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Group Creativity Techniques and Group Decision-Making Techniques

Create or select a topic for your research paper. The topic must be on project scope or scope management; for example:
Comparing and contrasting Group Creativity Techniques, such as:Brainstorming vs the Nominal Group Technique
Mind Mapping vs Affinity Diagrams

Comparing and contrasting Group Decision-Making Techniques (Unanimity, Majority, Plurality, and Dictatorship).
Comparing and contrasting data gathering techniques; such as Surveys vs Observations
Explaining the value of a scope statement and how it can be used to manage a project
The research paper must meet the following requirements:
The paper must be 5 – 8 pages. This does not include the title page, reference page, table of contents, etc. The body of the work must be 5 – 8 pages.
The paper must be in APA style and format.
The paper must be on an approved topic.
See the Research Paper rubric for additional information.
The research paper format is as follows:
Title Page
Table of Contents
The Body of Work should contain at least four major sections:Introduction
Literature Review
Comparison and/or Analysis

Four references
Appendices (if needed)