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Guidelines for the Expatriate Employee buy essay help Psychology essay help

A look at the trend of working for multinational companies in remote places and the employee needs in such a situation.

This paper examines the concept of relocation of employees which has become very popular in the globalization era. This paper presents factors which need to be considered in order to make this relocation successful. It lists factors such as the provision of basic needs, medical assistance, legal assistance, security concerns, tax and salary information and work permits.
“Before the advent of the Internet, International business used to be the realm of only very large corporate entities. Rapid advances in communications made International business not only cheaper but faster as well. The Internet provides almost instantaneous communication anywhere in the world. These advances have led to the feasibility of smaller companies operating in the global market place. Cheaper airfares and laptops make doing business from a remote location practical and commonplace. It is not surprising that more and more moderate to small sized companies are choosing to do business and open branches in other countries. International business is no longer only for the super-giants.”

Dynamic Educational Leadership

Dynamic Educational Leadership.

In this assignment, you will select an educational leader (past or present) and describe this person’s leadership traits and behaviors. Make sure the person you select is a well-known educational leader recognized in the field for having made significant contributions to education. In the paper, address the following: Introduce the leader and your reason for choosing this person Identify the traits and behaviors that make/made this person an educational leader Identify the outcomes that this person espoused Explain how this person uses/used power, influence, and authority to achieve his/her accomplishments in the field Describe the enduring impact this person had on education

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