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Guilt, Shame and Community

Guilt, Shame and Community. A shame community is described as a society whose main tool for ruling over is gaining having power over children and continued control over adults in the perpetration of shame and corresponding threat of social rejection. A guilt society is described as a society that is maintained by creating control and consistently strengthening the sense of guilt and the anticipation of reprimanding now for predestined behaviors. Raimond Gaita carefully explains that there is moral challenge in the Australian society in the contemporary society. He arguably disagrees that by keenly depriving the indigenous inhabitants their land the Australian government the most important part of their humanity thereby denying them a chance to enjoy their lives to fullest. In report of bringing them home and ‘Mabo’ are associated to legal and historical symbols that bring back to what was not given to inhabitants of Torres Strait and Aborigal Islands by taking away the land that formed part of their humanity. Professor Raimond also explains that refuting peoples their humanity is terrible and that it calls a change of attitude and language for the society to remain intact. The drawing on Simone Weil ” Love sees what is invisible”, the professoer recognizes that some ideas “can only be understood by the heart”. Raimond, sees the Australian High court instituting ruling using wild language and describes the judgment as shameful to those who pay attention with their hearts. There is racial discrimination in the Australian society which is depicted by the phrase, Terra nullius, which is used to imply that Aboriginal people are not full human as the invaders. The latest decisions of Australian High court have been done to bring an end to past injustices and the court had affirmed the full and the same humanity of native people. According to Raimond, those people who were involved in refuting indigenous people their humanity felt guilty, and there was shame to all the members of the Australian society. Raimond belives that just as society should be conceited about national achievements in which people have not been directly involved, the society should also express shame for what wronging its inhabitants and develop a method of amendment to manage the nation shame. Raimond views that if there is no shaming and its consequences, then justice cannot be possible. According to Raimond, true shame societies are reliant on outside sanctions for good behavior not as true guilt societies on an internalized fervor of transgressions. Shame is depicted as an effect to other people’s condemnation. Raimond claims that a society is openly scorned and rejected by fantasying to it that make it ludicrous. According to Raimond, when shame is viewed as a heteronymous forced or involved with issues that are deemed morally irrelevant or insignificant it becomes as a subject of psychological evaluation. Raimond views familiarity of guilt to be socially induced or associated to be ethically irrelevant. Raimond believes that torture, should not be applied to human race during interrogation. But he further adds that in circumstance s where there is a potential threat of terrorism then use of torture should be advocated. Raimond believes the fact that many Australians do not understand what has been substantiated in the report of bringing them home requires to be put in a wider social context. The Australian community’s comment that they never cared enough about Aborigines humanity demonstrates the scope of racial discrimination inAustralia. Guilt, Shame and Community

AIU Illustrating IoT Devices Infrastructure and Architecture Presentation

AIU Illustrating IoT Devices Infrastructure and Architecture Presentation.

Deliverable Length: 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentationOBJECTIVESWith the introduction to management complete considering the illustration of IoT devices, infrastructure and architecture we can now proceed to their core presentation on how IoT devices typical perform the communications. Prepare a 12-15 slide presentation regarding the following topics: Identify how IoT devices typically connect using the Internet through the IP (Internet Protocol) stack. Discuss the specifics of this communication method. In addition, describe the memory demands on the device to use this communications method. Define how IoT devices can also connect locally through non-IP networks, consuming less power, and connect to the Internet via a smart-gateways Identify how Non-IP communication channels such as Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC are used to support IoT device communication Identify how 6LoWPAN, incorporates IPv6 with low power personal area networks, and the types of communications/data transfers it supports.Make sure to expand on each of the topics in the Speaker Notes with 3-5 paragraphs of info for each major topic in the notes.Use APA format on each slide or in the notes to support all technical assertions.
AIU Illustrating IoT Devices Infrastructure and Architecture Presentation

Delaware State My Professional Code of Ethics in The Nursing Profession Essay

best essay writers Delaware State My Professional Code of Ethics in The Nursing Profession Essay.

Ethics Statement” puts into writing those ideas, values, and philosophies that are the essence of your life or purpose at work. This exercise allows you to reflect on your own core values and commitments while creating a snapshot in time of how your personal beliefs and values have shaped your professional life. In two to three (2-3) pages, describe your code of ethics considering the following: a. The values that are most important to you and the specific behaviors that flow from those values. b. Are the professional ethics you are developing or demonstrating consistent with your own deepest values? c. Where are they the same and where are they differ
Delaware State My Professional Code of Ethics in The Nursing Profession Essay

How Student Participation Effects Standardized Testing in Language Arts

Using a paragraph format, write out the following related to your research topic. Include the following details and be sure (within the paragraph) to provide headings that match the listings below. It needs to be very clear to any reviewer of this assignment that you have covered all six areas listed below. So, TITLE each SECTION so it matches the listing below. Failure to do so, will cause you to re-do the assignment, so be sure to provide the HEADINGS within the extended paragraph. -Draft an Outline -Problem statement -Best practice used to address your problem -Hypothesis -Study Population -Variables (independent and dependent) -Brief plan of action for executing experimental design

personal statement

personal statement. Paper details your academic strengths and challenges;  your motivation for wanting to become a registered nurse and future career goals;  your reasons for applying for this scholarship, including a description of any financial hardship relating to your education;  any other relevant information that you believe may be helpful to persons reviewing your application.personal statement