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Harvard Methods of Introducing an Existential Cultural Approach Discussion

Harvard Methods of Introducing an Existential Cultural Approach Discussion.

Using the following vignette, customize the example underlined to fit this specific case (no sources are needed, but you may use them if it makes the task easier):Vignette:Client is a 24-year-old White-American woman who moved to a new city within the past month. Client works as an assistant for a journal publishing company. Client has a history of sexual assault and her first sexual assault occurred at the age of 10 and continued for a few years. Client’s stepbrother ensured that she would not tell anyone by threatening her and scaring her when he felt she was about to tell someone. One of the ways the stepbrother scared her was by killing her bunny in front of her. At the age of 14 years old, the client became pregnant as a result of rape and suffered a miscarriage. Client suffers from trauma that is related to being sexually abuse she endured as a child. Client currently denies having depression or anxiety but presents with symptoms of dissociative disorder when discussing sexual relationships. When it comes to sexual relationships, client claims to have an increase in sexual drive and that there are usually no emotions, affections, or intimacy involved. Client states, “sex is like a transaction” and that sex gives her a sense of control because she is the one initiating it.Client presents with difficulties with communication, maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships, unhealthy sexual relationships, behaviors and habits, being unable to forgive her mother for not noticing, and occasional nightmares of trauma. Client states when she is with her mother, she often finds herself wondering how or why her mother never noticed what was happening and how this has affected the relationship she has with her mother, as well as others. Client notes that there is a sense of being unable to trust others and consistently sabotaging interpersonal relationships. Gender is a determinant for quite a lot in society. The representation of genders and the attitude differ across cultures. However, more commonly, the American culture, like others, believes in male dominance and superiority and female inferiority in multiple aspects. This can include political aspects, familial aspects, as well as financial aspects. At the time of the assault, the client was a child and felt she had no control. This was a result of the client being raised to believe that males were the stronger ones and that females had to listen to what the males. This also plays into the client’s inability to tell someone about the abuse because of the threats made by her stepbrother. Additionally, women in many cultures are sexualized, which has made it common and caused an increase in sexual assault in women as opposed to sexual assault in men.The feminist theory, while looking into the functionality of gender systems, aims at achieving fairness in a society with sexist oppression. Feminists try to correct the patriarchy in the Western culture throughout all aspects. The feminist approach would bring positivity in the reflection of the modern woman. Through the feminist theory, we see powerful, outspoken, and respected women. Unlike the traditional women whose views depended on a man’s, the modern woman would not tolerate any sort of cruelty. The feminist approach touches on vices that would harm women’s portrayal by showing their place in power and sharing their experiences rather than bottling them up as in the old days. The feminist theory would situate with this client similarly throughout many different aspects. Socially, politically, and culturally, males are the dominant and superior gender. With the client showing signs of dissociative disorder, the client places herself in a position of control.Existential – Cultural approach (Methods of introducing an existential-cultural approach into practice):The various aspects of this client’s culture will effect how her symptoms are displayed and how to best build a therapeutic relationship. Client was born in Mexico and moved to the United States as a child, this can be a very stressful experience. Considerations when treatment of Hispanic American clients is understanding acculturative stressors. Due to family dynamics of Mexican families she has a collectivist perspective and feels a loyalty to support her family. Client expressed how her religion, Catholicism, supports her and provides her comfort. A struggle for this client was her grief and lose of her son and husband. Grief and loss has many cultural values and beliefs that need to be considered. Therapist explored Catholic Faith and how client connects with her religion. Exploring her personal and cultural beliefs about death and heaven was a big part of the work we did together. She was able to express her beliefs about death and together we found hope and healing. Client’s religion was strength that supported this grief, as well as, her hopeless and depressive thoughts.
Harvard Methods of Introducing an Existential Cultural Approach Discussion

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Address the following in 600–900 words: Describe the 3 branches of the U.S. federal government. Explain the role of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Why are there three branches of government? Explain. What is the purpose of the concept separation of powers? Explain. What is federalism? Explain. How does this impact the criminal justice system? Explain. With regard to the criminal justice system, explain the roles of the following primary components: Law enforcement Criminal courts Civil courts Corrections Explain the role of each component. Explain how each component is both interdependent and independent. What are the similarities and differences between the federal and state criminal court systems? Explain. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
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Discussion and responses_1_ETC

Discussion and responses_1_ETC. I need help with a Computer Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Subject: Emerging Threats & CountermeasuresTopic: Detecting an infrastructure attack is a complex process; what kind of indicators or information would help you make the determination that a threat is underway?
1) Discussion Topic (Around 500 to 600 words) need to submit in next 2 days.
2) Respond to at least 2 other students with at least a 100-word reply about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider the following questions:

What did you learn from your classmate’s posting?
What additional questions do you have after reading the posting?
What clarification do you need regarding the posting?
What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates’ postings?

* Amoroso, E. G. (2012). Cyber attacks: protecting national infrastructure. Elsevier.
* Security Risk Management:
* attached PPT
Discussion and responses_1_ETC

Modify a python program about classification

essay help online free Modify a python program about classification.

Q1 ClassificationWrite a function classify to conduct a classification experiements as follows:Take the training and testing file name strings as inputs, e.g. classify(training_file, testing_file). IClassify text samples in training file using linear support vector machine as follows:a. First apply grid search with 6-fold cross validation to find the best values for parameters min_df, stop_words, and C (penality parameter of SVM) that are used the modeling pipeline. Use f1-macro as the scoring metric to select the best parameter values. Potential values for these parameters are:min_df’ : [1,2,5]stop_words’ : [None,”english”]C: [0.5,1,5]b. Using the best parameter values, train a linear support vector machine classifier with all samples in news_train.csvTest the linear support vector classifier created in Step 2.b using the testing file. Compare f1-macro score you obtain from the test dataset with the f1-macro of the best model from grid search, and comment if the model is overfitted or not. Save your comment into a pdf fileYour function “classify” t has no return. However, when this function is called, the best parameter values from grid search is printed and the testing precision, recall, and f1 score from Step 3 is printed.Q2. How many samples are enough? Show the impact of sample size on classifier performanceWrite a function “impact_of_sample_size” as follows:Take the full file name path strings for training and test datasets as inputs, e.g.impact_of_sample_size(train_file, test_file).Starting with 300 samples from the training file, in each round you build a classifier with 300more samples. i.e. in round 1, you use samples from 0:300, and in round 2, you use samples from0:600, …, until you use all samples.In each round, do the following:create tf-idf matrix using TfidfVectorizer with stop words removedtrain a classifier using multinomial Naive Bayes modeltrain a classifier using linear support vector machine modelfor each classifier, test its performance using the testing file and collect the following metrics: macro precision, macro recall. Note, make sure you use the same model parameters for all iterations.Draw a line chart (two lines, one for each classifier) show the relationship between sample size and precision. Similarly, plot another line chart to show the relationship between sample size and recallWrite your analysis on the following:How sample size affects each classifier’s performance?How many samples do you think would be needed for each model for good performance?How is performance of SVM classifier compared with Naïve Bayes classifier, as the sample size increases?There is no return for this function, but the charts should be plotted.
Modify a python program about classification

SOCW 6200 Walden Human Behavior & Social ENVT Bio Psycho Social Assessment Case

SOCW 6200 Walden Human Behavior & Social ENVT Bio Psycho Social Assessment Case.

Submit a 6- to 9-page paper that focuses on an adolescent from one of the case studies presented in this course. For this Project, complete a bio-psycho-social assessment and provide an analysis of the assessment. This Project is divided into two parts:Part A: Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment: The assessment should be written in professional language and include sections on each of the following:Presenting issue (including referral source)Demographic informationCurrent living situationBirth and developmental historySchool and social relationshipsFamily members and relationshipsHealth and medical issues (including psychological and psychiatric functioning, substance abuse)Spiritual developmentSocial, community, and recreational activitiesClient strengths, capacities, and resourcesPart B: Analysis of Assessment. Address each of the following:Explain the challenges faced by the client(s)—for example, drug addiction, lack of basic needs, victim of abuse, new school environment, etc.Analyze how the social environment affects the client.Identify which human behavior or social theories may guide your practice with this individual and explain how these theories inform your assessment.Explain how you would use this assessment to develop mutually agreed-upon goals to be met in order to address the presenting issue and challenges face by the client.Explain how you would use the identified strengths of the client(s) in a treatment plan.Explain how you would use evidence-based practice when working with this client and recommend specific intervention strategies (skills, knowledge, etc.) to address the presenting issue.Analyze the ethical issues present in the case. Explain how will you address them.Describe the issues will you need to address around cultural competence.
SOCW 6200 Walden Human Behavior & Social ENVT Bio Psycho Social Assessment Case

Directions: Complete a home safety inspection on a person age 70 or above. Go to their home and complete this

Directions: Complete a home safety inspection on a person age 70 or above. Go to their home and complete this template. As appropriate, make as many corrections during your visit as possible. ONLY Typed papers will be accepted, and upload completed assessment into the corresponding clinical drop box. Use as much space as needed to answer the questions thoroughly. Yes and No answers are NOT acceptable. Incomplete, late assignments are the same as an unsatisfactory in clinical so please make sure you turn this in on time and it’s fully completed. See your Canvas dropbox for the due date. Incomplete or late documentation will affect the satisfactory progress of your lab grade, which may result in a course fail. Skills Lab 1_Home Safety Assessment TEMPLATE.docx Download Skills Lab 1_Home Safety Assessment TEMPLATE.docx Skills Lab 1_Home Safety Assessment EXAMPLE.pdf Download Skills Lab 1_Home Safety Assessment EXAMPLE.pdf **In order to successfully complete this assignment you must attain a Level 2 in all categories. You may be asked to resubmit the assignment until you have met a Level 2 in all rubric categories.

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