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Hamlet, Laertes, Fortinbras: Avenging the Death of their Father Compare and Contrast Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Hamlet’s revenge Laertes’s vision Fortinbras’s vendetta Conclusion Works Cited Introduction The theme of revenge is widely represented in the novel of William Shakespeare ‘Hamlet’. Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras are three main characters that reveal the feeling of revenge. They all are very similar but yet different at the same time. They all had love and respect for their fathers and felt the need to avenge their deaths. However, through the play three characters chose different ways to avenge for their fathers’ death. Hamlet’s revenge Hamlet is the main character in Shakespeare’s play of the same name. He discovers the fact of his father’s death from his uncle Claudius. He grieves deeply for his father. The appearance of ghost leads to Hamlet’s understanding of his father’s murder: “If thou didst ever thy dear father love—Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (Hamlet, Act I, Scene 5, Lines 23 and 25),”The serpent that did sting thy father’s life now wears his crown,” (Hamlet, Act I, Scene 5, Lines 38-39). Hamlet decides that the best plan of action is to fake madness striving for revenge. As the play develops, Hamlet’s act of being a madman becomes more and more believable, and his friends and family do not pay much attention to his insane words and insane actions. However, we understand the artificial nature of Hamlet’s insanity. It gives him freedom in actions. Hamlet is a kind of a character that thinks a lot before acting. Wearing a mask of insanity, he was planning his actions on how to handle his revenge. He calmly overanalyzes each detail and eventually he is hesitating in everything. This leads him to inertness – he, who hesitates in every detail, has no longer motivation for immediate action. Hamlet finds himself feeling better in the abundance of negative things: betrayal, death and others. He is obsessed with them. Furthermore, being concentrated only on such things, he regards himself as a moral person. Hamlet deeply contemplates about his soul and its place. He thinks about the fact that revenge is not a good action to make his soul get to heavens. His morality is supported by the scene of Claudius’s pray: “No might I do it pat, now he is praying” (Hamlet, Act III, Scene 3, Lines 74-75). He shows weakness as he is hesitating and searching for an adequate moment to take vengeance. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Hamlet is unwilling to share his real thoughts and his grief, this fact is intelligible, considering the acts of Claudius – the king found two university friends of Hamlet and called them to discover Hamlet’s actions. Laertes’s vision Laertes is a minor character. However, his actions play important role in the development of the main character – Hamlet. Laertes comes from a noble family which has a good status and reputation in society. Like Hamlet’s father, Polonius was also killed by a close person to family. Laertes is also suffering through the accidental death of his father and a perfidy of a close person. Laertes chooses a way for revenge different from Hamlet’s. He is driven by emotions. He does not overanalyze anything – he just acts. He is a rash actor, as nothing can distract him from his revenge. Because of this, he is easily influenced, for example, by Claudius. His rage has led him to his death from his own sword. As regards thoughts about afterlife, Laertes pays no attention to it – his only desire is revenge at any costs. He shows his grief publicly – he calls a crowd for a riot, he struggles for an immediate action. Fortinbras’s vendetta Fortinbras shows a pretty similar reaction comparing to Laertes. He is eager to act – he has gathered an army for conquering Denmark. His is a prince of Norway, but likewise Hamlet did not receive the crown, he was not crowned too. There is no grief after his father; Fortinbras is led by desire to get the crown. His dispossession of the crown was a great shock for him. He decides to control another kingdom. He shows no respect, no care about thousands of people in his army. He wants to win honour with his sword, sacrificing thousands of lives. Obviously, Fortinbras is not thinking about his afterlife – his lives in present time with his only desire – to gain victory at any costs. Conclusion Although Hamlet, Laertes and Fortinbras are all concerned with their revenge for their fathers’ death, they choose different ways of realizing their desire. The author shows a revenge driven by emotions, a well-thought out retaliation and a real vendetta with sacrifices. Being concentrated on revenge, all three characters are subtly built in order to represent completely different tempers. Works Cited Shakespeare, William “Hamlet” The Complete Works of William-Shakespeare. Web. We will write a custom Essay on Hamlet, Laertes, Fortinbras: Avenging the Death of their Father specifically for you! 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BUS 215 Pima Medical Institute Tucson Transaction Analysis Equations

BUS 215 Pima Medical Institute Tucson Transaction Analysis Equations.

Under the double-entry accounting system, when a financial transaction occurs, it affects at least two accounts. This is demonstrated by looking at the basic accounting equation or the expanded accounting equation and conducting a transaction analysis using these equations. The expanded accounting equation is particularly helpful because it allows us to see the effect when the transaction involves revenues and/or expenses, as well as transactions that affect owner’s capital or owner’s withdrawals. Basic Accounting Equation: Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity Expanded Accounting Equation: Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Capital – Owner’s Withdrawals + Revenues – Expenses Using the Transaction Analysis Table which depicts the expanded accounting equation, identify the effect that each of the six (6) transactions has on the equation. For each transaction, indicate in a cell on the table whether it is an increase or a decrease to that category and indicate the amount of money. Please note: The first transaction has been completed for you as an example so you only need to complete the analysis for transactions 2 through 6. (File attached)
BUS 215 Pima Medical Institute Tucson Transaction Analysis Equations

Development of a GIS Within a Water Company

essay help online Introduction Geographic information systems (GIS) confirm every day, and with increasing popularity, that they are some essential tools for storing, managing, processing and mapping a large amount of georeferenced data, which related to a database shape a given geographical space. The increasingly widespread use of personal computers, along with a greater choice by software manufacturers allow an item, previously limited to powerful computers, can be treated by a large number of users. Geographic information systems make possible, among other things, the ability to extract different layers of thematic information relating to a particular spatial area, as well as all kinds of analysis and diagnosis in areas as diverse as territorial planning, or the environment or management resources … This report aims to examine the development of a geographic information system within an organisation. More specifically it is a water company, as might be the case of Thames Water. This report will go into the operation of a large water company. The nature of the information included into geographic information system is varied. For example, data from network infrastructure projects are used as well as a geographical aspect, such as hydrologic basin boundaries, water bodies and other … In this company there is also administrative information such as databases related to public use of water resources in a basin. Another type of information made available is the satellite image. For the development of the geographic information system it has been necessary to carefully define its own infrastructure of all the components involved in the process. These components are: hardware, storage, software, information structure in a server (done in a way that can be cost effective), tools for accessing and updating. Thus, it allows system users to access all information related to use them in tasks of water management. The idea of the implementation of a geographic information system in the company aims to provide technological and methodological solutions to the tasks of water management. The geographic information system is established to respond to questions that are not predefined in advance. Background An initial analysis of the company gives an idea of its size, and in base to this, the kind of infrastructure is chosen. Also, an study of the resources available is needed in order to meet the requirements of GIS that the company has. Services are put in place regarding maintenance of the geo-referenced information: infrastructure maintenance … Within a water company, like Thames Water, several activities related to water management are summarised next in order to give examples of need for a GIS. – First, there is a need to manage water resources, the public usage of water, water supply infrastructure and reservoirs – GIS can help in the creation and implementation of water policies. – Carry out the administration of public water usage and manage the use of water. – Manage the implementation of works and water infrastructure, coordinate the exploitation and management of works and projects. – Manage the recruitment, management and control of the earnings in the company – A mobile system that reinforce the department’s ability to manage field resources and service orders (Jacobs, D. et al., 2007) GIS sources As mentioned earlier, the company deals with information from different sources, each with its particular characteristics: information from infrastructure projects and other projects and other directly related to the natural environment, information from information systems information from satellite imagery and derived products. Information from infrastructure projects and other projects and other directly related to the natural environment The projects that the company deals with generate a lot of geographic information: major infrastructure projects (for example, water supply), environmental monitoring and planning (like flood zones and evacuation routes map (Mioc, 2008) and reference maps on issues relating directly to the environment (for example maps of rivers or watersheds). Once the company receives the information, the administrator of GIS adds value to information. One example is the case of water supply infrastructure: establishing topology, and enabling queries of what happens at certain point. Information from other systems The GIS of the company uses data from other information systems. The GIS software of the company is linked to external databases. Through database connectivity the company have access to information on Oracle format and Access format that contain administrative information with the records of the actions of the public with water resources (for example consume, discharges, building permits, etc..). It is also linked to other information systems with information directly related to the physical environment (network information system of surface water control) The company databases are based on a relational data model where data is stored in two dimensions tables. In this way theses tables are related and contain records for one entity. The company databases are also based in a georelational model where the tables are linked and contain data like topology, attributes etc. Using SQL language the company can query the data from the database and in this way can generate maps and tables with the information required by the users. The integration between databases and GIS software allows the end user to represent the elements of the database on a map, in that way many layers o different maps can be opened and overlaid and geographical relations between the elements mapped can be checked. The company uses Automated Mapping/Facilities Management AM/FM. With this application the non geographic and the geographic information can be integrated in one. The information of the company database is geocoded with the postcode address of their home. The process to geocode can be tedious, so another company does it. Once the information is geocoded analysis can be undertaken combined with other maps overlaid like a city map for instance. Like this the company can undertake different tasks. Information from satellite images and derived products Another type of information that makes use of GIS is the remote sensing information. Through contracts with other companies water company regularly receives processed images from satellites such as Landsat or SPOT. The images are geometrically and radiometrically corrected, the metadata is completed and is integrated into the GIS. The images are produced as a product of great visual interest. Compositions are created with true colour and false colour, easily accessible guide maps are made for quick access to view the images. This information is also used to track water requirements of crops, monitoring of snow cover and monitoring of water quality along the coast. On products derived from monitoring the area are creating databases, initially simple, storing the information, and are creating management tools to generate reports, graphs and maps to access quickly. On products derived from monitoring the area databases are created, that store the information, and management tools are created to generate reports, graphs and maps to access quickly. Maps can be created using this information of humidity index, cadastral parcels with water content, evapotranspiration, etc.. One of the problems that the company is facing is the lack of knowledge of the resources of remote sensing data. The GIS and Remote Sensing software used have been chosen according to the needs of the company: the key points when deciding which software to use in the company are: which benefits the software offer, the profile of users who will use it is also important, number of licenses needed and the price is also important. The technology is used by the company is ESRI because offers a high performance level in GIS: for example, has the necessary tools for analysis and interfaces hydraulic and hydrologic modelling (very important for a water company) and also offers the possibility of programming highly customized interfaces that are often very friendly welcome by users, but the disadvantage is its high cost that can limit the number of licenses. Hardware For hardware, the company has chosen to use a high-powered server as the company is a large size company and the amount of map information generated is very large. It is very important to choose a high performance hardware because as a large company, the amount of data to be processed is very high. When choosing the hardware is taken into account the time factor as the large amount of data that is received daily makes essential a technology that can provide mid-term capacity. Besides, the hardware has to respond to the addition of new series of maps and the continuing contribution of remote sensing imagery. It is essential to manage the huge volumes of geographical data in a efficient and effective way if the GIS is to be cost justified. Apart from hardware and software the structure of the data is also very important. The access to the information has to be easy to the users and also the maintenance and update. Information must be stored in a way that is structured in a objective way, scalable and easy to add new information. The structure of the data have been created according to the major thematic areas within the company. Here are the big four groups where the data has been divided into: – Mapping management: maps and databases that include elements of the territory directly involved in the management, control, planning and land always in relation to the water business. These maps are generated within the company. (watershed, sewage systems, etc.). – Thematic Mapping: mapping not linked to the water business, but that is related to environmental issues that the company is related to like natural reserves, – Mapping of reference: map collections supplied by the Ordnance Survey (all sort of maps, from topographic to aerial photo rectified… – Other mapping: maps and databases of a part of the territory administered by the company, this mapping may also come from other entities as a result of specific studies Those who do easier tasks they don’t need a full training on GIS and Remote Sensing because probably they are not going to use it, but what it is important is that these users have a personalised training on the task that are going to perform normally. For this reason within the company some personalised training is undertaken. Also step by step manuals describing the processes and above all the GIS office of the company is conducting ongoing advice on issues of GIS and Remote Sensing to the entire company. Conclusions Currently the GIS is an essential tool in the in the day to day in the company. Work of different sorts relating the water is undertaken with GIS. The GIS model of the company has allowed, despite some problems, enhance in each of the workspaces GIS as a tool for management, planning and analysis. Jacobs, D., Souza F., Ramey R. “GIS to the Rescue” Water

Part 2 – Annotated Bibliography

Part 2 – Annotated Bibliography.

Select a minimum of 20 peer-reviewed or scholarly publications for THE REMAINING literature stream you intend to use in your literature review.A literature stream is dedicated to each specific variable in your specific analysis. For example, if you were to conduct a research study to determine the correlation between shoe size and IQ, one stream of literature would be about shoe size, and the other would be about IQ. These streams will have to be clearly defined in your Week 7 paper, so the better the literature selected for this assignment, the better off you will be when it comes time to write that paper.PLEASE SEE DOCUMENT I HAVE UPLOADED – THIS IS PART 1 !
Part 2 – Annotated Bibliography

Discussion on following topic with minimum of 600 words

Discussion on following topic with minimum of 600 words. Help me study for my Computer Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

No plagiarism, Use MS WORD, and write about own 600 words.

Their is little doubt we are living at a time when technology is advancing at a pace that some believe is too fast for humans to trucly understand the implications these advances may have. Search the peer-reviewed literature for examples of this. You may select any topic relating to technology that illustrates the potential for really messing things up. Include, in your description, an analysis of what might have caused the problems and potential solutions to them. Be sure to provide supporting evidence, with citations from the literature. As with the first discussion topic, it is not enough for you to simply create a own posting. You must read the postings of the other members of the class and comment on each of them. Please see Discussion Forum of the class syllabus for additional details on content. The primary goal for the discussion forum assignment is to simulate the free sharing of ideas among peers that is typically experienced in graduate courses delivered in the more traditional, face-to-face environment. Evaluating a student’s performance on the assignment is not, therefore, very concrete. There are a number of factors that impact the quality of a student’s participation. The content of the contributions is, of course, one rather obvious factor, but the context in which the contributions have been made is equally important. In evaluating performance on this assignment, the following factors will be considered: Add value to the content of the discussion by posting well-written, on-topic contributions.Share resources with others by providing support for you contributions in the form of citations from the literature.
Discussion on following topic with minimum of 600 words

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