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This paper describes the Secessionist artistic movement of the early 1900s and analyzes Klimt’s 1898 richly symbolic painting Pallas Athene in the context of the artist’s artistic / political views and Greek mythology. The analysis links visual clues in Klimt’s paintings to the attitudes and values espoused by the Secessionist artists.
An iconological interpretation of the Pallas Athene asserts that Gustav Klimt presented the goddess of wisdom as the embodiment of enlightened philosophy which would impart light to a politically and socially ravaged Austrian nation, which had been submerged in spiritual and cultural darkness. Klimt encouraged viewers to confront the illnesses of Viennese society within a pictorial context while simultaneously presenting them with the idea that potential means of escape from the demoralizing situation existed, and that attainment of a more ideal existence was indeed within their reach.

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