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Harmful Cell Phone Use by Teenagers

ECON 330 Short answer writing response

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I have a reading thats roughly 10 pages long on industrialization in south eastern Europe. The question asks you to read the paper and answer a question that should be 1.5-3 paragraphs long or 1-2 pages. Please refer to the attached doc for the question itself and the reading. Please also answer the question in its entirety.
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Quantitative Research Proposal

Harmful Cell Phone Use by Teenagers Quantitative Research Proposal.

Instructions from my professor: Quantitative Research Proposal Please complete the research proposal of your topic, (“Using pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to reduce the risk of HIV.”) based on the methodology you selected in week 4, (Quantitative Methodology Analysis was attached with name WS 04 PrEP). The research proposal should include the following sections: 1) Introduction, 2) literature review, 3) Methodology, which includes proposed: research design, data collection, and data analysis.

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How does enculturation influence male and female gender roles?

How does enculturation influence male and female gender roles?.

How does enculturation influence male and female gender roles? Is there a universal division of labor based on sex? Are gender roles static entities within each society? Are gender roles changing in the United States? use the additional material provided. Textbook: Cultural Anthropology: A Global Perspective 8th Edition, 2012 Raymond Scupin Pearson / Prentice Hall ISBN-13: 978-0-205-15880-5

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the unit cost to produce your product, identify which costs are fixed and which are variable.

the unit cost to produce your product, identify which costs are fixed and which are variable..

Now that you have determined the unit cost to produce your product, identify which costs are fixed and which are variable. Determine what you feel would be the selling price per unit of your product. In determining the selling price, consider what the selling price of a competitor’s product would be. Now calculate the breakeven point using only production costs (material, labor, and overhead). Assume that you are going to start a business selling your product. You anticipate that you will incur the following costs in your first year of production: Selling expenses $ 50,000 plus 10% of sales revenue Administrative expenses $150,000 plus 15% of sales revenue Calculate the breakeven point in units and sales dollars using ALL costs – manufacturing and non-manufacturing costs. Determine how many units you must sell in order to earn a profit of $75,000. Assuming that you actually sell 50% more units past the breakeven point. What is your margin of safety? What is your operating leverage? How is CVP analysis used to help you plan for the future of your business?

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Battery Science

Battery Science.

The title should be concise and interesting and to grab the attention of the reader and convey what the paper will be about II. Background information: The background information should provide any information necessary for your reader to understand the information you will present in the discussion. You could mention some historical information that is relevant to the topic (e.g., the involvement of a particular scientist, a historic moment, an important observation that led to a discovery, etc). In this section you can define the scientific terms that are important and/or specific to your research topic (e.g.; Ozone layer is a layer in the stratosphere that absorbs the harmful UV radiation from the sun). III. Discussion: This section forms the main body of the report Here you should answer the questions/discuss the information as required to fully develop the topic. IV. Conclusions: This section provides a summary of the previous sections. Show how the reactions, techniques, problem and solution discussed in section HI relate to the topic and background information discussed in section II. V. References: You must reference the source of your material. This means within the text, you must cite the referenced work, for example: Recently, efforts to reduce stratospheric ozone depletion have been connected with climate change in the troposphere [Molina et al, 2009]. The full reference must be given in the Reference section at the end of the paper, for example, References Mario Molina, Durwood Zaclke, K. Madhava Sarnia, Stephen O. Andersen, Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Donald Kaniani (2009). Reducing abrupt climate change risk using the Montreal Protocol and other regulatory actions to complement cuts in CO2 emissions. Proc. Nail. Acad ScLU.SA. 106(49): All Figures that you use must be properly labeled with the Figure number, title and reference of where you obtained the figure, for example, Figure 3. Emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels during the last 200 years [Marland et al,2007] You should reference at least five sources of information for your work. For example, two of these references could be citations of the sources of the problem and solution in the Discussion section. You should include at least one book and one journal article. Please use the American Chemical Society (ACS) format for accepted referencing practices: (

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