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Grossmont College Nature of Light Striking the Surface of a Leaf Lab

Grossmont College Nature of Light Striking the Surface of a Leaf Lab.

NOTE: Start from question 5 and do the tables below.Please use Basic English language/ Common language just like last time. Try to make your answers short and neat “no long answers because the professor will not approve” Table 1. Metric System: Length Measurement UnitsQuantityNumerical ValueEnglish EquivalentConverting to Metrickilometer (km)1,000 m1 km = 0.62 mile 1 mile = 1.609 kmmeter (m)100 cm1 m = 3.28 feet = 1.09 yard1 yard = 0.914 m1 foot = .305 mcentimeter (cm)0.01 m1cm = 0.394 inch1 foot = 30.5 cmmillimeter (mm)0.001 m 1 mm = 0.039 inch1 inch = 2.54 cmmicrometer (1 µm),also called a “micron (µ)”0.000001 m nanometer (nm),also called a”millimicron(mµ)”0.000000001 m angstrom (å)0.0000000001 m*Note: In other sources, you will sometimes see another unit, the nanometer (nm), used to measure wavelength. Each nanometer is equal to ten angstroms: for example, 7000 Å=700 nm. Although both the angstrom and the nanometer are used to measure wavelength, the nanometer is currently the more frequently used unit. Question 1. Using Table 1, complete the following:There are _________ centimeters (cm) in a meter (m).There are _________ millimeters (mm) in a meter (m).There are _________ micrometers (microns or µm) in a meter (m).There are _________ nanometers (nm) in a meter (m).There are _________ Angstroms (Å) in a meter (m).Question 5. In the space below, sketch your paper chromatogram using colored pencils. Then label the pigment bands with their respective pigments. Question 6. Based on how far it migrated, which pigment must have the greatest affinity for the chromatography solvent? Give the name of the pigment.Which must have the least affinity? Give the name of the pigment. Determining the Absorption Spectrum of the Leaf PigmentsAs light strikes a pigment, certain wavelengths will be reflected or transmitted, and some will be absorbed. Figure 3 shows a theoretical absorption spectrum. Figure 3. Theoretical Absorption Spectrums of Two Plant PigmentsQuestion 7. Generally speaking, which wavelength ranges and their corresponding colorsare most strongly absorbed by the pigments in Figure 3? (See your answer from Question 2.)Pigment:Ranges:Colors:Chlorophyll aChlorophyll b Question 8. Which wavelength ranges and corresponding colors are least absorbed? (See your answer from Question 2.)PigmentRanges:Colors:Chlorophyll aChlorophyll bTable 1.Percent Transmittance at Wavelengths 400 nm – 700 nm400425450475500525550575600625650675700 Subtract the above values from 100%, since % T + % A = 100%. Write the results in the Table 2 blanks below: Table 2.Percent Absorption at Wavelengths 400 nm – 700 nm400425450475500525550575600625650675700 Using the data from Table 2, plot your team’s leaf pigment absorption spectrum curve on Figure 10.80%60%40%20%0% 400500600700 Wavelength (nm)Figure 10. Observed Absorption Spectrum for Grass Leaf PigmentsQuestion 9. On the graph above, at what two wavelength ranges do you see the “peaks” of light absorption? Label colors of light that are found in these two ranges, based on your answer from Question 2. Question 10.In what general range of wavelengths is absorption low?What colors of light are found in this range? Question 11.What happens to the light that is not absorbed in a solution? How does this relate to the fact that leaves appear green?What happens to the light that is not absorbed in the solutions we used in the spectrophotometers?Question 12. Although a plant’s leaf is its primary organ for photosynthesis, not all the cells in a leaf are photosynthetic. Observe the epidermal peel diagram on the bottom left side of Figure 5, as well as the model. Do all of the cells in the epidermal peel have chloroplasts? ____________ (Hint:Look for the cells that have chloroplasts in them! They appear as small, dark dots or ovals inside the cells drawn in Figure 5.) What is the name of the cells in the surface of the leaf that have chloroplasts? ___________________________________Now observe the diagram of the leaf cross section on the bottom right of Figure 5, as well as the model. Which cells have chloroplasts in this part of the leaf? ____________________________________Question 13. Observe the openings in the leaf’s epidermis in Figure 5 and on the model. What are they called? __________________________ If plants take in gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and release oxygen (O2), how do the gases enter and leave the leaf? Question 14. Observe Figure 5 on the bottom right. Is the cellular material inside the leaf arranged so that the leaf is a solid mass, or are there spaces left inside?Question 15. If we could somehow remove the gases from a leaf without killing all the cells and then expose that leaf to sunlight, water and CO2 for a given amount of time, what gas would be produced that would refill the spaces within the leaf? ________________Question 16. Write the summary equation for photosynthesis:Question 17. How does your answer to Question 15 relate to your answer in Question 16?Let’s identify the components of the hypothesis. Question 18. What is the independent variable? (The one you will let vary in the different “treatment levels”)?Question 19. Name a dependent variable (or variables) (the variable(s) that you will measure to see if the Independent variable has an effect).Question 20. Now that you have the independent and dependent variables, create a hypothesis. Question 21. List the most important “controlled variables” (the ones that might wrongly affect your results if they are not “controlled.” These are also called confounding variables in the Understanding Experimental Design simulation). Question 22. Observe the leaf discs before vacuuming them: Are they now floating, or are they on the bottom of the flask? Table 3. Leaf Disc DataDistanceTeam Time (sec) TeamAll Teams NumberDisc 1Disc 2Disc 3AveragesAverage15 cm1 X 2XXXXX 3XXXXX 4XXXXX60 cm1 X 2XXXXX 3XXXXX 4XXXXX Question 23. According to your team’s data, would you accept or reject your hypothesis regarding the effect of light intensity on photosynthetic rate? (Question 20) Describe exactly how your data lead to the above conclusion.Question 24. You also have data from all teams in your class. According to the class average from Table 3, would you accept or reject your hypothesis? Describe exactly how the data lead to the above conclusion.Question 25. If the class average data causes you to reject your hypothesis, present a new one in the space below. Question 26. Perhaps your data were inconclusive or even contrary to the class average. List some sources of experimental error which could cause a team’s data to not fit the class average pattern:a.b.c.d.Question 27. Those who designed this laboratory exercise have tried to use certain procedures in the performance of the experiment to minimize experimental error or “control the variables.” Identify some of those procedures:a.b.c.d. Question 28. Why have we used uniform discs and not whole leaves?Question 29. Examine the formula for sodium bicarbonate. What ingredient, essential for photosynthesis, does it provide to the leaf discs?
Grossmont College Nature of Light Striking the Surface of a Leaf Lab

Northeastern University R Script M5 Project.

I’m working on a r question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Copy the Comments below into an R script. .Run your Script and copy your code solution as illustrate as directed below in item A-4.Upload you project in the M5 Project assignment in Module 6.#REFERENCES#Ref:…#Ref:…#Ref: Andy Fields: Discovering Statistics Using R#Ref: R Kabacoff: R in Action#DIRECTIONS#After each numbered item, Copy the comment and then your solution onto THIS Project Specification Sheet.#See Item A-4 as an example.#A-1 LOAD DATA SET: <. Album Sales 2.dat > & display the first 6 records#A-2 EXPLORE the DATA SET: List the names of the 4 variables then display the dimensions of the dataset. Finally display the basics quartile statistics of the 4 variables,#A-3 CREATE the LINEAR REGRESSION MODEL of Sales vs Advertisements. Save the model as an R object named< albumSales.3ad >#A-4 What is the CORRELATION COEFFICIENT between Advertisements and Album sales. Save the value as an object named< r > r <- cor(sales, adverts)> r[1] 0.5784877#A-5 Display the 3 most basic DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICSD for Sales and Advertisements#A-6 What is the COEFFICIENT OF DETERMINATION of Advertisements vs Sales#A-7 Compute Total Sum of Squares from a mathematics basic formula#A-8 Compute the Residual Sum of Squares from a mathematical formula#A-9 Display the intercept and slope of the regression line of Sales vs Advertisements#A10 Create the regression line equation (eg y = a + bx) and display the y coordinate at x = 500#A-11 Create a plot identical to that which is shown: REPLACE THIS IMAGE WITH YOUR PLOT ANNOTATED WITH YOUR NAME AND CHANGE THE REGRESSION LINE TO RED AND THE ORANGE TRIANGLE TO BLUE Replace the Professor’s last name with your own.
Northeastern University R Script M5 Project

4-1 Discussion: Mobile and Social Computing. Need help with my Business question – I’m studying for my class.

Mobile phones have transformed our lives. By allowing instant access to information, online purchases, a camera, and social media, our smartphones have become a part of our daily routines. It is imperative that businesses make online services easily accessible on mobile platforms.
Read the case study,”Has Facebook Solved the Mobile Ad Problem?”. After reading the case study and completing additional independent research using the textbook and online resources, address the following:

Research one of the following companies discussed in your textbook: Snapchat, Taco Bell, Karmaloop, 16 Handles, WeChat, Mxit, Saya, and iCow. Alternatively, feel free to research other companies.

Why is mobile computing critical to the success of an organization now?
Provide specific examples to support your answer.

4-1 Discussion: Mobile and Social Computing

EDS 125 De Anza College Bilingual Education Policy and Program Planning Paper.

Total 6 pages. require details read the document. I’m in group 7.The individual synthesis paper is a 4-page summary statement of your own learning that addresses what you have learned about the following.1. Relationships between majority and minoritized language groups in bilingual educationpolicy and program planning (please refer to at least 2 other presentations in addition toyour group’s presentation);2. Advantages and disadvantages of specific bilingual program models (please refer to atleast 2 other presentations in addition to your group’s presentation, as well as coursecontent);3. What you found most interesting or important about the program(s) you explored.The last 2 pages require to see the photo below.also quotes must from below reading.
EDS 125 De Anza College Bilingual Education Policy and Program Planning Paper

Annoitated Bibliography

Annoitated Bibliography.

In 4–5 pages, cite and annotate 10 articles from peer-reviewed journals that you would include in your literature review. In your annotation, be sure to include an explanation of how the articles relate to the Dissertation topic such as “what role morality and religious management contributed to modern day political philosophy and governance.” An annotated bibliography includes a list of resources, each with a brief summary of its content and usefulness. Use APA style and format. Using the Dissertation Premise Guide, draft your Premise. “The Litmus Test” section of the Dissertation Premise Guide outlines the hallmarks of the doctoral research problem and is used to assess the thoroughness and quality of the Premise. The four doctoral hallmarks determine whether the research problem is justified, grounded in the literature, original, and amenable to scientific study. During the process of developing your annotated bibliography in (1), you most likely will be selecting and refining your research topic, and identifying the research problem. The other section of your Premise that must be included in this draft is the methodological approach, or “approach for the study” in the Premise outline. You will not be able to focus your methodological approach until you have identified your research questions. What you can do at this point for the Premise, however, is to select a tentative methodological approach that seems most logical.
Annoitated Bibliography

Suffering is Optional Personal Essay

write my term paper Suffering is a worldwide experience of which no human being has the capacity to evade. Nevertheless, suffering can also be optional at times and get to totally depend on how one chooses to look at a tragedy. Every now and then, different unfortunate happenings that could include loosing money and many others related to constant depression keep on occurring to different people. Suffering actually has the capability to initiate anger and bad temper or at the same time, be the most opportune and perfect learning experience for a soul, that will result in more maturity and more experience in life. On the other hand, suffering at any given time is always optional for those individuals who choose to look at it from the bright side. Nevertheless, the world is filled by a number of pessimists, who would grade a tragedy as bad luck, an omen and nothing but hell for them. The most unfortunate issue about such people is that they always end up realizing the criticality of their actions, when they are already too deep in to the turmoil. Such an alarming epic was permanently written in the minds of family and friends by my friend Sharry a couple of years back. Sharry went through the unfortunate experience of braking up with her boyfriend immediately after she had busted him getting friendly with a different girl. The happening caused an unexplained magnitude of pain to Sherry that no words of consolation or assurance from both her family and I, would restore her hopes for a better and happy life. There are countable times when Sherry tried to take the unexplained direction of hurting herself; a venture that saw her being admitted in the hospital after eventually trying to commit suicide by overdose. As if that was not irresponsible enough, she at some point surprised her family and friends when she cut herself on the wrist, making us wonder about how much she had gotten used to the idea of torturing herself, to the extent that she needed an additive in the form of physical pain. Matters got more serious when Sherry started blaming herself every now and then, suggesting that she was not good enough for her now unfaithful boyfriend while looking at herself as not having enough beauty. She constantly insisted on pointing fingers at herself for the separation. The escapades of pain that Sharry was taking herself through would only see me wonder at how much pain one can decide to inflict upon herself, apparently after loosing a boyfriend not to death, but to another girl. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More While Sharry was looking at her experience as being a tragic one, without any chances of getting back her joy, my friends and I always discovered that this is the most reasonable happening for Sharry to learn the tricks of independence and live life outside the realms and personal space of another person, for once. One surprising thing about Sharry is that she had gotten used to her ex- boyfriend so much that everything in her life always rotated around him. There are times when friends would have major parties set up or road trips to go to, but unless Sharry’s boyfriend was coming, Sharry herself would not dare. She basically ate what he ate, slept when he slept and laughed at only his jokes, which were even not funny to the rest of the world. Total dependence could be a very destructive lifestyle because in the event of the host’s absence, the dependant would end up being incapable of seeing another day. This is basically the story that was beginning to unfold in Sharry’s life. My friends and I would take sherry out on weekends for ice-cream, where we ate both cups and cones with tantalizing flavors. There are times in the evenings when we would pick her up and take her to coffee shops and restaurants for enticing brands of soothing coffee. We would also stroll while making intermittent stops at shopping malls to buy interesting apparels that any girl would yearn to have in her closet. During these unwinding and comforting moments, we would look straight in to her face once in a while and with a light touch on her shoulders enlighten her on the truth about life and how positive one should take it even in the occurrence of a tragedy. When our talk took a very formal direction I would throw in random jokes so as to give her a gentler and lighter moment, even though our talk was of an utterly serious matter. Eventually, she slowed down a little bit and so we brought her to church so that she could meet more caring friends. Church proved to be the place that would ultimately see Sherry forgive herself. She would fellowship together with other members a thing that brought happiness to her. We will write a custom Essay on Suffering is Optional specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The church organized group meetings geared towards cheering her up. We made it a never- ending trend to keep the outings and the shopping sprees going. Once in a while we would go for swimming, where Sherry surprisingly discovered that she was a better swimmer than all of her friends; a talent she never would have discovered if she had continued dating her boyfriend. Eventually, she felt better day by day just by hanging out and having fun with us. She ultimately got to forgive herself by constant visits to the church; she even turned out to be more active in church activities than all of her friends. Sherry discovered that she too could be dependent and got to love her life more. Eventually, she met a very handsome boy who is faithful and loves swimming as well. This lucky moment made me realize that my friend’s tragedy ended up creating the best opportunity for her. She has been a great friend, who supports me more than ever before.

Postmodernism Characteristics in Trafford Centre Expository Essay

Postmodernism Characteristics in Trafford Centre Expository Essay. Overview of Postmodernism Characteristics in Trafford Centre According to marketing analysts, postmodernism has great effects on contemporary marketing (Schroeder 2002, p. 31). Postmodernism ensures that marketing elements and strategies are maintained in relation to the past classical forms (Schroeder 2002, p. 37). The concept of postmodernism has led to redefinition of marketing from what it used to be (Bocock 1993, p. 62). Some of the characteristics of postmodernism include fragmentation, hyper-reality and de-differentiation (Bocock 1993, p. 63). Fragmentation is an important component of postmodern marketing (Frank 1997, p. 88). Fragmentation asserts that the concept of postmodernism originated from the field of architecture (Frank 1997, p. 89). In contemporary marketing, fragmentation is a wrongful use of information for unfair gains (Frank 1997, p. 90). Fragmentation assists postmodernists to circulate hidden information within the field of marketing (Hackley 2001, p. 55: ParsonsPostmodernism Characteristics in Trafford Centre Expository Essay

Quasi-Experimental Reading worksheet Essay

Quasi-Experimental Reading worksheet Essay. Read Brown Chapter 7. Remember you can find the studies that Brown Book. In Chapter 7,Brown Quasi-Experimental Designs . For learning about an RCT, please read this study and complete and post a Reading Research Worksheet for it. I have also attach a copy of the Article. You can also use a table to explain the finding of the research . Utilize JH Appendix E as a reference.Make sure to use American English language in this assignment! Reading Research Evidence Appraisal Worksheet.Please do not use any other source than the article .Proper fitting shoes: Reducing pain, increasing activity, and improving foot health among adults experiencing homelessness. I have also attached an example of how it can be done to the attached form. This a nursing job so the person should kind like a nurse when answering the questions.I have also attach the Book to help you write. The instruction are also attach and please make sure you use APA 7th for any citations. Please write in your own words in the active form.If you site please cite the page numbers too. Please do not use anyone’s work. If you do it should be from the article Patients and please provide the page number. Instructions.  Complete each part of the worksheet. Delete this first page before submission.  Use your own words. If you absolutely cannot accurately state an answer in your own words, then use quotation marks around direct quotes.  Regardless of whether you paraphrase or quote directly, indicate the appropriate page number(s) after the information you provide. You do not need a full in-text citation for content coming from the study. If you use content from other sources, you will need to cite those and include a reference list.  Questions 17 through 19 require your clinical reasoning. Unless you consult an outside source to aid your reasoning, you will not cite page numbers for these answers.  Using well-constructed bullet points and short answers is better than writing narrative.  Use the past tense when referring to the study.  Use active voice as much as possible. Be specific. Please read the instruction very well and look at the example with the comment to help you write this well. SHOULD BE WRITTEN IN APA 7 AND ARIAL FONTQuasi-Experimental Reading worksheet Essay