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This Guidance Program Proposal is designed to improve the standard of education at the XXX , promote the well-being of the clients, help them become better at utilizing their strengths, abilities and talents, as well as, prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead. We have decided to add a few more services to the existing Guidance Program at this institution, to aid them with effectively addressing the needs of the students.

According to Dr. Fritz Grupe, founder of MyMaJors. com, “eighty percent of college-bound students have yet to choose a major… 0 percent of those who do declare a major, change majors, with many doing so two to three times during their college years. ” Because of this dilemma most students face upon entering College, we established a service where we cater to the students’ Security Needs.

The Program is directed to help the students while in High School, realize their strengths, choose the right course to take up in College, be excellent at it, and have stable and satisfying jobs in the future. We also introduced Crisis Counselling in the Program, to minimize tress, provide emotional support and improve the students’ capacity to cope with any situation they face in the here and now.

It has been observed that adolescents these days, especially with the growing influence of the media, are becoming easily affected by individual, developmental, familial and situational crises. Crises relating to Puberty, Identity, Abandonment in the Family, Divorce of Parents, or the lack of Educational Assistance are stressors that are apparently true for most of the students in this institution. We then directed the modification of their Guidance Program on addressing such issues.

Management Question

Measurement is the start of all quality management initiatives. Measurement answers the question, “How are we doing?” The next step in the cycle is assessment, which asks, “Are we meeting expectations?” If you are not meeting the desired outcomes, this is the initiation of improving performance. To ensure identification of the correct improvement efforts, the quality management team must have the knowledge of analyzing data to “tell the story” related to the current state. The measurement phase in quality management is not only used at the beginning of quality management but also is used throughout to evaluate success or failures.
Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:
Describe the importance of structure, process, and outcome measures.
Graph data pre- and post-intervention.
Provide high-level recommendations for improving patient satisfaction based on the data presented.

InstructionsReview the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Read the following chapters in Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management:Chapter 3, “Measuring Performance”
Chapter 4, “Evaluating Performance”

View the video Science of Improvement: Establishing Measures.
Review the hypothetical data to support the assignment “Redwood Health Center – Wait Times and Satisfaction” case study.
In a three- to five-page research paper (excluding title and reference pages), respond to the following prompts:Provide an overview of the Redwood Health Center case study.
Outline the importance of each measurement category (structure, process, and outcome measures).
Review Redwood Health Center case study in Chapter 3, “Measuring Performance.”
Using the “Redwood Health Center – Wait Times and Satisfaction” data, provide at least two charts or graphs to display the data. Provide an explanation of the significance of the data to the Redwood Health Center case study. The data graphs should be added to Appendix A of your assignment. To generate the tables and graphs, you may use a resource such as Microsoft Excel.How to Create a Graph in Excel
Create a chart from start to finish

Provide biblical insights related to compassion in this case study.
Based on spiritual compassion, what would be your recommendation for improving wait times and patient satisfaction?