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Harvard University Debt Crises and Covid 19 International Economics Essay

Harvard University Debt Crises and Covid 19 International Economics Essay.

The paper “The Debt Crises that We are Expecting from Covid-19 tell us that an entirely new order of relations between rich and poor states is necessary.” Do you agree with this statement? In your answer, utilize these key concepts/ideas * structural adjustment programs * emerging markets * current account balance In your essay (1) Make clear thesis statement for your argument** – this is essential. Write an academic thesis in italic and make sure you write the paper based on that thesis (2) offer specific evidence (whether factual or logical) (3) explain how the evidence supports your thesis (4) respond to what you believe is the strongest argument AGAINST the one you favor. Length: 1000 words Format: APA
Harvard University Debt Crises and Covid 19 International Economics Essay

​Revising Strategic Plans.

Revising Strategic Plans Organizational leaders and managers can address new or ongoing issues and take advantage of emerging opportunities by regularly reviewing and updating their organizations’ strategic plans. This revision process also helps organizations to establish a future direction and maintain sustainability. For this Discussion, select an existing national or international non-profit or government organization with issues that are not addressed in the organization’s strategic plan. As you explore these issues, consider how you might revise the organization’s strategic plan to address these issues. Question (a) Write a brief description of the non-profit or government organization that you selected. (CAMDEN) Explain issues that are not addressed in the organization’s current strategic plan. Then, explain how you might revise the strategic plan to address these new issues. Question (b) Separate paper but can be shorter Offer alternative perspectives of how you might revise the strategic plans your colleagues discussed. Question C Individual Paper II: Stakeholder Roles and Strategic Goals To achieve organizational goals, it is necessary to regularly re-evaluate and revise organizational strategic plans. This evaluation and revision process is ongoing and requires collaboration among organizational leaders, managers, and most importantly, stakeholders. When stakeholders are involved in this process, organizations are more able to objectively examine their strengths and weaknesses, identify organizational needs, and achieve strategic goals. For this Individual Paper, you explore the role of stakeholders in an organization’s strategic planning process and consider strategic organizational goals. To complete: Write a 6- to 8-page paper (not including title page and reference page) that addresses the following: Describe an existing non-profit or public organization of interest to you. Include the organization’s mission, stakeholders, short-term goals (1–4 years), mid-terms goals (5–14 years), and long-term goals (15–20 years). Select and explain your role as a stakeholder, including why this organization is important to you both personally and professionally. Explain how you, in your role, will help to evaluate and revise the organization’s strategic planning process. Include any potential legal implications of revising the organization’s current strategic plan. Explain at least 3 strategic goals that you would recommend for the organization, which will directly contribute to and effect positive social change. Use proper APA formatting and include the following: A title page and running head An introduction that states the purpose of the paper Level 1 headings to define each part of the paper A conclusion to synthesize the entire paper A minimum of six scholarly sources to support your paper In-text citations as appropriate A reference list
​Revising Strategic Plans

CMIT 421 UMGC VM Process for Mercury USA Open Vulnerability Assessment Memorandum.

InstructionsYour boss wants you to draft a two- to three-page vulnerability process and assessment memorandum addressing the main points of a VM process for Mercury USA. You will cover the main elements of a vulnerability management process, tailored to Mercury USA’s business in the transportation sector, evaluate the OpenVAS scanning tool, and provide recommendations for mitigating the vulnerabilities found within the OpenVAS report.The third-party pen tester used the free tool Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner (OpenVAS) to scan Mercury USA’s network. Review the report from the OpenVAS Scan.As you review the scan, consider some important points from Lesson 5.6, Remediation:PriorityDifficulty of implementationCommunication/change controlInhibitors to remediationMOUsSLAsBusiness process interruptionDegrading functionality
CMIT 421 UMGC VM Process for Mercury USA Open Vulnerability Assessment Memorandum

SDSU Main Characters that Were Forced to Run in Films Thesis Outline.

Now that you’ve had some time to watch Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and read Gods of Jade and Shadow, and shared ideas about similarities between the texts in last week’s Discussion Board, I’d like you to identify a theme you intend to explore in the Unit 3 Essay, and draft and upload a preliminary outline–just the basic structure–of your essay. What are the authors saying about the theme, and how is it demonstrated in the text? What can we take away from this?Keep in mind that you’re expected to explore a theme as it appears in all three works (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Gods of Jade and Shadow) and eventually explain why that theme is important to you and your readers.DirectionsPlease write the thesis and topic sentences of your essay–no paragraphs, just sentences. State the main argument (which should include the theme) and the topic sentences for the body paragraphs of your essay. Keep in mind that the thesis will drive all decisions made about the content of the essay, and the topic sentences will guide and limit your decisions about the content of the paragraphs. The mini outline should include the thesis statement and a minimum of 4 topic sentences.Please write in complete sentences.I look forward to reading your preliminary outline!Grading Criteria:When creating your outline, keep in mind that points will be assigned for the following:Clearly stated thesis with a subject (including the theme) and argument Clearly stated topic sentences for all body paragraphs (minimum of 4 topic sentences)Topic sentences are general statements with NO detailsLogical order of topic sentences to guide readers through your exploration of the theme as it appears in all three works (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Gods of Jade and Shadow)Complete, correctly written sentencesRubric:The associated rubric will be used to provide feedback–please be sure to review the rubric before starting AND before submitting your assignment.
SDSU Main Characters that Were Forced to Run in Films Thesis Outline

Solving the problem of low capital at alpha retailers Essay (Critical Writing)

Introduction A business plan is a well organized document that shows the road map that the business will take so as to start or continue expanding. In some cases, business plans are wrongly drafted and this results in problems when running the business. In this work, ways of resolving low capital base for the alpha retailers are analyzed and evaluated. Client The client is called alpha retailers; the company is a start up business that has been established and it deals with the distribution of products to consumers. After starting the business, the managers realized that the capital set out to run the business is not enough. The client now wishes to solve the problem of lack of enough capital within the business. To develop solutions geared towards solving this problem, the researcher conducted a situations analysis, developed tactics to solve these problems and ways of implementing and monitoring the success of the business. Objectives The main objective of this work is to formulate solutions through which the Alpha retailers can use so as to gain enough capital. Currently, the business is faced by the problem of the lack of enough capital due to poor business planning. This has seen the business exhaust its startup capital. Situational analysis The first step will be to perform a situational analysis of the business. This will entail a critical evaluation of the alpha retailers. To check the company’s internal and external performance, a SWOT analysis was carried out. SWOT analysis entails the examination of the business in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses relate to the internal environment of the business while the opportunities and threats relate to the external environment. Strengths: the business will be examined to determine its strengths. These include superior technologies, capital, experience in the field, having good competent workers and innovations. The business will be evaluated so as to identify these strengths. Weaknesses: the business will be analyzed in order to identify the weaknesses the business faces. These include poor technology, lack of capital and small incompetent workforce. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Opportunities: these are the positive factors that promote the development of the business. They include a large customer base, good legal and regulatory framework, positive culture, good political climate, and government subsidies (Barney 87). Threats: these are external factors that will affect the development of the business negatively. They include superior technology processed by the competitor, low market demand of the product on sale, seasonal and weather effects. Audiences The main stakeholders that will be involved in this problem solving: The company management: they will be involved in the formulation of appropriate strategies The company employees: they will be involved in the implementation of the strategies developed The project manager: he/she will help the company formulate appropriate strategies and tactics so as to get enough capital. Strategy In order for the business to perform well, there is a need to develop strategies to enable the company raise its capital base (Protiviti 3). The following are the main strategies that will be adopted Borrow loans: in the short run, the business should borrow capital from financial institution and banks. Before borrowing the loan, the company should prepare an adequate business plan so as to convince the financiers to award the loan Market the company to investors: this will entail the development of a good business plan which will be used to market the company to investors. The management will identify people who can invest in the business and become shareholders Venture capital firms: this is an equity financing strategy where investors raise capital for the business and in return the get a stake at the business. The management will liaise with venture capital firms who will not only assist in raising the capital for the business but also provide strategic, market and management expertise to the alpha business. We will write a custom Critical Writing on Solving the problem of low capital at alpha retailers specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Aggressive marketing: the working capital of the business can be increased by increasing the net profit which can be used to develop the business. The business should increase their marketing and sale promotions activities so as to increase the sales volume and subsequently the profit and the working capital. Capital reinvestment: since this business is a small start up business, the company can monitor the cash inflows and outflows and most of the profits can be reinvested back to the business. Use of more personal saving: the company can increase its capital revenue by asking the principle owners to contribute more money towards they business venture Factoring all costs and excepted cost in the future: one of the major failures in business is failure to identify all the fixed and variable expenses so that they can be factored in the financial plan. This will prevent cases where extra cost result in reduction in capital. Tactics Reducing cost: in order to prevent excessive spending, the company management should look for ways through reducing costs such as checking employees and their productivity so as to get rid of any unproductive employees. The management should also look at the operations, productivity, distribution channels so as to identify methods of reducing costs. Motivate employees and management: in order to improve the sales, the company should motivate employees and the management team to ensure that they perform at their best. This will increase sales and raise capital in the long run. Check customer feedback: it is important for the business to monitor the customer feedback so as to respond to any negative feedback. This will ensure that the company’s customer base and hence the capital in the long run. Improve the business culture: the management should improve the business culture so as to get long term benefits and improve their sales as well as the customer base. Not sure if you can write a paper on Solving the problem of low capital at alpha retailers by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Calendar budget The budget entails the amount that will be used to institute that changes that will result to increase in sales. ACTIVITY PRICE $ Meetings with all stakeholders 5000 Sales and marketing activities 2500 Public relations 3000 Long term loans and debt financing 50000 Equity financing 60000 Totals 120500 The entire process will be carried out within one week. The main activities are shown in the Gantt chart below: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Situational analysis Developing appropriate strategies Training the management Looking for investors and debt financiers Evaluations Evaluations After developing and implementing the different strategies, it is imperative that the progress is tracked so as to ensure that there is a positive growth and that the capital base increases. Various methods will be used to evaluate the success of the adopted strategies. The main evaluation methods are: Increase in capital: it is expected that they will be an increase in capital. This can be noted after evaluating the account books such as the balance sheet. Increase in sales: the success of the adopted strategies can be evaluated from the sales record of the company. Greater sales will definitely result in the increase in the profits as well as the working capital Increase in borrowed capital: if the proposed strategies are implemented, the amount of money generated as debt capital and equity capital is expected to increase. Works Cited Barney, Jay. Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage. USA: Addison-Wesley. 1996. Print. Protiviti . “Improving working capital management process.” The bulleting 4.11(2011): 1-6. Print.

University of Maryland Global Campus Exploring Fear Descriptive Essay

help me with my homework University of Maryland Global Campus Exploring Fear Descriptive Essay.

Final Project, Part 3: Paper. (FEAR)This part of the final project is the paper that presents your description and analysis of your selected works. (project one and two about fear)In a 750-1200 word essay:Explain the subject you chose (FEAR) and why it’s worth exploring in the HumanitiesDescribe each of your selected examples, including 1) information about its creator; 2) its historical or cultural context (how it fits into a historical period’s or a specific culture’s attitudes, events etc. Think about what else was going on in the culture and history when the piece was created); and 3) link to the example or an embedded image with a citation in the paper where you write about each example. Use at least one specific interpretative tool, concept or method from the course to explain each of your selected examples. You should use a different tool, concept or method for each example, so you should use at least threedifferent tools in your paper.Assess the effectiveness or impact of each representation. In other words, how well did the representation present the subject? How effective was it? What impact did this representation have? What specific elements of the representation lead you to your conclusions?Provide a correctly formatted paper, complete and proper citations for any references you consult, using MLA formatDocumentation Style: The paper is to be formatted and documented in the MLA format. For general assistance, see the links below to the UMGC Library. MLA Citation: Citation Examples: Before you hand in your assignment, make sure to ask yourself the following questions: Have I included a paragraph that provides one to two logical, concrete, well-stated reasons that this subject is worth exploring within the Humanities?Have I included least two to three sentences for each example that clearly and concretely provide information about its creator, cultural/historical context, and where I found it-an image or link?Have I included at least one to three sentences that explains and applies a specific interpretative tool, concept or method that is from the course’s Learning Resources each example?Have I included at least one to three sentences that contains an assessment of the effectiveness of each example in representing the chosen subject?Have I provided a list of resources and do all of my citations conform to MLA 8th edition guidelines?Have I proofread this assignment for grammatical, structural, and spelling errors?
University of Maryland Global Campus Exploring Fear Descriptive Essay

AMP492 Grand Canyon University Evaluating Pressures for Change

AMP492 Grand Canyon University Evaluating Pressures for Change.

Being able to recognize potential pressures that require an organization to change its practices or processes is a vital for its success. Examine an organization in the field or industry in which you work, or are planning to work. In 1,000-1,250 words, evaluate the pressures the organization currently faces and discuss the potential effects these pressures could have on the organization. You will use your evaluation of this organization for your Implementing Change assignment.Include the following:Identify and describe the organization you are evaluating. Provide an overview of the industry within which the organization operates. I am a high school teacher. I teach Business math, IBCA, Publications, and Debate Club Sponsor. Identify the environmental and organizational pressures currently driving organizational change in your field or industry. Explain the origin or reason for these pressures, and explain how they directly affect the viability of your organization.Predict what type of organizational changes (first-order/second-order) these pressures may cause within the organization.Provide support for your analysis and prediction.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.The rubric is attached.You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.
AMP492 Grand Canyon University Evaluating Pressures for Change

After gathering evidence from a case study provided by your instructor, write an essay in which you evaluate how effectively a real-life company solved a problem. Use the Rhetorical Structure defined in the HOW section.

After gathering evidence from a case study provided by your instructor, write an essay in which you evaluate how effectively a real-life company solved a problem. Use the Rhetorical Structure defined in the HOW section.. Help me study for my Business class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Project 4: Case Study Evaluation
First OWL Draft Due Date: End of Week 5: Sunday, February 9th, 11:59PM EST
Second OWL Draft Due Date: End of Week 6, Sunday, February 16th, 11:59PM EST
Final Draft Word Count and Setup Requirement:

1000-1200 words (plus an APA cover page and a References page)
Case study source identified with APA in-text citations and on a Reference page
12-point Times New Roman font

3rd person point of view

WHAT: After gathering evidence from a case study provided by your instructor, write an essay in which you evaluate how effectively a real-life company solved a problem. Use the Rhetorical Structure defined in the HOW section.
BRAINSTORM: Carefully read the case study provided by your instructor and then ask yourself the following questions before drafting this assignment:
What was the problem encountered by the company?
What solution was implemented?
What steps were involved?
Who implemented the solution? (What company? What agents within that company?)
What did people within the company have to say about the solution?
When was the solution implemented?
Where was the solution implemented?
Why this solution? (Was it effective? How do you know?)
FOCUS/THESIS: Try using this as a thesis statement model:
The solution ___________________________ Company X implemented to solve (define the problem) ___________________________________________ did/did not work effectively because ________________________________________________________. (You can list more than one reason).
Introduction: Inform the reader of the company your evaluation will discuss, the problem the company faced, and the solution the company implemented. You can use 2 or 3 paragraphs for your introduction. End your introduction with your thesis statement.
Evaluation of Solution: Using evidence from the Case Study and your own reasoning, discuss, point by point, why you think the solution did or did not work effectively. Remember, any solution to a problem must address the root cause of the problem.
Conclusion: End this essay with a one-paragraph summary of your Case Study Evaluation’s main points.
REVISE the entire document several times to ensure you have conveyed your thoughts clearly, you have developed your paragraphs with details, facts, reasons, examples or evidence, and you have shown logical transitions from one paragraph to the next.
EDIT: Print your essay and read it ALOUD to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
REMEMBER to SUBMIT your draft(s) to your WRITING SPECIALIST in your Online Writing LAB (ENG 3108). Your OWL WRITING SPECIALIST will help you develop a polished, well-crafted final version of your work.
WHY: This assignment will expand your understanding of challenges businesses encounter and ways in which they address the challenges. Learning about a particular company’s real-life problem will also inform your thinking for the Recommendation Report you are building for this course. In addition, this assignment strengthens your ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate main ideas. It demonstrates writing as a process that requires substantive revision, and it promotes communication skills aimed at a specific audience about a particular subject for a defined purpose while advancing your understanding of your strengths as a writer of persuasive materials.
After gathering evidence from a case study provided by your instructor, write an essay in which you evaluate how effectively a real-life company solved a problem. Use the Rhetorical Structure defined in the HOW section.

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