or social network over a period of time. This gives them a simple tool to get the works done easily with multiple sources of information. Since every organization will have good communication media either by internet or by intra-net, hybrid managers can utilize this communication media efficiently to get the exact required information on the requirements at the time of need. However it all depends on the level of expertise a hybrid manager has within the organization. For example it takes time for a navy-hybrid manager to get the contacts with the senior management and generate the repo with them. But a senior hybrid manager can get the exact required information within the time limits. General management skills: The characteristics that are often searched for in a manager include ‘soft’ interpersonal skills. They are Motivation Communication Negotiation Team building The true ability of a hybrid manager lies with their ability to exchange jobs with their peers in other functions. For example in a software organisation, a manager for HR services should be able to act as a chief information officer (CIO) Hybrid managers should also have a good social skill and extroversion to manage people. A more detailed explanation of various possible roles played by hybrid manager will be discussed in the section ‘Role of a hybrid manager in an organisation’. Need for a hybrid manager: Some of the issues that are being faced by IT industry are highlighted by a survey conducted by popular ‘IT press’. The major issued faced by IT companies are as follows “Only 11% of organisations are successful with IT according to any objective measure” (A.T.Kearney) “30% of systems projects fail to meet user needs” (KPMG) “Over 40% of systems projects are not completed within time or to budget” (Butler Cox) “Only 27% of CEOs in the UK are satisfied that their IT department can deliver them the business advantage they need in the 1990s” (Amdahl) Also as per 1985 opinion survey of MIS managers, the key issues faced by organizations are as follows Alignment of IS to business needs Strategic Benefits of IT not understood by business managers Need to improve IS-line relationships Identification of competitive edge applications The opinion survey of the managers implies that most of the managers at that time do not understand the importance of aligning IS to business needs. This shows the need for a close partnership between IT and business. This is where a hybrid manager comes into play. He is the one who can deal with both IT and business aspects of an organisation. He will have the capability to align IT with business. Role of a hybrid manager in an organisation: The greatest challenge faced by an IT industry is the perceived misalignment between technology and business requirement. The common perception is ‘BUSINESS AND IT CANNOT COMMUNICATE’ and they speak different language. So, the role of a good hybrid manager is to act BILINGUAL. He should act as a bridge between the two worlds. Till recently, IT industry is seen as a back office work which can actually be outsourced. But with the changing times and global recession taking its toll on the companies, IT is being seen as a part of the industry. This has given rise, the requirement of managers who could also deal IT. But because it is always easier the other way round, i.e. IT managers with good business skills, a new concept of hybrid managers arose. Let us take an example of a successful hybrid manager, ‘graham Johnson’. Like many other students he took up electronics and got a highly paid job in chip design. In that job he started as electronic engineer and later went on to become self employed consultant, CIO and now transformation consultant for Ecclesiastical Insurance During his time with this firm, he worked on major projects with famous names like marks and Spencer, abbey national and baring securities. While undertaking these projects he seconded as IT manager reporting to the financing director. With that experience, he gained a lot of knowledge about business and finance issues. Also, when he became self-employed he worked on large projects for a string of other famous companies, such as LegalIdentifying The Role And Importance Of Hybrid Managers Business Essay
Complete Short Discussion Posts (ATC). I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

The term “moral hazard” describes increases in risky behavior resulting from efforts to make that behavior safer. How does the concept of moral hazard apply to deposit insurance and other bank regulations?

What contributions did William Shakespeare make to theatre? Be specific and name some of his plays that are still performed today.

How do you filter a record, remove the filter, and filter on specific values? (DATABASE APPLICATIONS

For this week’s reading assignment, choose one of the works and give an overview. Also, include in your response why the work you chose is categorized as American Literature.

Your initial post must be 5-7 sentences
READING: A Good Man is Hard to Find

Complete Short Discussion Posts (ATC)

project time, scope and time management

project time, scope and time management.

Your company, IRTC Manufacturing Enterprises, is upgrading its legacy billing system. The system was installed originally ten years ago, and has been upgraded according to the vendor’s schedule, each one taking 9-12 weeks in duration with a team of 2 full time employees (FTE’s).IRTC will be doing a major upgrade for the new web-based version of the system, in addition to the mainframe legacy system update. It is anticipated that this upgrade will take 16-20 weeks in duration; however, everyone has agreed that a more formal scheduling process should be completed which may change the duration estimate. The project will involve significant changes to existing business processes, changes to existing jobs, as well as the creation of several new positions. Customers will be able to view and pay their bills on-line, accessing a billing customer service agent when needed. This change, which will affect both the billing and customer service departments, is expected to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce the number of days for outstanding accounts receivable. The existing customer service staff has some proficiency with web applications, but the billing staff does not.To date, the Billing Department has owned the applications, and the director of the department has been the sponsor for all upgrade projects. For this upgrade, however, the chief operations officer has indicated that the Customer Service Department also needs to play a major role. It will be up to you to determine the project sponsor and steering committee structure and participants. You will do this during the initiation phase.You have been chosen to be the project manager; you will be on the project 30 hours a week and your rate is $125 per hour. You have significant experience with the system and have managed previous upgrade projects. You have acted as a business analyst, developer, and tester for projects on this package in the past. You will select your team, which will consist of several IT staff, supplemented by staff from the vendor. You have been told you can have up to 2.5 IRTC FTEs, in addition to yourself, for the duration of the project. (The list of available people is described in the Phase Two task.)The vendor’s role is to be determined by you; their consultants cost $140 an hour for business analysts, $120 an hour for technical architects, $100 an hour for programmers or testers, and $90 an hour for instructional designers, trainers, or technical writers. You have a budget of $100,000 for vendor resources. You may supplement your team with vendors based on the holes in your IRTC team. For example, you may choose to have the vendor provide programmers if you choose not to have any of the internal staff provide programming resources, if your budget permits.You will follow your organization’s standard methodology for a package upgrade. Part of that process includes the development and delivery of documentation and training materials–a responsibility generally filled by the IRTC IT training group. You have access to .5 FTE for the duration of the project to develop and deliver the materials. The person with the most experience on the package and current training/documentation will be unavailable to the project due to other projects; however, the vendor has adequate materials that can be purchased for an additional $6,500. You will need to determine the training needs, analyze the costs associated with each option, and determine the project’s scope.With this version, the vendor also has another software add-on that supports the integration of your existing customer service system with the billing system’s customer service functions. There is not a decision yet as to which customer service system will be used, whether or not they will be integrated, and the extent to which customer databases will be integrated (if at all). According to the vendor, the installation of the add-on will cost $25,000 and take an additional four weeks.At times, a project manager must evaluate proposals from identified vendors and make decisions based on the project budget and schedule. It is essential to determine how the organization will determine the best response to the proposal’s individual vendors?IRTC has asked you to evaluate the customer service add-on the vendor offered while still in negotiations for this project. The add-on will cost $25,000 and take an additional 4 weeks to install. Your manager has asked for your opinion. The project is tracking along according to schedule and budget.What do you need to consider before saying yes or no? Prepare a memo for your manager outlining how either decision would affect the project and factors that need to be discussed and agreed to by various stakeholders involved in the project.Assignment Guidelines:In 1,350 words, address the following: What do you need to consider before accepting or denying the vendor proposal? Explain. How would your decision affect the overall project? Consider budget, schedule, and resources. What stakeholders would need to be involved in this decision-making process? Why? What important factors would need to be discussed and agreed upon by the various stakeholders involved in the project? Explain. APA references for citations
project time, scope and time management

GEOG 112 San Jose State University Migrant and Refugee Definitions & Video Discussion

essay writing help GEOG 112 San Jose State University Migrant and Refugee Definitions & Video Discussion.

QuestionsLook up the definitions of migrant and refugee from legitimate sources (a dictionary is a good source). What is the difference between the two? (3 point)MigrantRefugeea.a.b.b.c.c.Briefly explain the difference between an internally displaced person and a refugee. (1 point)According to video and article, what main reasons are contributing to people migrating or seeking asylum from these countries and whether the people are refugees or migrants? (3 points)
Country/CountriesReason(s)Migrant or Refugee?Northern TriangleSyriaVenezuelaAccording to the resources provided to you, are current asylum seeking policies fair and equitable? Briefly explain. (3 points)Readings and video:
GEOG 112 San Jose State University Migrant and Refugee Definitions & Video Discussion

Role of the Cells in the Human Body

Understanding the Human Body and the Cells. Abstract The cells are the very structure of all known living organisms. While they are the smallest unit of life, they are essentially the foundation off all life. They contain a microscopic structure consisting of a nuclear and cytoplasmic material contained within a semi-permeable membrane. Some organisms are unicellular, which means it is only a single cell, however, some organisms like humans are multicellular. Within this report there will be a written commentary on a number of topics to show an overall understanding of cells within the body. This will be presented via tables and pictures, which can be found in the appendices. Table of content Title page 1 Abstract 2 Title page 3 Introduction 4 Discussion 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 Appendices 10 Introduction Cells are the building blocks of life, consisting of a self contained and maintained environments, it consumes nutrients and then converts these nutrients into energy which carries out specialized functions throughout the body. Each cell within the body holds a set of instructions that differs from every other cell. Yet all living things are made of cells and all cells share certain functions and characteristics. These characteristics of cells are; Growth

SWOSU Psychology Psychiatric Disorder Questions

SWOSU Psychology Psychiatric Disorder Questions.

Watch a movie where the main character is suffering from a psychiatric disorder or condition. Write a one-page double space APA 7th edition covering the information below. Complete by April 7th to receive 2.5 points added to your final exam 3 grade. Please email when completed -What disorder was the main character displaying? – What behavior keyed you into the disorder or disorders? -How were the relationships affected by his/her behavior? -Did the actor portray the disorder accurately? -Was his/her environment a tributing factor to the disorder? -Did he/she receive emotional support or guidance? Movie suggestions:Split One Flew Over the Cuckoos NestSilver Linings Playbook The Perks of Being a WallflowerAs Good as it Gets Patch AdamsGood Morning Vietnam A Beautiful MindGirl Interrupted 28 DaysFatal Attraction We Need to Talk about KevinThe Shining Rain ManTaxi Driver What About Bob?The Skeleton Twins The Deer HunterGaslight The Virgin Suicides
SWOSU Psychology Psychiatric Disorder Questions