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Grossmont Cuyamaca District Sculptures and Female Representation Essay

Grossmont Cuyamaca District Sculptures and Female Representation Essay.

Before beginning this Art Journal, be sure to view the supplement Web Link The History of Sculpted Women.This documentary looks deeply into the female form historically, culturally, and socially. It challenges norms and stereotypes by going beyond what most of us have been taught by “old school” art historians in the Western tradition. Journal Questions:Describe which artwork/s or segment/s made strong impressions upon you while watching the film. You are not limited to just one.How did the artwork/s or segment/s make you feel and/or think of?Did this film open your eyes or challenge your views regarding the female form in any way? Do not go to Google for answers to the questions or supporting information. The journal experience is about you telling me your very own thoughts and opinions while viewing the documentary film.If any portion of your entry is not yours, meaning you used/referred to other sources, your journal entry will receive a zero.Writing your Essay:Write a short essay that answers the above questions and provide comments about your own viewing experience. Quality is better than quantity. Be sure to stay on task. Citing and quoting from the film may prove helpful as does referring to particular time segments (at 12:16 when such and such is mentioned) when the name of the artwork might be in question or to better support your idea. The purpose of this exercise is to promote critical thinking. Be sure to provide detailed and supportive answers.The best method for entering your essays into canvas is to cut and paste them after they have been through spell checking and translating.Poor spelling and grammar will result in the loss of points. Entries with any errors in spelling and grammar will receive no higher than 20/25. Be sure to make your entries perfect.DO NOT attach word docs or pdf files. Attached files that require downloading for viewing will NOT be looked at and will earn a zero.
Grossmont Cuyamaca District Sculptures and Female Representation Essay

Busi 501 Case Study 15. I need support with this Business question so I can learn better.

For the final case study paper, you will read Case Study 15-1 “Conducting Interviews and Technology” in Chapter 15 of your text book and prepare a paper based on the questions following it. Be sure to consider and incorporate concepts discussed in Chapter 15.
Simply answering the questions which are part of the case is not enough. Consider the questions to be clues to the important concepts and facts. You are strongly encouraged to use the following outline so that your analysis is organized appropriately:
Identify both the key issues and the underlying issues: In identifying the issues, you should be able to connect them to the principles which apply to this situation.
Discuss the facts which affect these issues: The case may have too much information. In your discussion, you should filter the information and discuss those facts which are pertinent to the issues identified.
Discuss your tentative solution to the problem and how you would implement your solution: Based on the knowledge you have gained in this course, what actions would you propose to correct the situation? Be sure to support your recommendation by citing references in the text and in the supplementary readings. You should also draw on other references such as business periodicals and journals. Remember that an ANALYSIS is more than simply a SUMMARY of the case study.
Discuss follow-up and contingency plans: How will the organization know that your proposed solution is working? What should they do if it does not work?
It may be helpful for you to “role-play” this assignment: Consider yourself to be the Manager charged with developing a presentation for the CEO. Your presentation should cover the points listed above. Develop an action-oriented analysis with a recommended course of action.
Your work should be submitted in a Word document, 3–4 pages in length, typed in double-space, in 10- or 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. The page margins on the top, bottom, left side, and right side should be 1 inch each. You should use the APA guidelines for writing and citations.
Submit the Word document to the appropriate dropbox. See Course Calendar for due dates.
Compose your work in a .doc or .docx file type using a word processor (such as Microsoft Word, etc.) and save it frequently to your computer. For those assignments that are not written essays and require uploading images or PowerPoint slides, please follow uploading guidelines provided by your instructor.
Busi 501 Case Study 15

The University of Tampa Mission and Vision Statements Report.

Hello, I need someone to write a quick vision statement and a mission statement for this project that I am working on. The project is to expand a sports organization to a new location. We have picked San Antonio as the place and football as the sport. I am going to copy and paste our introduction to give you an idea and if someone could just come up with a mission statement and vision statement that would be incredible. if you have questions please let me know. Thank you! Our Intro:For our expansion franchise, our group selected the city of San Antonio to be the host of an NFL franchise. One of the main reasons we chose San Antonio is that they have previously been home to a professional football franchise in the form of the now defunct AAF’s San Antonio Commanders. The support for this franchise was quite strong with an average attendance of 28,516 fans per game easily leading the league with the next closest being the Orlando Apollos whose average attendance was 20,191. The Commanders also set the AAF’s single game attendance record when 30,345 fans attended their week 7 game. These numbers show that a professional football team can be successful in San Antonio and we believe the support would be even greater if the city were to receive a NFL franchise. Also, the city is the seventh largest in the United States in terms of population as of 2019 with a population of 1.5 million residents. Finally, a San Antonio NFL team would not face much competition from other teams within the city as the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs are the only current team from one of the four major sport leagues present in the city.
The University of Tampa Mission and Vision Statements Report

Using Carbaugh, class lectures, and Pomeranz and Topik, please write an essay, Economics Assignment Homework Help.

EssayUsing Carbaugh, class lectures, and Pomeranz and Topik, please write an essay (between 2-4 typewritten pages), in which you engage the following topic:The relative “success” to this point of the U. S. presidential election cycle of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to no small extent has been a matter of their positions on the destructiveness of so-called “free trade” agreements and current international trade practices upon the U. S. economy.  For both Trump (who is almost certain to be the Republican candidate in the general election) and Sanders (who is almost certain to lose the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton), the “export” of jobs to nations like China has been an economic disaster for the American “middle class” and workers.  Yet, there has also been a difference in their approaches.  While Trump is a champion of market capitalism—but is someone who abhors the “bad deals” that he believes previous administrations have foisted on the American public—Sanders, in contrast, has criticized the financial rule of “Wall Street” and unbridled global capitalism in his appeal for trade policies that are guided more by “democratic socialism” and less by the pure profit motive.Both candidates are, therefore, critics of the kind of “globalization” that historically first emerged with the inception of European capitalism and has spread ever since.  But, Trump’s critical view of globalization focuses on what he regards as temporary blips in a fixable global economic system; Sanders is less sanguine about the chances of altering capitalist globalization’s tendency to harm both workers and the non-working poor in the U. S. as well as in the rest of the world.In a carefully written essay, please first write a short defense of both of these critical views on globalization and trade.  Then, please write a short criticism of these same views.  In writing your essay, you MUST make constant reference to the arguments about the benefits and costs or losses of globalization and trade that you have read about in the Carbaugh text and in the Pomeranz and Topik book, and that you have heard in class lectures and class discussions.  While it is fine (very much so) if you read up on and cite the actual views and stated positions of Trump and Sanders, it is NOT a requirement for answering this essay that you do so.  What is most important and to the point is presenting theoretically “sound” arguments for and against capitalist globalization and the trade that it spawns.  To do so, you MUST make reference to the economic concepts, theories, and ideas that you have learned in this course.  
Using Carbaugh, class lectures, and Pomeranz and Topik, please write an essay, Economics Assignment Homework Help

ENG 122 MSCC How Social Media Affects Society & Fabricating Emotions Research Paper

ENG 122 MSCC How Social Media Affects Society & Fabricating Emotions Research Paper.

4-5 page paper, MLA format, double spaced, works citedThesis: Social Media has become a way of life in the modern era. Being a part of our everyday
life through our phones, and all the news that we watch on our televisions. Psychologically
taking control over the mass that puts it to use every day. Proposal: Waking up every morning in our generation looks pretty much the same for
everybody. You wake up and before the crust is even out of our eyes, we look to see what our
iPhone have brought to us today. Every day it is something new, and if it is not something new it
is an older headline, that most outlets have been beating to a pulp until you just cannot see it
anymore. You see into the lives of famous people, wondering what it is like to the full-size
basketball court in the living room of your five-million-dollar mansion. Maybe thinking how
long it will take you, working nine to five, to get that red Lamborghini. This is what social media
does. It fabricates happiness, sadness, angriness, and makes it a headline. A story of who can get
more views; a competition that only leads to the unhappiness of society, which we are seeing
ENG 122 MSCC How Social Media Affects Society & Fabricating Emotions Research Paper

Forgiveness Easier Said Than Done English Literature Essay

term paper help In the beginning of the story, the book suggests that Vladek is a bitter man. For example, the prologue describes Artie skating with his friends and breaking his roller blade and falling, but his friends leave him instead of helping him. Soon after, he approaches his father about the incident, seeking comfort and hoping to get his roller blade fixed (Spiegelman 5 – 6). This generic experience has played out in one form or another for plenty of children across the world. Most parents, when confronted with this situation, would try to comfort their injured child. Vladek, however, immediately compares the situation to the Holocaust. For example, Vladek says, “If you lock them together in a room with no food for a week… / …then you could see what it is, friends!…” as he refers to an experience he possibly went through during the Holocaust (6, ellipses in original). Vladek compares almost every situation to the Holocaust, engraving the events in his son’s mind. The scene illustrates the fact that the events of the Holocaust are never far from Vladek’s own thoughts. Not only does this put some strain on Valdek’s relationship with his son, but this also gives the impression that Vladek uses the Holocaust as an excuse for his behavior, which influences his relationship with his son enormously. Furthermore, the opening prologue is the only part of Maus I that shows Spiegelman during his adolescence, and from this short scene, one can begin to see exactly why it is that the Holocaust plays such a major role in his psyche. This, in turn, causes Spiegelman to become detached from his father. Soon after the roller skate scene, the reader ascertains Spiegelman’s detachment from his father. This is conveyed when the narrator says, “I went out to see my Father in Rego Park. I hadn’t seen him in a long time- we weren’t that close” (11). Unequivocally, Spiegelman is narrating to his audience that his father and he were not very close and they have not seen each other in a long time. Not only is Spiegelman detached from his father, but he also has very little respect for him. Spiegelman has very little to no regard for the wellbeing of his father. For example, Spiegelman explains to his reader that Vladek has “aged a lot since” he last saw him, and that his “mother’s suicide and his two heart attacks” have taken its toll upon his father (11). Despite well knowingly Vladek is in poor health, Spiegelman continues to smoke in front of his father throughout the book. This is shown in the many vivid pictures in the story. Almost every present-day picture with Spiegelman in it shows him smoking. This goes to show the level of respect Spiegelman has for his father. One, however, may argue that during the time-period, many people were not aware of how bad smoking is. This, however, is false. By the time Spiegelman was transcribing Vladek’s stories into his book, campaigning against smoking in the United States had been in existence since the 1950s. For example, there was the publication of the U.S. Surgeon General’s report, Smoking and Health, which stated smoking increases the mortality rate of a person by as much as seventy percent (Nathanson 73). Even when Vladek asks Artie to stop smoking around him by saying, “Coff! Please, Artie, stop with the smoking. It makes me short with breath!,” as he exercises on a stationary bicycle for the health of his heart, Artie simply responds “I think it’s all your pedaling!,” knowing quite well that is not true (84). In spite of Spiegelman’s poor respect, Vladek is trying to be a better father to his son. Vladek is constantly reaching out and trying to spend more time with Artie. For example, Vladek is frequently trying to talk to Artie about his troubles with his new wife, Mala, but Spiegelman never wants to listen. Vladek even says, “But I haven’t with whom ELSE to talk!” He is trying to explain to his son that he has no one else to talk to (67). Vladek is trying to establish some father-to-son bond with his son that he did not have in the past. Even though he is complaining about his new wife, he is just trying to talk to his son more, but all Spiegelman is doing is using his father to write his book. He does not want to bond with his father, Vladek. Many times throughout the story, Vladek offers his son some coffee or tea in efforts to spend more time with his son, but Spiegelman always refuses. This is Vladek’s way of reaching out to his son. He is trying to make things good between himself and his son, and have the healthy father-son relationship he never had, but Spiegelman simply will not let his walls down, figuratively speaking of course. It seems that Spiegelman does not want any emotional tie with his father what so ever. Even when Vladek realizes he should have never remarried after Anja’s death and begins to break down by saying: “Why, Artie? Why I ever remarried? Oy, Anja! Anja! Anja” (127)! Artie simply responds, “Easy Pop… / Let’s go home” (127, ellipses in original). Instead of trying to comfort his father with words of kindness or having some sort of heart-to-heart moment, Artie simply pats him on the back. The reason he does not want to bond with Vladek is that he may be blaming him for the suicide of his mother, Anja. Spiegelman never forgives his father. When Spiegelman gives accreditation or gratitude to the people who influenced him or helped him write his book, he, but, ironically enough, never gives credit to his father, even though he is a huge part of the book. On page eight, before the beginning of chapter one, there is a whole page dedicated to his mother, Anja; the page says: “For Anja.” This reinforces the idea that he still has not forgave his father, and does not have a lot of respect for him. Guilt is another aspect influencing the relationship between Artie and Vladek. The main guilt they share between each other is the guilt over Anja’s suicide. Artie did not treat Anja as best as he should have. For example, in the scene where Anja is asking Artie if he still loves her, she is reaching out to him because she is suffering emotionally (103). Artie merely responds with a hardhearted response, not showing any companionship whatsoever. Artie could have reached out to his mother’s call for help and could have prevented her from committing suicide. After Anja’s funeral, Artie says, “I felt nauseous … The guilt was overwhelming!,” clearly expressing the guilt he has over his mother’s preventable death (102, ellipses in original). Even other people blamed Artie for Anja’s death. After the funeral, Vladek’s friends offered Artie “hostility mixed in with their condolence,” causing Artie to feel even more guilty as they, too, blame Artie for his mother’s death (103). As said before, Artie does not share this guilt alone; Vladek, too, shares the guilty feelings. There is no direct evidence in Maus I that gives the impression that Vladek should feel guilty about Anja’s suicide. Throughout the story it conveys Vladek as doing what he had to do to survive with Anja during the war. He always showed love and companionship towards Anja. For example, Vladek was in Bielsko working on his factory business and looking for an apartment for Anja and himself, while Anja stayed in Sosnowiec with her family (31). Soon after, Vladek receives a telephone call explaining Anja is sick and he must come right away (31). He does so, and tries to comfort Anja as best he could. This illustration conveys him as doing whatever is needed, at any given moment, to be there and support Anja. This is true; however, when Anja is reaching for Artie for support, one can raise the question of why she was depressed in the first place. This suggests that Vladek was not doing what he is supposed to be doing as Anja’s husband, causing Anja to fall into a depressed cavity. This may be one of the reasons Vladek feels so much guilt. The relationship Artie and Vladek share is not healthy. Despite it being unhealthy, Vladek is putting forth so much effort to make the relationship good. There is no excuse for Vladek treating Artie the way he did when Artie was a child. Sure, the Holocaust forever scarred Vladek and did change him, but that is no excuse for his behavior. Mala even says, “All of our friends went through the camps. Nobody is like him!,” explaining to Artie that his father’s behavior is not excusable because of the war, because the other survivors went through the same thing and they do not behave like Vladek (131). Even so, Vladek is trying to redeem his behavior to Artie, but Artie never forgives him. The last thing Artie calls his father before he leaves is murderer (159). Even though, the father and his son never reconciled, we can learn a lesson from it. What the narrator is conveying to his audience is that there is no room for grudges in a healthy relationship. The narrator shows first-hand the outcome of what grudges do to a relationship. Spiegelman teaches his audience the nature of forgiveness, and how important it is for one to forgive another in order for the relationship to grow and be healthy. Work Cited Nathanson, Constance A. “The Contingent Power Of Experts: Public Health Policy In The United States, Britain, And France.” Journal Of Policy History 19.1 (2007): 71-94. Academic Search Premier. Web. 29 Oct. 2012. Spiegelman, Art. Maus I: A Survivor’s Tale: My Father Bleeds History. New York: Pantheon, 1992. Print.

Performance Of McDonalds In New Zealand

Performance Of McDonalds In New Zealand. Here I choose a McDonald’s of New Zealand for my assignment. I choose this organization because it is very up growing organization of New Zealand. The biggest reason for choosing this organization is that because I am working here and I know much more about that. It all began in the USA in 1954 with a milkshake machine salesman named Ray Kroc. Ray received an order from the McDonald brothers’ hamburger outlet in California. He was fascinated by their operation – the menu was simple and inexpensive but the hamburgers were good; the fries were made in-store; and the shakes were thicker than usual. McDonald’s New Zealand opened its first restaurant in 1976 in Porirua. Today there are 150 McDonald’s restaurants across New Zealand, with around one million people visiting our restaurants every week. In New Zealand, 80 per cent of McDonald’s restaurants are franchised by local business men and women who own and operate their restaurants as independent businesses. McDonald’s success is built on a foundation of integrity. Hundreds of millions of people around the world trust our brand and we earn that trust every day by respecting our customers and employees, and delivering outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value (QSCPerformance Of McDonalds In New Zealand


Discussion. I’m working on a Computer Science exercise and need support.

Incident Response: Detection & Decision Making
Whitman, Mattord, and Green (2013) defined an incident as an adverse event that becomes a threat to normal operations. They classified an incident by evaluating the situations causing an event, establishing incident candidatures, and establishing if an adverse event is a real incident. The responsibility of an incident response team is to design the process for making judgments and classfying the incident. Whitman, Mattord, and Green (2013) stated the sources for detecting and tracking incident candidature, which include system administrators, end-users reports, virus management software, and IDPSs (Intrusion detection and prevention systems).
Adequate incident reporting training allows the transmission of vital information to the incident reporting team. Categories of incidents are multiple components: denial of service, inappropriate usage, malicious code, and unauthorized access. The detection of events happening within the organization might indicate the existence of an incident or might be a regular operation similar to an incident. The indication of an adverse event on progress is likely to become an incident, while precursor is an activity presently happening that could be an incident expected to occur in the future. It can occur before another episode or could influence or lead to its development.
Peng et al. (2011) indicated that the incidence response process has different stages, including creating an incident response team and attaining appropriate resources. At the preparation stage, the organization tries to minimize the magnitude of the incident that will happen through the selection and implementation of controls established from risk assessments. When a residual risk persists after the implementation of controls, security breaches detection is installed to alert the management in case of an incident (Peng et al. 2011). Mitigation is necessary to reduce the impact of the event by controlling and recovering from it. After containing the incident, the management provides a report with the details of costs and cause plus recommendations to prevent a future occurrence.
What is the current innovation for detecting incident candidature in an organization?