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Guided Reading Program Research Paper

Guided Reading Program Research Paper. Introduction The purpose of the research paper will be to investigate the different theoretical frameworks and research that exists on guided reading programs and how this new practice of learning is important in early education. The research paper will also focus on the different levels of instruction that were used before guided reading programs were introduced as well as research evidence on whether these programs have been effective in implementing classroom strategies. Guided reading programs are defined as the structured and practical reading approaches that are used to match the diverse needs of the individual readers within a classroom setting. The purpose of guided reading is to ensure that each child’s reading needs are met according to their different levels of intellectual development. Guided reading programs are usually used in small group settings to provide the instructor with an opportunity to tailor direct reading instructions that will meet each student’s specific needs. The main techniques used in guided reading include modeling course material to suit individual needs as well as the use of voice and visual prompts to coach the students on how they can be able to think about the reading process and what strategies best suit them when they are reading. The goal of guided reading is to help students become independent readers who can make sense of vocabularies and texts by themselves without any assistance or help from instructors or teachers (SchulmanGuided Reading Program Research Paper
Bowie State University Story A Box Of Bandits American Irreverence Analysis Paper.

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must read the source that I assigned below only. outside sources that I don’t provide are not accepted and will request for a refund.!!! the assignment is this below ⬇️ Baum says that his stories replace Old European fear and morality with “wonderment and joy”.Looking at “A Box of Bandits” from Baum’s American Fairy Tales, analyze it in order to define what is wonderment and what is joy in the story. Devote a paragraph to describing and illustrating the quality.In a third concluding paragraph, indicate if you also find a sense of American irreverence in the story.write 3 paragraphwrite an analysis not a summary MUST READ THE TWO BOOKS THAT IS REALTED TO THE QUESTIONS
Bowie State University Story A Box Of Bandits American Irreverence Analysis Paper

Revise English discussion.

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Hi, the assignment is already finished but it comes up with 17% plagerism on `s internal plagerism. I need someone to change some of the words so that the plagerism is below 15% :). I have attached the assignment that needs to be revised and the instructions so that you know what the assignment was all about :).DiscussionOpinion Piece (week 1):You will be required to write an opinion piece about a constitutional issue (e.g. Freedom of Speech) or on a controversial current event; Google Constitution or Controversial current event for more ideas. This is required to be Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced MLA Format 500-800 words, thought out and well written. You will not need to use parenthetical in-text citations, but you will be required to provide a “working bibliography” that shows your sources for the evidence used in the piece. You should try to cite a source’s name in the piece (adds credibility). The piece is based on current events that impact our local community, the State of California, or our country. The document must follow MLA style formatting.
Revise English discussion

Solutions to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Watershed Pollution Problem Problem Solution Essay

Solutions to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Watershed Pollution Problem Problem Solution Essay. Introduction The degree of water pollution in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area is very high. This has led to its watershed having some of the most polluted water in the country. If the situation is left unattended, the quality of water in the watershed can be expected to get even worse as the metropolitan experiences population growth and greater industrial activity. Action therefore needs to be taken to contain the problem of pollution, which has caused the Los Angeles Metropolitan watershed to be one of the worst water sources in the US. To alleviate the problem and consequently limit its social consequences in the metropolitan area, the following solutions can be implemented. Solutions Growing Plant Cover An increase in the plant cover in the metropolitan area can help mitigate watershed pollution. At the present, impervious structures dominate the LA Metropolitan area and the amount of plant cover is negligible. Action should be taken to counter the negative impact that impervious structures have on the water quality in LA’s Metropolitan watershed. Since it might not be possible to remove the existing or prevent the future construction of impervious structures, a feasible solution could be to increase the number of plants and trees in the urban settlement. Pincetl declares that for cities to remediate some of their own environmental impact, they will have to make use of nature’s services (43). Increasing plant cover is one solution that can yield immediate positive results in the urban setting. To begin with, planting more trees and plants in the cities will help mitigate pollution by using the natural purification capability of plants. Plants can absorb pollutants such as heavy metals, which are present in the water, therefore performing natural purification. The water quality is therefore increased due to the purification process of plants and trees. In addition to this, plant cover will reduce the level of runoff that gets into the city’s storm drains. Dallman and Spongberg confirm that plants are capable of absorbing some of the water that flows as runoff during downpours (232). As such, a lower volume of contaminated water will make its way into the watershed area. Implementing this solution may be hampered by the lack of empty land in the Metropolitan area to be used for planting trees. This challenge can be overcome by making use of the available space at public parks and household backyards to plant trees and vegetation (Pincetl 43). Such action will enable the city to enjoy the environmental benefits of plant cover without foregoing the convenience that impervious structures offer. Protecting Catchment Areas A solution that proposes to bring significant reduction in the rampant pollution currently experienced in the Los Angeles Metropolitan watershed must consider the protection of the wetlands in the area. Due to the increase in population within the Los Angeles Metropolitan, wetland areas have been arbitrarily destroyed. Urban developers, who convert the wetlands into commercially viable land through recreation, have been the primary cause of this destruction. Policy makers can take steps to mitigate or even reverse the loss of the wetland areas. To mitigate these losses, the authorities should impose laws that stop developers from tampering with wetlands. Such laws would ensure that the existing wetland is protected from human destruction. The wetlands would therefore perform their function as natural filtration systems therefore ensuring the increase in the quality of water in the LA region. However, solely protecting the existing wetland habitats will not be sufficient. As it currently stands, only a fraction of the original wetland remains after the rampant destruction done to this habitat over the course of the last century. Measures therefore have to be taken to increase wetland habitats in California. The pollution in watersheds can be alleviated by restoring degraded streams that supply the water to the watershed. Little asserts that there is a link between the quality of water in urban supplies and remote rural watersheds (37). Most policy makers have failed to appreciate this link and little attention has been paid to the water source. Due to this disconnect, there has been rampant degradation upstream. Officials in the LA Metropolitan region should pioneer projects to improve upstream land and river systems. Such drives would include a decrease or an end in commercial logging in water catchment areas. In addition to this, there should be a significant increase in the area of land earmarked as an ecological reserve. Local Land Use Policies Another effective solution is to implement targeted local land use policies to encourage land uses that are beneficial to the watershed ecosystem. The prevalent pollution of the Los Angeles watershed has been caused by the land use change that has occurred over the decades. Langpap, Hascic and Junjie declare that land use change is the most pervasive force driving the change and degradation of watershed ecosystems in urban settlements (684). Controlling the land use in the region might lead to the reduction of watershed pollution. Research indicates that the land use choices induced by policies can have an effect on watershed health (Langpap et al. 685). Therefore, authorities should implement local land use policies that are aimed at providing incentives for land uses that have a positive impact on the water quality. Specifically, local authorities should “identify land uses, which have the largest impact on watersheds, and then implement policies that have the largest effects on those land uses ” (Langpap et al. 698). It has been demonstrated that incentive-based policies such as preferential property taxation of farm and forest land are effective in bringing about water quality improvement in watersheds. By implementing the incentive-based policies in the LA Metropolitan region, a significant reduction in the land uses that have a negative impact on water quality will be observed in the watersheds. Intentional Infiltration Controlling the urban storm water runoff that occurs due to the widespread availability of impervious surfaces in the Los Angeles Metropolitan region is necessary for solving the pollution problem. Intentional infiltration of storm water to recharge groundwater can be used to mitigate pollution of Los Angele’s watershed by storm water runoff. Storm water runoff is one of the most important sources of pollution to watersheds. Dallman and Spongberg document that the increased volume of storm water runoff that results from the impermeable urban landscape has contributed significantly to the deterioration of the water quality in Los Angeles’ watershed (232). Capturing the urban storm water runoff effectively reduces the pollutant loads that surface water deposits to the watersheds. Through Intentional infiltration, most of the pollutants are sifted off before the water reaches the groundwater aquifers. Studies have consistently shown that even without pretreatment of storm water runoff, the groundwater contamination potential from surface infiltration is low to moderate (Dallman and Spongberg 234). The reason for this is that the soil is able to filter off most of the pollutants before the water reaches the groundwater aquifers. Sediment and associated particulates settle out on the surface while heavy metals are either attached to soil particles or they degrade by microbial processes in surface and subsurface soil layers. However, to remove the risk of storm water runoff polluting underground aquifers, simple pretreatment processes such as settling or filtration through vegetation can be employed. In addition to solving the pollution problem experienced by LA’s watershed, intentional infiltration of storm water will help increase the volume of water available for consumption. As it currently stands, the existing water supplies are in sharp decline, while the level of consumption is increasing. At the present, the Los Angeles region only captures a small portion of the storm water runoff for groundwater recharge. By capturing more storm water runoff for infiltration, the region would be able to significantly decrease the pollution to the watershed area while at the same time substantially increasing local groundwater supplies (Dallman and Spongberg 233). Stringent Industry Regulations Dealing with the industrial waste problem is integral to decreasing pollution in the LA Metropolitan Watershed. Industrial waste not only contributes to a significant volume of the entire water pollution, but it also accounts for the deadliest pollutants introduced into the LA Metropolitan watershed (Woodard 51). Arguably, the most effective solution to the industrial waste problem is implementing extensive and stringent laws against water pollution by industries. Currently, the State of California has imposed some laws that limit the types of pollutants that industries can release into the water system. The California State regulations forbidding the pollution of surface water and groundwater are important and they have contributed to the decline in industrial pollution over the decades (Woodard 51). Since there are stiff penalties attached to pollution, companies endeavor to avoid discharging toxic substances into the environment. However, the current laws are ineffective in mitigating the watershed pollution currently experienced in the LA Metropolitan area. Authorities should increase the minimum purity level of all discharges from industries. Dischargers should be required to treat wastewater to a higher degree, therefore ensuring that most of the hazardous wastes are removed. In recognition of the negative effect that micro-debris play in the pollution of watersheds, greater regulations should be imposed on the industries that produce this plastic as waste. The current restrictions on plastic waste disposal allow industries to dump large quantities of plastic in the watershed area. The California Water Resource Control Board should impose regulations on the disposal of plastic that are less than 5 millimeters in diameter. Industries should be required to stop micro-debris and pellets into the water system. Such a move would have a monumental impact on the water quality in the watersheds since plastics make up to 99% of the debris washed up on Californian beaches. Conclusion Solving the water pollution problem in Los Angeles Metropolitan’s watershed is a matter of great urgency. This paper has proposed some of the ways in which pollution can be contained therefore improving the quality of water in the region. From the discussions held in this paper, it is clear that both point and non-point sources of pollution must be considered in order to mitigate pollution in the watershed. Once implemented, these solutions will ensure that Los Angeles Metropolitan is able to enjoy high quality water from its watershed. Works Cited Dallman, Suzanne and Martin Spongberg. “Expanding Local Water Supplies: Assessing the Impacts of Storm water Infiltration on Groundwater Quality.” Professional Geographer 64.2 (2012): 232-249. Web. Langpap, Christian, Ivan Hascic and Wu Junjie. “Protecting Watershed Ecosystems through Targeted Local Land Use Policies.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90.3 (2008): 684-700. Print Little, Jane. “Flowing from forests to faucets.” American Forests 106.1 (2000): 36-40. Web. Pincetl, Stephanie. “From the sanitary city to the sustainable city: challenges to institutionalising biogenic (nature’s services) infrastructure.” Local Environment 15.1 (2010): 43–58. Web. Woodard, Frank. Industrial Waste Treatment Handbook. NY: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001. Print. Solutions to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Watershed Pollution Problem Problem Solution Essay

Political Liberation and Gender Equality Through the Sexual Revolution Discussion

essay writing service free Political Liberation and Gender Equality Through the Sexual Revolution Discussion.

What do you think those revolutionaries would say is going on now with the #MeToo movement and the Supreme Court nomination? What connections do you see between then and now?”*Use the require text book as citation as well.Text book:Darian-Smith and McCarty. 2017. The Global Turn: Theories, Research Designs, and Methods for Global Studies. Oakland, CA: University of California Press. ISBN: 9780520293038.Please write a 500-word essay based on the prompt below. Your essay should “critically engage with the substance of the speaker’s talk using concepts and examples from the course readings to make an argument in response to the presentation.” You need to show evidence in your essay that you have engaged with Professor Darian-Smith’s lecture, the guest’s lecture, and the reading materials. If we can’t tell in your writing that you engaged with those 3 components you will be marked down.Prompt:”Professor Schields argued that many of the protesters that participated in the 1960’s sexual revolution in the Dutch Antilles believed that sexual liberation would lead to gender equality and political liberation. What do you think those revolutionaries would say is going on now with the #MeToo movement and the Supreme Court nomination? What connections do you see between then and now?”Essay Requirements:Word count: 500 words (600 word maximum).Word count includes the title as well as the in-text citations, but excludes the header and the end-of-the-paper bibliography.Format:Include your nameand ID numberon page 1 of your essay.Include page numbersand an essay title.Your essay should be double-spaced, 12 point font.Citations: Citations are required.Citation format:In-text parenthetical citation (Author year, page number) with a bibliography of works cited at the end of the document.i. e. (2017, 13)Darian-Smith and McCarty. 2017. The Global Turn: Theories, Research Designs, and Methods for Global Studies. Oakland, CA: University of California Press. ISBN: 9780520293038.You may use the following example for lecture material:IN-TEXT: (Schields, 2018).BIBLIOGRAPHY:Schields, Chelsea. 2018. “The World Needs the Love of a Free Woman” International Studies Forum, October 4, 2018, University of California, Irvine.See also this link for citation guidelines: (Links to an external site.). See also the bibliography of The Global Turn for additional examples.Submission procedure:Papers should be uploaded to the course website (Canvas).Upload your essay as either a Word document (.doc or .docx) OR PDF(.pdf). If you upload another format your essay will not be scored. If you use Pages, export to another format or print to pdf.Writing tips for short response papers:1) Start with a clear and clearly identifiable thesis statementThe thesis statement is a summary of your argument.You should be able to circle it on the page.2) The thesis statement should fully and completely address the assignment promptRespond to all parts of the prompt as-written.It’s okay to break your thesis statement into a couple of sentences.3) Support each component of the thesis statement with complete paragraphsEach paragraph contains a single thought, and the paragraphs are arranged in a logical sequence.Use class materials to build support for your argument.It should be obvious that you watched the lecture videos. Guest Lecture Prof IntroSince I don’t have text book, could you find it anyway cause the paper requires to cite the text book. 🙂
Political Liberation and Gender Equality Through the Sexual Revolution Discussion

Research Marketing Questions

Research Marketing Questions.

Consider your company and product or service selection in Week 1. You may select an existing type of product or service or a new product or service but it must be global or multi-regional. Once you have selected your product or service, you must define the size and type of company that provides the product or service (available from annual reports). This need not be elaborate but must include total number of employees, production volume, distribution methods, and so forth. Company and product or service selection is a critical part of this project. You must ensure your proposed company can implement the marketing methods discussed in the text. Key to creating an effective marketing plan is the ability to analyze the environment in which the product or service will be offered. The Week 1 assignment allows you to begin to understand various reports and how they can be used in your marketing plan.Purpose of Assignment This assignment is designed to help students analyze and interpret primary and/or secondary data and research. First, students will be provided with a marketing report that allows for preparing basic executive level data insights. Second, they will be allowed to pick a company and product or service. This assignment will help prepare students for the development of their marketing plan. Students will be creating a marketing plan (refer to Marketing Plan and Outline document) so they may want to choose a company and product or service that has data readily available or where they can use demographic/psychographic data to provide insights. Assignment StepsPart 1:Analyze the Week 1 Business Growth Overview dataset. This is a marketing report generated by an analyst for the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Marketing at a large corporation. The analyst is new and has provided summary data but no insights or commentary for the SVP.Construct a minimum 525-word memorandum for the SVP providing insights and commentary. The memorandum should include your analysis of the following:Major areas of increase and decrease in revenue or type and/or category of businessTrends that are evident in terms of revenue or type and/or category of businessInsights that would help formulate marketing strategies to either continue growth or reverse declineAdditional analysis you (if you were SVP) would like to build a marketing goal and strategy or strategies (and why) Part 2: Select a global or multi-regional (does business in more than one country) company and one of its products or services that will serve as the basis for your marketing plan. You should obtain two years of annual reports as well as two years of 10K reports (provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s business and financial condition and includes audited financial statements) for your data source. Once you have selected your product or service, you must define the size and type of your selected company that provides the product or service (available from annual reports). This need not be elaborate but must include total number of employees, production volume, distribution methods, and so forth. Record this information in a summary document as outlined below. Company and product selection is a critical part of this project. You must ensure your proposed company can implement the marketing methods discussed in Marketing Management. Prepare a minimum 175-word summary document and send it to your instructor as a record of your selection. The summary document should include the following:Name of CompanyLocation of Company HeadquartersName of Product or Service selectedGeneral description of company (number of employees, revenue, type of ownership, web page, etc.)General description of product or serviceFormat your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.The company I would like to use is either Walmart or perhaps you may have a better subject in mind.
Research Marketing Questions

MBA in International Business and Investment Management Essay

Why I Chose an MBA in International Business and Investment Management? Many companies continue to expand their businesses internationally. They promote and sell their goods and services to reach this huge market. Managing to do this calls for both professional and specialized knowledge since most countries have diverse cultures. Also, managing multicultural personnel and understanding international business requires one to have the vital skills for this marketplace. The MBA offered will prepare me for this fast-paced global scene. This is because the MBA focuses on the socio-economic, political, as well as technological issues that control the world market. Since the University’s tradition espouses diversity and inclusion, the program will expose me to the unique mix of cultures. Again, for years now, the MBA program has focused on effective management and communication across cultures. Thus, this MBA provides a solid foundation for me to become an effective international business and investment leader. Curriculum The curriculum concentration areas offered in the program cover crucial areas of international business management and investment on the global platform. By this training, I can not only work for my private company, but also multinational corporations, government agencies, and even nonprofit organizations. This is because I will get in-depth exposure to courses in finance, international trade, and communication, among others. I will also benefit from other units offered such as multicultural marketing and economics. Other Benefits The International Business MBA offered comes with several benefits to the students. The university has a long tradition of academic excellence. I will benefit from interacting with its dedicated tutors. I will, as well, collaborate with classmates locally and internationally through online platforms. Finally, I will take advantage of the program’s vast career resources. Why I am a Good Candidate for the Program: A personal Story My primary urge for pursuing an MBA in Investment Management and International Business started when I was around 14 or 15 years old. At this age, I used to type letters for my father. He would write letters to international companies to invest in raw material, health, community van, etc. However, failures always came in whenever we wanted to start a business with the family. My family members have all been doctors. We have treated people and done many more things in the medical field. However, the only area we have been unable to penetrate has been business. As a young girl, having to watch my father fail all the time made me develop a strong urge to go out and try to learn and understand business. This is because business is like art; an entirely different language! Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Though I have over time been exposed to issues in the medical field, I have discovered that I have no calling for it. I love business. I would like to negotiate. I am a businesswoman. I ultimately want to connect the United States and Africa. Thus, my MBA in international Business and Investment Management will not only impact my home country but also build the confidence between America and Africa. It will further help change the perception of how other people view Africa when it comes to business. I feel there is so much lost somewhere and I want to be able to fill the gap as an Indian American. The only way I can do this is by equipping myself with the tools that are needed to have a successful connection. This is not just a challenge for me, but also a challenge for my entire family.

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