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Case Study Motosuzhou & Electrowide Guanxi in Jeopardy Discussion forum Main characteristics of Chinese culture. How do these differences relate to the negotiation process… Criteria that should be used in selecting a Joint venture partner. Have those criteria been met in this situation? Discussion forum Cont…..

Evaluation of the composition of Electrowide’s team and of Motosuzhou’s team and their choices for this negotiation…. Should Barb Morgan have been on the negotiating team. What should Tom Sherman do? Main characteristics of Chinese culture Meet & Greet Chinese generally shake hands when they greet guests Do not touch anyone unless you know them very well. Do NOT embrace or slap Chinese on the back.

Introduce your colleagues and allow guests to introduce themselves Business Card Etiquette carry plenty of business cards; if possible get a translated, bi-lingual version Use both hands when presenting and ensure that the writing on the card is facing the recipient Cards should be received with both hands and placed on the table in front of you – to mmediately put the card in your pocket or bag is considered rude Spend a few seconds reading it.

This not only helps you to remember name but also show a sign of respect for the other person Do NOT write on someone else’s business card. Form of address in the West, where you may call someone by his or her first name shortly after meeting for the first time. in China almost no one is called by the given name alone, except by close relatives or extremely intimate friends of long standing

WR 1: Revealing Stigma

Assignment: Write a thesis-driven essay that examines how the author of “Staying,” reveals the stigma associated with mental illness. I have already included the thesis and 3 body topic sentences to be used.

Additional Guidelines: For this essay, you will demonstrate the various ways the author of your selected text reveals the stigma associated with mental illness. You will explain how and why these elements within the text illuminate the stigma by incorporating clear, strong analysis of textual evidence in each of the supporting paragraphs. Your thoughtful discussion of this evidence will fully develop topic sentence claims and advance the thesis. Body paragraphs must be controlled by topic sentence claims that force analysis. Your thesis should be developed by three to four supporting paragraphs.
Begin your essay with an introductory section that establishes a context for your discussion. As part of this background material, introduce your selected text and compose an extended definition of the stigma associated with mental illness. To develop the definition, integrate information from three of assigned resources: “Stigma and Mental Illness: Impact on Access to Treatment,” the OED, “Choose Your Words,” “The Inescapable Reality of Self-Stigma,” “To My Future Providers: I Am More Than My Diagnosis,” and/or “Reducing Stigma by Meeting and Learning from People with Mental Illness.” Place your thesis claim at the end of your introductory section. The thesis statement must respond to the prompt’s demands and establish what, how, and why.
In the conclusion of your essay, briefly explain why the discussion of stigma matters.
Your essay of no more than five pages in length must be prepared according to MLA guidelines. This means you will incorporate quotations and cite them correctly. You also need to attach a documentation page that identifies all the sources you have used for your essay. Students may not use any outside resources beyond those I have assigned