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A paper which presents a detailed discussion about gun control.

A paper which examines and discusses all factors relating to gun control in America. The writer focuses on the issue of gun control as it pertains to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.
“The theory behind gun control is an honest one. Advocates of gun control believe that if the nation takes the guns away then crimes of violence will stop. This would be true of crimes of violence were only being committed against law abiding citizens(McCaffery, 2001). As the gun control laws begin to be implanted in carious states there are other states that are taking the opposite approach to the trouble. They believe that to arm their residents is to send a message to those who are potentially violent that it would not be a good idea in that state.”

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Different types of fear and their effects to humans


Thesis statement

Despite the irrationality, the different types of fears have the ability to control person’s life. People have had some fears since the beginning of humanity. They have found unnatural and different things frightening and actually, such fears affect individuals from their childhood due to the fact that people can not differentiate between real and unreal things at their young age. This situation can lead individuals to have some fears referred to as phobias. Such fears include; fear of heights, fear of the sea and the fear of insects (Lewis & Sian, 2014).

Fear of heights

This is a commonly occurring type of anxiety and which occurs to many people. It is an extreme or irrational fear or phobia of being in high places. This type of phobia may be caused by exposure to traumatic experiences as well as well as conditioning which occurs through person’s life. This type of fear can cause a person to do irrational things even when the person is not particularly high up.

A less intense version of the fear of heights is the fear of falling which normally comes naturally at a particular degree. Individuals suffering from such irrational fear experience panic attacks even to some extends, they become agitated to get themselves to safety. This phobia may be due to the exposure to traumatic experience as well as conditioning which happens through one’s life. However, the fear of falling is inborn and it cannot be associated with anything.

Fear of the sea

This type of fear can be further divided in to some other three lower phobias, which include; Thalassophobia, intense or often unwarranted fear of emptiness of ocean, and fear of distance from land. Thalassaphobia is the intense and persistent fear of travelling by sea. Some individuals suffering from it cannot even go offshore for long periods of time and thus jobs like being a chef of a linear cruise always pass them by due to this illogical fear. Individuals with the fear of distance from land are not accustomed being off land and when all they can see is water they panic and suffer to the point of getting panic attack.

Fear of insects

Also Entomophobia is a specific phobia characterized by unrealistic or an excessive fear of one or many classes of insects. It is estimated that over 6 percent of the entire population in the United States is suffering from fear of insects. This fear may be divided into different sub categories, which include; the fear of bees and the fear of ants. This type of fear develops when a person experiences a traumatic event with the subject insects. It mostly occurs during.

The person suffering from this type of fear will often avoid the situation that would subject him to experience the fear at first hand. This means that, a farmer suffering from such fear will experience more hungry moments in his or her life.


Phobias are intense versions of fear characterized by being irrational and completely having a hold on a person. A person suffering from a fear of height, for instance can get a panic attack and fail to get him or herself to a safer and more comfortable place and even end up experiencing more harm in the process. Apart from fear of height, also the fear of insects is another common type of phobia. The fear of sea is another phobia which has the ability of controlling a person’s life as it makes it difficult for a person to travel in the sea comfortably.

Work cited

Lewis, Sian. “Behavioural neuroscience: Facets of fear.” Nature reviews. Neuroscience 15.1 (2014): 2.