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Group Dynamics and Facilitation is class there is homework have to done please under weekly leasson for week 3

Group Dynamics and Facilitation is class there is homework have to done please under weekly leasson for week 3 the login to my school is username is rabbas paswoord is Gogo2008gg2008 the school link
there is Wk 3 DQ: Roles and Groups , Quiz #2 – Chaps. 5 and 6 (GD) and papar Individual Observation Paper when you open the link for Individual Observation Paper there is rubric .

Foster care in the united states

Foster care in the united states.

write a introduction and conclusion based on the finding of the literature review. combine all the literature review themes in order so it flow. you can highlight the main theme at the beginning of the paragraph.(I will send all the theme papers that you did so you can organize them for the body). after add all the sources from the paper for the reference pages. 2) introduction:should Consist of a summary of the research paper (1-2 pages). a. 1st section should answer these question.what you are studying and why it may be important (what’s your interest?) b. 2nd paragraph (1-2 paragraphs) Summary of interesting/important findings from the literature review section (what have others found in relation to the topic?). c. 3rd section (1 paragraph) Summary of most important implications of your research paper. CONCLUSION: Discussion/Conclusions: Consists of a detailed discussion of the importance of what you found and what it means to the real world (total of 1-2 pages): a. 1st section SHOULD Reiterate why the research is important to you. B. 2nd section  Discuss the major findings in a way that highlights those important aspects you raised. c. 3rd section SHOULD Highlight future directions for research in the area (i.e. what needs to still be understood) .

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The Future, presented Adrian Raine’s fictional LOMBROSO program.

Group Dynamics and Facilitation is class there is homework have to done please under weekly leasson for week 3 The Future, presented Adrian Raine’s fictional LOMBROSO program..

For the final essay please consider the following: Chapter 11, The Future, presented Adrian Raine’s fictional LOMBROSO program. It works something like the program seen in the movie Minority Report – through series of tests and assessments, adult individuals with a predisposition to crime and criminal behavior are removed from society for treatment and, if possible, eventual release back into the community. A second initiative is soon launched, this one focused on children and teenagers. In this case, these minors are removed from their homes and placed in residential treatment programs to help try and address their possible criminal future. Parents have no say in the matter; the State has decided that this is for the greater good and it must be done. The chapter continues on, showing how this slippery slope can get even more slippery as time goes on. Your task is two-fold: • First, assess Raine’s LOMBROSO and NCSP programs. What changes do you think would make the programs more effect? Is there a way we could make the programs be more inclusive of the civil liberties of those identified as at-risk? • Second part: Starting on Page 357 is the section “The Neuroethics of Neurocriminology: Should this happen?” Read this section over, then give me your honest opinion – should it? Is this type of assessment beneficial? Is it moral? Is it fair? In both cases, use materials from the book to substantiate your claims and assertions. This paper should be 6-8 pages in length. The book for this essay is cited below in APA format: Raine, A. (2014). The anatomy of violence: The biological roots of crime. New York: Vintage Books

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similarities and differences between exodus gods and kings and book of exodus.

similarities and differences between exodus gods and kings and book of exodus..

Similarities and differences between the movie exodus gods and kings and the book of exodus. Focus more on the similarities if possible

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Meeting Essential VIII

Meeting Essential VIII.

Reflect on ethical principles and your understanding of ethical decision-making frameworks as they have evolved over the course of your RN-BSN program at WCU. Identify specific ethical standards and moral conduct codes. How does your academic work support evidence of meeting the following? Essential VIII: Professionalism and Professional Values Outcome #1: Demonstrate the professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct. Review your past academic work, evaluate your effectiveness at meeting this program essential, and ponder the impact that this proficiency will have on your future. Identify how you met the essential by referring to the assignment(s) specifically in your response. Additionally, reflect on and make connections between your academic experience and real-world applications.

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Strategic Audit Plan of JCPenney

Strategic Audit Plan of JCPenney.

Assignment Instructions: Strategic Audit Plan of JCPenney Strategic Audit Outline – Develop a case about JCPenney. Analyze and make recommendations concerning JCPenney. I. Introduction to the Organization – History of the Company & Current Status — A. When was the organization founded, why and by whom? Discuss unusual history associated with the organization. B. Is it privately or publicly held? C. Who are its top executives in terms of experience, academic credentials, diversity, etc.? D. Discuss the organization’s Business Model? E. What is the impact of globalization on this organization? F. Other information? II. Identification of the Industry and the Competitors — Industry definition is necessary so that competitors can be identified; macro-environmental forces that affect the organization and its industry can be assessed, and the organization’s relative strengths and weaknesses can be compared to other organizations within the industry. III. Analysis of the Macro-Environment (Includes identification & analysis of global factors & application of analysis to business situation) A. What political/legal forces affect the industry? B. What economic forces affect the industry? C. What social forces affect the industry? D. What technological forces affect the industry? E. What are the threats and opportunities facing the organization? IV. Analysis of the Industry (Include global considerations) A. Strategic Group(s) in which the company exists and competitors in it/them. B. Intensity of rivalry among existing competitors. Use Porters 5 Forces for B, C, D, E, and F. (C). Threat of new competitors entering the industry; (D) Threat of substitute products or services; (E) Bargaining power of buyers (F) Bargaining power of suppliers G. Potential Profitability of the Industry – What organizations have succeeded and failed in the industry and why? H. What are the Critical Success Factors for the industry? V. What is the organization’s measurement and control system? (Include Global Considerations.) A. Current financial position – Is the organization financially sound? B. Compare with competitors and standards. C. Use financial analysis tools. D. What are the organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)? VI. Analysis of the Organization (Mission, Vision, Core Values, Operating Guidelines, Core Competencies, Goals) A. What is the mission of the organization? Has the mission changed over time? B. What is the vision of the organization? Has the vision changed over time? C. What are the organization’s core values and operating guidelines? Analyze current problems that conflict with the organization’s core values and operating guidelines. D. What are the organization’s core competencies? How are they unique? E. What are the organization’s broad and specific goals? VII. Analysis of the Organization – Organization-Level and Business Unit Strategies (Identify Organizational Strategies (including Global Strategies) and Evaluate Their Application to the Organization.) A. What are the current organization-level strategies? Business unit strategies? B. To what extent is the organizational structure compatible with the organization’s strategies? C. How are the strategies aligned with the goals? D. Compare this organization’s strategies with those of competitors. E. Use SWOT analysis and Gap analysis to suggest strategies. F. Evaluate Strategy Application (advantages & disadvantages of each strategy). G. Key performance indicators (KPI’s) VIII. Analysis of the Organization – Functional Strategies. Articulate ways to coordinate use of financial & human resources and other functional areas to meet organizational goals & objectives. A. Marketing – Finance – Operations – Purchasing – Human Resources – Information Systems B. How well are the functional strategies aligned? IX. Conclusion and Future of Organization – Comment about the organization’s profile for future competitiveness and success. What does the organization have to do right to succeed (organization’s Critical Success Factors)? What are the expected results in terms of short-and long-term profitability and survival?

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Weekly Portfolio

Weekly Portfolio. Data too large for file format

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Models for Competitive Dynamics

Models for Competitive Dynamics.


Competition has, since the 90s, led to wider gaps between industry leaders and laggards. There are more “winner-take-all” environments and greater churns among industry sector rivals. We have witnessed sharp increases in quality and quantity of IT (Information Technology) investments. We’ve seen striking competitive dynamics, particularly in sectors that spend the most on IT. Some of the competitive dynamics models include the Destroy Your Business (DYB) strategy, the Grow Your Business (GYB) strategy, the Information Systems (IS) and strategic advantage, and the social business strategy. Write a four to five page paper in which you: Compare and contrast the DYB and GYB strategies in terms of the ability to sustain a business in the marketplace over the long term, to be competitive against rivals, and profitability. Examine the “cannibalization” strategy and determine if it is or is not a better strategy compared to the DYB strategy for growth, competitiveness, and market leadership. Provide two business examples. Determine whether or not changes in business strategy should entail reassessment of IS. Provide three reasons to support your position. Examine how firms can use social IT in alignment with organizational strategy and IS strategy. Consider collaborative capabilities; and what, how, and who should use social IT for a social business strategy. Use at three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources

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