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Green Electricity Blog Could you imagine a life without electricity? Mornings without your coffeemaker, Sundays without your radio or Friday nights without your television? Me neither. We really do use a lot of electricity in our homes. In our household the usage of electricity has become a very important issue. Because of the fact that our electricity bills have become very expensive we try to not waste energy. If there will ever occur a blackout in our home I would honestly not be shocked at irst.

Having lived for a couple of months in the Philippines it was kind of a normal thing for a household on the countryside to have a blackout once a week. But if it would last a few more days I would be very desperate. I must admit I could not live without electricity. There is hardly any device that could survive without the support of electronic power. There are a lot of ways to save energy. We should use daylight as often as possible, therefore we save a lot of electricity.

Also, do not leave your devices on “Stand-by- mode”. Although they are “turned off’ they still use energy, in that case unplug your appliances. Another efficient way to reduce the usage of electricity would be to often try to shower with cold water. Always taking a hot shower is first of all not very healthy for your body, and secondly increases the amount of your electricity bill. Why not draft an energy use savings plan? It could help a household to reduce waste of energy.

Financial Statement Analysis for competing companies.

Financial Statement Analysis for competing companies..

Financial Statement Analysis Executive Summary: • Select two competing companies from the same industry (e.g., McDonalds vs. Burger King; Target vs. Walmart; etc.), and calculate the following financial ratios for them based on their most recent financial statements: 1) Return on Equity 2) Return on Assets 3) Profit Margin Ratio 4) Working Capital 5) Current Ratio 6) Quick (Acid-Test) Ratio 7) Debt-to-Equity Ratio 8) Cash Flow from Operations to Total Liabilities Ratio • Discuss from an investor’s point-of-view which of the two companies you would rather invest. Please refer to the ratios/measures that you calculated. You may also include information and opinions about other factors (e.g., non-financial factors, market information) that influence your decision. • The executive summary should be approximately 2 pages long, Times New Roman Font size 12

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