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Marele Day has successfully composed distinctive voices through her text through her use of characteristics within the characters Claudia Valentine and Harry Lavender to make her point of view. Marele Day has written the novel in a way so that her own distinctive voice may be interpreted through the protagonist, Claudia Valentine, although Claudia has her own distinctive voice. Distinctive voices contribute to and create the characteristics of a person’s identity.

Two texts which clearly show these distinctive voices are “The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender” by Marele Day and “The ig bang theory’ (Season 1, Episode 10 – The Loobenfeld Decay), directed by Chuck Lorre. In “the Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender” the distinctive voices of Claudia Valentine and Harry Lavender compared with the distinctive voice of Harry Lavender. However in the text “the Big Bang theory’ the humour is generated through the contrast between the distinctive voices of Sheldon Cooper and the distinctive voice of Penny.

Throughout the novel we partly get a sense of Claudia’s distinctive voice through the comparison with Harry Lavender and vice versa. Claudia Valentine, the protagonist, has a very distinctive voice. Marele Day portrays this by subverting the audience’s preconceptions of Claudia, as the damsel in distress, who is not independent or strong, and needs someone to rescue her. However in reality Claudia is a strong, independent and hard-boiled genre detective. Marele Day utilized a crime fiction genre to create a unique and strong voice of Claudia Valentine and Harry Lavender.

Day employs a first person narrative to both the distinctive voices to involve the responder into the experiences being presented. Claudia valentine is portrayed through distinctive voice as independent and strong female investigator living and working in well renowned city of Sydney. Through Claudia, Marele Day has created a distinct and familiar voice for a character allowing the reader to see women in a new light. Unlike other woman detectives Claudia has some masculine traits and a cynical attitude. Claudia’s voice is distinctive because it mixes the femininity with the masculinity.


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Here comes a new age of color accurate high resolution cameras destined for UAVs. Over years, cameras have become faster, better, smaller and with ever evolving new features making everyone look like a professional videographer or aerial photographer. The rate of advancements in technology on drones has been unprecedented. A decade ago drones were either seen as toys or novelties whereas now the word drone is nearly synonymous with “aerial camera”. There have been a new wide range of application of the gadgets ranging from military and surveillance, Environmental research, and security control.

The company possesses a higher competitive strategy as compared to the other competitors in the industry. As we expect the drone market to surge to almost 7 billion US dollars in the year 2020 globally, the company targets to be the leading market manufacture of AC cameras and UAV drones of high quality, better stability and longer flight times in the region. Putting in to consideration that charging price above industry average can put the company into price-based competitive disadvantage against rivalries. Thus, we should charge prices below the industry average and this would be a competitive strategy over competitors.

Although the UAV drones market has emerged to be very competitive landscape, its primary role is as an airborne mobile platform, and they face completion from other platforms like space, aircraft, maritime and terrestrial platforms. Analyzing the various applications and needs in the market, the strengths and weaknesses of the satellite and UAV capabilities are complementary which will create opportunities for applications and products which can utilize both capabilities. New civilian markets have also emerged and a range of future markets can also be postulated with confidence basing on the foreseen challenges in resource management in future.

The company will come up with competitive factors aimed to increase the market share and sales. The completion among rival markers will center on the following factors; Average retail price to online customers, increasing the number of models to enhance the company’s competitiveness in the market place through giving buyers a wide range of selection, Recruiting online retailers, giving discounts, introducing search engine advertising, website enhancing, providing more warranty periods and enhancing brand reputation over the next twelve years. The company strategy is to improve image ratings over the next few months in order to strengthen its competitive asset and brand image (Crusiol, Nanni, Silva, Furlanetto, Gualberto, Gasparotto & De Paula, 2016).


Crusiol, L. G. T., Nanni, M. R., Silva, G. F. C., Furlanetto, R. H., Gualberto, A. A. D. S., Gasparotto, A. D. C., & De Paula, M. N. (2016). Semi professional digital camera calibration techniques for Vis/NIR spectral data acquisition from an unmanned aerial vehicle. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 1-20.

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